PUBG Mobile Pro League - Fall Split 2020: Vietnam Regular Season

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - Fall Split 2020: Vietnam League
League Information
Tencent Games
Vietnam Vietnam
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
549,000,000 ₫ đồng
(≃ $23,785 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

PUBG Mobile Vietnam Pro League is a PUBG Mobile professional league in Vietnam. The league represents Vietnam's portion of 2020 World League held by Tencent Games. The Split will culminated at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 S0.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Vietnamese Commentators:
  • Indonesian Commentator:


  • Pro League Vietnam 2020 Fall (League): September 1st - 20th, 2020
    • Squad TPP: 24 Teams league.
      • 3 Weeks of League Play - 24 Teams are split into three groups, League Round Robin
        (Each team plays 72 matches total)

Qualification into PMPL-VN[edit]

  • 4 invited teams
  • 20 open qualified teams

Points Distribution[edit]

Points Distribution
Kill Points 1 per kill
Place Points
A11st 15
A22nd 12
A33rd 10
A44th 8
A55th 6
A66th 4
A77th 2
A88th 1
A99th 1
B010th 1
A1111th 1
B212th 1
B313 - 16th 0


  • 6 Matchdays per week: 6 Matches each day:
    • Tuesday and Friday: A vs B
    • Wednesday and Saturday: B vs C
    • Thursday and Sunday: A vs C

Prize Pool[edit]

Prize money distributed based on weekly winnings and other team awards.

  • Star of Fame was deducted 2,000,000₫ (~$87) from their prize due to the team's unprofessional behaviors throughout the league.[1]

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

₫ 549,000,000 đồng (≃ $23,785 USD) are spread among the teams as seen below:

Weekly Winnings
Place đồng Place đồng
A11st ₫ 30,000,000 B313th ₫ 2,000,000
A22nd ₫ 20,000,000 B414th ₫ 2,000,000
A33rd ₫ 15,000,000 B515th ₫ 2,000,000
A44th ₫ 10,000,000 B616th ₫ 2,000,000
A55th ₫ 4,000,000 B717th ₫ 2,000,000
A66th ₫ 4,000,000 B818th ₫ 2,000,000
A77th ₫ 4,000,000 B919th ₫ 2,000,000
A88th ₫ 4,000,000 C020th ₫ 2,000,000
A99th ₫ 2,000,000 C121st ₫ 2,000,000
B010th ₫ 2,000,000 C222nd ₫ 2,000,000
A1111th ₫ 2,000,000 B723rd ₫ 2,000,000
B212th ₫ 2,000,000 A924th ₫ 2,000,000
Match Winnings
WWCD ₫ 500,000 MVP ₫ 500,000


The Invites[edit]

BOX Gaming
1Vietnam Louis 
2Vietnam Pimay 
3Vietnam Chopper 
4Vietnam F1 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
MEN United Esports
1Vietnam Marco 
2Vietnam Ge 
3Vietnam Cows 
4Vietnam BUCKY 
5Vietnam BreaK 
6 TBD 
1Vietnam Taka 
2Vietnam Pino 
3Vietnam Luca 
4Vietnam Soaz 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
Xavier Team
1Vietnam Rabiz 
2Vietnam Pyn 
3Vietnam CaiDauLanh 
4Vietnam Timber 
5Vietnam So1BacNinh 
6 TBD 

The Qualifiers[edit]

Star Of Fame
1Vietnam Jacc 
2Vietnam MayLeg 
3Vietnam Shark 
4Vietnam FOX 
5Vietnam Lew 
6Vietnam TBD 
FAME Esport
1Vietnam Zico 
2Vietnam Dr4wt 
3Vietnam Ri 
4Vietnam Myun 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam Jkey 
2Vietnam BeHyn 
3Vietnam TieuCaCa 
4Vietnam Luffy 
5Vietnam CuBin 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam K7 
2Vietnam N2S 
3Vietnam HunT 
4Vietnam S3 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
V Gaming
1Vietnam Bensu 
2Vietnam TuanZ 
3Vietnam Tom 
4Vietnam CHUA 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
Phoenix HP
1Vietnam Lieu 
2Vietnam SUMMER 
3Vietnam MYKA 
4Vietnam ZyZy2k 
5Vietnam H0ANGT 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam BadGuy 
2Vietnam KuooK 
3Vietnam KuVet 
4Vietnam TheMask 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
AMC Esports
1Vietnam Triisme 
2Vietnam GaoHong 
3Vietnam Crocodile 
4Vietnam Franky16 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam XuNoaz 
2Vietnam Nawi 
3Vietnam WhiteZ 
4Vietnam Kem 
5Vietnam Dong3 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam ChivasX 
2Vietnam ClearT 
3Vietnam QuaDeo 
4Vietnam Hiro2 
5Vietnam BiT 
6Vietnam TBD 
FFQ Mobile
1Vietnam DarLy 
2Vietnam NamShinn 
3Vietnam Hade 
4Vietnam XKEY 
5Vietnam Phoenix 
6Vietnam TBD 
Why So Serious
1Vietnam BeToy 
2Vietnam TigerH 
3Vietnam Moc 
4Vietnam BaSau 
5Vietnam StorK 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam Spartacus 
2Vietnam Lucius 
3Vietnam MTris 
4Vietnam Jay 
5Vietnam Marcus 
6Vietnam TBD 
Best Absolute Training
1Vietnam DatKonn 
2Vietnam Bean 
3Vietnam Ron 
4Vietnam anbu 
5Vietnam Flowerf 
6Vietnam TBD 
Gunner Master
1Vietnam KinG 
2Vietnam SilencE 
3Vietnam ABC 
4Vietnam xiaoHuy 
5Vietnam Kiney 
6Vietnam TBD 
POPS Esports
1Vietnam Meo 
2Vietnam PO 
3Vietnam May 
4Vietnam Phanh 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
Humble Hunter
1Vietnam Capone 
2Vietnam CAM 
3Vietnam MonXXX 
4Vietnam Duss 
5Vietnam Venusxx 
6Vietnam TBD 
Infinity IQ
1Vietnam Mickeyyy 
2Vietnam Porsche 
3Vietnam Loki 
4Vietnam Ferrari 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam BiVA 
2Vietnam TDuc 
3Vietnam QuanG 
4Vietnam TwoH 
5Vietnam WhyG 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam Vyy 
2Vietnam Sam 
3Vietnam Tet 
4Vietnam Miuu 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C
BOX Gaming Xavier Team BRTeam
SEAL YOUNG Humble Hunter FFQ Mobile
AMC Esports LAG ESPORTS Best Absolute Training
MEN United Esports Phoenix HP Infinity IQ
Xgamer Why So Serious KOREANREAL
POPS Esports OneMore V Gaming
BadBoy FAME Esport Gunner Master
TalenT NGOA Star Of Fame


  • Xavier Team received -17 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • NGOA received -3 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • Gunner Master received -24 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • Phoenix HP received -2 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • BRTeam received -4 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • TalenT received -1 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • Humble Hunter received -15 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • LAG Esports received -11 penalty points due to not participating in all matches of Day 5 of Week 2.
  • BOX Gaming received -10 penalty points due to rule violation.
  • FAME Esport received -5 penalty points due to rule violation.
Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
1. V Gaming W1 285W2 265W3 337887
2. BOX Gaming W1 249W2 268W3 327844
3. Infinity IQ W1 283W2 246W3 264793
4. TalenT W1 258W2 263W3 217738
5. Xavier Team W1 163W2 341W3 209713
6. MEN United Esports W1 242W2 266W3 204712
7. FFQ Mobile W1 235W2 249W3 151635
8. AMC Esports W1 208W2 232W3 193633
9. Xgamer W1 161W2 245W3 225631
10. Why So Serious W1 174W2 203W3 239616
11. Humble Hunter W1 174W2 123W3 223520
12. Best Absolute Training W1 214W2 156W3 145515
13. OneMore W1 192W2 135W3 167494
14. Gunner Master W1 147W2 143W3 198488
15. Phoenix HP W1 149W2 189W3 146484
16. BRTeam W1 124W2 120W3 185429
17. BadBoy W1 143W2 165W3 84392
18. FAME Esport W1 116W2 102W3 141359
19. SEAL YOUNG W1 127W2 101W3 125353
20. LAG ESPORTS W1 150W2 86W3 94330
21. POPS Esports W1 102W2 78W3 131311
22. NGOA W1 95W2 108W3 88291
23. KOREANREAL W1 37W2 47W3 70154
24. Star Of Fame W1 96W2 24W3 25145

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