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[e][h]PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals
League Information
Game mode:
Squads TPP
World World
Prize Pool:
$3,490,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of teams:

This template produces an Infobox on a league page.


Parameter Explanation
name Name of the event
tickername Short form of name. Appears on main page sidebar, and in matchticker
If the DISPLAYNAME is longer than 45 characters, on Trending tab the page will use tickername instead
shortname Short form of name.
image Link to the uploaded logo
Logo files must following the File Standards guide with proper naming
imagedarkmode In case if image is not visible to dark mode, you must upload two files
lightmode.png for image and darkmode.png for imagedarkmode
imagedarkmode is not required if logo is visible in both modes (therefore files in that category should ended with allmode.png)
icon Link to the uploaded small logo - Can use the same file as image or either a separate icon file
Similar to image it has to follow the File Standards guide and icon files are no longer needed to be resized, just upload the full size
icondarkmode Same as imagedarkmode but for icons
series Name of event series (main)
series2 Name of event series (secondary, if applicable)
series-link Link to a series page if different from series (e.g. seasonal subpages)
series2-link Link to a series page if different from series2
organizer, organizer2,... Organizer(s) of the event
Do NOT wrap links of organizer (as in Sponsors), use X-link for that matter.
organizerX-link Link to the Organizer(s) website
sponsor, sponsor2,... Sponsor(s) of the event - use this following pattern: [LINK/ name]
type Offline, Online or Offline & Online (if the event is a hybrid)
sdate Tournament starting date if ithe event spans multiple days
edate Tournament ending date if ithe event spans multiple days
date Tournament date, use only if the event is 1 day
country For online events: Region.
For offline events: Country of LAN.
city For offline events: City of LAN
venue, venue2,... For offline events: Arena (or venue complex) name of LAN
venueXlink Link to the venue's website
venueXdesc Link to the venue's website
platform Version of the game that's being played on:
mobile, peace, bgmi or newstate
team_number Number of teams playing in the event
player_number In case of individual tournaments: Number of players playing in the event
prizepool If the prize pool is in another currency
localcurrency If the prize pool is in another currency. Use ISO 4217 Codes. However, If your currency falls in the auto exchange currencies as seen here, you will not required to manually add prizepoolusd as the auto conversion will provide those automatically
prizepoolusd Prize pool in USD for the event
liquipediatier Compare to Portal:Tournaments. Inputs are only numbers:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
liquipediatiertype Use for non-numerical tiers, must be combined with a liquipediatier. Inputs must contain the first letter as uppercase:
Show Match / Qualifier / Monthly / Weekly / Individual / Misc
pubgpremier Set this to true if this is a premier tournament organized by KRAFTON or Tencent, or has a qualifying seat to the World Championship.
website URL to tournament website
Do NOT end your link with a slash ( / )
twitch Username on Twitch
trovo Channel name on Trovo
weibo Username on Weibo
youtube Channel name on Youtube
facebook Username on Facebook
instagram Username on Instagram
twitter Username on Twitter
discord Invite link on Discord
bracket Link to the tournament bracket
rulebook Link to the tournament rulebook
previous Link to previous event of the event series (e.g. PUBG Mobile Global Championship/2020{{!}}PMGC 2020)
next Link to next event of the event series (e.g. PUBG Mobile Global Championship/2022{{!}}PMGC 2022)

Copy & Paste Templates[edit]

{{Infobox league


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page:

{{Infobox league
|name=PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals
|tickername=PMGC 2021: Grand Finals
|shortname=PMGC 2021 Finals
|image=PUBG_Mobile_Global_Championship_lightmode.png |imagedarkmode=PUBG_Mobile_Global_Championship_darkmode.png
|icon=PUBG_Mobile_Global_Championship_icon_lightmode.png |icondark=PUBG_Mobile_Global_Championship_icon_darkmode.png
|series=PUBG Mobile Global Championship |abbreviation=PMGC
|organizer2=Tencent Games
|organizer3=VSPN |organizer3-link=https://global.vspn.com/
|sponsor=[https://www.youtube.com/GAMING YouTube Gaming] <br> [https://www.oneplus.com/ OnePlus] <br> [https://www.stb.gov.sg/content/stb/en.html Singapore Tourism Board] <br> [https://www.singtel.com/ Singtel] <br> [https://www.fairmont.com/singapore/ Fairmont Singapore] <br> [https://www.sgga.org.sg/ SGGA]