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T1 (previosuly known as SK Telecom T1 or SKT) is a Korean Esports Orgnization. Also the works team of the South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom.


SKT T1 era (2002-2018)[edit]

Originally began as a Brood War team founded in 2002 by BoxeR. The team has expanded into Special Force , Special Force 2 , Starcraft II , Hearthstone and being widely known for their 3 League of Legends World Championship titles.

In January 2018, SKT T1 announced their intention to start a PUBG team scheduled to be officially completed by August 2018 with cCarter, former SKT T1 LOL Head Coach becoming the new Head Coach for the PUBG team . The team then later open up Applications in April.

On August 12,2018 SKT T1 held the Trainee Audition during 5GX Game Festival to find two qualified trainees alongside the Starting Roster being officially announced.

T1 Rebranding era (2019-Present)[edit]

On February 25,2019 SKT T1renames to T1 as SK Telecom enters a partnership with Comcast Spectacor, who owns the Philadelphia Fusion in Overwatch.


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
South Korea Adder Jeong Ji-hun Starter 2018-08-12 [1]
South Korea JeffLocka Choi Seung-young Starter 2018-09-28 [2]
South Korea Akad Lim Gwang-hyun Starter 2019-02-08 [3]
South Korea Treasure Lee Ha-Neul Starter 2019-05-13 [5]
South Korea HelleN Ahn Kang-Hyun Starter 2019-02-08 [3]
South Korea Draft Kim Joon-yeon Starter 2020-01-14 [6]
South Korea Rex Kim Hae-chan Starter 2020-01-14 [6]


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
South Korea TiHyong Kim Tae-hyoung Starter 2019-02-08 [3] 2019-06-30
South Korea Nana Lee Hak-il Starter 2019-02-08 [3] 2019-05-13 [5] OP Gaming Ardor
South Korea Daze Park Chan-hyuk Starter 2018-08-12 [1] 2019-02-08 [3]
South Korea PLIKHE Kim Seong-min Starter 2018-08-12 [1]} 2019-02-08 [3] geekstar_pdv
South Korea Wolff (Substitute) Yoon Sung-ho Trainees 2018-08-12 [1] 2019-01-01 [3]
South Korea Raeng Kim Seong-jin Starter 2018-08-12 [1] 2018-09-28 [2]



ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea Toad Choi Jeong-jin Coach 2018-08-12


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
South Korea cCarter Choi Byoung-hoon Head Coach 2018-08-12 2020-03-03 [7]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Prize
2020-03-22 A1111th A3Minor VSPN Miracle Star Weekend - Week 4 $0
2020-03-14 A55th A2Major PGS: Berlin - Korean Finals $8,252.12
2020-01-19 B515th A2Major Intel Battlegrounds Smash Cup 2020 $0
2019-12-22 A66th A2Major Seoul Cup OGN Supermatch 2019 $0
2019-11-24 A1111th A1Premier PUBG Global Championship 2019 $40,000
2019-10-12 A22nd A1Premier PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 3 $29,573.67
2019-06-29 B414th A1Premier PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 2 $0
2019-03-23 A88th A1Premier PUBG Korea League 2019 - Phase 1 $8,932
2019-01-05 A51 - 8th A7Qualifier PUBG Korea League 2019 - Closed Qualifier $0
2018-11-23 B717th A2Major PUBG Korea League Season 2 - Regular Season $0
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