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PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Thailand Regular Season

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Thailand League
League Information
PUBG Mobile Pro League PUBG Mobile Pro League
Esports Alliance
Tencent Games
Thailand Bangkok
True Digital Park
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
฿ 150,000 THB
(≃ $4,800 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

PUBG Mobile Thailand Pro League is a PUBG Mobile professional league in Thailand. The league represents Thailand's portion of 2020 World League held by Tencent Games. The Split will culminated at the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Spring.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Desk Host:
  • Analyst:
    • Thailand BOM (Ittipol Panikabutr)
  • Commentators:
    • Thailand Zaffer (Suphakit Nonta)
    • Thailand Fame (Supanut Wannasangkhum)
    • Thailand Voo (Chayut Changtongkum)
    • Thailand KirosZ (Weerasak Boonchu)


  • Pro League Thailand 2020 Spring (League): February 14th - March 22nd, 2020 in True Digital Park, Thailand Bangkok
    • Squad TPP: 24 Teams offline league.
      • Each team requires a mandatory substitute/backup player (4 Starters + Up to 2 Substitutes)
      • 6 Weeks of League Play - 24 Teams are split into three groups, League Round Robin
        (Each team plays 10 matches per week)

Qualification into PMPL-TH[edit]

  • 18 invited teams
  • 6 open qualified teams


  • 3 Matchdays per week: 5 Matches each day
    • Friday: A vs B
    • Saturday: B vs C
    • Sunday: C vs A

Prize Pool[edit]

Base of ฿10,000 THB given every week and increased by ฿10,000 THB every week, total of ฿150,000 THB: Prize pool included total winnings.
Top 16 teams qualified for Finals.

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

Base Week Winnings
Place ฿ THB
Week 2 #1 ฿5,000
Week 3 #1 ฿10,000
Week 4 #1 ฿15,000
Week 5 #1 ฿20,000
Week 6 #1 ฿25,000


The Invites[edit]

FaZe Clan
1Thailand BulShark 
2Thailand Vintorez 
3Thailand Maroon5 
4Thailand Echo 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
Made in Thailand
1Thailand RoDFIAT 
2Thailand Stoned 
3Thailand PONDz 
4Thailand OnLine24 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
RRQ Athena
1Thailand D2E 
2Thailand G9 
3Thailand Senior 
4Thailand Earnny 
5Thailand Beer11 
6Thailand TBD 
1Thailand MARTIN 
2Thailand GODDARD 
3Thailand JCZ 
4Thailand aRMJoNe 
5Thailand VELMOTH 
6Thailand TBD 
Daytrade Gaming
1Thailand NEaR 
2Thailand RUSH9 
3Thailand Logan 
4Thailand Tony 
5Thailand PROFES 
6Thailand Shoyu 
Armory Gaming
1Thailand SYX 
2Thailand Eggsy 
3Thailand iSLOW 
4Thailand HAZEL 
5Thailand SALMONz 
6Thailand TBD 
CThailand Favorito 
Purple Mood E-Sport
1Thailand Cz 
2Thailand Jazperr 
3Thailand ZooMs 
4Thailand Nawin 
5Thailand AhTee 
6 TBD 
Tokio Striker2
1Thailand JEENNe 
2Thailand SAsZyQ 
3Thailand YASOPP 
4Thailand iTzGOD 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
ALPHA esport
1Thailand Ral3bit 
2Thailand CampWOW 
3Thailand HIPPOx 
4Thailand KeRoro 
5Thailand POK 9 
6Thailand TBD 
Attack All Around
1Thailand VINCENT 
2Thailand Tazzy 
3Thailand iSOROS 
4Thailand JiGSaw 
5Thailand INSANE 
6Thailand TBD 
Pinto Gaming
1Thailand N2G 
2Thailand F1 
3Thailand SAYURI 
4Thailand Flukky 
5Thailand BOAT 
6Thailand TBD 
SharpeR Esport
1Thailand AWayG 
2Thailand NYMPH 
3Thailand Hades 
4Thailand eaSy 
5Thailand B1 
6Thailand TBD 
Tack Esport
1Thailand KillerB 
2Thailand iSONG 
3Thailand BORUTO 
4Thailand Kamdee 
5Thailand Tack 
6Thailand TBD 
1Thailand TEWRIE 
2Thailand Arma 
3Thailand Earn 
4Thailand Rvenclaw 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
Golden Cat
1Thailand EQ 
2Thailand PopZ 
3Thailand TG13 
4Thailand NongBeam 
5Thailand MS22 
6Thailand TBD 
Suphanburi E-Sport
1Thailand Tele 
2Thailand Jeffz 
3Thailand cSkyOnly 
4Thailand Limited 
5Thailand DeiNos 
6Thailand TBD 
QC.20 Something1
1Thailand GEWWY 
2Thailand COSMOS 
3Thailand DIEHARD 
4Thailand ZEEZACK 
5Thailand PIKACHU 
6Thailand TBD 
1 Roster of 20 Something acquired by Qconfirm now known as QC.20 Something.
2 Tokio Striker change their roster after week 1 from Maxxis, Narisz, AuTo, and Solotov to JEENNe, SAsZyQ, YASOPP, and iTzGOD

The Qualifiers[edit]

1Thailand Korpaii 
2Thailand Ices 
3Thailand TT 
4Thailand Riwnaja 
5Thailand Nobita 
6Thailand TBD 
Team Secret TH3
1Thailand GZ 
2Thailand KENGZO 
3Thailand TWOKAY 
4Thailand Jayzii 
5Thailand OUT 
6 TBD 
1Thailand Subaru 
2Thailand Galalap 
3Thailand Tong8 
4Thailand Xyza 
5Thailand Armmer 
6Thailand TBD 
1 POWER888 ESPORT acquired the roster of KPS
2 ahq e-Sports Club acquired the roster of 4Mammoth
3 Team Secret TH launched by acquiring the roster of THE HiLL

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C
RRQ Athena Made in Thailand ILLUMINATE The Murder
Purple Mood E-Sport Golden Cat LYNX TH
Daytrade Gaming ALPHA esport SharpeR Esport
FaZe Clan Tokio Striker Tack Esport
Attack All Around Armory Gaming Pinto Gaming
King of Gamers Club QC.20 Something Suphanburi E-Sport
OrangeWolf Futurerista Gaming Pyramid Esports


Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. FaZe Clan W1 194W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0194
2. Suphanburi E-Sport W1 159W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0159
3. RRQ Athena W1 126W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0126
4. Golden Cat W1 124W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0124
5. Team Secret TH W1 123W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0123
6. ILLUMINATE The Murder W1 115W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0115
7. Armory Gaming W1 102W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0102
8. Daytrade Gaming W1 101W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0101
9. Made in Thailand W1 101W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 0101
10. Pyramid Esports W1 99W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 099
11. QC.20 Something W1 96W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 096
12. POWER888 ESPORT W1 92W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 092
13. LYNX TH W1 76W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 076
14. SharpeR Esport W1 73W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 073
15. Purple Mood E-Sport W1 66W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 066
16. Pinto Gaming W1 57W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 057
17. GOLDCITY AHQ Esports W1 57W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 057
18. King of Gamers Club W1 56W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 056
19. Attack All Around W1 56W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 056
20. Tack Esport W1 52W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 052
21. Futurerista Gaming W1 49W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 049
22. OrangeWolf W1 44W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 044
23. ALPHA esport W1 40W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 040
24. Tokio Striker W1 31W2 0W3 0W4 0W5 0W6 031

Additional Content[edit]


  • Second link is special live spectator.
    • RRQ Athena camera on Friday
    • ILLUMINATE The Murder camera on Saturday
    • Purple Mood E-Sport camera on Sunday