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[e][h] Voo
Player Information
ชยุตม์ ฉางทองคำ
Romanized Name:
Chayut Changtongkum
2014 - Present

Chayut "Voo" Changtongkum is a Thai PUBG caster. He also casted in other games such as CS:GO & FIFA Series.


  • Notoriously known as a legendary FPS player in Thailand during 2003-2010 and has secured numerous National Titles in Shooting games.
  • Also securing the World Title of Point Blank International Championship as a Coach.


Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2020-08-09 A1S-Tier PUBG Mobile World League PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: East Thai Commentator
2020-07-04 A1S-Tier PUBG Continental Series PUBG Continental Series 1: Asia Pacific Thai Commentator
2020-05-23 A1S-Tier PUBG Continental Series PUBG Continental Series: Charity Showdown - Asia Pacific Thai Commentator
2019-11-24 A1S-Tier PUBG Global Championship PUBG Global Championship 2019 Thai Commentator
2019-07-28 A1S-Tier PUBG Mobile Club Open PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split Global Finals Thai Commentator
2019-07-28 A1S-Tier MET Asia Series MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic Commentator
2019-07-27 A2A-Tier PUBG Mobile Thailand Championship PUBG Mobile Thailand Championship 2019 Commentator
2019-04-21 A1S-Tier FACEIT Global Summit FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic Thai Commentator
2019-01-12 A1S-Tier PAI 2019 PUBG Asia Invitational 2019 Thai Commentator
2018-12-01 A1S-Tier PUBG Mobile Star Challenge PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 Thai Commentator
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Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Prize
2019-03-24 A77th A2A-Tier PUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019 - Phase 1 $1,000
2018-07-29 C020th A1S-Tier PUBG Global Invitational 2018 - FPP $2,500
2018-07-26 A77th A1S-Tier PUBG Global Invitational 2018 - TPP $20,000
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