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PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Vietnam Regular Season

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Vietnam League
League Information
Tencent Games
Offline & Online
Vietnam Da Nang
Park Regis Cocobay Hotel
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
1,162,000,000‬ ₫ đồng
(≃ $50,027 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

PUBG Mobile Vietnam Pro League is a PUBG Mobile professional league in Vietnam. The league represents Vietnam's portion of 2020 World League held by Tencent Games. The Split will culminate at the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: East.


Event postponed until further notice[1]
League resumed on April 17th[2]

Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Pro League Vietnam 2020 Spring (League): March 14th - April 22nd, 2020 in Park Regis Cocobay Hotel, Vietnam Vietnam
    • Squad TPP: 24 Teams offline & online league.
      • Each team requires a mandatory substitute/backup player (4 Starters + Up to 2 Substitutes)
      • 3 Weeks of League Play - 24 Teams are split into three groups, League Round Robin
        (Each team plays 72 matches total)
      • Tournament postponed due to COVID-19, week 3 continues on April 17th, format changes to Online onwards.

Qualification into PMPL-VN[edit]

  • 2 invited teams
  • 22 open qualified teams


  • 6 Matchdays per week: 6 Matches each day
  • Week 1 & 2
    • Saturday and Tuesday: A vs B
    • Sunday and Monday: B vs C
    • Monday and Thursday: A vs C
  • Week 3
    • Friday & Monday: A vs B
    • Saturday & Tuesday: B vs C
    • Sunday & Wednesday: A vs C

Prize Pool[edit]

₫891,000,000 đồng given every week, (excluded other award bonuses).
The total of ₫1,162,000,000 đồng ( ~$50,000 USD ) are spread among the teams as seen below:

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

Base Week Winnings
Place đồng Place đồng
A11st ₫ 60,000,000 B313th ₫ 7,000,000
A22nd ₫ 40,000,000 B414th ₫ 7,000,000
A33rd ₫ 30,000,000 B515th ₫ 7,000,000
A44th ₫ 20,000,000 B616th ₫ 7,000,000
A55th ₫ 15,000,000 B717th ₫ 5,000,000
A66th ₫ 10,000,000 B818th ₫ 5,000,000
A77th ₫ 10,000,000 B919th ₫ 5,000,000
A88th ₫ 10,000,000 C020th ₫ 5,000,000
A99th ₫ 10,000,000 C121st ₫ 5,000,000
B010th ₫ 10,000,000 C222nd ₫ 5,000,000
A1111th ₫ 7,000,000 B723rd ₫ 5,000,000
B212th ₫ 7,000,000 A924th ₫ 5,000,000


The Invites[edit]

BOX Gaming
1Vietnam Loki 
2Vietnam Louis 
3Vietnam HieuMeo 
4Vietnam Pimay 
5Vietnam HuyGa 
6Vietnam TBD 
FFQ Mobile
1Vietnam Dickyyy 
2Vietnam Minnkie2k 
3Vietnam Timber 
4Vietnam Chopper 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 

The Qualifiers[edit]

Matrix United
1Vietnam Marco 
2Vietnam Ge 
3Vietnam BreaK 
4Vietnam Cows 
5Vietnam BUCKY 
6 TBD 
1Vietnam Taka 
2Vietnam Pino 
3Vietnam Luca 
4Vietnam SangSang 
5Vietnam MADARA 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam KuVet 
2Vietnam Kuook 
3Vietnam DeadShot 
4Vietnam Kelvin 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
Crazy Dog
1Vietnam Trieu 
2Vietnam Rong 
3Vietnam Trong 
4Vietnam Faro 
5Vietnam BaoKe 
6Vietnam TBD 
Win Tribe
1Vietnam McGr3y 
2Vietnam HeeStupid 
3Vietnam GauK 
4Vietnam aBo 
5Vietnam Baro 
6Vietnam TBD 
Dot Team
1Vietnam Bi 
2Vietnam Choon 
3Vietnam Milo 
4Vietnam THIEN 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam Quadro 
2Vietnam srom 
3Vietnam mitt 
4Vietnam august 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
Vin Signature
1Vietnam HungPiuf 
2Vietnam Dun 
3Vietnam Chip 
4Vietnam Jiny 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
Why So Serious
1Vietnam TigerH 
2Vietnam Pho 
3Vietnam TheMask 
4Vietnam Tom 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
Eros Gaming
1Vietnam Kent 
2Vietnam DarLy 
3Vietnam Ron 
4Vietnam PhuocT 
5Vietnam F1 
6Vietnam TBD 
AMC Esports
1Vietnam GaoHong 
2Vietnam Crocodile 
3Vietnam TriIsMe 
4Vietnam Boken 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
1Vietnam Hiro 
2Vietnam Lavender 
3Vietnam VENUS 
4Vietnam Nen1vs4 
5Vietnam Chimee 
6Vietnam TBD 
Hai Phong
1Vietnam Kaido 
2Vietnam Vuong 
3Vietnam Lieu 
4Vietnam 300K 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
AMIX Esports
1Vietnam XrynH 
2Vietnam masew 
3Vietnam Cam 
4Vietnam Riki 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
IGLOW Esports1
1Vietnam Jacc 
2Vietnam Kingsman 
3Vietnam Kwan1vs4 
4Vietnam Xundaz 
5Vietnam TBD 
6Vietnam TBD 
1 Korea Real were disqualified as they not met the requirement, They were replaced by IGLOW Esports[3]

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C
FFQ Mobile BOX Gaming Matrix United
VGaming Xavier Team Infinity IQ
Dot Team BadBoy TalenT
EVS Assassin Win Tribe Crazy Dog
Eros Gaming VINASTAR Vin Signature
AMC Esports Why So Serious Gunner Master
Find Real Love SEAL Team Hai Phong
14 Quang Ninh AMIX Esports IGLOW Esports


Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
1. Matrix United W1 301W2 319W3 354974
2. Xavier Team W1 280W2 320W3 339939
3. Eros Gaming W1 277W2 360W3 250887
4. FFQ Mobile W1 345W2 238W3 301884
5. VGaming W1 279W2 287W3 317883
6. Why So Serious W1 283W2 331W3 258872
7. Infinity IQ W1 299W2 259W3 264822
8. BOX Gaming W1 313W2 259W3 225797
9. BadBoy W1 265W2 233W3 230728
10. Dot Team W1 189W2 249W3 191629
11. TalenT W1 216W2 202W3 211629
12. EVS Assassin W1 146W2 213W3 240599
13. VINASTAR W1 182W2 158W3 236576
14. AMC Esports W1 194W2 236W3 139569
15. Hai Phong W1 178W2 145W3 242565
16. Gunner Master W1 181W2 187W3 181549
17. Crazy Dog W1 184W2 163W3 190537
18. AMIX Esports W1 197W2 173W3 117487
19. SEAL Team W1 164W2 159W3 155478
20. Vina Signature W1 146W2 115W3 164425
21. IGLOW Esports W1 135W2 139W3 98372
22. Win Tribe W1 109W2 105W3 140354
23. 14 Quang Ninh W1 139W2 101W3 103343
24. Find Real Love W1 91W2 106W3 123320

Qualified for PMPL Vietnam Finals
Not Qualified

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