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World Player Team Role Role 2

Australia dandaking Duel
Sweden fazz Duel Sacrifice
Australia FraZe Duel
Ukraine Xron Duel Sacrifice
Belarus cYpheR Duel
Poland Av3k Player
Italy vengeurR Duel
France strenx Duel
Russia agent Duel
Estonia cnz Duel
Russia Nitrino Duel
Hungary RAISY Player
Germany k1llsen Duel
USA Carnage Player
France winz Sacrifice
USA dooi Duel 2v2
Australia ZenAku Duel
Russia ZERGTV Caster
USA rapha Duel Sacrifice
Russia evil Duel
USA botmode Player
Russia baSe Duel
United Kingdom GaRpY Duel Sacrifice
Brazil nosfa Duel
Sweden Spart1e Duel Ctf
Australia Steej Duel
Canada mojo Player
Australia Python Duel
USA DaHanG Duel Sacrifice
Sweden toxjq Duel
Russia Cooller Duel