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Razer SEA Invitational 2020

[e][h]Razer SEA Invitational 2020
League Information
Razer SEA Invitational Razer SEA Invitational
Tier One Entertainment
PUBG Corporation
Tencent Games
South East Asia SEA
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
$5,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

The Razer SEA Invitational 2020 is the PUBG Mobile competition among Southeast Asia countries organized by Razer. Razer is now taking this to the next level with SEA-Invitational 2020, by supporting even more of the region’s esports federations, athletes and communities. SEA-Invitational will also prepare them for success at the 31st SEA Games 2021 in Vietnam.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • English Host:
  • Thai Commentators:
    • Thailand Meijin (Chatchapong Thippayaworn)
    • Thailand Michael (Possupon Jaroentam)


  • Razer SEA Invitational Preliminary: June 27th-28th, 2020
    • Squad TPP: 20 Teams: Top 2 teams from each country qualifiers
      • 12 matches
      • Ranking will be determined by the aggregate score of both teams from the same country.
        • Top 8 countries (16 teams) will proceed to the final stage.

  • Razer SEA Invitational Final: July 4th-5th, 2020
    • Squad TPP: 16 Teams: 2 teams from each country
      • 12 matches
      • Rankings in the final stage will also be determined by the aggregate score of both teams from the same country.
      • Winners will be awarded by country.

Points Distribution[edit]

For Preliminary & Finals
Kill Points 1 per kill
Place Points
A11st 20
A22nd 15
A33rd 13
A44th 10
A55th 9
A66th 8
A77th 7
A88th 6
A99th 5
B010th 4
A1111th 3
B212th 2
B313 - 20th 1

Prize Pool[edit]

$ USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


Yoodo Gank1
1Malaysia Draxx 
2Malaysia ManParang 
3Malaysia Fredo 
4Malaysia Jumper 
5 TBD 
AROV Esports
1Malaysia Boyka 
2Malaysia Zully 
3Malaysia Rocky 
4Malaysia San 
5Malaysia Bot4k 
Matrix United
1Vietnam Marco 
2Vietnam Ge 
3Vietnam BreaK 
4Vietnam Cows 
5Vietnam BUCKY 
1Vietnam Bensu 
2Vietnam NamShinn 
3Vietnam TuanZ 
4Vietnam CHUA 
5Vietnam TOM 
1Myanmar 4chen 
2Myanmar icy 
3Myanmar maybe 
4Myanmar miracle 
5 TBD 
DEUS Esport
1Myanmar Wicked 
2Myanmar Blinkz 
3Myanmar KP 
4Myanmar KENDO 
5 TBD 
Iconic PH
1Philippines EdoTen 
2Philippines 4thRow 
3Philippines BLANKZ 
4Philippines PHEW 
5 TBD 
1Brunei Galaxy1 
2Brunei Zicoyka 
3Brunei KIZO 
4Brunei KONG 
5 TBD 
Radiense Gaming
1Brunei Bearuang 
2Brunei Cow 
3Brunei Hans 
4Brunei thenX 
5 TBD 
1 Yoodo Gank withdraw from the tournament due to team was displeased with the reasoning and decision making process made by the referees to remake of round 1 of the PUBG Mobile preliminary and decided to not continue. [1]
1Thailand RoDFIAT 
2Thailand Stoned 
3Thailand PONDz 
4Thailand OnLine24 
5Thailand G9 
6Thailand D2E 
7Thailand Earnny 
8Thailand Senior 
9Thailand Beer11 
10 TBD 
1Indonesia KinGzz 
2Indonesia RocKy 
3Indonesia Teddy 
4Indonesia Flat 
5Indonesia Mozzad 
6Indonesia Cryzen 
7Indonesia Ucup 
8Indonesia CeeeeeS 
9 TBD 
10 TBD 
1Malaysia Draxx 
2Malaysia ManParang 
3Malaysia Fredo 
4Malaysia Jumper 
5Malaysia Boyka 
6Malaysia Zully 
7Malaysia Rocky 
8Malaysia San 
9Malaysia Bot4k 
10 TBD 
1Vietnam Marco 
2Vietnam Ge 
3Vietnam BreaK 
4Vietnam Cows 
5Vietnam BUCKY 
6Vietnam Bensu 
7Vietnam NamShinn 
8Vietnam TuanZ 
9Vietnam CHUA 
10Vietnam TOM 
1Myanmar 4chen 
2Myanmar icy 
3Myanmar maybe 
4Myanmar miracle 
5Myanmar Wicked 
6Myanmar Blinkz 
7Myanmar KP 
8Myanmar KENDO 
9 TBD 
10 TBD 
1Cambodia Crim 
2Cambodia ACE 
3Cambodia BiqDaddy 
4Cambodia CamPer 
5Cambodia THEKID 
6Cambodia STALKER 
7Cambodia LeON 
8Cambodia POVPOV 
9Cambodia AstroX 
10Cambodia FIRE 
1Singapore Rektify 
2Singapore Gudejelly 
3Singapore Jagerboy 
4Singapore VeXz 
5Singapore Insider 
6Singapore Jggernaut 
7Singapore Kagura 
8Singapore Artz 
9 TBD 
10 TBD 
1Philippines EdoTen 
2Philippines 4thRow 
3Philippines BLANKZ 
4Philippines PHEW 
5Philippines ALAS 
6Philippines AEONZ 
7Philippines VIGOR 
8Philippines KLer 
9 TBD 
10 TBD 
1Brunei Galaxy1 
2Brunei Zicoyka 
3Brunei KIZO 
4Brunei KONG 
5Brunei Bearuang 
6Brunei Cow 
7Brunei Hans 
8Brunei thenX 
9 TBD 
10 TBD 



  • Boyka playing in Yoodo slot in Match 5-6, so the score is not counted
  • Yoodo Gank withdraws from the tournament after match 2
  • X-Force has tournament time conflict with Smart PUBG Mobile Tournament 2020
  • Teams are allow to teamed-up with another team in the same country only in match 1-6 while it is prohibited in match 7-12
Country Standing
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12 Total
1. Thailand R1 61R2 24R3 59R4 57R5 57R6 15R7 16R8 49R9 41R10 20R11 10R12 35444
2. Indonesia R1 5R2 9R3 11R4 21R5 22R6 25R7 41R8 18R9 15R10 51R11 44R12 35297
3. Vietnam R1 12R2 3R3 28R4 13R5 25R6 22R7 56R8 15R9 23R10 10R11 24R12 44275
4. Philippines R1 21R2 54R3 4R4 4R5 9R6 25R7 9R8 41R9 18R10 13R11 30R12 9237
5. Myanmar R1 30R2 12R3 12R4 20R5 8R6 3R7 19R8 14R9 10R10 39R11 21R12 7195
6. Singapore R1 11R2 24R3 26R4 14R5 25R6 15R7 9R8 2R9 13R10 2R11 7R12 15163
7. Brunei R1 23R2 12R3 11R4 4R5 9R6 31R7 5R8 6R9 14R10 14R11 10R12 12151
8. Laos R1 5R2 16R3 11R4 31R5 8R6 6R7 12R8 9R9 17R10 4R11 13R12 9140
9. Malaysia R1 2R2 15R3 7R4 3R5 2R6 28R7 16R8 10R9 3R10 11R11 10R12 5122
10. Cambodia R1 10R2 10R3 2R4 10R5 2R6 2R7 2R8 1R9 2R10 6R11 5R12 256
Team Standings
Placements and KillsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
June 27, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 2
Round 2
June 27, 2020 - 19:30 THA
Round 3
Round 3
June 27, 2020 - 20:00 THA
Round 4
Round 4
June 27, 2020 - 20:30 THA
Round 5
Round 5
June 27, 2020 - 21:00 THA
Round 6
Round 6
June 27, 2020 - 21:30 THA
Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12
1. MiTH2402157710411120171712099215111110444104771202020120202016133122335944
2. RRQ Ath2041201919410992157721513131201111181661614477221710077991314431399
3. VG153141442010031355773331333592221510106844593395335913137788
4. REDRo15019100171667722104557711410223131313953377554101010120161615122
5. Dranix147151331611116111957741044776641066591116122120111195332151717
6. Blacklist123113221209913122181119500957718100410883135586222150010444
7. Matrix12112255191114101117122113771137712011111612241011191111511112099
8. AROV116181007777151661612219111120881715586668611115933864411322
9. ICON114313442151010141001911110400685568002158815100122333133314100
10. DEUS104131669522956659221514417111592214100122222151010410559500
11. MYG915914141132219100681114122151009533313119511313221042216111
12. IMP87950068335933151665915158688141001310013133151001132213111
13. GPY851610031333104003136618133122227744113222150018100141008600
14. RG8168558611122001410012211215221222210400680010411771141011
15. RSG768600594468661225516100131008622151001045513100171116855
16. ATS704100015144113661312286003132211300171111133368111611117100
17. Nine561040013100861141033131331411115100122221811111300684412211
18. Orange357733181221810086111711116111131111810014111141001812218100
19. XF19000012255171001130000000000000000000000171441911119100
20. Yoodo-G217100141000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Country Standing
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12 Total
1. Vietnam R1 26R2 7R3 53R4 30R5 25R6 34R7 37R8 50R9 37R10 34R11 20R12 52405
2. Thailand R1 19R2 25R3 16R4 20R5 24R6 16R7 23R8 32R9 35R10 32R11 35R12 18295
3. Brunei R1 33R2 12R3 13R4 4R5 22R6 39R7 27R8 12R9 12R10 22R11 33R12 14243
4. Philippines R1 11R2 24R3 19R4 14R5 21R6 16R7 10R8 20R9 22R10 30R11 5R12 27219
5. Indonesia R1 32R2 34R3 18R4 12R5 28R6 11R7 32R8 8R9 14R10 13R11 11R12 4217
6. Myanmar R1 15R2 18R3 11R4 26R5 16R6 10R7 20R8 14R9 17R10 9R11 22R12 20198
7. Laos R1 14R2 10R3 21R4 41R5 8R6 22R7 7R8 13R9 5R10 15R11 23R12 15194
8. Singapore R1 13R2 25R3 21R4 9R5 14R6 14R7 7R8 13R9 20R10 7R11 7R12 10160
Team Standings
Placements and KillsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12
1. Matrix2168600151111201212774416100215151559441208859551201212313882151212
2. VG19521555104112156621544120441040021599215772158812200860012055
3. MiTH168141223137715100685515111594468663131111120101031366215331131111
4. RG1621201212131336844151118622120121286111110411862268221209914100
5. REDRo1304108811311867714111410556822120111115100775513133682215111
6. RRQ Ath12759771224477661043321577141229544772295004104477101010400
7. DEUS1263132259331040086661134486221040059444103316122597741088
8. GPY122681168113132212099131119522113221133316100594441010107700
9. Blacklist1119511215771410012200313441612216100410773132295441220031355
10. ICON10813144141115955313009500410337722141221044421577151226822
11. IMP91113774104441033161001413313144151446822683311322141559522
12. Dranix87777712010101310011377122551510013100952215111104551610013111
13. ATS811510095331610013111595577004100012255141117755104005944
14. MYG721610086001221159886811122003134413100131338600951112200
15. Nine7210411000095004102210422313331411186111131115111113008622
16. RSG69122117744113339544773311355122221612212277141111310016122

Additional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1Cambodia Cambodia10 / 88 (11%)ACE, AstroX, BiqDaddy, CamPer, Crim, FIRE, LeON, POVPOV, STALKER, THEKID
2Laos Laos10 / 88 (11%)9Niw, AsSasSin, BatMan, DARKFACE, GoTzY, NEnGz, Nimgaming, PARZIVALL, Spiderman, SuperMan
3Vietnam Vietnam10 / 88 (11%)BUCKY, Bensu, BreaK, CHUA, Cows, Ge, Marco, NamShinn, TOM (Vietnamese Player), TuanZ (Trần Tuấn)
4Malaysia Malaysia9 / 88 (10%)Bot4k, Boyka, Draxx, Fredo, Jumper, ManParang, Rocky, San, Zully
5Thailand Thailand9 / 88 (10%)Beer11, D2E, Earnny, G9, OnLine24, PONDz, RoDFIAT, Senior, Stoned
6Brunei Brunei8 / 88 (9%)Bearuang, Cow, Galaxy1, Hans, KIZO, KONG, ThenX, Zicoyka
7Indonesia Indonesia8 / 88 (9%)CeeeeeS, Cryzen, Flat, KinGzz, Mozzad, RocKy, Teddy, Ucup
8Myanmar Myanmar8 / 88 (9%)4chen, Blinkz, Icy, KENDO, KP, Maybe, Miracle, Wicked
9Philippines Philippines8 / 88 (9%)4thRow, AEONZ, ALAS, BLANKZ, EdoTen, KLer, PHEW, VIGOR
10Singapore Singapore8 / 88 (9%)Artz, Gudejelly, Insider, Jagerboy, Jggernaut, Kagura, Rektify, VeXz