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PUBG Korea Contenders 2019 - Phase 2

[e][h]PUBG Korea Contenders 2019 - Phase 2
League Information
PUBG Korea Contenders 2019 Korea Contenders 2019
South Korea Seoul
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
₩ 50,000,000 KRW
(≃ $44,600 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


PUBG Korea Contenders is a PUBG seoncdary league in Korea. The league represents Korea's secondary division of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation. The 2019 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2019.

The PUBG Korea League matches will be played and broadcasted live from the OGN e-Stadium in Seoul, Korea

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • English Commentator (OGN)s:


  • PKC Phase 2: May 28th - July 7th, 2019
    • Squad FPP
    • 6 Weeks of league play. (Total of 48 matches)
    • For "2019 v.1 Bluezone Timing" Click here
Phase Delay Wait Move DPS Shrink Spread Land Ratio
1 90 180 270 0.6 0.4 0.5 0
2 0 90 120 0.8 0.55 0.56 0
3 0 60 120 1 0.6 0.56 0
4 0 60 150 3 0.6 0.56 1
5 0 50 120 5 0.65 0.56 0
6 0 50 120 8 0.65 0.56 0
7 0 50 90 10 0.65 0.56 0
8 0 50 60 14 0.7 0.56 1
9 0 10 160 18 0.001 10 0

Prize Pool[edit]

₩ 50,000,000 KRW (~$44,600 USD) are spread among the teams and players as seen below:

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Jul 7, 2019: 1 KRW ≃ 0.00085 USD.)


PKL Phase 1 - Bottom 4[edit]

1South Korea Turtle 
2South Korea Beaver 
3South Korea Jaguar 
4South Korea Kanga 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Homeboy 
Cesti e-sports1, 2
1South Korea Miha 
2South Korea xikk 
3South Korea MYway 
4South Korea YunJong 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 

For notes on the "PKL Teams" Click here.

1 Griffin White and LAVEGA Aimo disbanded. The vacant spot then given to open slot.
2 Kings Road signed South Korea coldbuff. South Korea YunJong joined.
3 Maxtill signed South Korea Turtle and South Korea Kanga.
4 GC BUSAN acquires MAXTILL's PUBG Division, rebranded as GC BUSAN MAXTILL.

PKC Phase 1 - 5th-10th[edit]

1South Korea WookE 
2South Korea CENTRE 
3South Korea OSEY 
4South Korea MNNyong 
5South Korea int 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea fANa South Korea Sky 
Michael Gaming
1South Korea Alice 
2South Korea Boxer 
3South Korea Corn 
4South Korea Dumbo 
5South Korea Herscher 
6 TBD 

For notes on the "PKC Teams" Click here.

1 South Korea EVEN and South Korea hes leaves AsuraWalk, South Korea ZAMIL signed by 2SPORTS Academy. Signed South Korea OSEY, South Korea MNNyong and South Korea int.
2 Roster of AST signed by Australian's Justice Esports. Formed Justice Zero, South Korea Chanwoo signed as new player.
3 Roster of EongDeongGuk & South Korea ZAMIL signed by 2SPORTS Academy.
4 Roster of BSA signed by SPEAR Gaming.

Open Slot[edit]

Seoul Game Academy
1South Korea Eddy 
2South Korea DanJaRa 
3South Korea Evan 
4South Korea cookie 
5South Korea Gari 
6South Korea Ru13r 
CSouth Korea SonHeungMin 
1South Korea K4IRO 
2South Korea Pixup 
3South Korea BBoN 
4South Korea HiRyu 
5South Korea Hyeok 
6 TBD 
Alpha Six Gaming
1South Korea DolJun 
2South Korea Jude 
3South Korea Alone 
4South Korea Outs 
5South Korea Maestro 
6South Korea So1te 
CSouth Korea Romics 
Galaxy GamingUranus
1South Korea Pcuz 
2South Korea Thorkorea 
3South Korea Trap 
4South Korea PoongDaeng2 
5South Korea Czar 
6South Korea Park 
CSouth Korea Thorkorea 
1South Korea PoLo 
2South Korea Aura 
3South Korea D5AN 
4South Korea Oldboy 
5South Korea Piaz 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Receive 
Hulk Gaming
1South Korea HES 
2South Korea WILD 
3South Korea LB 
4South Korea Madcow 
5South Korea Yuri 
6 TBD 
1South Korea fAntAzy 
2South Korea SeoDongJoon 
3South Korea MigNoN 
4South Korea LeeByungJin 
5South Korea Soodal 
6South Korea GuGu99 
CSouth Korea 9RaPing 
GeekStar PDV
1South Korea Hana 
2South Korea SmokeG 
3South Korea PLIKHE 
4South Korea MIRA 
5South Korea LINE 
6South Korea Yun 
CSouth Korea Digger 
1South Korea Planman 
2South Korea Venom 
3South Korea Cracker 
4South Korea Silky 
5South Korea 1Star 
6 TBD 


Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Michael Gaming W1 93W2 57W3 65W4 82W5 47W6 72416
2. Cesti e-sports W1 80W2 97W3 46W4 50W5 59W6 60392
3. GeekStar PDV W1 72W2 38W3 31W4 43W5 62W6 87333
4. Alpha Six Gaming W1 63W2 54W3 70W4 48W5 40W6 49324
5. Kidult W1 15W2 28W3 76W4 78W5 27W6 60284
6. AsuraWalk W1 45W2 68W3 50W4 31W5 67W6 23284
7. 2SPORTS Academy W1 37W2 36W3 53W4 49W5 53W6 55283
8. ROYAL ROADER W1 49W2 43W3 40W4 30W5 64W6 48274
9. Hulk Gaming W1 49W2 35W3 32W4 38W5 74W6 41269
10. GC BUSAN MAXTILL W1 51W2 36W3 36W4 43W5 52W6 46264
11. Arang W1 32W2 48W3 76W4 51W5 12W6 25244
12. SPEAR Gaming W1 34W2 41W3 29W4 49W5 49W6 30232
13. Seoul Game Academy W1 25W2 31W3 56W4 21W5 37W6 36206
14. First W1 23W2 47W3 19W4 45W5 30W6 34198
15. Justice Esports Zero W1 28W2 36W3 18W4 32W5 35W6 33182
16. Galaxy Gaming Uranus W1 25W2 35W3 24W4 28W5 26W6 25163

Qualified for PKL Phase 3
Retains spot onto Phase 3
Relegated to Open Slot

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