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Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 1

[e][h]Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 1
League Information
Peacekeeper Elite League Peacekeeper Elite League
Tencent Games
PUBG Corporation
Lightspeed Quantum Studio
China China
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Start Date:
End Date:
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PEL 2020 is the official highest-level professional Chinese league of the "Peacekeeper Elite" a Chinese rebranded version of "PUBG Mobile".


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • PEL Pre-Season March 19th - 29th, 2019
    • Squad FPP: 20 Teams online league
      • 2 Weeks of League Play - 20 Teams are split into four groups, League Round Robin
        (Each team plays 15 matches per week)
    • Top 5 teams proceed to PEL Finals
    • 6th-20th place proceed to PEL Knock-Out

  • PEL Pre-Season Knock-Out April 2nd, 2019
    • Squad FPP: 15 Teams
    • Top 10 teams proceed to PEL Finals

  • PEL Pre-Season Finals April 3rd - 6th, 2019
    • Squad FPP: 15 Teams
    • No match on April 4th to pay respect to the health care workers on Covid'19.

  • PEL Regular Season Start April 11th, 2019

Pre-Season Matchdays[edit]

  • 4 Matchdays per week: 5 Matches each day [2 Miramar and 3 Erangel
    • Week 1
      • Thursday: A vs B vs C
      • Friday: B vs C vs D
      • Saturday: A vs B vs D
      • Sunday: A vs C vs D
    • Week 2
      • Thursday: B vs C vs D
      • Friday: A vs B vs C
      • Saturday: A vs B vs D
      • Sunday: A vs C vs D

Prize Pool[edit]


Give Me Five
1China 西门风 
2China 西木 
3China 入刘 
4China 汤权 
5China HeZzzi 
6China 925 
7China 听锥 
CChina FnGo 
1China 马枪 
2China 释怀 
3China 珊志 
4China wyy 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
Regans Gaming
1China 怪扎扎 
2China Quan 
3China RPG 
4China 冬晨 
5China WeiYi 
6China Dd 
7China 家辉 
1China 暮词 
2China 阿泽 
3China 回忆 
4China 打手 
5China 字晨 
6China 养心 
7 TBD 
1China 领域 
2China 七七 
3China 冠军 
4China 顾居居 
5China 行乐 
6China 小凯 
7 TBD 
X-Quest F
1China paraboy 
2China order 
3China Jimmy 
4China coolboy 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
619 Esports
1China 怡崽 
2China Cat 
3China 阿男 
4China 浅夏 
5 TBD 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
AgFox Black
1China Ann 
2China 588QAQ 
3China YiXu 
4China XiYan 
5China 211 
6China 985OvO 
7 TBD 
ahq e-Sports Club
1China XueYu 
2China 4u 
3China 回忆 
4China 漫话 
5China 枫枫 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
Royal Never Give Up
1China 自然灿 
2China 舒展 
3China 星尘 
4China 小志 
5China 小睿 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
CChina QingYu 
Still Moving Under Gunfire
1China beidang 
2China FlowerC 
3China Monet 
4China YYANG 
5China Koujiao 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
All Gamers
1China 久我 
2China Weirdo17 
3China 舒寒 
4China Lyy 
5China 毛毛 
6China 阿男 
7 TBD 
1China 惊冕 
2China 诚c 
3China A6 
4China 格子 
5China 主杀 
6China 秋夕 
7 TBD 
LK Gaming
1China 74 
2China 单超喵 
3China 冬瓜17 
4China 青尢 
5China 竞争 
6 TBD 
7 TBD 

Pre-Season Group Draw[edit]



Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8 Total
1. X-Quest F D1 58D2 0D3 44D4 107D5 0D6 35D7 45D8 81370
2. WEFUN D1 0D2 33D3 47D4 55D5 0D6 53D7 57D8 84329
3. Royal Never Give Up D1 76D2 61D3 45D4 0D5 42D6 48D7 0D8 45317
4. Team SMG D1 0D2 21D3 37D4 50D5 109D6 71D7 19D8 0307
5. Tianba D1 47D2 10D3 0D4 60D5 51D6 38D7 0D8 100306
6. Elite Esports D1 54D2 51D3 88D4 0D5 27D6 51D7 32D8 0303
7. LGD Gaming D1 36D2 0D3 48D4 29D5 64D6 0D7 56D8 50283
8. DKG D1 38D2 0D3 82D4 34D5 30D6 0D7 34D8 51269
9. Give Me Five D1 64D2 0D3 18D4 46D5 56D6 44D7 0D8 21249
10. JCR D1 40D2 30D3 37D4 0D5 47D6 64D7 0D8 19237
11. ahq e-Sports Club D1 28D2 47D3 0D4 46D5 5D6 0D7 52D8 39217
12. 619 Esports D1 0D2 48D3 34D4 14D5 28D6 39D7 54D8 0217
13. Four Angry Men D1 20D2 56D3 32D4 0D5 0D6 31D7 45D8 31215
14. YiQiLang D1 0D2 55D3 22D4 43D5 36D6 29D7 29D8 0214
15. AgFox Black D1 47D2 31D3 28D4 0D5 27D6 0D7 57D8 18208
16. LK Gaming D1 16D2 31D3 0D4 27D5 51D6 0D7 57D8 21203
17. TOP Esports D1 20D2 53D3 0D4 34D5 13D6 37D7 0D8 41198
18. All Gamers D1 17D2 54D3 0D4 22D5 22D6 34D7 22D8 0171
19. Regan S Gaming D1 27D2 0D3 30D4 13D5 0D6 26D7 23D8 12131
20. Fun Plus X D1 0D2 9D3 17D4 21D5 0D6 9D7 39D8 14109
Team Round 1 Total
1. DKG D1 7979
2. Elite Esports D1 7777
3. Regan S Gaming D1 5757
4. Four Angry Men D1 5555
5. YiQiLang D1 5353
6. TOP Esports D1 4545
7. All Gamers D1 4444
8. JCR D1 3535
9. 619 Esports D1 3535
10. Give Me Five D1 3434
11. AgFox Black D1 3030
12. LGD Gaming D1 2727
13. LK Gaming D1 2020
14. Fun Plus X D1 1515
15. ahq e-Sports Club D1 99
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
1. Give Me Five D1 79D2 0D3 079
2. Elite Esports D1 55D2 0D3 055
3. X-Quest F D1 54D2 0D3 054
4. Four Angry Men D1 50D2 0D3 050
5. JCR D1 47D2 0D3 047
6. 619 Esports D1 47D2 0D3 047
7. WEFUN D1 42D2 0D3 042
8. Team SMG D1 39D2 0D3 039
9. All Gamers D1 39D2 0D3 039
10. YiQiLang D1 38D2 0D3 038
11. TOP Esports D1 37D2 0D3 037
12. Regan S Gaming D1 32D2 0D3 032
13. Royal Never Give Up D1 26D2 0D3 026
14. DKG D1 25D2 0D3 025
15. Tianba D1 13D2 0D3 013

Regular Season[edit]

Additional Content[edit]