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PUBG Thailand Series - 2020 Phase 1

[e][h]PUBG Thailand Series 2020 - Phase 1
League Information
Thailand Series Thailand Series
PUBG Global Series Global Series
Thailand Thailand
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
฿ 200,000 THB
(≃ $6,384 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


PUBG Thailand Series is a PUBG professional series in Thailand. The series represents Thailand's portion of the 2020 SEA Super Cup held by PUBG Corporation. The 2020 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2020.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Casters:
    • Thailand Fame (Supanut Wannasangkhum)
    • Thailand BOM (Ittipol Panikabutr)
    • Thailand Toby 


  • Regular Season: 16 Teams league system
    • 5 Weeks - Total of 50 Matches
    • Squad FPP
    • Each team will be allowed up to 7 players for the roster
      • Any roster changes cannot be made throughout the season.


Prize Pool[edit]

฿200,000 THB ( ~$6,383.66 USD ) are spread among the teams as seen below:

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Feb 8, 2020: 1 THB ≃ 0.03195 USD.)

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Feb 8, 2020: 1 THB ≃ 0.03195 USD.)


PTS 2019 Phase 3 - Top 11[edit]

Purple Mood E-Sport
1Thailand HoN_BoYa 
2Thailand Bossense 
3Thailand YoshiMinburi 
4Thailand Justmoments 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
Beyond Esports
1Thailand tleviphu 
2Thailand eLotic 
3Thailand TheMeatboyzii 
4Thailand ChickenALone 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
MerlinMor Wizard
1Thailand Nez-A- 
2Thailand StyleG 
3Thailand Benzwick 
4Thailand Moszy 
5Thailand ShimayStyLe 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
CThailand Y2-Munbod 
Attack All Around1, 4
1Thailand Mckenz1e 
2Thailand Kefka 
3Thailand Botbas 
4Thailand TrixieFour 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
1Thailand Jayers 
2Thailand JobJab 
3Thailand Gems 
4Thailand SviTT 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
CThailand Lumbardy 
Daytrade JR2
1Thailand Tzanck 
2Thailand Zereno 
3Thailand Sparker 
4Thailand I3righTNe2S 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 

PTC 2019 Phase 3 - Top 5[edit]

Lucid Dream
1Thailand Dracary_S 
2Thailand PROTAXX 
3Thailand Moosatae 
4Thailand Sceat 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
CThailand MozzPro 
SharpeR White
1Thailand Sulabi 
2Thailand Imuma 
3Thailand Valakz- 
4Thailand Kims1va 
5Thailand OPtiMai_ 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
1Thailand KcHowmuch 
2Thailand xTouyx2 
3Thailand KoogKeng 
4Thailand Nicky69 
5Thailand DIDDILYZ 
6Thailand TBD 
7Thailand TBD 
CThailand Sunsnappz 

For "News and Roster Changes" Click here.

1 2BE.Black roster dissolved. As a result, SG no longer retains the league spot. To retain the spot, two of the following players: Thailand MTX, Thailand Kefka, Thailand Botbas must return to the roster. [1]
2 Original roster of Daytrade Gaming relocated to a new branch named Daytrade JR, Daytrade Gaming BULL moved to the Daytrade Gaming branch.
3 Roster of 4Horsemen acquired by Qconfirm now known as QC.4Horsemen. [2]
4 Attack All Around acquired the league spot from ex-2BE.Black with two of the remaining players - Thailand Kefka and Thailand Botbas signed. [3]
5 Chonburi F.C. partnered with Main Stand Cerberus and acquired Tokio Striker. Now known as MSC THEERATHON [4]


Techincal points have been given due to the server issues in Week 1 & 2, The points are added to week 4 total:

  • +3 Points:
  • +2 Points:
  • +1 Point:
  • -5 Points:
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5 Total
1. Buriram United Esports W1 42W2 93W3 107W4 103W5 77422
2. QC.4Horsemen W1 77W2 102W3 82W4 23W5 104388
3. Golden Cat W1 66W2 63W3 42W4 102W5 86359
4. Daytrade Gaming W1 47W2 94W3 100W4 70W5 47358
5. Purple Mood E-Sport W1 65W2 54W3 116W4 54W5 47336
6. MerlinMor W1 52W2 44W3 60W4 76W5 53285
7. Armory Gaming W1 48W2 77W3 60W4 56W5 40281
8. SharpeR White W1 38W2 53W3 72W4 39W5 60262
9. MSC THEERATHON W1 40W2 53W3 72W4 43W5 54262
10. Attack All Around W1 34W2 50W3 72W4 51W5 44251
11. Made in Thailand W1 21W2 60W3 48W4 44W5 57230
12. Golden Cat Academy W1 38W2 22W3 66W4 48W5 53227
13. Beyond Esports W1 19W2 42W3 57W4 52W5 50220
14. MerlinMor Wizard W1 43W2 37W3 45W4 52W5 36213
15. Lucid Dream W1 43W2 21W3 39W4 54W5 38195
16. Daytrade JR W1 22W2 13W3 46W4 28W5 45154

Qualified for PGS Berlin, Super Cup and Season Finals
Qualified to Super Cup and Season Finals
Qualified to Season Finals
Qualified to Season Finals
Relegated to PTC 2020 Phase 2

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Tiebreaker = Teams with more total kills

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