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Warthox Esport

[e][h]Warthox Esport
Team Information
Organization: 2017-10-07
: 2018-12-28

Founded in 2017 by Lucas Poher & Paul Cachera, Warthox Esport is a semi-professional esports organization representing players from different countries in the most popular disciplines. We only set the highest goals for our players and the media staff to achieve the desired results to make our partners and fans proud! As a semi-professional organization, we create the best conditions and the best atmosphere for the training process using experienced coaches and analysts.


  • December 28th 2018 - Warthox Esport enters competitive Quake scene by signing JSkey.
  • July 7th 2019 - ChoKo joins the team.
  • August 25th 2019 - Klyb joins the team.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
France JSkey Jason Locatelli 2018-12-28
France ChoKo Julien Paszkot 2019-07-01
Russia Klyb Vladislav 2019-08-25