PUBG Global Championship 2021

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[e][h]PUBG Global Championship 2021
League Information
PUBG Global Championship PGC
South Korea Incheon
Studio Paradise
(Main Venue)

(CN/JP/TW Teams)
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
$2,000,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

The PUBG Global Championship is the final event and the World Championship of the 2021 Competitive Season organized by PUBG Corporation. Invited are the best teams throughout the year


Broadcast Talent[edit]


Starting from PGC 2021 and onwards, PUBG Esports will be returning to Points Rule.[1]
Teams representing China China, Japan Japan, and Taiwan Hong Kong Macau TW/HK/MO will compete online at a LAN venue in each of their respective countries.

  • Rank Decision (Points Rule)
    • During Week 1 all teams are split into four groups of 8 and will compete to determine their starting placement
    • 4 matches per team/day in a round-robin
      • Top 16 start in the 1st Weekly Survival
      • 17th-31st will be put in a waitlist for the 1st Weekly Survival
      • 32nd is instantly eliminated from Weekly Survival and is placed into Bottom 16 Stage
  • Weekly Survival (WWCD Rule)
    • 16 Matches will be held during weekdays to select 16 Chicken Dinner winners
    • When a team wins a match, the team qualifies for the Weekly Finals and will stop their Weekly Survival run. They are replaced by the next ranked team from the Opening Weekend
    • The process repeats until 16 different teams have qualified for Weekly Finals
  • Bottom 16 Stage (Points Rule)
    • All teams that did not qualify for Weekly Finals + 32nd in each week compete in this stage
    • This stage is used to seed teams in 17th-31st for the next Weekly Survival
    • 32nd in each week also instantly eliminated from Weekly Survival and is placed into the following week's Bottom 16

  • Weekly Finals (Points Rule)
    • 10 matches
    • Results from this stage are used to seed teams in 1st-16th for the next Weekly Survival
    • Winner of each Weekly Finals advance to Grand Finals
    • Top 9 teams with highest total points earned in Weekly Finals also advance to Grand Finals
      • Total points qualification spots are increased if there is a repeat winner in Weekly Finals
  • Grand Survival (WWCD Rule)
    • 4 matches
    • Teams in 13th-31st of total points compete in this stage
      • 32nd in total points is instantly eliminated from Grand Survival
    • Winner of each match advance to Grand Finals
  • Grand Finals (Points Rule)
    • 15 matches
    • The winner of Grand Finals will be declared the World Champion of the 2021 Season

Prize Pool[edit]

The tournament's initial prize pool is $2,000,000 USD.
30% of PGC 2021 items revenue will go directly into the prize pool.[1]




Asia Pacific[edit]



Weekly Finals[edit]

Grand Survival[edit]

Grand Finals[edit]

Additional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1South Korea South Korea23 / 142 (16%)2tap, Adder, Asura, Corn, DAEVA, EEND, Esther, Heaven, indigo, Inonix, Lambu, Lash, LeClo, Pio, Renba, Rex, Salute, seoul, Spear, Starlord, Tosi, YunJong, ZEAREM
2China China22 / 142 (15%)DJoO, EviLLee, HS, Hang2yTvT, lanren, LilGhost, LingD, MMing, MYL, Mamu, Manguo, Mingz1, Nannnnn, shou, SuJiu, Summer, Tank, XDD, Xbei, YUPPIE, Yuren, ZpYan1
3United States United States14 / 142 (10%)aLOW, Balefrost, hambinooo, hwinn, Kickstart, M1me, oldless, Pentalol, Poonage, Purdy, Relo, Roth, Shrimzy, Snakers
4Thailand Thailand10 / 142 (7%)Conaxy, Eaddy, Gems, Glooms, Godmiao, J4nku2of, Jayers, Julio, Nent, Noardra
4Vietnam Vietnam10 / 142 (7%)YoungBii, Chu, DatBlue, DrLoji, GodAcee, HungVoDich, NgocTan, SimonT, VanNghj, Zest
6Russia Russia9 / 142 (6%)ADOUZ1E, alya, BatulinS, DaNt3-, fate, Faultlessly, Lu, Qwizzy, xmpl
7Finland Finland7 / 142 (5%)curexi, D1gg3r1, mxey, PaG3, Rustanmar, SKUIJKE, Tiikzu
8Australia Australia6 / 142 (4%)Fludd, Insight, luke12, Ronon, TGLTN, Ykikamucoww
9Philippines Philippines5 / 142 (4%)AljnBOTz, CeeJay18, EvlPtrick, MAD-DOG, Nann
10Argentina Argentina4 / 142 (3%)Capitan, Dr4FTk1NG, Em1hh, SzylzEN
10Denmark Denmark4 / 142 (3%)Beami, clib, Gustav, Wookiebookie
10Taiwan Taiwan4 / 142 (3%)SR, Savior, YanLi, ZhenNan
10Turkey Turkey4 / 142 (3%)CodeMarco, mertgungor, Mitraleius, Smashbae
14Canada Canada3 / 142 (2%)Adam, Keenan, Shinboi
14Japan Japan3 / 142 (2%)amonot, Pureboy, Sylphia
14United Kingdom United Kingdom3 / 142 (2%)Fexx, HoneyBadger, TeaBone
17Norway Norway2 / 142 (1%)Aitzy, Jeemzz
17Ukraine Ukraine2 / 142 (1%)Perfect1ks, spyrro
19Brazil Brazil1 / 142 (1%)sparkingg
19Cuba Cuba1 / 142 (1%)Sharpshot
19Georgia Georgia1 / 142 (1%)Mellman
19Hong Kong Hong Kong1 / 142 (1%)Lokslokkk
19Italy Italy1 / 142 (1%)Fico
19Netherlands Netherlands1 / 142 (1%)ibiza
19Sweden Sweden1 / 142 (1%)Fuzzface


To be announced


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