PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021

[e][h]PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021
League Information
PUBG Global Championship Global Invitational.S
Offline & Online
South Korea Incheon
Studio Paradise
(Main Venue)

WangYu Cafe Shanghai
(CN Teams)

Various Locations
(JP/TW Teams)
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
$7,056,789 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

The PUBG Global Invitational.S is the first event of the 2021 season organized by PUBG Corporation.
32 teams are invited from across the globe.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Taiwanese Commentators:
  • Guest Commentators:
    • Vietnam FunkyM (Nguyễn Đắc Tú)
    • Vietnam Snake (Nguyễn Văn Thuận)
    • Vietnam Nhism (Trần Thái Linh)
    • Vietnam Rambo (Lâm Đình Khoa)
    • Vietnam Pino N.T.K (Nguyễn Trung Kiên)
    • Vietnam Boongminz (Nguyễn Văn Ngọc)
    • Vietnam DjChip (Lê Đức Anh)
    • Vietnam QNT (Trần Mạnh Quang)
  • Thai Commentators (FPSThailand):
  • Thai Commentators (Esports Alliance):
    • Thailand Fame (Supanut Wannasangkhum)
    • Thailand BOM (Ittipol Panikabutr)
  • Russian Commentators:
  • Finnish Commentators:
  • French Commentator:
  • Hindi Commentatorss:


COVID-19 Safety Precautions
2 weeks of quarantine time is integrated into team schedules immediately after they arrive.
Teams representing China China, Japan Japan, and Taiwan Hong Kong Macau TW/HK/MO will compete online at a LAN venue in each of their respective countries.

  • Global Invitational.S 2021: February 5th - March 28th in Studio Paradise, South Korea Incheon
      • 6-Week global league
      • All teams are invited

  • Rank Decision
    • During Week 1 all teams are split into four groups of 8 and will compete to determine their starting placement
    • 4 matches per team/day in a round-robin
      • Top 16 start in the 1st Weekly Survival
      • 17th-31st will be put in a waitlist for the 1st Weekly Survival
      • 32nd is instantly eliminated from Weekly Survival and is placed into Bottom 16 Stage
  • Weekly Survival
    • 16 Matches will be held during weekdays to select 16 Chicken Dinner winners.
    • When a team wins a match, the team qualifies for the Weekly Finals and will stop their Weekly Survival run. They are replaced by the next ranked team from the Opening Weekend.
    • The process repeats until 16 different teams have qualified for Weekly Finals.
      • In total, 16 teams qualify to Weekly Finals

  • Bottom 16 Stage
    • 8 matches
    • All teams that did not qualify for Weekly Finals + 32nd in each week compete in this stage
    • This stage is used to seed teams in 17th-31st for the next Weekly Survival
    • 32nd in each week also instantly eliminated from Weekly Survival and is placed into the following week's Bottom 16
  • Weekly Finals
    • 10 matches
    • Results from this stage are used to seed teams in 1st-16th for the next Weekly Survival
  • Survival Tournament (Post Week 3 / Pre Week 4)

  • The team with the most amount of prize money will be declared the Champion of PGI.S 2021

Prize Pool[edit]

The tournament's initial prize pool is $3,500,000 USD.
$2,442,000 USD is awarded throughout the tournament, $60,000 USD is awarded at the Survival Tournament, while the remaining $922,500 USD is provided as a minimum guarantee: The minimum guarantee will provided additional cash until the earnings reached $50,000 for every team under than $50,000 (exclude Crowdfunding) in final earnings.

30% of PGI.S 2021 items revenue will go directly into the prize pool. Crowdfunding will not affect the tournament standings.
Teams earn a crowdfunded bonus based on the percentage of the initial prize pool that they won during the event.[1]

As of February 15th, The total prize pool (incl. Guaranteed pot and Survival Tournament) is $7,056,789 USD.

End of Tournament Prize pool will included all crowdfunding bonus.

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

Weekly Survival Prize
Match $ USD Match $ USD
1 $ 10,000 5 $ 3,000
2 $ 6,000 6 $ 2,000
3 $ 5,000 7 $ 1,000
4 $ 4,000 8 $ 1,000
No Prize awarded for Match 9-16
Weekly Final Prize
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Place $ USD Place $ USD Place $ USD Place $ USD Place $ USD Place $ USD
A11st $ 25,000 A11st $ 50,000 A11st $ 100,000 A11st $ 150,000 A11st $ 300,000 A11st $ 500,000
A22nd $ 12,500 A22nd $ 25,000 A22nd $ 50,000 A22nd $ 75,000 A22nd $ 150,000 A22nd $ 250,000
A33rd $ 6,250 A33rd $ 12,500 A33rd $ 25,000 A33rd $ 37,500 A33rd $ 75,000 A33rd $ 125,000
A44th $ 6,250 A44th $ 12,500 A44th $ 25,000 A44th $ 37,500 A44th $ 75,000 A44th $ 125,000

The following chart does not included crowdfunding.



Team Liquid
1Norway Jeemzz 
2Netherlands ibiza 
3Finland mxey 
4Denmark clib 
5Czech Republic PiXeL1K 
CUnited States 7Teen 
FaZe Clan
1Sweden Fuzzface 
2Russia ubah 
3Norway Aitzy 
4Denmark Gustav 
5United Kingdom Rawryy 
CCanada Didz 
1United Kingdom Fexx 
2United Kingdom vard 
3Ireland MiracU 
4Turkey Iroh 
5Denmark Wookiebookie 
CSweden dohfOs 
1Finland Rustanmar 
2Finland SKUIJKE 
3Finland Tiikzu 
4Finland D1gg3r1 
5Finland SENTEX 
CFinland SENTEX 
Natus Vincere
1Russia ceh9 
2Russia Besto 
3Russia TheTab 
4Ukraine Orange 
5Russia Kemba7 
CRussia Break 
1Russia H1RUZEN 
2Ukraine spyrro 
3Russia Lu 
4Russia BatulinS 
5Russia Dyrem 
CRussia Dyrem 


1China LinShuNN 
2China LuRenA 
3China M200 
4China Z9Max 
5China mingz1 
CChina Rayowen 

Southeast Asia[edit]


North America[edit]


South Korea[edit]

Afreeca Freecs
1South Korea Akad 
2South Korea EJ 
3South Korea Hansia 
4South Korea Hikari 
5South Korea R0wha 
CSouth Korea PeachCan  South Korea Jayden 
1South Korea Under 
2South Korea kAyle 
3South Korea Seongjang 
4South Korea Indigo 
5 TBD 
CSouth Korea SC  South Korea YONG 
1South Korea Esther 
2South Korea Pio 
3South Korea Inonix 
4South Korea Loki 
5South Korea Alphaca 
CSouth Korea WatchinU  South Korea Chelator 
1South Korea Starlord 
2South Korea Aqua5 
3South Korea Adder 
4South Korea Daengchae 
5 TBD 
CSouth Korea Toad  South Korea Seok 

Latin America[edit]




Chinese Taipei[edit]

Global Esports Xsset
1Taiwan Leo 
2Taiwan MaoYe56 
3Taiwan YanLi 
4Taiwan Cc 
CTaiwan M4  Taiwan Rapid 
1 Ukraine Perfect1ks withdraws from the tournament due to visa issues and is replaced by Russia H1RUZEN.[2]


Prize Money Standings[edit]

Excluding additional distribution from crowdfunding.

Prize Money Standings ($)
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Susquehanna Soniqs W1 10000W2 0W3 0W4 2000W5 0W6 504000516000
2. Zenith E-Sports W1 0W2 0W3 2000W4 150000W5 0W6 250000402000
3. Gen.G Esports W1 0W2 17500W3 35000W4 10000W5 301000W6 6000369500
4. Four Angry Men W1 6250W2 50000W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 125000181250
5. Multi Circle Gaming W1 0W2 3000W3 0W4 38500W5 1000W6 135000177500
6. Digital Athletics W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 75000W5 81000W6 0156000
7. Meta Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 155000W6 0155000
8. Infantry W1 12250W2 27000W3 0W4 0W5 79000W6 2000120250
9. FaZe Clan W1 0W2 0W3 101000W4 0W5 0W6 0101000
10. W1 1000W2 0W3 53000W4 0W5 0W6 054000
11. Shoot To Kill W1 16500W2 10000W3 25000W4 0W5 0W6 051500
12. Daytrade Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 5000W4 40500W5 0W6 500050500
13. Afreeca Freecs W1 25000W2 1000W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 026000
14. ENCE W1 0W2 12500W3 0W4 6000W5 0W6 018500
15. Team Liquid W1 3000W2 6000W3 6000W4 0W5 0W6 015000
16. Petrichor Road W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 1000W5 10000W6 011000
17. Natus Vincere W1 5000W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 3000W6 08000
18. Tianba W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 4000W5 0W6 30007000
19. Oath Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 4000W4 0W5 2000W6 06000
20. T1 W1 0W2 0W3 1000W4 5000W5 0W6 06000
21. Triumphant Song Gaming W1 0W2 4000W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 04000
22. K7 Esports W1 2000W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 02000
23. Attack All Around W1 0W2 1000W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 01000
24. Buriram United Esports W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 10001000
25. DivisionX Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 10001000
26. FURIA Esports W1 1000W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 01000
27. DAMWON Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
28. DetonatioN Gaming White W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
29. Divine Esports W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
30. ENTER FORCE.36 W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
31. Global Esports Xsset W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
32. TSM W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00

Additional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1China China30 / 154 (19%)9, Boliang, CRAZY112, EviLLee, Forever, GodV, Grayyyyyy, IAMSIA, JiaoYang, L1nnnn, LinShuNN, LingD, LongDD, LongSkr, LuRenA, MYL, Mamu, Mingz1, PengEGM, Pignan, ShanD1anX, Summer, Tank, VoliBEAR, XDD, Yuyu, Z1yinlxx, Z9Max, m200, xxxLu
2South Korea South Korea19 / 154 (12%)Adder, Akad, Alphaca, Aqua5, Daengchae, EJ, Esther, Hansia, Hikari, Inonix, Loki, Pio, R0wha, Seongjang, Starlord, Under, WICK2D, indigo, kAyle
3United States United States16 / 154 (10%)Balefrost, Kickstart, M1me, PAT_KAPS, Pentalol, Poonage, Purdy, Relo, Roth, Shrimzy, Snakers, Trevor, Uncivil, aLOW, hwinn, wo1f
4Thailand Thailand15 / 154 (10%)Belmothz, Boblee, Conaxy, Eaddy, FLASH, Gems, Godmiao, J4nku2of, Jayers, Jowman, Noardra, Nourinz, PuuChiwz, SviTT, vanOtica
5Vietnam Vietnam10 / 154 (6%)Fergus, IQ500, JEnd, Junnn, Leviz, LongK, NBK, Nickyyy, NielT, Turtle
6Russia Russia9 / 154 (6%)BatulinS, Besto, Dyrem, H1RUZEN, Kemba7, Lu, TheTab, ceh9, ubah
7Japan Japan8 / 154 (5%)Gokuri, Machao, Melofo, Pureboy, SSeeS, Sylphia, amonot, satou
8Taiwan Taiwan7 / 154 (5%)BuYoHoo, Cc, Leo, MaoYe56, Savior, YanLi, ZhenNan
9Brazil Brazil6 / 154 (4%)Killdemo, NecroAQN, raspu, rds149, rustyzera, sparkingg
9Finland Finland6 / 154 (4%)D1gg3r1, Rustanmar, SENTEX, SKUIJKE, Tiikzu, mxey
9Turkey Turkey6 / 154 (4%)CodeMarco, Iroh, Mitraleius, SIXMO, Smashbae, mertgungor
12Denmark Denmark3 / 154 (2%)Gustav, Wookiebookie, clib
12United Kingdom United Kingdom3 / 154 (2%)Fexx, rawryy, vard
14Argentina Argentina2 / 154 (1%)Kriztem, SzylzEN
14Australia Australia2 / 154 (1%)TGLTN, luke12
14Norway Norway2 / 154 (1%)Aitzy, Jeemzz
14Ukraine Ukraine2 / 154 (1%)Orange, spyrro
18Canada Canada1 / 154 (1%)Shinboi
18Cuba Cuba1 / 154 (1%)Sharpshot
18Czech Republic Czech Republic1 / 154 (1%)PiXeL1K
18Hong Kong Hong Kong1 / 154 (1%)Lokslokkk
18Ireland Ireland1 / 154 (1%)MiracU
18Netherlands Netherlands1 / 154 (1%)ibiza
18Sweden Sweden1 / 154 (1%)Fuzzface
18Uruguay Uruguay1 / 154 (1%)Ragnar


Main Broadcast[edit]

LanguageEnglish SpeakingSouth KoreaThailandThailandChinaJapanVietnamIndonesiaRussiaGermanyFranceFinlandCzech RepublicHungaryTurkeySpainPortuguese Speaking