PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 2

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[e][h]PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 2
League Information
Game version:
Game mode:
Squads FPP
South Korea Seoul
Prize Pool:
₩200,000,000 KRW
(≃ $173,092 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
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PUBG Korea League is a PUBG professional league in Korea. The league represents Korea's portion of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation. The 2019 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2019.

The PUBG Korea League matches will be played and broadcasted live from the Seoul Olympic Park K-Art Hall in Seoul, Korea

Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • PKL Phase 2: May 20th - June 29th, 2019
    • Squad FPP
    • 6 Weeks of league play. (Total of 48 matches)
      • 24 Teams divided into three groups
      • Each week will be played under the Round Robin group format (A vs B , B vs C , A vs C) (In total, every teams played 8 rounds per week)
    • For "2019 v.1 Bluezone Timing" Click here
Phase Delay Wait Move DPS Shrink Spread Land Ratio
1 90 180 270 0.6 0.4 0.5 0
2 0 90 120 0.8 0.55 0.56 0
3 0 60 120 1 0.6 0.56 0
4 0 60 150 3 0.6 0.56 1
5 0 50 120 5 0.65 0.56 0
6 0 50 120 8 0.65 0.56 0
7 0 50 90 10 0.65 0.56 0
8 0 50 60 14 0.7 0.56 1
9 0 10 160 18 0.001 10 0

Lottery Procedure[edit]

  • a Lottery draw will be used to determine teams in each group.
    • The lottery will split into 3 Pots, in which each pots represents one group.
    • Each of the pots will started by a Top Seed. These are the top 3 teams Based on the PKL Phase 1 Standings
    • Drawing Procedure is done in snake pattern

Drawing Procedure[edit]

  • The top of each pot will pick a team into their respective pot. In the first round, Procedure will start from Pot A (Group A) to Pot C (Group C)
    • The second round will start with teams picked by Top Seed in Pot C picking the next team, Procedure will start from Pot C to Pot A
    • Starting from the third round, Procedure will stay same to the second round and switching orders back-to-back between A>C then C>A
    • Repeat until all pots are completed
  • For "Complete Draw Procedure" Click here

Prize Pool[edit]

₩ 200,000,000 KRW ( $180,000 USD ) are spread among the teams and players as seen below:

(Converted $ USD prizes are based on the exchange rate on Jun 29, 2019: ₩1 KRW ≃ $0.00087 USD)
(Converted $ USD prizes are based on the exchange rate on Jun 29, 2019: ₩1 KRW ≃ $0.00087 USD)


PKL Phase 1 - Top 20[edit]

OP Gaming Ardor6, 11, 12, 18
1South Korea Styx
2South Korea Ash
3South Korea HI
4South Korea CH
CSouth Korea Styx
DPG EVGA13, 16
1South Korea Under
2South Korea SuPPaK
3South Korea Juwon
4South Korea Makne
CSouth Korea It's BRO
DPG danawa16
1South Korea C4tch
2South Korea Gak
3South Korea Inonix
4South Korea Yacha
CSouth Korea GaeDol
CSouth Korea OD

For notes on the "PKL Teams" Click here.

1 March 25th - South Korea GukHyun retires from Afreeca Freecs Ares to become a AfreecaTV streamer. [1]
2 April 2nd - OGN Entus Ace ends contract with South Korea Mira by mutual agreement. [2]
3 April 3rd - OGN Entus Ace signed South Korea Raeng signed. [3]
4 April 9th - OGN Entus Ace signed South Korea Alphaca from LAVEGA Esports. [4]
5 April 10th - South Korea RyaN leaves Element Mystic. [5]
6 April 12th - South Korea SexyPIG leaves OP Gaming Hunters. [6]
7 April 19th - South Korea pbans leaves Kings Road, Signed South Korea coldbuff from Cesti Esports. [7]
8 April 23rd - South Korea Maczora contract expired, left Gen.G. [8]
9 April 24th - Element Mystic signed South Korea K1nch [9]
10 April 29th - Element Mystic signed South Korea Pallas from LAVEGA AIMO. [10]
11 April 29th - Gen.G signed South Korea Pio from OP Gaming Hunters. [11]
12 April 30th - South Korea Benz and South Korea Suk leaves OP Gaming Hunters. [12]
13 May 2nd - DPG AGON renamed to DPG EVGA following new sponsorship. [13]
14 May 6th - Griffin Red ended their contract with South Korea BreakNeck. Signed South Korea Asura from Team MVP. [14]
15 May 6th - Team Square dropped the old roster. Signed South Korea DAEVA, South Korea ZeniTh, South Korea Aki, South Korea Hanya and South Korea NewCore [15]
16 May 7th - DPG EVGA swapped South Korea Gak and South Korea Inonix with South Korea SuPPaK and South Korea Juwon from DPG Danawa. [16]
17 May 13th - Siege returns to the team. JOHN changed his IGN to Goliath [17]
18 May 13th - OP Gaming replaced Hunters with Ardor. Signed South Korea Styx, South Korea CH, South Korea HI (formerly known as Nana) from T1 and South Korea Ash (formerly known as TTaiJin) from APK Prince. South Korea Giken replaced South Korea BBABBO at OP Gaming Rangers.[18]
19 May 13th - Nana renamed his IGN to South Korea HI. Signed by OP Gaming Ardor, South Korea Treasure promoted from Trainee to Starter.[18]</ref>
20 May 13th - Maul renamed his IGN to South Korea GuSeungChan. Moved from LAVEGA Aimo to LAVEGA Esports. [18]</ref/>
21 May 13th - Afreeca Freecs Ares signed South Korea Sparr0vv. [17]</ref>

PKC Phase 1 - Top 4[edit]

For notes on the "PKC Teams" Click here.

1 May 6th - Roster of KST signed by Griffin Black. South Korea ohjeongje joined from Griffin White. [14]
2 May 13th - Three members of eT & South Korea ByuLSeoP and South Korea RaY signed by E-STATS Esports. Summ1t changed his IGN to South Korea styx and joined OP Gaming Ardor [17]
3 May 13th - World Class signed South Korea YuNae. [17]
4 May 13th - Media Bridge signed South Korea yyoni. [17]


Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Gen.G EsportsGen.G Esports Gen.G Esports W1 84W2 46W3 62W4 53W5 85W6 89419
2. DPG DanawaDPG Danawa DPG Danawa W1 47W2 23W3 82W4 68W5 81W6 67368
3. DeToNator.KOREADeToNator.KOREA DeToNator.KOREA W1 56W2 41W3 69W4 36W5 97W6 58357
4. DPG EVGADPG EVGA DPG EVGA W1 35W2 52W3 47W4 43W5 58W6 98333
5. APK PrinceAPK Prince APK Prince W1 63W2 76W3 38W4 42W5 77W6 35331
6. OGN Entus AceOGN Entus Ace OGN Entus Ace W1 57W2 43W3 47W4 71W5 26W6 84328
7. Afreeca Freecs FatalAfreeca Freecs Fatal Afreeca Freecs Fatal W1 55W2 62W3 33W4 78W5 58W6 28314
8. OP Gaming RangersOP Gaming Rangers OP Gaming Rangers W1 53W2 59W3 56W4 35W5 46W6 62311
9. Team VSGTeam VSG Team VSG W1 77W2 54W3 41W4 41W5 37W6 44294
10. OGN Entus ForceOGN Entus Force OGN Entus Force W1 21W2 75W3 68W4 44W5 33W6 46287
11. Team QuadroTeam Quadro Team Quadro W1 46W2 69W3 62W4 61W5 21W6 17276
12. Griffin BlackGriffin Black Griffin Black W1 53W2 65W3 44W4 23W5 52W6 37274
13. LAVEGA EsportsLAVEGA Esports LAVEGA Esports W1 62W2 40W3 43W4 28W5 43W6 41257
14. T1T1 T1 W1 39W2 41W3 43W4 52W5 27W6 52254
15. Element MysticElement Mystic Element Mystic W1 24W2 26W3 54W4 86W5 30W6 22242
16. Afreeca Freecs AresAfreeca Freecs Ares Afreeca Freecs Ares W1 37W2 34W3 70W4 30W5 36W6 23230
17. Griffin RedGriffin Red Griffin Red W1 54W2 40W3 8W4 36W5 49W6 42229
18. World ClassWorld Class World Class W1 27W2 41W3 37W4 36W5 45W6 43229
19. Team MVPTeam MVP Team MVP W1 37W2 43W3 36W4 31W5 30W6 41218
21. MediaBridge SquareMediaBridge Square MediaBridge Square W1 26W2 61W3 16W4 40W5 34W6 37214
22. Kings RoadKings Road Kings Road W1 28W2 23W3 23W4 37W5 32W6 25168
23. E-STATS EsportsE-STATS Esports E-STATS Esports W1 29W2 18W3 45W4 30W5 10W6 29161
24. OP Gaming ArdorOP Gaming Ardor OP Gaming Ardor W1 22W2 9W3 19W4 37W5 43W6 26156

Qualified for MET Asia Series
Stay for PKL Phase 3
Relegated to PKC Phase 3

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