PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 3

[e][h]PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 3
League Information
South Korea Seoul
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
₩ 200,000,000 KRW
(≃ $180,000 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
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PUBG Korea League is a PUBG professional league in Korea. The league represents Korea's portion of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation. The 2019 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2019.

The PUBG Korea League matches will be played and broadcasted live from the Seoul Olympic Park K-Art Hall in Seoul, Korea

Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • PKL Phase 2: August 26th - October 5th, 2019
    • Squad FPP
    • 6 Weeks of league play. (Total of 48 matches)
      • 24 Teams divided into three groups
      • Each week will be played under the Round Robin group format (A vs B , B vs C , A vs C) (In total, every teams played 8 rounds per week)
    • For "2019 v.1 Bluezone Timing" Click here
Phase Delay Wait Move DPS Shrink Spread Land Ratio
1 90 180 270 0.6 0.4 0.5 0
2 0 90 120 0.8 0.55 0.56 0
3 0 60 120 1 0.6 0.56 0
4 0 60 150 3 0.6 0.56 1
5 0 50 120 5 0.65 0.56 0
6 0 50 120 8 0.65 0.56 0
7 0 50 90 10 0.65 0.56 0
8 0 50 60 14 0.7 0.56 1
9 0 10 160 18 0.001 10 0

Lottery Procedure[edit]

  • a Lottery draw will be used to determine teams in each group.
    • The lottery will split into 3 Pots, in which each pots represents one group.
    • Each of the pots will started by a Top Seed. These are the top 3 teams Based on the PKL Phase 2 Standings
    • Drawing Procedure is done in snake pattern

Drawing Procedure[edit]

  • The top of each pot will stay as the top seed in each pot
    • 1st place = Group A
    • 2nd place = Group B
    • 3rd place = Group C
      • Teams outside Top 3 in PKL Phase 2 will randomly drawed a group ball to determine their group, repeat until all teams are drawed.
      • after the second step, Top 3 teams can do the following
        • as Group A, Gen.G can swap a team in Group A with any other team twice.
        • as Group B, DPG danawa can swap a team in Group B with any other team once.
        • as Group C, DeToNator.KOREA can kick a team out of Group C and replaced with a team who has not been drawed yet.
  • For "Complete Draw Procedure" Click here

Prize Pool[edit]

₩ 200,000,000 KRW ( $180,000 USD ) are spread among the teams and players as seen below:


PKL Phase 2 - Top 20[edit]

Afreeca Freecs Fatal
1South Korea Style 
2South Korea NN 
3South Korea Shad0w 
4South Korea Lambu 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
Afreeca Freecs Ares4
1South Korea Sparr0vv 
2South Korea R0wha 
3South Korea EJ 
4South Korea Meerkat 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
Team VSG
1South Korea Starlord 
2South Korea Hulk 
3South Korea Daengche 
4South Korea Hwan2da 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
1South Korea Menteul 
2South Korea DG98 
3South Korea Temeria 
4South Korea Meverick 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea YongJu 
LAVEGA Esports
1South Korea Vino 
2South Korea Crank 
3South Korea rain1ng 
4South Korea GuSeungChan 
5South Korea NOZ 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea NIGO 
OGN Entus Force
1South Korea indigo 
2South Korea kAyle 
3South Korea YaKK 
4South Korea Seongjang 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Orion 
Team Quadro
1South Korea Bravo 
2South Korea Delta 
3South Korea Alpha 
4South Korea Echo 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Lee Jung-Hyun 
APK Prince
1South Korea Black9 
2South Korea KIMGONI 
3South Korea Voici 
4South Korea LeClo 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea diedont 
Team MVP
1South Korea Siege 
2South Korea JuNe 
3South Korea Hexa 
4South Korea Goliath 
5South Korea Spear 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Heaven 
1South Korea Under 
2South Korea Juwon 
3South Korea Makne 
4South Korea Renba 
5South Korea Styx 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea GaeDol 
Griffin Red7
1South Korea GuGu99 
2South Korea nana 
3South Korea Jungdong 
4South Korea Asura 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea kyj 
1South Korea Esth3r 
2South Korea Chelator 
3South Korea Loki 
4South Korea Taemin 
5South Korea Pio 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea WatchinU 
1South Korea Treasure 
2South Korea TiHYong 
3South Korea JeffLocka 
4South Korea Adder 
5South Korea Akad 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea cCarter 
DPG danawa16
1South Korea C4tch 
2South Korea Gak 
3South Korea Inonix 
4South Korea Yacha 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
OGN Entus Ace1, 5
1South Korea Mickey 
2South Korea Joy 
3South Korea Raeng 
4South Korea Alphaca 
5South Korea DoYa 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Autumn 
Element Mystic
1South Korea Lash 
2South Korea K1nch 
3South Korea KiraV 
4South Korea Pallas 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Rush South Korea BIGSAN 
Griffin Black
1South Korea RAGE 
2South Korea 2heart 
3South Korea 2tap 
4South Korea piky 
5South Korea ohjeongje 
6 TBD 
CSouth Korea Sick 
World Class
1South Korea YAYAVA- 
2South Korea MBUG 
3South Korea JUN 
4South Korea QQ 
5South Korea YuNae 
6 TBD 

For notes on the "PKL Teams" Click here.

1 July 2nd - OGN Entus Ace ended the contract with South Korea CRISTIS [1]
2 July 23th - OP Gaming Rangers signed South Korea Meverick (formerly known as RyaN). [2]
3 July 27th - Team Square announced sponsorship contract for MEDIABRIDGE team is now known as MEDIABRIDGE Square. [3]
4 July 30th - South Korea Bong's contract with Afreeca Freecs Ares expires, left the team. Signed South Korea EJ [4]
5 August 8th - OGN Entus Ace promotes South Korea DoYa from trainee to active roster. [5]
6 August 12th - Danawa Play Game signed South Korea Styx and South Korea Renba to DPG EVGA [6]
7 August 12th - Griffin Red released South Korea Curious, South Korea Merald and South Korea Draft. Signed South Korea Jungdong, South Korea GuGu9 and South Korea nana. [7]
8 August 13th - OP Gaming Rangers rebranded into OP.GG SPORTS. [8]
9 August 16th - South Korea SuPPak leaves DPG EVGA. [9]

PKC Phase 2 - Top 4[edit]

1South Korea Nelita 
2South Korea Clear 
3South Korea MYWay 
4South Korea YunJong 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
GeekStar PDV
1South Korea TBD 
2South Korea SmokeG 
3South Korea PLIKHE 
4South Korea MIRA 
5South Korea TBD 
6South Korea TBD 
CSouth Korea Digger 
1South Korea JuuN 
2South Korea Jude 
3South Korea Alone 
4South Korea HongGilDong 
5South Korea TBD 
6South Korea TBD 

For notes on the "PKC Teams" Click here.


Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Afreeca Freecs Ares W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
2. Afreeca Freecs Fatal W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
3. APK Prince W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
4. Cesti e-sports W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
5. DPG danawa W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
6. DPG EVGA W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
7. DeToNator.KOREA W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
8. Element Mystic W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
9. GeekStar PDV W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
10. Gen.G esports W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
11. Griffin Black W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
12. Griffin Red W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
13. LAVEGA Esports W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
14. MEDIABRIDGE Square W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
15. Michael Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
16. Team MVP W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
17. OGN Entus Ace W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
18. OGN Entus Force W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
19. OP.GG SPORTS W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
20. Team Quadro W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
21. Stardom Esports W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
22. T1 W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
23. Team VSG W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00
24. World Class W1 0W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 00

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