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Tempo Storm (Mobile)

[e][h]Tempo Storm Mobile
Team Information
United States Monica Wang
Germany Jakob "Advo" Ebeling
Total Earnings:

Tempo Storm is a North American multi-esports organization.


Tempo Storm is a global professional esports franchise at the forefront of the industry, leading strategic minds across the vast field of gaming.

Founded by Andrey Yanyuk (“reynad”) out of his own pocket, the roster now stands among the most decorated of teams in esports and features some of the best competitors and broadcast personalities in Hearthstone, PUBG, the FGC, MTG, Shadowverse, Apex Legends, Fortnite, HotS, H1Z1, WoW, Summoners War, and FIFA.

Despite its various championship titles, the franchise operates as much more than just a competitive team – Tempo Storm is one of the largest esports media companies in the world. Its Hollywood studio is home to innovative, bleeding-edge productions including events, tournaments, and gaming content for one of the highest-trafficked websites in the space. Tempo Storm also continues to deliver best-in-class live content with its proprietary mobile production abilities.


  • March 31st - Tempo Storm forms its PUBG Mobile team, signed Lost, Luis, spec, Chica, Kraken.[1]
  • April 10th - Signed NiKo as fragger and Gabby as substitute. spec and Luis removed from the team.
  • April 17th - Signed spec as fragger. Gabby left the team.
  • July 19th - NiKo moved to IGL. Lost left the team.
  • July 25th - Advo joins the team as head coach and analyst.[2]
  • August 15th - Signed Rain as Sniper/Fragger.
  • October 23rd - Kraken left the team.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
United States Spec David Guzman Fragger 2019-04-17 [1]
United States Rain Martin Duran Fragger 2019-08-15
United States HH24 Brayan Melamed Co-IGL, Fragger 2020-02-04[4]
United States Tensa Andre De Jesus Fragger 2020-02-04[4]


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States Chica Ismael Montoya Fragger 2019-03-31 [1] 2020-07-02[5]
United States NiKo Nicholas Soldatos IGL 2019-03-31 [1] 2020-01-12[3]
Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States Kraken (American Player) Ismael Raul Gonzalez Scout, Support 2019-03-31 [1] 2019-10-23
Canada Lost Ian Daniel Ocampo Torres IGL 2019-03-31 [1] 2019
United States Luis Luis Vasquez Support 2019-03-31 [1] 2019-04-10 Team 9
United States Gabby Gabriel Castrillo Sub 2019-03-31 [1] 2019


ID Name Position Join Date
United States Monicaa Monica Wang Manager 2019-03-31 [1]
Germany Advo Jakob Ebeling Coach, analyst 2019-07-25 [2]