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PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split 2020: North America

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split 2020: North America
League Information
PUBG Mobile Club Open PUBG Mobile Club Open
Tencent Games
PUBG Corporation
North America North America
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

PUBG Mobile Club Open is the 2020 Global Competitive season for PUBG Mobile. Showcases the best Pro/Semi-Pro players from around the world. Crews from 15 regions across the globe will battle their way through the Spring & Fall Splits.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Club Open North America - 2020 Spring
    • Group Stage: February 18th - 23rd
      • 32 Teams
      • Top 24 teams advances to Semi Finals
      • Bottom 8 teams eliminated
    • Semi Finals: February 25th - 28th
      • 24 Teams
      • Top 16 teams advances to Grand Finals
      • Bottom 8 teams eliminated


Prize Pool[edit]

$ USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


The Unnamed
1United States Buckyy 
2United States Lucasass 
3United States Ran 
4United States Q 
5 TBD 
Avapxia Gaming
1United States Goat 
2United States Drion 
3United States Cobra 
4United States Seac 
5 TBD 
1United States Prophecy 
2United States gabby 
3United States Slvmp 
4United States Catlyn 
5United States Chapo 
Abusement Park
1United States Aztecroth 
2United States Oxide 
3United States SurvivaL 
4United States Richie 
5 TBD 
Pittsburgh Knights
1South Korea S4M 
2Vietnam Raven 
3United States 7 
4United States Jagger 
5 TBD 
HQA Gaming
1China EZ 
2China AZ 
3China Qiwang 
4China HeartLess 
5China CC 
Team JCR
1United States Fyy 
2United States RedRose 
3United States ZBM 
4United States Jju 
5United States Zion 
Underdogs 96
1United States Kawaiii 
2United States Stax 
3United States Sin 
4United States Twix 
5United States Wraith 
1Mexico Toshua 
2Mexico Lopez 
3Mexico Psycho 
4Mexico Bullet 
5United States Steevo 
1United States Everfury 
2United States Wick 
3United States RoiiDz 
4United States Lucifer 
5 TBD 
Team Singularity
1Canada kbo 
2South Korea Minwu 
3United States MVP 
4United States Clue 
5 TBD 
You Are Scared
1United States FameBOy 
2United States BigBang 
3United States TJtatoo 
4United States HpStar 
5 TBD 
1United States TiME 
2United States Zeus 
3United States Alucard 
4United States Pretnder 
5 TBD 
1Vietnam VuTrugCao 
2Vietnam Fuhgazy 
3Vietnam Kanary 
4Vietnam Stan 
5 TBD 
1United States Rad 
2United States Tear 
3Nepal Aesonn 
4Nepal Versace 
5 TBD 
1United States SLshakaYT 
2United States Hitman 
3United States Yves 
4United States Ice 
5 TBD 
1United States Jake 
2United States dwightyboy 
3United States Yoogi 
4United States Eclipse 
5 TBD 
G25 Gaming
1United States Cotto 
2United States JattG 
3United States Blade 
4United States CatGod 
5 TBD 
1United States DOC 
2United States Lolo 
3United States Irish 
4United States Russell 
5United States Goose 
Martial Arts
1United States glcky 
2United States electra 
3United States SLAPPE 
4United States BodyBag 
5 TBD 
1United States Dabbs 
2United States DEMOX 
3United States Abyssal 
4United States CHjL 
5 TBD 
Polar Ace E-Sports
1India Devie 
2India Grave 
3India Rio 
4India NOMI 
5 TBD 
1United States Fearz 
2United States Swifty 
3United States issue 
4United States KAZUYA 
5 TBD 
Nubs With Aimbot
1United States Jordan 
2United States Snippy 
3United States Sami 
4United States PapiChulo 
5 TBD 


Group Stage Standings (Top 24 Qualified)
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Spacestation Gaming AB 90CD 0AD 0CB 64CA 0DB 114268
2. Wildcard Gaming AB 0CD 101AD 0CB 80CA 69DB 0250
3. Team Singularity AB 0CD 72AD 54CB 0CA 0DB 53179
4. The Unnamed AB 75CD 0AD 73CB 0CA 23DB 0171
5. Pittsburgh Knights AB 41CD 0AD 0CB 82CA 0DB 36159
6. X GAMER AB 51CD 0AD 42CB 0CA 64DB 0157
7. Simplicity AB 0CD 43AD 0CB 53CA 50DB 0146
8. Tribe Gaming AB 40CD 0AD 52CB 0CA 47DB 0139
9. JOVI AB 32CD 0AD 38CB 0CA 66DB 0136
10. Endgame AB 0CD 43AD 37CB 0CA 0DB 38118
11. Latinos Unidos AB 34CD 0AD 0CB 38CA 0DB 42114
12. UNIVERSE 7 AB 0CD 45AD 31CB 0CA 0DB 34110
13. Null AB 0CD 39AD 0CB 36CA 35DB 0110
14. The Rejects Esports AB 36CD 0AD 15CB 0CA 51DB 0102
15. HQA Gaming AB 32CD 0AD 0CB 44CA 0DB 24100
16. PRADA AB 0CD 38AD 34CB 0CA 0DB 2092
17. Abusement Park AB 35CD 0AD 45CB 0CA 11DB 091
18. G25 Gaming AB 0CD 45AD 0CB 15CA 28DB 088
19. 4AngryBabies AB 0CD 32AD 25CB 0CA 0DB 2481
20. Polar Ace E-Sports AB 0CD 13AD 0CB 30CA 36DB 079
21. Avapxia Gaming AB 25CD 0AD 25CB 0CA 27DB 077
22. You Are Scared AB 0CD 14AD 22CB 0CA 0DB 3874
23. Martial Arts AB 0CD 35AD 0CB 24CA 15DB 074
24. 8 Gentleman Esport AB 21CD 0AD 20CB 0CA 28DB 069
25. Team JCR AB 13CD 0AD 0CB 22CA 0DB 3166
27. Douyu7655547 AB 15CD 0AD 0CB 9CA 0DB 3660
28. Disconnected AB 0CD 21AD 26CB 0CA 0DB 1057
29. Underdogs 96 AB 6CD 0AD 0CB 21CA 0DB 1946
30. Boosted AB 17CD 0AD 0CB 10CA 0DB 1340
31. Puffins AB 0CD 11AD 0CB 15CA 14DB 040
32. Nubs With Aimbot AB 0CD 6AD 0CB 16CA 8DB 030
Semi Finals Standings (Top 16 Qualified)
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Pittsburgh Knights AB 33AC 0BC 28AB2 41AC2 0BC2 76178
2. Simplicity AB 10AC 2BC 0AB2 58AC2 72BC2 0142
3. Spacestation Gaming AB 13AC 31BC 0AB2 46AC2 41BC2 0131
4. The Unnamed AB 0AC 7BC 31AB2 0AC2 37BC2 46121
5. Tribe Gaming AB 4AC 0BC 7AB2 44AC2 0BC2 65120
6. Wildcard Gaming AB 9AC 0BC 23AB2 51AC2 0BC2 37120
7. Abusement Park AB 10AC 0BC 4AB2 82AC2 0BC2 22118
8. JOVI AB 0AC 3BC 3AB2 0AC2 48BC2 56110
9. 4AngryBabies AB 7AC 15BC 0AB2 69AC2 18BC2 0109
10. UNIVERSE 7 AB 8AC 2BC 0AB2 27AC2 62BC2 099
11. Latinos Unidos AB 14AC 0BC 3AB2 26AC2 0BC2 5295
12. X GAMER AB 1AC 11BC 0AB2 23AC2 59BC2 094
13. Null AB 24AC 13BC 0AB2 7AC2 47BC2 091
14. HQA Gaming AB 0AC 4BC 10AB2 0AC2 22BC2 4379
15. PRADA AB 0AC 1BC 8AB2 0AC2 35BC2 3175
16. Team Singularity AB 0AC 8BC 1AB2 0AC2 26BC2 2964
17. Avapxia Gaming AB 0AC 17BC 7AB2 0AC2 20BC2 1559
18. You Are Scared AB 0AC 4BC 5AB2 0AC2 27BC2 1955
19. G25 Gaming AB 1AC 7BC 0AB2 27AC2 17BC2 052
20. The Rejects Esports AB 3AC 0BC 2AB2 22AC2 0BC2 2451
21. 8 Gentleman Esport AB 2AC 15BC 0AB2 14AC2 18BC2 049
22. Endgame AB 0AC 4BC 2AB2 0AC2 19BC2 2045
23. Polar Ace E-Sports AB 1AC 0BC 2AB2 16AC2 0BC2 2039
24. Martial Arts AB 1AC 0BC 1AB2 1AC2 0BC2 03
Placements and KillsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
February 29, 2020 - 16:00 PST
First Place
Tribe Gaming
Second Place
Third Place
Wildcard Gaming
Round 2
Round 2
February 29, 2020 - 16:50 PST
First Place
Wildcard Gaming
Second Place
Third Place
Round 3
Round 3
February 29, 2020 - 17:40 PST
First Place
Wildcard Gaming
Second Place
The Unnamed
Third Place
Team Singularity
Round 4
Round 4
February 29, 2020 - 18:35 PST
First Place
HQA Gaming
Second Place
Team Singularity
Third Place
Wildcard Gaming
Round 5
Round 5
March 01, 2020 - 16:00 PST
First Place
Pittsburgh Knights
Second Place
Third Place
The Unnamed
Round 6
Round 6
March 01, 2020 - 16:50 PST
First Place
Second Place
The Unnamed
Third Place
Spacestation Gaming
Round 7
Round 7
March 01, 2020 - 17:40 PST
First Place
The Unnamed
Second Place
Third Place
Wildcard Gaming
Round 8
Round 8
March 01, 2020 - 18:35 PST
First Place
Wildcard Gaming
Second Place
Latinos Unidos
Third Place
The Unnamed
1. Wildcard1613109912013131207731044487711100310881201414
2. TU116932213133214881410031066214991207731088
3. HQA115121558488576612014147588489957336644
4. SIM107754421412121021115100121441201414214888433
5. Knights781113316100486611166120881213348335722
6. TG7412019191021116100574493778400841115100
7. SNG721022275333104421488141337533161334800
8. JOVI64572212155111336633214776622750010200
9. SSG M524844111119344755513100310441310012144
10. 4AB5121422660012122131111020013144102887522
11. LU49161005711662293008433151001112221444
12. U7468422141551511184551510057111514411188
13. Null451512231011842216100663310233663313100
14. XG4413100930013122485511111932293229399
15. PRADA3214122482275881210016100141001411116100
16. AP3266221512214111102005711161111215514100

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