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[e][h]RRQ RYU
Team Information
Indonesia Florian "Wolfy" George
Indonesia Andrian "AP" Pauline
Total Earnings:
October 2013
(PUBG Mobile)

RRQ RYU is a Indonesia PUBG Mobile team under Rex Regum Qeon, a Multi-gaming organization based in Indonesia.


Founded in October 2013, the organization is represented by the Indonesia Dota players. The organization has expanded into games such as CS:GO, FIFA, and PUBG


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
Indonesia BoonK Muhammad Rizky Ananda Putra Support,Scout 2019-02-28 [5]
Indonesia Dron Ilham Zuliyansyah Attacker 2019-02-28 [5]
Indonesia WarunK Arya Permana Attacker 2019-04-02 [6]
Indonesia Nerpehko Yoga Malik Rahman Attacker 2019
Indonesia VALDEMORT Rahmat Hidayat Assaulter 2020-02-29
Indonesia Mildway Muhammad Redian Putrama Assaulter 2020-07-23 [10]


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
Indonesia Kenboo Jason Jonathan Starter 2018-08-16 2019-07-25 [7] RRQ RYU
Indonesia MiizuKAGE Yoseph Yogisaputra Starter 2018-08-16 [1] 2019
Indonesia StMichael Michael Chandra Starter 2018-12-13 [3] 2019 Siren Esports
Indonesia Zephysz Jason Jonathan Starter 2018-08-16 [1] 2019-01-24 [4]
Indonesia adss Adrian Kurnianto Starter 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-12-11 [2]
Indonesia Rahaditya Rahaditya Rizqi Starter 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-12-11 [2]



ID Name Position Join Date
Indonesia Kenboo Christoper Kayne Nitiadmadja Brand Ambassador 2019-08-03[8]


ID Name Position Join Date
Indonesia Wolfy Florian George Coach 2020-01-24



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