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PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Indonesia Regular Season

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Indonesia League
League Information
PUBG Corporation
Tencent Games
Offline & Online
Indonesia Jakarta
Studio Sepat 72
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
$150,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

PUBG Mobile Indonesia Pro League is a PUBG professional league in Indonesia. The league represents Indonesia's portion of 2020 World League held by Tencent Games. The Split will culminate at the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: East.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Analyst:
    • Indonesia Donna (Mutiara Donna Visca)
  • English Commentators:


  • Pro League Indonesia 2020 Spring (League): 6th - 29th March, 2020 in Studio Sepat 72, Indonesia Jakarta
    • Squad TPP: 24 Teams league.
      • Each team requires a mandatory substitute/backup player (4 Starters + Up to 2 Substitutes)
      • 4 Weeks of League Play - 24 Teams are split into three groups, League Round Robin
        (Each team plays 72 matches total)
      • Tournament moved to Online format due to COVID-19 situation after week 2.

Qualification into PMPL-ID[edit]

  • 12 invited teams
  • 12 open qualified teams


  • 5 Matchdays per week: 6 Matches each day.
  • Week 1
    • Friday: A vs B
    • Saturday: B vs C
    • Sunday: A vs C
  • Week 2
    • Wednesday and Saturday: A vs B
    • Thursday and Sunday: B vs C
    • Friday: A vs C
  • Week 3
    • Wednesday and Saturday: A vs C
    • Thursday and Sunday: A vs B
    • Friday: B vs C
  • Week 4
    • Wednesday and Saturday : B vs C
    • Thursday and Sunday: A vs C
    • Friday: A vs B

(Only Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Week 1)

Prize Pool[edit]

$150,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:
Top 16 teams qualified for Finals.

Notes: The USD prize for each teams based on X amount of WWCD + Weekly Awards

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

Base Week Winnings
Place Per Week $ USD
1st $4,000
2nd $3,000
3rd $2,250
WWCD $55


The Invites[edit]

Aura Esports
1Indonesia Rossezy 
2Indonesia JaydeN 
3Indonesia ROSES 
4Indonesia Kent 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia Entruv 
BOOM Esports
1Indonesia Ramones 
2Indonesia SVAFVEL 
3Indonesia GodInEst 
4Indonesia Voker 
5Indonesia IkyAr 
6 TBD 
1Indonesia Dron 
2Indonesia WarunK 
3Indonesia BoonK 
4Indonesia Nerpehko 
5Indonesia VALDEMORT 
6 TBD 
Dranix Avenger
1Indonesia Ucup 
2Indonesia MOZZAD 
3Indonesia Botz 
4Indonesia Cryzen 
5Indonesia Lyzerg 
6 TBD 
Bigetron RA
1Indonesia Zuxxy 
2Indonesia Luxxy 
3Indonesia Ryzen 
4Indonesia MiCROBOY 
5Indonesia Alice 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia Sanss 
1Indonesia MasGaga 
2Indonesia Flippy 
3Indonesia LiQuiD 
4Indonesia PalaGIMPE 
5Indonesia Wissky 
6 TBD 
Onic Esports
1Indonesia Matthew 
2Indonesia Alvirlo 
3Indonesia Kape 
4Indonesia NiKK 
5Indonesia CoppinLee 
6 TBD 
EVOS Esports
1Indonesia EXC 
2Indonesia Zekkein 
3Indonesia Foxe 
4Indonesia Kayze 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
Aerowolf LIMAX
1Indonesia AlienTempur 
2Indonesia Spaov 
3Indonesia Renalre 
4Indonesia Potato 
5Indonesia Hzlnuts 
6 TBD 
Island Of Gods
1Indonesia F2R 
2Indonesia Omega 
3Indonesia Gangsta 
4Indonesia Ludens 
5Indonesia Rancid 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia Ibang 
Morph Team2
1Indonesia RensKy 
2Indonesia Jeixy 
3Indonesia noMrcy 
4Indonesia Zabrol 
5Indonesia TBD 
6 TBD 
Victim Sovers
1Indonesia Fajar 
2Indonesia Banyuu 
3Indonesia Cisun 
4Indonesia JugHead 
5Indonesia GenFos 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia Nandy 

The Qualifiers[edit]

Red Rocket Cosmic
1Indonesia KinGzz 
2Indonesia Rocky 
3Indonesia Teddy 
4Indonesia RedFaceN 
5Indonesia quanc 
6 TBD 
1Indonesia HADEPE 
2Indonesia Jerrsy 
3Indonesia Wind 
4Indonesia Hitman 
5Indonesia Zulhaq 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia JAVI 
Geek Fam
1Indonesia Datmosh 
2Indonesia Bubuu 
3Indonesia Morfe 
4Indonesia Floral 
5Indonesia Maungop 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia Katou 
Alter Ego
1Indonesia Badru 
2Indonesia Stacvi 
3Indonesia Heroes 
4Indonesia Smithh 
5Indonesia Henz 
6 TBD 
1Indonesia CapsX 
2Indonesia FERXAL 
3Indonesia Marshal 
4Indonesia NixL 
5Indonesia RedJuice 
6 TBD 
1Indonesia VankoZT 
2Indonesia TrickZT 
3Indonesia ExZT 
4Indonesia TurnerZT 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
The Pillars SLAYER1
1Indonesia Bobbs 
2Indonesia Boboho 
3Indonesia Kental 
4Indonesia Argenta 
5Indonesia ShaSha 
6Indonesia TBD 
Genesis Dogma
1Indonesia FALLEN 
2Indonesia EL 
3Indonesia FLAKK 
4Indonesia ARRO 
5Indonesia Danzo 
6Indonesia TBD 
Louvre Esports
1Indonesia Ozora 
2Indonesia SlayeR 
3Indonesia 2EZ 
4Indonesia Tomz 
5Indonesia Kyn 
6Indonesia TBD 
XcN Gaming
1Indonesia Rexxa 
2Indonesia Kenjuu 
3Indonesia Xccuratee 
4Indonesia ivory 
5Indonesia Lerry 
6 TBD 
NARA Celebes
1Indonesia Antem 
2Indonesia Okta 
3Indonesia Joys 
4Indonesia Audry 
5Indonesia Fepar 
6 TBD 
Siren Esports
1Indonesia Sinon 
2Indonesia BarrieR 
3Indonesia Jacks 
4Indonesia Rey2000 
5Indonesia Ekozu 
6 TBD 
CIndonesia StMichael 
1 Roster of SLAYER Team acquired by The Pillars now known as The Pillars SLAYER.
2 TakaNome Change name to RensKy
3 JENNIEand Afika from the Pillars Slayer Change their IGN.
4 RRQ RYU’s Wolfy is inactive due to attending PMPL Indonesia as talent.[1]

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C
Dranix Avenger Aura Esports NFT ESPORTS
EVOS Esports RRQ RYU Aerowolf LIMAX
Onic Esports Victim Sovers Bigetron RA
Island Of Gods BOOM Esports Morph Team
Louvre Esports NARA Esports Siren Esports
Geek Fam Genesis Dogma Red Rocket Cosmic
DG ESPORTS The Pillars SLAYER XcN Gaming


Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4 Total
1. Bigetron RA W1 175W2 350W3 284W4 4421251
2. Aura Esports W1 102W2 274W3 236W4 194806
3. Red Rocket Cosmic W1 111W2 166W3 185W4 332794
4. BOOM Esports W1 132W2 261W3 236W4 154783
5. Morph Team W1 141W2 193W3 174W4 226734
6. Aerowolf LIMAX W1 147W2 172W3 226W4 186731
7. Alter Ego W1 122W2 251W3 198W4 152723
8. Dranix Avenger W1 87W2 190W3 193W4 222692
9. RRQ RYU W1 125W2 266W3 130W4 146667
10. Victim Sovers W1 117W2 160W3 260W4 120657
11. Geek Fam W1 80W2 150W3 224W4 191645
12. Louvre Esports W1 95W2 163W3 250W4 137645
13. BONAFIDE W1 119W2 101W3 214W4 210644
14. NFT ESPORTS W1 80W2 155W3 217W4 162614
15. Onic Esports W1 111W2 154W3 139W4 194598
16. The Pillars SLAYER W1 148W2 186W3 79W4 161574
17. Siren Esports W1 66W2 140W3 123W4 213542
18. EVOS Esports W1 118W2 185W3 148W4 74525
19. Island Of Gods W1 69W2 77W3 199W4 121466
20. NARA Esports W1 67W2 157W3 105W4 132461
21. Genesis Dogma W1 88W2 120W3 110W4 103421
22. DG ESPORTS W1 115W2 99W3 106W4 100420
23. XcN Gaming W1 55W2 127W3 96W4 106384
24. BAHAMPAZ W1 60W2 111W3 93W4 85349

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