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PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: SEA League

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: SEA League
League Information
PUBG Mobile Club Open PUBG Mobile Club Open
Tencent Games
PUBG Corporation
China Shanghai
VSPN Studio
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
$55,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

PUBG Mobile Club Open is the 2019 Global Competitive season for PUBG Mobile. Showcases the best Pro/Semi-Pro players from around the world. Crews from 10 regions across the globe will battle their way through the Spring & Fall Splits.

The SEA Championship represents Southeast Asia's Spring split.

2019 Spring season will culminated at the PMCO Spring Championship.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Stage Host:
  • English Commentators:
  • Thai Commentators:
  • Vietnam Commentators:
  • Indonesia Commentators:
    • Indonesia Pasta (Riantoro Yogi)
    • Indonesia Wolfy (Florian George)


  • SEA Spring League (Semifinal): May 8th - June 9th, 2019
    • Squad TPP: 24 Teams semifinal league.
      • Top 5 of each National qualifier (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia)
      • Top 4 of SEA Wild Cup (any SEA Countries outside the National 4)
      • 5 Weeks of League Play - 24 Teams are split into three groups, League Round Robin
        (Each team plays 16 matches per week)


  • 5 Matchdays per week: 4 Matches in weekdays and 6 for weekends
    • Wednesday: A vs B
    • Thursday: B vs C
    • Friday: C vs A
    • Saturday and Sunday: 2 matches each for all group matchups.


Prize Pool[edit]

$6,200 USD given every week, total of $31,000 USD: The following winnings in prize pool is the total prize won.
Teams qualified through National 4's #1 Seed will listed as Championship - (Country) #1

  • $1,000 USD given to every team, total of $24,000 USD

Base Matchday Winnings
Place $ USD
A11st $1,400
A22nd $1,000
A33rd $800
A44th $600
A55th $500
A66th $400
A77th $300
A88th $200


National Qualifier[edit]


SEA Wildcard (outside National 4)[edit]

Pure Skill
1Philippines Waltz 
2Philippines Phew 
3Philippines Alasi 
4Philippines Kyuubi 
1Philippines Kong 
2Philippines Igie 
3Philippines Ice 
4Philippines Torter 
The Wolf of Killer
1Cambodia STALKER 
2Cambodia CamPer 
3Cambodia RiO 
4Cambodia GuCi 
1Cambodia FIRE 
2Cambodia CRIM 
3Cambodia Perfect 
4Cambodia Tanky 


Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5 Total
1. ILLUMINATE The Murder W1 401W2 463W3 392W4 378W5 3451979
2. RRQ Athena W1 456W2 311W3 416W4 396W5 3831962
3. Bigetron RA W1 260W2 325W3 306W4 390W5 2381519
4. BOX Gaming W1 326W2 348W3 366W4 208W5 2581506
5. EVOS Esports W1 319W2 333W3 209W4 301W5 3231485
6. Purple Mood E-Sport W1 248W2 224W3 140W4 267W5 3071186
7. Pure Skill W1 288W2 190W3 226W4 189W5 2461139
8. Narok Gaming W1 194W2 242W3 173W4 287W5 2101106
9. Xavier Team W1 181W2 174W3 216W4 243W5 2711085
10. Golden Cat W1 217W2 152W3 213W4 190W5 2981070
11. Victim Esports W1 164W2 243W3 220W4 213W5 1661006
12. Waw Esports W1 242W2 148W3 240W4 210W5 148988
13. Onic Esports W1 274W2 142W3 169W4 172W5 218975
14. Yoodo Gank W1 227W2 220W3 134W4 165W5 225971
15. Victorious In Play W1 138W2 189W3 237W4 150W5 181895
16. Team Secret W1 100W2 151W3 265W4 242W5 131889
17. AROV Esports W1 123W2 177W3 168W4 144W5 232844
18. Crazy Dog W1 173W2 128W3 122W4 151W5 223797
19. FFQ Mobile W1 175W2 156W3 187W4 144W5 104766
20. iScrewDriver W1 127W2 129W3 162W4 210W5 136764
21. X-Force W1 104W2 184W3 159W4 135W5 140722
22. Junior Talent W1 153W2 187W3 127W4 124W5 111702
23. Best Absolute Training W1 85W2 179W3 168W4 141W5 111684
24. The Wolf of Killer W1 158W2 139W3 111W4 73W5 122603

Qualified for Championship

Points Distribution[edit]

Points Distribution
Place Points
Kill Points 1 per kill
A11st 30
A22nd 22
A33rd 19
A44th 16
A55th 14
A66th 12
A77th 10
A88th 8
A99th 7
B010th 6
A1111th 5
B212th 4
B313th 3
B414th 2
B515th 1
B616th 0

Additional Content[edit]