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United Kingdom

[e][h]Team United Kingdom
Team Information
Total Earnings:



Date Placement Tier Tournament Prize
2020-06-07 B717 - 24th A3Minor GLL Nations Royale - Spring 2020 EMEA $0
2019-08-11 B515th A1Premier PUBG Nations Cup 2019 $10,000
2019-04-01 A55 - 8th A3Minor GLL Nations Royale - EMEA $0
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Nations Cup: Eligible Participants[edit]

Pro Draft[edit]

  • Eligible Players & Coaches: Phase 2 participants from the following tournaments
    • PUBG Europe League PEL Phase 2, National PUBG League NPL Phase 2 and ESL AU & NZ Championship ESL AU&NZ Phase 2
      • Eligible voters are the Active pro-level and PEL Contenders players
      • If three or more players receive the same number of votes, a new vote will be held between the tied competitors only
      • Nations with 6 or more eligible players are restricted to 2 players per organization, The restriction will be lifted when eligible players are less than 6.
  • Players with dual citizenship are eligible.

After draft, the Pros have voted:

PEL Peformance[edit]

  • Top 2 players for each nation with the best finish at PEL Phase 2.
  • In case of a 3 or more tie: Player with more kills.