PUBG Mobile Pro League - Season 3 2021: Indonesia Regular Season

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - Season 3 2021: Indonesia League
League Information
Indonesia Indonesia
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
$71,700 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
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PUBG Mobile Indonesia Pro League is a PUBG Mobile professional league in Indonesia.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Casters:
    • Indonesia Pasta (Riantoro Yogi Saputra)
    • Indonesia Wolfy (Florian George)
    • Indonesia Donna (Mutiara Donna Visca)
    • Indonesia Jelly (Jessica Azali)
    • Indonesia Sanskuy (Sandika Hadit Prasetyo)
    • Indonesia Windy (Windy Amalia Nabila Putri)
  • Analysts:


  • Pro League Indonesia 2021 S3 (League): March 24th - April 11th, 2021
    • Squad TPP: 20 Teams League.
      • 3 Weeks of League Play - 20 Teams are split into 5 groups
    • Two Stages:
      • Weekdays: (A Total of 15 matches each week)
        • Round-robin Format: Each team plays a total of 12 matches in a week, every Wednesday to Friday.
        • Top 16 teams qualify for the Super Weekend
      • Super Weekend: (Total 12 matches each week)
        • Single lobby Format: 16 Teams play a total of 12 matches in a week, every Saturday & Sunday.
    • Only points of each Super Weekend are cumulated towards league standings.
    • Top 16 teams based on Super Weekend points are qualified for Country Finals


Match Days
Week Weekdays Super Weekend
Week-1 24th March - 26th March 27th March - 28th March
Week-2 31st March - 2nd April 3rd April - 4th April
Week-3 7th April - 9th April 10th April - 11th April

Group Order for Weekdays: ABCD >> ACDE >> ABCE >> BCDE >> ABDE

Qualification into PMPL-ID[edit]

Points Distribution[edit]

For "Points Matrix" Click here.

Points Distribution
Kill Points 1 per kill
Place Points
A11st 15
A22nd 12
A33rd 10
A44th 8
A55th 6
A66th 4
A77th 2
A88th 1
A99th 1
B010th 1
A1111th 1
B212th 1
B313 - 16th 0


Prize Pool[edit]

$71,700 USD (≃ IDR1,047,888,330 IDR) are spread among the teams as seen below:

* Bigetron RA as a champion league already has an invitation slot for SEA Championship and their slot goes to 2nd place.

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

Total Performance Prize Pool for League is $20,000 USD (≃ Rp.287,829,400 IDR). Each team will received $1,000 USD ( (≃ Rp.14,391,470 IDR)

Base Week Winnings
Place $ USD
A11st $5,000
A22nd $4,000
A33rd $3,000
A44th $2,000
A55th $1,500
A66th $1,000
A77 - 10th $800
A911 - 16th $500
B717 - 20th $300

* Total killed for weekly terminators only counted on SuperWeekend matches


The Invites[edit]

Bigetron RA
1Indonesia Zuxxy 
2Indonesia Luxxy 
3Indonesia Ryzen 
4Indonesia LiQuiD 
5Indonesia KinGzz 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
CMalaysia JangS 
Aura Esports
1Indonesia Rossezy 
2Indonesia JaydeN 
3Indonesia Jeixy 
4Indonesia noMrcy 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
CIndonesia Entruv 
1Indonesia Nerpehko 
2Indonesia WarunK 
3Indonesia VALDEMORT 
4Indonesia Kenboo 
5Indonesia Naider 
6Indonesia TBD 
7 TBD 
BOOM Esports
1Indonesia Voker 
2Indonesia IkyAr 
3Indonesia Hijrah 
4Indonesia Ponbit 
5Indonesia TBD 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
Victim Sovers
1Indonesia Bobbs 
2Indonesia Fajar 
3Indonesia Rocky 
4Indonesia Misery 
5Indonesia Nandy 
6Indonesia TBD 
7 TBD 
EVOS Reborn
1Indonesia Lyzerg 
2Indonesia Microboy 
3Indonesia RedFace 
4Indonesia Auro 
5Indonesia KF 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
CIndonesia S1nyo  Indonesia Tantruum 
Alter Ego
1Indonesia Matthew 
2Indonesia Badru 
3Indonesia Martin 
4Indonesia Requiem 
5Indonesia Smithh 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
1Indonesia Ucup 
2Indonesia Botz 
3Indonesia Noox 
4Indonesia Licinnnn 
5Indonesia Hans4you 
6Indonesia TBD 
7 TBD 
CIndonesia Azniac 
Takae Esports2
1Indonesia Zaay 
2Indonesia Argenta 
3Indonesia Khuzboyz 
4Indonesia Hadezz 
5Indonesia Kean 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
CIndonesia IBANG 
Dewa United5
1Indonesia Ozora 
2Indonesia Steve 
3Indonesia Henz 
4Indonesia Uni 
5Indonesia Cryzen 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
Skylightz Gaming3
1Indonesia Jerrsy 
2Indonesia 1SlayeR 
3Indonesia Jaymax 
4Indonesia Pinky 
5Indonesia TBD 
6Indonesia TBD 
7 TBD 
CIndonesia Michiew Indonesia Adhim 
1 Dranix Esports slots officially acquired by KONG Esports.[1]
2 The Pillars slots officially acquired by Takae Esports.[2]
3 ION Esports slots officially acquired by Skylightz Gaming/Indonesia.[2]
4 Siren Esports slots officially acquired by Eagle365 Esports.[2]
5 Louvre Esports slots officially acquired by Dewa United.[2]
6 BONAFIDE acquired the roster of KONG Esports.[3]
7 Morph Team collaboration with Supply Bang and will be known as Morph SUPPLYBANG.[4]

The Qualifiers[edit]

Voin Victory88
1Indonesia Maybe 
2Indonesia Dabs2k 
3Indonesia Aimbot 
4Indonesia Cal 
5Indonesia Assa 
6 TBD 
21 Esport
1Indonesia Foxe 
2Indonesia JugHead 
3Indonesia Banyuu 
4Indonesia Cisun 
5Indonesia BoonK 
6 TBD 

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E
Victim Sovers BOOM Esports Aura Esports Aerowolf LIMAX Dewa United
RRQ RYU 21 Esport Geek Fam Eagle 365 Esports/Mobile Onic Esports
Voin Victory88 Bigetron RA Alter Ego TAKAE ESPORT Morph Team
BONAFIDE Genesis Dogma GIDS Enam Sembilan Esports EVOS Reborn Skylightz Gaming


Overall Standing
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
1. Bigetron RA W1 95W2 197W3 86378
2. EVOS Reborn W1 114W2 114W3 137365
3. Genesis Dogma GIDS W1 74W2 117W3 132323
4. BOOM Esports W1 150W2 71W3 58279
5. BONAFIDE W1 114W2 52W3 106272
6. Aura Esports W1 102W2 80W3 83265
7. Victim Sovers W1 57W2 91W3 113261
8. Skylightz Gaming W1 86W2 87W3 81254
9. Eagle 365 Esports/Mobile W1 77W2 44W3 103224
10. 21 Esport W1 100W2 116W3 0216
11. Voin Victory88 W1 59W2 70W3 83212
12. RRQ RYU W1 0W2 91W3 121212
13. Onic Esports W1 97W2 0W3 89186
14. Geek Fam W1 0W2 105W3 64169
15. Dewa United W1 64W2 51W3 49164
16. Aerowolf LIMAX W1 93W2 64W3 0157
17. Alter Ego W1 65W2 59W3 0124
18. TAKAE ESPORT W1 46W2 0W3 5298
19. Morph Team W1 0W2 0W3 5656
20. Enam Sembilan Esports W1 0W2 0W3 00

Qualified for Indonesia Finals

Click here for detailed results

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