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PUBG Europe League (known as PEL) is a PUBG professional league in Europe, Middle East & Africa . The league represents EMEA's portion of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation.


On November 6th, 2019. PUBG Corporation introduced the official pro competitions in nine different regions around the globe. Recognized as the 2019 Official competitive season, Which selects 6 Regions to be implemented with a full fledged Pro League ecosystem and the remainder 3 region recieving Third-party Pro Circuit ecosystem.

Also hosting numerous global events throughout the year, including the All-Star Games in August and the Global Championship in November where the world champion of each season will be crowned.

2019 also sees Turkey, Middle East & North Africa, CIS and EU West merged into a single region - EMEA.

The EMEA league is produced by StarLadder, with the league's main stadium is the Berlin Messe in Berlin, Germany.


The PEL ecosystem are span across three phases, in each phases contains the following events

  • PEL: Main league, the highest division of European PUBG.
    • Teams playing all matches offline, with $350,000 USD in each phase ($225,000 USD for phase 1) and spots at the global events.

  • PEL Contenders: Secondary league, Contenders division.
    • Teams playing all matches online, with $30,000 USD and an opportunity to fight for the next phase's PEL seat

  • PEL Open: Tertiary open league, Open division
    • Unlimited teams from three new sub-regions: EU West, EU East and Middle East Africa fighting for a chance at PEL Contenders
    • The best teams from each sub region will go directly to Contenders, the remaining best performed journeys onto the Promotion

  • PEL Promotion: Relegation/Promotion, an Opportunity for teams to fight for a higher division or dropped down, PEL Relegation includes.
    • PEL Promotion: Bottom 4 PEL vs Top 12 Contenders, Top 4 promotes to next phase PEL. Remainder relegated to Contenders.
    • PEL Contenders Promotion: Bottom 12 Contenders vs Best 12 from Opens, Top 6 promotes to next phase Contenders. Remainder leaves PEL-C.
      • PEL promotion are played offline, Contenders promotion played online.



Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG Europe League 2019: Phase 2
2019-05-17 2019-05-17 to 2019-07-07
PUBG Europe League 2019: Phase 1
2019-03-21 2019-03-21 to 2019-04-07
ENCE Team Liquid


Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG Europe League Contenders - Phase 2
2019-05-13 2019-05-13 to 2019-07-04
PUBG Europe League Contenders - Phase 1
2019-02-21 2019-02-21 to 2019-03-17
UNITY Team Reciprocity

Promotion & Qualifiers[edit]

Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG Europe League - Closed Qualifier
2018-12-12 2018-12-12 to 2018-12-17
Jokers PENTA Sports
PUBG Europe League - Europe East Qualifier
2018-11-11 2018-11-11 to 2018-11-14
Se7en eSports Team Poseidon
PUBG Europe League - Europe West Qualifier
2018-11-04 2018-11-04 to 2018-11-07
PUBG Europe League - Middle East & Africa Qualifier
2018-10-27 2018-10-27 to 2018-10-31
Youth Crew Griffins