PUBG Mobile Pro League - Season 1 2021: LATAM Regular Season

[e][h]PUBG Mobile Pro League - S1 2021: LATAM League
League Information
South America South America
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
$100,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
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PUBG Mobile LATAM Pro League is a PUBG Mobile professional league in Latin America.


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  • Pro League LATAM 2021 S1 (League): April 27th - May 23rd, 2021
    • 20 Teams: Drawn into 5 groups.
    • 3 Weeks of League Stage
    • Two Stages:
      • Weekdays: (A Total of 10 matches each week)
        • Round-robin Format: Each team plays a total of 8 matches in a week, every Tuesday & Wednesday.
        • Top 16 teams qualify for the Super Weekend
      • Super Weekend: (Total 15 matches each week)
        • Single lobby Format: 16 Teams play a total of 15 matches in a week, every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
    • Only points of each Super Weekend are cumulated towards league standings.
    • Top 16 teams based on Super Weekend points are qualified for Finals

Qualification into PMPL-LATAM[edit]


Match Days
Week Weekdays Super Weekend
Week-1 27th - 28th April 30th - 02nd May
Week-2 04th - 05th May 06th - 08th May
Week-3 12th - 13th May 14th - 16th May

Prize Pool[edit]

Base Prize & Awards[edit]


The Invites[edit]

Chivas eSports3
1Mexico Jacup
2Mexico NITO
3Mexico FRAN
4Mexico Luxe
5Mexico Yisus
6 TBD 
Colombia SuarezG Chile Lichaking 
1Chile Andress
2Chile MANU
3Chile Dreamzyx
4Chile TiggerZin
5Chile Rorro
6 TBD 
CChile Karlita
Malvinas Gaming
1Brazil PYSCHO
2Argentina CHARKO
3Brazil THRZ
4Argentina SEB4
6 TBD 
River Plate Gaming
1Argentina Escanor
2Peru Rodzin
3Uruguay Joaco
4Brazil Lala
5Argentina Nice
6 TBD 
CArgentina Rize
1 Meta Gaming acquired the roster of ULTRAVOLKZ.[1]
2 9z Team acquired the roster of Mezexis Esports.[2]
3 Chivas eSports acquired the roster of Sin Casa.[3]
4 MANU from TopHard Esports got 6 months banned due rules violation (6.3.3 Discrimination and Denigration).[4]

The Qualifiers[edit]

1 Isurus Gaming acquired the roster of Team Legends.[5]
2 Roster of Dstro Gaming was acquired of Boca Juniors Gaming.

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E
Team Queso 9z Team Buluc Chabtan TopHard Mezexis Esport
Meta Gaming Malvinas Gaming Isurus Gaming Nocturns Gaming Burn in Silence
Boca Juniors Team Jaguar Ventrue Inc. Furious Gaming Estorm Gaming
BTSport Legion Inferno Chivas eSports Infinity eSports River Plate


Overall Standing
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
1. Ventrue Inc. W1 103W2 163W3 195461
2. 9z Team W1 110W2 145W3 138393
3. Buluc Chabtan W1 151W2 122W3 108381
4. Furious Gaming W1 141W2 170W3 69380
5. Boca Juniors W1 124W2 126W3 123373
6. Chivas eSports W1 138W2 102W3 126366
7. Team Queso W1 89W2 107W3 167363
8. TopHard W1 132W2 123W3 101356
9. Team Jaguar W1 132W2 83W3 131346
10. Mezexis Esport W1 78W2 113W3 118309
11. Infinity eSports W1 109W2 86W3 108303
12. BTSport W1 90W2 0W3 112202
13. River Plate W1 103W2 87W3 0190
14. Estorm Gaming W1 120W2 0W3 55175
15. Isurus Gaming W1 0W2 97W3 67164
16. Malvinas Gaming W1 105W2 31W3 0136
17. Burn in Silence W1 42W2 90W3 0132
18. Meta Gaming W1 0W2 124W3 0124
19. Legion Inferno W1 0W2 0W3 104104
20. Nocturns Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 6262

Additional Content[edit]


LanguageEnglish Speaking

Viewership Statistics[edit]

Viewership Stats
Peak Viewers 45 540
Average Viewers 10 324
Hours Watched 782 865

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1Mexico Mexico31 / 109 (28%)Aquiles, Asta, Capi, Castillo, DaniFlow, Draven, Drew, Entity, FRAN, Gamo, Gorda, Ibiza (Mexican Player), Jacup, JuanG, Ken, Lucky, Lugo, Luxe, MRAZ, Magik, Milos, NITO, Rivas, Ronald, TonkaGg, TrasH, VGG, Xian, Xvaan, Yisus, Zohan
2Chile Chile24 / 109 (22%)ALANBOY, Abdul, Andress, DESX, Dreamzyx, Hard, Heaven (Chile Player), Italox, Karma, Lukitas, MANU, MIGUEL, Milovan, Ninferum, Potro, Rambote, Roleex, Rorro, S1mple, ScreaaM, Seba, Taz, TiggerZin, Trigga
3Argentina Argentina18 / 109 (17%)Axeel, Ayala, CHARKO, Canaya, Escanor, Mystic, Naim, Naza, Nice, NitsuMEB, Orlandogg, Pepito, Popeye, Quinto, Rema, SEB4, Sare, Seba
4Uruguay Uruguay9 / 109 (8%)Cloud, Dekc, Joaco, Marco, Markee, Niko, Pauli, Snow, Tres
5Paraguay Paraguay4 / 109 (4%)Boss, Iracheto, Stalkichun, Were
6Brazil Brazil3 / 109 (3%)Lala, PYSCHO, THRZ
6Colombia Colombia3 / 109 (3%)Fernan, Mxdeon, Reyes
6Peru Peru3 / 109 (3%)Always, Harden, Rodzin
6Puerto Rico Puerto Rico3 / 109 (3%)Fear, Swift, Tricks
10Bolivia Bolivia2 / 109 (2%)Cecopni, Kratos
10Dominican Republic Dominican Republic2 / 109 (2%)Insane, Ninaa
10Guatemala Guatemala2 / 109 (2%)Fokita, Merlin
13Honduras Honduras1 / 109 (1%)Staxgg
13Nicaragua Nicaragua1 / 109 (1%)MITS
13Spain Spain1 / 109 (1%)Nacho
13United States United States1 / 109 (1%)9less
13Venezuela Venezuela1 / 109 (1%)4lex