PUBG Mobile Pro League - North America Season 2: League

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[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - North America Season 2: League
League Information
North America North America
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
$95,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
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PUBG Mobile Pro League - North America is a PUBG Mobile professional league in North America. The Split will culminate at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Hosts:
    • United States DGon (Daniel Gonzales)
    • United States F. (Thom Badinger)


  • Pro League North America Season 2 (League): October 5th - 24th, 2021
    • 20 Teams: Drawn into 5 groups.
    • 3 Weeks of League Stage
    • Two Stages:
      • Weekdays: (A Total of 10 matches each week)
        • Round-robin Format: Each team plays a total of 8 matches in a week.
        • Top 16 teams qualify for the Super Weekend
      • Super Weekend: (Total 15 matches each week)
        • Single lobby Format: 16 Teams play a total of 15 matches in a week.
    • Only points of each Super Weekend are cumulated towards league standings.
    • Top 16 teams based on Super Weekend points are qualified for North America Finals

Qualification into PMPL-North America S2[edit]


Match Days
Week Weekdays Super Weekend
Week-1 October 5th - 6th October 8th - 10th
Week-2 October 12th - 13th October 15th - 17th
Week-3 October 19th - 20th October 22nd - 24th

Prize Pool[edit]

$95,000 USD are spread among the teams and players as seen below:
$2,500 is awarded to each team for attendance of all the matches.

Special Prize
Super Weekend WWCD $1,000


The Invites[edit]

1 The UnnamedThe Unnamed The Unnamed's slot is transferred to Boring ProtocolBoring Protocol Boring Protocol.
2 TeamJCRTeamJCR TeamJCR's slot is transferred to The IlluminatiThe Illuminati The Illuminati.
3 PassionFruitPassionFruit PassionFruit was disqualified due to unproffesional behaviors.[1]

The Qualifiers[edit]

1 UYUUYU UYU acquired the former roster of GODSENT NAGODSENT NA GODSENT NA.[2]

Group Draw[edit]


Overall League Standings
TeamTotalWeek 1Week 2Week 3
1.XSETXSET XSET286196 90 -
2.Nova Esports NANova Esports NA Nova Esports NA267133 134 -
3.Ghost GamingGhost Gaming Ghost Gaming258120 138 -
4.19esports19esports 19esports254140 114 -
5.The PanthersThe Panthers The Panthers236152 84 -
6.OgilvyOgilvy Ogilvy224127 97 -
7.KnightsKnights Knights208118 90 -
8.SyndicateSyndicate Syndicate17094 76 -
9.Team BTOWNTeam BTOWN Team BTOWN170112 58 -
10.LazarusLazarus Lazarus14386 57 -
11.UYUUYU UYU13380 53 -
12.Mezexis eSports NAMezexis eSports NA Mezexis eSports NA133133 - -
13.Pro EraPro Era Pro Era12189 32 -
14.The HitlistThe Hitlist The Hitlist10865 43 -
15.Boring ProtocolBoring Protocol Boring Protocol8484 - -
16.WallStreetBetsWallStreetBets WallStreetBets62- 62 -
17.The IlluminatiThe Illuminati The Illuminati5858 - -
18.YoYo Yo39- 39 -
19.Dope Esports LLCDope Esports LLC Dope Esports LLC24- 24 -
20.PassionFruitPassionFruit PassionFruit0- - -

Additional Content[edit]


LanguageEnglish Speaking

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1United States United States59 / 109 (54%)24k, Aeson, Alucard, Babanbilla, Beowulf, Boom (American Player), Brain, Casper, Cathy66, Chico, Devotion, Drago, Enigma, Fearz, Fishy, Frady, Fury, G3, HughJass, Illusion (US Player), Iris, ItsFate, J7, Jag, Jagger, Jayuya, Jayy, Jayyy, Joey, Juicy, Karnage, Keen0, Kingeh, Koops, Kyssyks, Lolo, Malcon, Moso, Nemesis, POLO, Pan, Purge, Rad, Salty, Solitude, Sosa, Spray, StarLighT, Steevo, THOR, Telli, Tensa, TheSpring, Valic, Veratti, Wick, Wrld, Xziii, Zenox (Mobile Player)
2China China11 / 109 (10%)Ehkaw, Glaz, Iwnl, KingHua, LAZY (NA Player), Lanlan, MANGO, Memory, Rinnn, Ydd (Liu Bo), Yi
3Canada Canada6 / 109 (6%)AZ, Drake, Grave, ISSAJATT, Peaceful, Xifan
3Vietnam Vietnam6 / 109 (6%)FameBoiz, Khan79, Khanh, Natsuo, Vein, Vurexx
5India India5 / 109 (5%)BeastX, JattG, KUNJDON, MidNight, Trickster
6Jamaica Jamaica3 / 109 (3%)Kura, Salt, Trey
6Mexico Mexico3 / 109 (3%)AlushE, Juancho, Spec
8Philippines Philippines2 / 109 (2%)Aesor, Blinky
8Venezuela Venezuela2 / 109 (2%)Calo, Flawless
10Colombia Colombia1 / 109 (1%)Legal
10Dominican Republic Dominican Republic1 / 109 (1%)Nesquik
10Honduras Honduras1 / 109 (1%)HH24
10Myanmar Myanmar1 / 109 (1%)KillSwitch
10Nepal Nepal1 / 109 (1%)Leon
10Norway Norway1 / 109 (1%)Rage (Norwegian Player)
10Pakistan Pakistan1 / 109 (1%)BABA
10Puerto Rico Puerto Rico1 / 109 (1%)Yahir
10South Korea South Korea1 / 109 (1%)S4M
10Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad and Tobago1 / 109 (1%)Casper
10United Kingdom United Kingdom1 / 109 (1%)Sleepless
10 filler flag1 / 109 (1%)Cgut