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Operation Blood Orchid

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[e][h]Operation Blood Orchid
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • New operation
  • Balance changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Misc changes


In Operation Blood Orchid, two Special Duties Unit Operators join Team Rainbow to raid Theme Park. This third season will showcase a reworking of the Operators and maps following an optimization of our data, namely a rework of textures, polished dynamic and static lighting, richer sky domes, new customization, and much more.

2 New Operators[edit]

For Operation Blood Orchid, Team Rainbow recruits two of S.D.U.’s finest: Lesion and Ying. The new Operators are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners, with exclusive access granted for seven days. All players can unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits after the exclusive period ends.

Ying Ying[edit]

Born in the comfortable Central District of Hong Kong, Siu Mei Lin, codenamed Ying (firefly), was a close protection operative before joining the Special Duties Unit. Having developed explosive short-range power and combat skills, she joined an elite security service school right after high school. When she was tasked with a high-stakes money exchange during a kidnapping situation, however, she realized how limited her means were. Driven to have greater impact, she re-oriented her career to become an all-purpose operative. A year later, she joined a female-exclusive training in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she perfected her hand-to-hand combat skills and driving maneuvers.

Unique Ability[edit]

Inspired by the new breed of stun grenades showcased by the S.A.S., this mercury and magnesium based explosive creates a multitude of blinding flashes. The Candela device releases a cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or thrown out as a grenade. This non-lethal explosive was specifically adapted to lead operations in Hong Kong’s densely populated areas, hereby limiting the risk of casualties. Coming with tinted eye pieces and earplugs, this device is geared to give your team a few precious seconds to break in and neutralize enemies.

Lesion Lesion[edit]

Born in Junk Bay, Liu Tze Long, codenamed Lesion, was raised by his father, who worked for a ship breaking company. During these years, Lesion would stay at the shipyard, and help him dismantle obsolete ships for scrapping. Crumbling with debts after his father was injured, Lesion took on various hazardous jobs in demolition until he found an opportunity for mine clearance duty. Demonstrating a natural calm while handling highly corrosive substances, he joined the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau. He is a known expert in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) terrorist threats.

Unique Ability[edit]

Gu mines were inspired by the sharp punji sticks used during the Vietnam War. Rubbed with toxic plants or feces, the stakes served to slow down enemy troops by causing severe infections in their camp. Similarly, Gu mines inject a toxin that injure your opponent and limit their speed. With its cloaking ability, your enemy will be forced to make quick decisions. Starting with two Gu mines, your inventory will increase until it reaches a maximum of nine mines. Since time is on Lesion’s side, you will be able to lure your mark into desperate rushes.

Theme Park[edit]

Team Rainbow has been called to raid an abandoned theme park on the shores of Hong Kong. Two of S.D.U.'s most resourceful Operators were chosen to lead a lethal raid in this challenging perimeter. Get ready to discover a colorful and eclectic new map filled with dynamic and fast-paced face-offs.

Blood Orchid Weapon Skins[edit]

Get Year 2 Season 3 underway with four fresh Blood Orchid weapon skins and feature one representing Poland, the Alembic. Dynasty, Red Silk, White Dragon and Plinky’s Arcade can be applied to the weapons available until the end of the current season.

Ela Ela Bosak[edit]

For a full reveal of our new Operator from the Polish Special Forces GROM, please click here.

The Health Program[edit]

3 months ago, Operation Health was deployed as a major initiative to improve the game for the upcoming years. With the launch of Season 3, we are putting Operation Health behind us with our final update in Season 3, which is our largest patch we have ever deployed. In the future, we are still keeping the core pillars to focus on game optimization, top community issues reported by the community, and improving player experience. The groundwork in Operation Health will help us to continue to improve the game for the distant future.

New Upgraded Servers Deployed[edit]

The new servers will be deployed with the launch of Season 3. These new servers bring significant improvements to stability, connectivity, FPS, rubberbanding, and overall performance. On top of the new servers, we have a new physics system in the works, which should further address issues with players teleporting and rubberbanding.

Improved Lighting When Looking From Inside to Outside and Vice Versa[edit]

Initially, we wanted to use realistic values to have contrasted and realistic lighting, which works in the same way as a camera would in real life. Additionally, the bloom was intended to limit the effectiveness of Defenders peeking outside. We are excited to tell you that we have completely reworked how exposure is handled on all maps, and reduced the exposure values. Bloom issues are now a thing of the past.

Sky Model Update (All Maps}}[edit]

We will now be using image based HDR skies. This allows us to have more artistic control of the ambient lighting, as well as increase the overall quality of lighting in general.

BDRF Update (All Maps[edit]

Updates are being worked on for our shading model, also known as Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function, which calculates reflections. It now matches the same model as our external texturing tool, which improves the workflow for our artists. What this means for you is that you will see an improved reflection quality in some materials, particularly in terms of glossiness.

Data Cleanup on Map Textures and Meshes (Kafe Dostoyevsky)[edit]

Over the course of the next year, we will be reworking the textures of every single map. We are starting with Kafe Dostoyevsky, our most expensive map in terms of memory-budget. We have been going through all the textures and meshes of Kafe, smoothing, optimizing, and standardizing everything we could. In essence, we are streamlining and reducing its overall memory footprint.

Optimizing Operators[edit]

In Operation health, we have done a complete pass on all of our Operators to make sure the total sum of their textures meet a consistent memory usage. This means that textures that were not adequately optimized are now remapped in the UV Mapping with greater efficiency so that they take up less amount of memory without reducing quality.

Because we’re meeting a consistent memory budget across all operators, it also meant that we could slightly improve the quality for some Operators. Lower budget Operators, like Sledge, will have a slight improvement of quality.

Face Rigging Cleanup Means More Consistent Facial Reactions[edit]

By doing a pass on the facial rigging of the Operators, it means that they now have a more consistent reaction with the shape of their face. This will result in more accurately aligned points of movement in the face.

Hibana's Gadget will now be more consistent[edit]

After months of hard work, we’ve streamlined the handling of Hibana’s net objects. We started by reducing the overall number of net objects we need to monitor. By doing this, the potential conflicts between Host Authority and Local Authority timelines are reduced, and thus players will not run into the complications that result from a desync between the two.

Additionally, we’ve meticulously gone over the scenarios in which we saw other outlying issues occurring, such as pellet placement, and visual errors, and corrected those as well.

Year 2 Season 3 Patch Size[edit]

In the Y2S3.0 patch, we will be making some changes to how our data is organized, as well as how we generate patches moving forward. There is more information below on exactly what we are doing, and why, but we are currently looking at the following patch size breakdown per platform:

Platform Patch Size
PC with Ultra HD DLC 42 GB
PC without Ultra HD DLC 26 GB
Xbox One 15 GB
Playstation 4 15 GB

The impact of this will result in a smaller overall footprint on your hard drive, taking up less space. By consolidating our patches and data players will see a reduction “seek time”, which means faster load times for all players. While it is difficult to determine an exact loading time reduction percentage for PC due to the variety of configurations, consoles will see about 10% faster loading times for matches.

Hit Registration, And High Ping[edit]

Over Season 3, we will be testing fixes and improvements that will aim to address Hit Registration issues and poor network conditions. We are currently testing something we’re calling Latency Alignment, which will make 1v1 encounters feel more consistent. The result should be that the server will more accurately mirror the reaction time of players with unstable connections, giving a fairer reaction time to their opponents.

We are also working on adjustments to our shot validation to further favor players with more stable connections. This will be a lot more punishing on shots that happen far away. There are other improvements for hit registration, headshot registration, and ping that we will be trickling into deployment.

Game Health[edit]

Introducing new smoke grenade & bolt animation – dual perspective replication[edit]

Smoke grenades and Capitao’s smoke darts have been fully revamped. They are now completely opaque and will be displayed the exact same way on every client, which will make them much more reliable and consistent. We’ve welcomed pro players to test them in our Montreal studio – they’ve found these new smokes to be so strong that we’ve decided to follow their recommendation and lower their amount to 2 per operators that can chose them. This change will also temporarily make Capitao’s smokes grey, instead of blue.

New game design update on acog’s for defenders[edit]

As a standard from now on there will not be a 2 or 3 speed Defender with the option of using the ACOG sight.

While we like the fact that defenders can challenge attackers on long distances on their approach, we believe this strategy should come with a higher risk. The possibility for 3 speeds operators like Jäger and Bandit to challenge on the longest distances while being able to relocate very quickly is currently too strong. As a consequence, Jäger and Bandit lose their ACOG, and the only new defenders that will get ACOGs will be the heavy armored ones. However, this does not mean all heavy armor operators will have ACOG’s and will be decided on by the Game Design team.

Weapon falloff damage redesign[edit]

Our old damage model had several inconsistencies, which has made it hard for players to understand where each weapon loses damage efficiency. With the new model in Year 2 Season 3, we have tried to keep the weapon balance intact while setting hard values for where the damage falloff begins and where it ends per weapon category.

For example, let us compare the now old model for Capitao’s Para-308 and Buck’s C8SFW.

  • C8SFW: From 0-18 meters, it deals its base damage of 41. It then falls off linearly from 18m to 30m to its lowest damage value, 24.
  • Para-308: From 0-28 meters, it deals its base damage of 45. It then falls off linearly from 28m to 40m to its lowest damage value, 29.

As you can see, there is a 10m difference from where it starts falling off between the two rifles. That issue is across most of the guns. There is not a standardized value to encompass the fall-offs, which makes it hard to understand at which distances guns become less efficient.

With Season 3, we have standardized the fall-off value across all weapons classes; except for the shotguns and the sole sniper rifle for Glaz. We believe this will help everyone have a better understanding, of when their weapon loses efficiency.

  • Designated Marksman Rifles: Fall-off starts at 25m and ends at 40m.
  • Light Machine Guns: Fall-off starts at 25m and ends at 40m.
  • Assault Rifles: Fall-off starts at 25m and ends at 35m.
  • Sub-Machine Guns: Fall-off starts at 18m and ends at 28m.
  • Machine Pistols: Fall-off starts at 18m and ends at 28m.
  • Pistols: Fall-off starts at 12m and ends at 22m.

The reason why we did not want to give the shotguns the same treatment is that they need to have this level of granularity to balance them properly and have enough variation between each other to keep them interesting.

We hope this will improve the player’s understanding of weapon efficiency. Of course, we will be closely looking at that statistics to make sure that our game balance remains the same.

Ammo Balancing[edit]

We have made a pass on the amount of ammo of every gun, and added a few magazines to several of them. Here is the complete change list:

  • AR33 +1
  • 417 +4
  • 556xi +2
  • C8-SFW +2
  • MK17 CQB +2
  • CAMRS +2
  • PARA-308 +2
  • Type-89 +2
  • SMG-11 +2
  • P9 +1
  • P226 Mk 25 +1
  • M45 MEUSOC +2
  • P90 +1
  • SASG-12 +1
  • SPAS-15 +1
  • ITA12S +2
  • FO-12 +1
  • T-96 LSW +1
  • SR-25 +2
  • OTs-03 +2

Two drones deployed at a time for attackers[edit]

Attackers can now deploy a second drone without destroying the first one. This works just like Twitch who can already deploy her two shock drones. The mechanics are also the same where launching a new drone will place the attacker in the new drone’s camera, and they can re-access their first drone view by scrolling the observation tool list.

We hope that this change will reinforce the importance of the preparation phase by making it possible to position a drone inside the building, and then deploy a new drone during the action phase to scout ahead without losing this first drone.

We will monitor closely the impact this will have on global win rates of attackers and defenders, as we expect this to give an additional edge to attackers since they can now have up to 10 active cameras at a time.

Kanal spawn kill exploit[edit]

Using the shield vault exploit, Defenders can place themselves on the windowsill of North windows of Control Room aiming at Floating Dock spawn location, and North windows of Server Room aiming at Construction Site. We have fixed this so defenders can no longer use this spawn kill exploit.

First-person camera position will now be closer aligned to third-person[edit]

We identified and fixed several cases where players’ first person camera position did not match third person eyes position. This sometimes led to getting killed by opponents that you couldn’t see.

Shooting feedback systems is now more accurate[edit]

The shooting feedback systems like bullet tracers, hit reactions like decals on the environment, and threat indicators in the UI were based on a trajectory that started from the weapon muzzle. This led to inconsistencies, as the real bullet trajectory in Rainbow starts from the 1st person camera. Shooting feedback systems are now fully consistent and based on real bullet trajectories. We need to make a shoutout to ExecCS, who is the community member who alerted us on that with a youtube video.

Non-replicated debris[edit]

There are often times when there is a piece of debris that can be viewed by one player, and not the other. This will no longer block sightlines when shooting.

Debris will no longer block the deployment of gadgets[edit]

Debris from the wooden windows frame can hinder or block deployment of gadgets. Sometimes the debris will get stuck in the Armor Panel of Castle and are impossible to be destroyed blocking completely the deployment of any gadgets. This fix should allow for more consistent debris physics.

Player Comfort[edit]

Defender vision filter is removed when going outside[edit]

We have removed the red filter that make defenders’ vision uncomfortable when they run outside the building. We think the red warning in the middle of the screen should be clear enough feedback that you are doing something dangerous.

Priority on observation tools for alive players[edit]

If an alive player browses the observation tool list, he will now have priority over dead players for camera controls (in attack and defense). While this should not make much of a difference in organized matches, we think it should help in public matchmaking in case a dead player is AFK while controlling a camera and prevents alive players from getting info.

Crosshairs don’t turn red on enemies anymore[edit]

It could sometimes happen that you spotted an enemy because your crosshair turned red – not because you actually saw them.

Finding our enemies is core to Siege gameplay, so we have decided to remove this mechanic. Note that your crosshair will still turn green when aiming at a teammate.

Enemy id only triggers on successful scans[edit]

Similarly to the crosshair turning red, it happened sometimes that you spotted an enemy because you triggered the “enemy ID” event, which reveals an operator’s identity in the HUD header and gives score points. This was problematic for the same reasons: it could tell you that an enemy was in your field of vision, even if you had not actually seen him.

The “enemy ID” event will now only trigger from scanning successfully with drones, cameras, Valkyrie Black Eyes or Jackal footsteps scanning.

Playlist Changes[edit]

Ranked playlists becomes more competitive[edit]

In order to allow our players to hone their skills in the most competitive environment available, we are reducing the total number of maps in the Ranked map rotation. The following maps will be included in the Ranked playlist rotation for Season 3:

Beginning this season, the Ranked playlist will include the same nine maps that we selected for the Pro League. Moving forward, we will introduce the new Ranked and ESL Pro League playlists at the same time we perform the rank reset – and all of that will occur at the start of the new season. The Ranked playlist, much like the ESL playlist, will be rotated each Season, offering a different selection of available maps.

Additionally, we will exclude maps added in the new season from both Ranked playlists and Pro League selection. This is being done to ensure that players have time to explore and learn the new maps in Casual and in Custom Games, and to make certain that we are able to eliminate any glitches or exploits prior to entering new maps into the competitive map pool.

New casual map playlist[edit]

In Season 3 we will be reducing the Casual map playlist to fifteen maps. Reducing the total number of maps available for play in the Casual playlist make the process of learning the maps that Rainbow Six has to offer easier for new players. We have identified the steep learning curve that our new players face in terms of map knowledge, and this is one of the ways that we plan on addressing it.

Additionally, some of the maps that are removed will be reworked by our Level Design team. To be clear, not all maps that are removed from the Casual playlist will be reworked, but some of them will be over the course of the years to come.

We are quickly approaching the limit of our data sizes, and this will require a rework of how our maps are stored. As a result, we are currently planning on removing maps from the game entirely down the road (not in Season 3).

Here are the maps we will have available in Casual playlist rotation for Season 3:

Map preferences[edit]

After revisiting the mechanics of the Map Preference system, we have elected to deactivate this system for all PvP Multiplayer (we will keep it for Terrorist Hunt so you and your squad can select specific maps). We don’t have an ETA for the return of this feature to PvP as we are exploring some alternative implementations we believe can improve the experience.

Game Balancing[edit]

Barbed wire easier to walk through and one less hit[edit]

The Game Design team considers Barbed Wire to be a problem in the current meta-game. Barbed Wire is a great standard gadget, but it has gotten to a point where any solid defense needs to pick at the very least four of them, often six or eight.

This seems problematic for two reasons. For most defense operators that can pick barbwires, they are a must-pick. Must-picks is something we try to limit, as they do not provide real choices for players. Secondly, Barbed Wires are so efficient at what they do that they need to be hard countered (i.e. broken from a distance) by attackers. That also contributes to reducing choices on the attacker’s side, as it gives too much importance to frag grenades and operators like Ash.

Barbed Wires still prevent sprinting, but they now slow down walk speed by 45% down from 50% and they are destroyed with two melee hits down from three.

Jackal’s hunter’s mark pings location more frequently[edit]

Jackal’s Hunter’s Mark now marks a target’s position every 5 seconds (down from 10) for 20 seconds (down from 30), for 5 position pings (up from 4).

Bandit can now destroy hibana pellets while they fuze[edit]

Hibana is probably too good of a choice right now, for several reasons. We have deeper modifications planned for reinforced wall breaching operators in the long term, but we are not ready to share those details. For now, we hope that making the Bandit trick much easier against Hibana will make the strength of her gadget a bit more situational than it currently is.

Bandit’s batteries 1-shot drones[edit]

Objects electrified by Bandit’s batteries used to 1-shot drones when they made contact with them. This was changed a few patches ago to be 2-3 hits, and we are reverting the change. Drones will be 1-hit when interact with electrified objects.

IQ doesn’t detect friendly gadgets anymore & detects echo’s arm pad while using the yokai[edit]

IQ’s sensor detecting friendly gadgets caused all kinds of confusion, so we are removing friendly objects from her hub. Additionally, when Echo is using his yokai Drone, IQ will now be able to detect this, similar to Pulse.

Fuze’s cluster charge pathing is more predictable[edit]

The path taken by Fuze’s cluster charge pellets was calculated by precomputing the whole trajectory, but then switching to a physics driven model as soon as a puck hits an object and disregarding the remainder of the precomputed trajectory. This, as we all know, translated to unpredictable and desynchronized behavior across clients. The new version ensures that the pucks follow the precomputed trajectory until the end, which should yield a much more reliable (and teammate friendly) behavior.

No more crosshair hit markers on Blackbeard’s shield[edit]

Shooting at Blackbeard’s shield doesn’t trigger hit markers anymore. On some occasion this mechanic allowed defenders to spot his position without seeing him, which was not the intended behavior.

All drones and twitch’s drone can aim upward more easily[edit]

All drones can now pitch their camera to a higher vertical angle, which mostly impacts Twitch: it’s now easier for her to shoot at high cameras with her shock drones.

Glaz’s blood splatters are now more correctly displayed[edit]

Blood spatters are now correctly displayed when using the thermal scope. They used to not display in red when they displayed above the yellow bodies.

Additionally, dead enemies do not display as highlighted any more.

Sledge’s hammer is more consistent[edit]

It should now be easier to connect where you want with the sledgehammer, especially on windows while rappelling.


  • Fixed - Pinging something through smoke will cause the ping effect to be placed in the smoke.
  • Fixed - Drone can sometimes bounce and fly outside of the map when thrown.
  • Fixed - The length of the replay camera is sometimes too short.
  • Fixed - Glass debris block shots.
  • Fixed - Some throwable objects are able to pass through electrified wire without taking damage.
  • Fixed - Players are sometimes unable to vault over other player’s deployable shields.
  • Fixed - Players that go prone while falling do not make any noise. This should help with drop-shotting through hatches.
  • Fixed - Players are unable to scan enemies with a friendly drone after theirs is destroyed during the Preparation phase.
  • Fixed - Players are able to clip through walls through the use of an exploit involving another players.
  • Fixed - Shield Operators can become invisible after performing multiple specific animations.
  • Fixed - Players will sometimes stop mid-air while vaulting.
  • Fixed - Shield Operator are interrupted by an enemy performing a melee attack at the same time as the Shield Operator performs a melee attack. (To clarify, the shield break animation will no longer be triggered when both players are performing melee attacks at the same time.)
  • Fixed - Recoil pattern for the USP40 handgun is incorrect.
  • Fixed - Defenders are able to utilize window sills to spawn kill.
  • Fixed - Tearing down a barricade from a window that has additional wooden parts will not destroy the window’s additional parts.
  • Fixed - Players that join a match in progress will see the primary weapon drawn on other players, regardless of what the other player currently has drawn.
  • Fixed - Fall damage is not taken if the player fires at the time of impact.
  • Fixed - Microwaves have unbreakable glass, blocking gadgets from being placed inside.
  • Fixed - Frame of a Black Mirror cannot be destroyed by X-KAIROS pellets if the glass has been ejected.
  • Fixed - Invisible gadget and broken animation is sometimes present for players joining a match in process while a teammate has any gadget ready to deploy in their hands.
  • Fixed - Walls that are melee hit and last attachment shot before wall is destroyed leaves wall's collision still present.
  • Fixed - Enemies can be killed through walls with a melee attack.
  • Fixed - The camera position of a player rappelling and leaning is not in line with the character model, which can create cases where the player is not visible to someone he is shooting inside a building.
  • Fixed - Breaching charges can be seen clipping through barricades when standing on the other side.
  • Fixed - Breaching charge cannot be deployed on framed window if it was partially damaged.
  • Fixed - Flash effects can affect a player from opaque side of a Black Mirror if a stun grenade fell between the walls.
  • Fixed - Destruction does not replicate properly after joining a match in progress.
  • Fixed - Bullet tracers are not consistent between first and third person view.
  • Fixed - Sometimes reloading doesn't actually reload the weapon, even though the animation plays.
  • Fixed - The Defuser falls out of the world if dropped while the carrier is prone near the door concrete step at EXT Construction Site in Oregon.
  • Fixed - Only the wood trim of windows on Bartlett break when a drone jumps into them but not the glass.
  • Fixed - The Defuser cannot be placed on the bomb site after partially destroying the floors.
  • Fixed - It is sometimes possible to shoot through the destructible walls/floor/ceiling beams through the indestructible floor/ceiling/objects.
  • Fixed - Switching from a unique gadget to a secondary gadget doesn't unequip the unique gadget.
  • Fixed - Drones can clip all partial destructible floors if thrown from prone position.
  • Fixed - Holding down shift while mid-air prevents single fire weapons from shooting.
  • Fixed - Players can skip cinematic once he returned to Thatcher's loadout menu
  • Fixed - Placing a claymore on the location where the MVP screen takes place will result in glitched animations at the end of the match.
  • Fixed - Multiple animation appear when shooting any weapons in any replay or End of round when it should not.
  • Fixed - A player can set a shield in a doorway, barricade it, destroy part of it and eject himself into the walls.
  • Fixed - Operators make a 180 degree spin when placing a Breach Charge on the floor while sprinting.
  • Fixed - Walls partially destroyed with shotguns or throwable explosives generate inconsistent vaulting prompts.
  • Fixed - Prompt button to drop the Defuser appear onscreen of the player reviving his teammate.
  • Fixed - Dead bodies can block claymores movement sensor.
  • Fixed - In some maps, Claymores can be placed while rappelling with a broken animation.
  • Fixed - Belt fed LMGs benefit from the +1 round of a tactical reload.
  • Fixed - The wrong team wins if the last defender is killed in the last second of the match.
  • Fixed - While carrying the hostage you can mount the Tachanka's LMG without dropping the hostage.
  • Fixed - Entering the rappel animation will not cancel reloading if the magazine is empty.
  • Fixed - When a defender is firing at an attacker with a ballistic shield, bullet decals can appear on a second operator’s Ballistic Shield glass.
  • Fixed - Sometimes the bomb is not registered as detected by attackers or by their drones. Either it takes longer than expected or it will not be detected at all.
  • Fixed - Joining an in-progress game on a player who is picking up and dropping the hostage can result in the hostage position not being replicated properly.
  • Fixed - Operators can have shots appearing to come from the gun tip in 3rd person, even if the shots in 1st person are shot from the face height. This can cause replays to show each shot fired by a player with their gun obstructed to show all misses and hit the obstruction.
  • Fixed - Main weapon becomes invisible in support mode if a player deploys a gadget right after joining in progress message is displayed.
  • Fixed - When joining an in progress game, players can see Twitch’s hand empty when she has her drone in her right hand and is deploying.
  • Fixed - In rare occasions, the debris of a barricade may remain floating in the air during the end of round or death replay. The issue is not limited by barricades destroyed by explosives and can occur on any destroyed barricade.
  • Fixed - Closing the game completely while in Operator Select causes players to see Spectator, GAMESERVER, left the game error messages.
  • Fixed - Legs will go through walls when moving back and forth in a corner.
  • Fixed - Wall reinforcements debris float after destruction.
  • Fixed - Scanning Defenders with Drones does not always result in identifying them.
  • Fixed - Players will sometimes be displaced a small distance after spawning.
  • Fixed - When creating a Custom Game with the maximum number of maps the user will receive the wrong error message.
  • Fixed - An enemy operator can appear as a 2D texture when approaching broken walls or vaulting over windows. No more interdimensional travel, Monty.
  • Fixed - The destruction made to barricades before joining in progress is not replicated for the clients in support mode.
  • Fixed - Camera does not always properly align with the head while leaning.
  • Fixed - If a player disconnects when using Tachanka’s LMG, it will create a desync between the gadget and the server.
  • Fixed - Dropping from a height and deploying a gadget will cause players to get stuck in the animation.


Ash Ash[edit]

  • Fixed - Firing a breaching charge at a wall at a 45 degree angle will create a larger hole than firing at the wall straight ahead.
  • Fixed - Ash receives points for shooting a breach round next to a destroyed barricade.

Bandit Bandit[edit]

  • Fixed - Battery can be placed on a reinforced hatch through partially destroyed walls.
  • Fixed - The “snap” from placing Bandit’s gadget can be exploited.
  • Fixed - Bandit is over memory budget when loading Solar Headgear.
  • Fixed - The Bandit gadget effect remains after a trap door is destroyed by Hibana X-Kairos.

Blackbeard Blackbeard[edit]

  • Fixed - Equipping the Rifle Shield just after reloading can cause the player to be stuck with no ammo.
  • Fixed - Hip fire with the SR-25 forms a circle.

Blitz Blitz[edit]

  • Fixed - The window on Blitz's shield is missing the glass. It is visible only in 3rd person and when viewed from the front. Note that this is only a visual issue.
  • Fixed - Blitz’s shield disappears when selecting a headgear or uniform in the operator menu.
  • Fixed - Blitz has duplicated Meshes.
  • Fixed - Several of Blitz’s headgears are over memory budget.

Buck Buck[edit]

  • Fixed - Buck is over memory budget when loading the Skull Rain Headgear.
  • Fixed - Buck’s shotgun does not always destroy wall studs on all maps.

Capitão Capitão[edit]

  • Fixed - The affecting area of the first bolt fired is slightly displaced if a second bolt is shot.
  • Fixed - Capitao has duplicated Meshes.
  • Fixed - Capitato's bolts can change without the swap animation.

Caveira Caveira[edit]

  • Fixed - Left hand trembles while in Stealth.
  • Fixed - On Plane, shooting an enemy player with Luison through the furniture in 2F Executive, the enemy will not receive any damage.
  • Fixed - Caveira’s Hitbox exceeds the operator's body at the shoulders and collar.
  • Fixed - Caveira’s Skull Rain Headgear is over memory budget.
  • Fixed - Caveira’s Brazil Headgear is over memory budget.

Doc Doc[edit]

  • Fixed - A player can execute an exploit that adds additional charges to his Stim Pistol and make it fire semi-automatically.
  • Fixed - Doc's 3D model has a hole in the left wrist. Probably should lay off the Stim pistol.
  • Fixed - There is a broken animation when trying to melee while healing with the Stim Pistol.

Echo Echo[edit]

  • Fixed - Yokai’s disorienting effect does not work when the drone is deployed on the ceiling in B Garage Area on House.
  • Fixed - Sonic burst doesn’t affect the enemy if it's deployed above a ceiling fan.
  • Fixed - The pick-up animation for the Yokai drone does not play properly.
  • Fixed - If hit directly by a Nitro Cell, the Yokai drone is pushed through the ceiling.
  • Fixed - Yokai can sometimes get stuck in the ceiling if jumped near the camera.
  • Fixed - Attaching the Yokai drone to a partially destroyed trapdoor and then destroying the trapdoor will keep the drone attached and functional.
  • Fixed - Yokai bounces when placed on the trap door hinges and latch.
  • Fixed - PDA is missing the scramble effect when Yokai is active.
  • Fixed - Yokai can jump through the bed and hide inside it at 2F Executive Bedroom.
  • Fixed - Camera cloaking VFX is displayed for too long.
  • Fixed - Yokai camera resets position if rotating it by holding the joystick in a down right or left direction.
  • Fixed - Yokai is able to stick to Cameras.
  • Fixed - Yokai doesn't make itself invisible on a ceiling lamp at 1F Bar.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone can be deployed outside the building on the door frame.
  • Fixed - Yokai should stick to the pipes set on the ceiling of CC3F server room.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone can get stuck inside the laundry bin in B Laundry Room, 1F Luggage Hold of Oregon.
  • Fixed - Echo’s thumbnails for headgear are inconsistent with the preview.
  • Fixed - Echo's hair has texture gaps.
  • Fixed - No shells are ejected after the Supernova is fired in third person.
  • Fixed - After exiting the Yokai camera view, the player can sometimes see their weapon upside down.
  • Fixed - After Echo's death Yokai is being renamed to "Player".
  • Fixed - Switching to cameras while stunned by a Yokai drone makes the visual effect overlap.
  • Fixed - Yokai can be deployed directly in weapon mode under certain condition

Frost Frost[edit]

  • Fixed - Welcome Mats cannot be deployed on partially destroyed carpets with a partially destroyed floor underneath.
  • Fixed - Players can sometimes get caught in a Welcome Mat before landing on it.
  • Fixed - In third person, the last shotgun shell is never ejected on Frost’s Super 90.

Fuze Fuze[edit]

  • Fixed - Cluster Charge does not make a hole after detonation in certain situations.
  • Fixed - Cluster charge's pellets bounce in random directions.

Glaz Glaz[edit]

  • Fixed - Infrared not highlighting enemies yellow.
  • Fixed - Defenders are not highlighted properly when using flip sight on the Hereford map at night.

Hibana Hibana[edit]

  • Fixed - X-KAIROS pellets switch to a low detail version at medium distance.
  • Fixed - Mira’s Black Mirror cannot be destroyed if 3 X-KAIROS pellets are placed on the Black Mirror.
  • Fixed - X-KAIROS pellets don’t give any visual feedback when they are jammed.
  • Fixed - Aiming reticle is displayed in the wrong place near the Hostage.
  • Fixed - Hibana's gadget leaves a long red line on the floor similar to the outline when aiming with the gadget.
  • Fixed - If the Defuser is dropped on a reinforced hatch and that hatch is destroyed by Hibana, the Defuser will float in midair.
  • Fixed - Missing VFX for shells that are ejected after the weapon is fired in third and first person on the Supernova.
  • Fixed - Shooting the canister of a Black Mirror that has X-KAIROS pellets on it will make the pellets disappear, but they can still be detonated.

IQ IQ[edit]

  • Fixed - Yokai is not detected by IQ’s Electronics Detector.

Jackal Jackal[edit]

  • Fixed - Jackal’s Default Headgear is over memory budget.
  • Fixed - The last shells are not ejected in third person view with the ITA12L secondary weapon.
  • Fixed - Enemies steps are invisible seen from bottom but they still can be scanned.

Kapkan Kapkan[edit]

  • Fixed - Players are able to trigger Kapkan’s Traps even though they prone under it.
  • Fixed - Reflex scope on the 9x19VSN flickers.
  • Fixed - Kapkan's booby trap can still be visible after being destroyed by explosives in a Custom Match on LAN.
  • Fixed - Kapkan’s Elite Uniform has one-sided textures on the headgear, which causes some parts to disappear when viewed from certain angles.
  • Fixed - Kapkan’s Canine Headgear is over memory budget.
  • Fixed - Kapkan’s Legendary Headgear is over memory budget.

Mira Mira[edit]

  • Fixed - Players are able to melee enemies through Mira’s Black Mirror.
  • Fixed - Able to place the Black Mirror on an indestructible surface.
  • Fixed - Black Mirror cannot be deployed at crouching height on the white walls found in the Geisha Room.
  • Fixed - Placing the Black Mirror on non-reinforced walls with paintings on the other side will not destroy the props and will obscure vision.
  • Fixed - Clipping issue exists when holding an undeployed Black Mirror near a wall at an angle.
  • Fixed - Mira's mirrors can cause navigation problems if placed too close to walls, making the player's position change suddenly.
  • Fixed - Possible to melee the canister to drop the mirror on the opposite side.
  • Fixed - Black Mirror can be placed between a reinforced wall and a destructible wall.
  • Fixed - If you try to deploy a Black Mirror in the corner of a reinforced wall, the wrong prompt appears - "CANNOT DEPLOY ON THIS SIDE".
  • Fixed - Reinforced wall is not being properly destroyed after placing a Black Mirror on it, leaving the viewing field partially obstructed.
  • Fixed - Mira’s Black Mirrors don’t destroy paintings on the wall as expected in Consulate.
  • Fixed - Mira's left arm twitches during her standing animation when previewing uniforms.
  • Fixed - Mira is over memory budget because of duplicated arms textures.
  • Fixed - The last shells are not ejected in third person view with the ITA12L secondary weapon.
  • Fixed - BM's frame is not destroyed with slicer pellets if the glass is on place.

Montagne Montagne[edit]

  • Fixed - From another players’ perspective, Montagne will sometimes be missing an animation for looking.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cell when thrown may stick behind the ballistics shields.

Mute Mute[edit]

  • Fixed - LOD issue on the back pouches on Mute's vest.

Pulse Pulse[edit]

  • Fixed - When hit with an EMP while scanning, the heartbeat and circle effect will remain on the screen.
  • Fixed - Cardiac sensor clips through 1 layer of wall.
  • Fixed - Pulse has duplicated Meshes
  • Fixed - When using Pulse's heart beat detector gadget at a distance, the detection is normally in regular (pulsing) intervals. When he is close to a wall or object to block his view, the heart beat detection skips the scanning intervals, and is effectively showing enemy positions in real-time.

Rook Rook[edit]

  • Fixed - Rook has duplicated Meshes
  • Fixed - Flickering is present while deploying Rook's gadget in the first moments of the animation, on the right side of his supply bag.

Sledge Sledge[edit]

  • Fixed - Breaching Hammer does not hit destructible surfaces, despite appearing to be in the proper place.
  • Fixed - Sledge is able to destroy floors while crouching on furniture.
  • Fixed - Breaching Hammer is not able to destroy the Black Mirror’s canister.
  • Fixed - Breaching Hammer only destroys the top side of floors.
  • Fixed - There is a corrupted texture onscreen while moving forward and in prone for Sledge with Legendary uniform.
  • Fixed - Sledge has duplicated Meshes
  • Fixed - Sledge' hammer overlaps with the text in the headgear preview panel.

Smoke Smoke[edit]

  • Fixed - All of Smoke’s weapons have clipping issues with character model.
  • Fixed - Some of Smoke's headgear hoses clip through his vest.

Tachanka Tachanka[edit]

  • Fixed - There is a Field Of View issue on Tachanka's LMG view during replays.
  • Fixed - The eye slit is placed too high for Tachanka's eyes on all headgears, making him unable to see. The lord can now properly gaze upon us all.

Thatcher Thatcher[edit]

  • Fixed - EMP Grenades do not destroy electronics if Thatcher dies before they explode.

Thermite Thermite[edit]

  • Fixed - Destroying a Thermite charge just before it blows can cause unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed - Able to place Exothermic charge on an indestructible surface.
  • Fixed - Indestructible beams in the walls can partially block the explosion of the Exothermic Charge.

Twitch Twitch[edit]

  • Fixed - Killing the Hostage with Twitch’s drone counts towards total Shock Drone kill stats.
  • Fixed - It is possible for allies to see through the Shock Drone’s view.
  • Fixed - The crosshair of the Twitch drone changes color as though it detected an enemy, even if no enemy player is in range.

Valkyrie Valkyrie[edit]

  • Fixed - Black Eye cameras are able to see through the bars on Coastline.
  • Fixed - Hitbox exceeds the operator's body and gets damaged when shot in the right side pocket.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie’s hitbox exceeds the operator's body and she is damaged when shot in the scarf.
  • Fixed - Black Eye cameras do not always properly replicate destruction.

Game Modes[edit]


  • Fixed - Open to All voice chat appears disabled after returning to a custom online lobby.
  • Fixed - User kicked from a local game can still see the game and attempt to join it, leading to an error message.
  • Fixed - Abandoning a match doesn't free server slot, resulting in a 3-0x000A0013 error code.


  • Fixed - Matches do not advance to Overtime if the teams end the last round in a draw.
  • Fixed - Players that are below Clearance Level 20 are able to join a Ranked match if their friend (who is over CL 20) invites them to a party.

Terrorist Hunt[edit]

  • Fixed - White Masks sometimes remain stuck in place when only a few remain.
  • Fixed - White Masks will get stuck on the top of the sofa at EXT DJ Booth, and do not proceed to the objective.
  • Fixed - White Masks are not able to destroy the Defuser if it is placed on the table in the Church of Clubhouse.
  • Fixed - White Masks are not able to destroy the Defuser if it is placed on the SW desk in 2F Offices of Border.
  • Fixed - If a host is dead and is supporting a player that tosses a drone, he will follow his view normally, but he won't be able to press "5" to access the available drones. If the drone driver quits the drone and re-enter and the host is still watching, the host will see the FPV instead of the drone view.
  • Fixed - Bomber no longer causes environmental destruction.
  • Fixed - White Masks sometimes get stuck at EXT Main Entrance on Oregon.
  • Fixed - One White Masks gets stuck in the second wave of the EXT Recreation Area on Clubhouse.
  • Fixed - Some White Masks feel as if they should be able to pass through walls with Black Mirrors.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cells are sometimes spawned inside textures.
  • Fixed - White Masks remain stuck behind crates EXT Quay Containers on Kanal.
  • Fixed - One of the barbed wires is placed vertically in 1F Pool Entrance of Coastline.
  • Fixed - White Masks cannot reach the Defuser if it is placed on the train showcase in 2F Train Museum.
  • Fixed - White Masks become unresponsive in front of a breakable wall at 2F Break Room.
  • Fixed - Wrong name and place shown in the "select spawn location" screen.
  • Fixed - The terrorists will follow the drone through walls and continuously shoot at it.
  • Fixed - White Masks will sometimes get stuck.
  • Fixed - Player(s) in a squad or matchmaking will be disconnected from the party and game after voting for a rematch.


  • Fixed - Players are able to break collision through specific interactions with the hostage.
  • Fixed - Hostages do not take damage from falling.
  • Fixed - Hostage remains blocked on the roof if the enemy Attacker is killed while using rappel to extract on Coastline.
  • Fixed - Hostage clips through Player while descending on a ladder.
  • Fixed - If the player places the Hostage in a specific spot at EXT Riverdock, they will no longer be able to interact with the Hostage.
  • Fixed - Broken animation when spamming "pick up" key on the hostage in a corner.


  • Fixed - Error code D00A when starting or completing a game with a squad.

Caster Camera[edit]

  • Fixed - Deployable shields are not properly rendered in the support and caster modes.
  • Fixed - On Clubhouse, a black texture can be seen from the second floor when the Caster is viewing the first floor.
  • Fixed - Second floor does not appear when swapping between views while spectating on Oregon.
  • Fixed - Placeholder texture can be seen between the walls as a Caster at 1F Living Room area of House.
  • Fixed - Texture blocks spectator view of an area in CG1F Boat Garage on Kanal.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on the extraction points red flares.
  • Fixed - Caster camera clips through the stone tower at the Ruins spawn on Coastline.
  • Fixed - Blackbeard’s Rifle Shield equipping animation is backwards for the caster when switching between first person and support view.
  • Fixed - The Japanese lanterns from the 2nd floor appears to be floating in caster cam.
  • Fixed - In some instances, the casters are not able to navigate through all players in the lobby.
  • Fixed - Floor indicators flicker when an Operator is sitting on the washing machine in B Laundry Room.
  • Fixed - Players walking on the roof will be seen on the floor below.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone outline is missing for the Caster.
  • Fixed - RTS camera boundary is too large.
  • Fixed - The roof of the Tower in Oregon does not disappear when spectating and transitioning between floors.
  • Fixed - Pink texture can be noticed at a door of 1st floor between the inside stairs and the outside ladder.
  • Fixed - Texture blocks spectator view of an area in the B Laundry Room on House.
  • Fixed - There is an inconsistent view level of certain maps when watching as a caster.


  • Fixed - Players are not properly awarded stars or currency after completing the requirements of the third objective on Cold Zero (Situation 5).
  • Fixed - Situations' subtitle texts can take up two lines even if they could fit in one line when highlighting a situation in the Situations menu in the Play tab.
  • Fixed - In Situation 10, a Bomber can get stuck in 1F Bar after the Operator cancels his nitrocells with EMP.

Secure Area[edit]

  • Fixed - Killing a player will sometimes be displayed as killing the Hostage in the kill feed.
  • Fixed - Falling off the Western desks in the 1F Open Area of Bank will interrupt the secure process.
  • Fixed - Players sometimes stops securing/defending the area when they hit the ground after falling.


  • Fixed - If the attackers drop the Defuser, Smoke can move it by throwing his Gas Grenades at it.
  • Fixed - Destruction generated in the map before the match obstructs Defuser deployment.
  • Fixed - The player can receive 10 points by dropping and picking the defuser up again.
  • Fixed - The Defuser will float on death replay.

Level Design[edit]


  • Fixed - Operators can vault over a Deployable Shield and enter into the metal part of the engine at 1F Back Stairs.


  • Fixed - The Yakuza logo is corrupted in two places in the restaurant corridor on the second floor.
  • Fixed - The plastic glass panels of the stairs do not display bullet holes when shot.
  • Fixed - Gap between 1F Restaurant walls allows players to see outside.
  • Fixed - There is a flickering issue on a pink wall while in spectator mode.
  • Fixed - Gaps on Balcony on the first floor.
  • Fixed - Issues with the pillars and rocks collision boxes cause the drone to fall under map.
  • Fixed - Objects in Back Patio disappear while Player moving away from them.
  • Fixed - The enemy takes no damage if a Nitro Cell is detonated after it is thrown under the railing in 2F Hallway.
  • Fixed - In some places, bullet decals remain after melee attacks.
  • Fixed - Operator collision is broken while prone next to some objects.
  • Fixed - LOD issue in 2F Taiko.
  • Fixed - Chair floats above the floor.
  • Fixed - The user can no longer recover the Yokai drone after throwing it on the ceiling ornament located in the 1F Reception area.
  • Fixed - Drones can see through the table in 2F Tea Room.
  • Fixed - Chopsticks are floating above the table.
  • Fixed - Deploying barbed wire in 1F Kitchen will show the wire through the floor.
  • Fixed - Vault prompt is inconsistent when trying to vault on a specific roof at EXT- West Garden.
  • Fixed - Kapkan cannot remove his traps from the door on 2F Work Office.
  • Fixed - Issues with the pillars and rocks collision boxes cause the drone to fall under map.
  • Fixed - It is possible to leave the map by vaulting on vents and walking across wall vents.
  • Fixed - Gap in the wall North reinforcement in Geisha Room, facing the hallway.
  • Fixed - A building on the East side of the map has invisible textures on its right side.
  • Fixed - Cannot place Defuser between two carpets on bath room.
  • Fixed - Players in 2F Tea Room are able to clip through the environment, and can be shot through metal ceiling in 1F Restaurant.
  • Fixed - Sticky cameras float into thin air at the wine cellar location once the bottles have been broken by melee.
  • Fixed - Yokai can get stuck in Taiko Drums Room.
  • Fixed - User can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye from 1F House Lobby into a missing texture by destroying the ceiling.
  • Fixed - Drone collision is broken under the sofa in VIP Lounge.
  • Fixed - Wires are placed in front of a painting in 1F Restaurant.
  • Fixed - If the character vaults over the fence near the tree from EXT Gazebo, on the rocks, a camera shake will be noticed.
  • Fixed - An Operator can encounter a falling animation while moving between EXT Main Entrance and EXT 1F Rest. Balcony.
  • Fixed - There are some places where it's difficult to identify enemy on Skyscraper during Day.
  • Fixed - A player is able to rappel down onto the pillar from EXT 2F Rest. Balcony.
  • Fixed - LOD issue affecting multiple objects present along the corridor Geisha Room and Karaoke room.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility in a corner on 2F Geisha Room area due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility in two corners from the 2F Tea Room area due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - There is Low visibility in two corners from the 2F Hallway area due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility in two corners from the 1F Reception area due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An enemy player can't be observed while in prone position under the desk due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - The player’s camera starts to tremble due to a broken collision near the water pond at EXT – East Garden.
  • Fixed - There are LOD problems visible at the window in 1F Reception and at the reception desk.


  • Fixed - Players can vault onto shelves to reach an area with tactical advantage at 1F Supply Room.
  • Fixed - Operators remain stuck in 1F Ventilation Room's S-E corner if reinforcing the opposite part of the wall.
  • Fixed - Deployment animation for Kapkan’s EDD clips with a prop at 1F Passport Check.
  • Fixed - Attackers can plant the Defuser on top of lockers, giving an unfair advantage.
  • Fixed - Drones, nitro cells and Valkyrie's Black Eye are destroyed if they are thrown under the fence from EXT Pedestrian Customs.
  • Fixed - Kapkan cannot pick up his trap after deploying it, or if the pickup interaction zone is hard to find.
  • Fixed - Black Mirror cannot be deployed at crouching height on the wooden walls found around the second floor.
  • Fixed - Drone is destroyed if it goes close to the wall from EXT Pedestrian Entrance.
  • Fixed - Attackers can hide their drones through the ceiling from the roof.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie's Black Eye can spot attackers through the wall if deployed on a certain arcade in 2F Offices.
  • Fixed - Defenders are hardly visible when attackers are peeking into windows facing North or East side.
  • Fixed - LOD issue is present as the user comes from the 1F East Stairs to 2F East Stairs.
  • Fixed - In Tellers Office, the non-destructible portion of the walls has LOD issues.
  • Fixed - It is possible to stand on one of the fan in the Waiting Room section.
  • Fixed - After destroying the east-side plaster LOS wall in 2F Main Hallway residual textures remain floating.
  • Fixed - Tiles on the first floor have decals present that should not be present.
  • Fixed - Floating wall texture can be seen after wall is destroyed in 1F Bathroom.
  • Fixed - Tire tracks are floating in EXT Crash scene.
  • Fixed - Floating debris when hitting the North side wall in room 1F Tellers.
  • Fixed - Shooting a PC tower causes it to fall with occasional impossible physics.
  • Fixed - In the Secure Area game mode, a player is detected as out of the secure area if the character model is partially through the hatch in the armory locker without falling through.
  • Fixed - There is a gap present between two walls at "2F Offices"
  • Fixed - Player can hide in the shadow behind the fridge and can be hard to see.
  • Fixed - The shadow of the 2F Archives shelves fades when approaching from the 2F Office Hallway.
  • Fixed - Enemy player can't be observed while in prone position in the space between the wall and the grinder machine on 1F Workshop due to lighting.
  • Fixed - A player can hide in the shadow alongside the wall and be difficult to see due to lighting.
  • Fixed - A player cannot be seen while in prone stance next to the luggage at 1F Waiting Room due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible when crouching in the corner at 2F Armory Lockers due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible when behind the luggage in Waiting Room due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Enemy player can't be observed while in prone position next to the fridge in 2F Break Room due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An enemy player can't be observed while in prone position in the space between the wall and the couch in 2F Break Room.
  • Fixed - There is a gap between the walls located on the "EXT Parking" area allowing one-way shooting.
  • Fixed - There is a LOD issue on the north wall from 2F Offices.
  • Fixed - A lighting issue can be noticed on an operator's leg while in prone position next to the wall that connects 2F Armory Lockers and 2F Archives.
  • Fixed - A lighting issue is present on EXT Watch Tower stairs.
  • Fixed - There is a lighting issue present on EXT West Veh. Exit.
  • Fixed - There is a lighting issue present on EXT Pedestrian Customs.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie cameras can be place inside the wall between Main Hallway and Office hallway.


  • Fixed - Yokai drone is not able to stick to the ceiling in the Wine Cellar.
  • Fixed - Most gadgets will not break through the 1F Kitchen window.
  • Fixed - It is possible to shoot through the West Entrance section floor to hit other players in the Snowmobile Garage Corridor section.
  • Fixed - Defenders can spawn kill the attackers if the attackers spawn in Front Yard.
  • Fixed - Players do not receive damage when detonating a Nitro Cell inside the chimney.
  • Fixed - Defenders can spawn kill the attackers If the attackers spawn Campfire side.
  • Fixed - If the nitro cell is used on the fridge in 1F Kitchen, the enemy Operator will take no damage.
  • Fixed - Low fps drop on spectator mode in multiple areas of the map.
  • Fixed - LOD issues with 2F Library can be observed when looking from EXT Helipad.
  • Fixed - Breach Charge LED light will light up as green on a partially destructible surface.
  • Fixed - Walking between the Hostage and the wall near the bed in 2F Master Bedroom causes the character model to become stuck.
  • Fixed - In the 1F Dining Room, the flower bed touching the north-west wall can only be vaulted at one specific spot.
  • Fixed - Nitro cell placed inside of ceiling lamps in 1F Kitchen cause no damage.
  • Fixed - Players can fall through textures near the rocks from the EXT Campfire spawn point.
  • Fixed - Players are able to barricade a blocked window at 1F West Entrance area.
  • Fixed - A painting in the South wall of the Master Bedroom falls down as the match starts.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie cameras can be placed inside some rocks at EXT Cliffside Woods on Chalet.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be hard to detect because of low visibility due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras can be hidden inside a wooden pillar.

Presidential Plane[edit]

  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot through the surface of the plane to kill Attackers in their spawn.
  • Fixed - Players can block EXT Main Entrance using a deployable shield.
  • Fixed - Placeholder texture can be noticed between the floor layers.
  • Fixed - Barbed wire put in the 1F Service Corridor near the unbreakable wall goes through that wall.
  • Fixed - Yokai/Shock drones can get stuck in shelves in 1F Luggage Hold and cannot be retrieved.
  • Fixed - Players don’t receive damage from Nitro Cells in 1F Luggage Hold.
  • Fixed - Players do not take any damage from a Nitro Cell deployed in 2F Executive Bedroom in the corner behind the couch.
  • Fixed - Players do not receive damage from an explosion if explosive is placed on a chair.
  • Fixed - Unbreakable surface message appears when attempting to place a breach charge onto a partial destructible floor from Servers Room B.
  • Fixed - It is possible to reach inaccessible areas on a drone in 1F - Luggage Hold area.
  • Fixed - A player can hide in the shadow of crate in 1F Cargo Hold Room.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be difficult to see in a dark area at 3F Radio Cabin in front of the left plane console due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - A player will not take damage from nitro cell in 1F Cargo Hold.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in Server Room A 3F due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in a corner at 3F Cockpit because the area is too dark due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in a corner at 3F Radio Cabin because the area is too dark due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in the shadow because the area is too dark at 2F Press Section, and between the front row chairs and a wall.
  • Fixed - Operator is barely visible when prone on 2F Staff Section.


  • Fixed - Yokai drone loses signal in Arsenal room when trying to stick to the ceiling.
  • Fixed - Falling on the south side of the pool table while walking will briefly interrupt the secure process.
  • Fixed - Players do not receive damage in Escape Tunnels if using explosive gadgets in specific locations.
  • Fixed - Players do not receive any damage from Nitro Cells after placing it behind the pipes at 2F Secret Stash.
  • Fixed - Players do not receive any damage from Nitro Cells after placing it between the 2 Barrels.
  • Fixed - Operators are able to clip into the wall between 1F Stock Room and 1F Bar.
  • Fixed - A pallet laying on the floor is blocking the user from planting the Defuser in Arsenal Room.
  • Fixed - The book shelf in 2F Logistics Office allows bullet penetration from only one side.
  • Fixed - Players do not take any damage from Nitro Cells after bring placed behind the wooden pillar of the tunnel.
  • Fixed - Players do not take damage from the Nitro Cells if it is placed on the brick wall in the 1F Bar area.
  • Fixed - Users are able to spawn kill from 2F Administrative Office.
  • Fixed - Defenders can spawn kill the attackers if they are spawned at Warehouse.
  • Fixed - Weapons leave no impact decals on pool tables.
  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot through the 1st floor stairs into the basement hallway.
  • Fixed - Drones can get stuck behind the Jukebox.
  • Fixed - Drones have no collision with the building base located at the EXT Shipping Dock area.
  • Fixed - Wrong collision between the wall and the pipes in B Utility room.
  • Fixed - Nitro cell will deal no damage if detonated on railings.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone has no collision with the vent in 1F Kitchen Entrance.
  • Fixed - The drone has no collision with the counter behind the bar.
  • Fixed - Placing a Breach Charge on the glass window at EXT Parking and then destroying the window leaves the Charge floating in mid-air.
  • Fixed - Misaligned plants texture in EXT Recreation Area.
  • Fixed - Operator will not take damage from frag grenade between the brick wall and iron gate, next to the police SUV at EXT Warehouse.
  • Fixed - Players will notice an unnecessary vaulting action present near the bike's elevator at 1F-Garage.
  • Fixed - Echo’s Yokai drone loses signal in B Escape Tunnel when trying to stick to the ceiling.
  • Fixed - Character can hide in a corner in the Utility Room and be hard to see due to lighting.
  • Fixed - There is an invisible collision in the northern side of EXT Warehouse.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility due to light conditions in the corner of the Memorial room.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in the corner on 1F Garage due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in the corners near the pool table at 1F Bar due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, players can hardly spot the enemies at 2F Bedroom Hallway if they stay in crouch.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, a player can be barely visible in a corner between counters in 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, a player can be barely visible in certain parts of 1F Dining Room.
  • Fixed - An Operator is able to hide under the drawers on 3F CCTV Room.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, an operator can be hard to see in the corner of the Service room.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, Operators are barely visible on B Container.
  • Fixed - A player can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye from 2F Bedroom in 1F Bar through a missing texture.
  • Fixed - Player can place drone inside the wall next to the Jukebox.

Bartlett University[edit]

  • Fixed - Deployable gadgets are instantly destroyed when placed in the show case at 1F Trophy Room.
  • Fixed - Debris from destroyed floor tiles are placeholders.
  • Fixed - Big chunks of ceramic floor disappear when grenades are thrown at it.
  • Fixed - The Shock Drone crosshair becomes red if an enemy is behind the trophy showcase.
  • Fixed - An Operator that is prone at the top of the stairs cannot crawl up the stairs in 1F Piano Room.
  • Fixed - Players are detected in between the walls of 2F Main Office and 2F Model Hall.
  • Fixed - Bookcase in 2F Upper Library has missing collision.
  • Fixed - Breach charge and cluster charges can be deployed on an unbreakable surface.
  • Fixed - Depth of view is distorted when your view angle is close to a brick retaining wall on the outside.
  • Fixed - Flicking issue can be noticed on the upper edge of the building next to EXT Parking.
  • Fixed - Defenders will be detected if crouched between the 1F Lower Library and 1F Reading Room door.
  • Fixed - Various painting nameplates are misplaced on the second floor.
  • Fixed - Black Mirrors cannot be deployed on walls with wooden panels while crouching.
  • Fixed - The A Bomb clips through the adjacent sofa.
  • Fixed - The window frame collision is bigger than the visual part on some windows.
  • Fixed - Some areas are too dark when looking inside a room from windows and doors.
  • Fixed - Power generator cables are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - The chair in the lobby disappears when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - A floating sign can be seen if a player destroys the Southern wall in 2F Upper Library.
  • Fixed - Police fence disappears when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Defenders will be detected if crouched between the 1F Lower Library and 1F Reading Room door.
  • Fixed - Various painting nameplates are misplaced on the second floor.
  • Fixed - Paintings disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Line of sight is obstructed by white fog but is not replicated across all clients.
  • Fixed - Yokai can be thrown OOB through the skylight from 1F Dining Room.
  • Fixed - Bushes disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Trash cans disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Rappel anchor is floating on the edge of the roof when rappelling.
  • Fixed - Lounge nameplate is not destroyed if explode the wall under it.
  • Fixed - Fireplace bricks are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Wooden beams in the 2F Classroom don't stop bullets or show any bullet marks.
  • Fixed - LOD issue with multiple signs found in Bartlett University.
  • Fixed - Two columns are overlapping each other and one is not attached to the floor
  • Fixed - Piano room sign is invisible from one side.
  • Fixed - A chair in the festival area disappears when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Hugo soap is deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - "Unbreakable surface" notification received when trying to place a gadget onto the metal signs placed on a destructible wall located in: 1F Service Room, 1F Central Hallway, 2F Front Office, and 1F Piano Room.
  • Fixed - When moving back and forth in the front entrance area, the Police truck deforms when LOD lowers.
  • Fixed - Operator is barely visible when prone on 1F kitchen counters.
  • Fixed - An Operator is hard to be seen in the corner of 1F Kitchen due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator is hard to be seen in the corner of 2F Model Hall due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, a player can be barely visible in a corner in 1F Dining Room.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, a player can be hard to see in the corner of 1F Piano Room.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, a player can be hard to see in the corner of 1F Service Room.
  • Fixed - A player can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye from 2F Trophy Room in a wall in 2F Vista Hallway through a missing texture.
  • Fixed - Breaking one small window result in 3 windows breaking.
  • Fixed - Jager's Gadget can be placed floating in front of the fireplace in the Library (Piano room).


  • Fixed - A section of the wall allows gunfire to pass through without leaving bullet holes.
  • Fixed - Invisible walls are still present on the edges of the garage door, even after the entire garage door is destroyed.
  • Fixed - Possible to place an Exothermic Charge on indestructible wall.
  • Fixed - Operators can break the pool-tables and hide inside them, which can give an unfair advantage.
  • Fixed - Throwing a Nitro Cell at EXT Treehouse Alley location won't cause any damage.
  • Fixed - Player can get blinded through a solid wall on 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed - Gadgets cannot be deployed at 2F Side stairs.
  • Fixed - After destroying a wall section, players will notice a residual graphical effects hovering mid-air.
  • Fixed - Some invisible walls that block bullets are present.
  • Fixed - Thermite can deploy an Exothermic Charge on the pool table in 1F Living room.
  • Fixed - The Side Stairs top three windows are not broken when Ash fires a breaching round through them.
  • Fixed - Some areas are too dark when looking inside a room from windows and doors.
  • Fixed - Breaching charges cannot be placed on some partially destructible walls.
  • Fixed - Mute's Jammer cannot be placed on most of the floor at 2F Side Stairs.
  • Fixed - Missing collision on the stairs of the River Docks, which leads to the possibility of killing Attacking Operators by shooting through the stairs.
  • Fixed - Players are unable to ping inside the building through the window at EXT Treehouse Alley.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present with the weights at B Depot.
  • Fixed - Flickering textures on the 2F Lobby Stairs.
  • Fixed - Flickering texture can be seen from EXT Main Entrance at the exterior window from the first floor.
  • Fixed - Stray pieces of the environment issue can be noticed on the fence pillar.
  • Fixed - Invisible collision present near the benches in River Docks spawn point.
  • Fixed - Gadgets can clip through walls from the 1F Kitchen area.
  • Fixed - Weapons leave no impact decals on pool tables
  • Fixed - Fire hydrants disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed from the Construction Site spawn facing the front of the house.
  • Fixed - Players can remain stuck between the fence and a wall at the Construction Yard.
  • Fixed - Players can remain stuck in the space between armored vehicle and a wall at the Construction Yard.
  • Fixed - A player can get flashed after they throw a Flash Grenade from 1F Back entrance and faces the indestructible wall.
  • Fixed - Throwable gadgets will remain stuck in midair on the cabinet of bed at 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed - When moving back and forth in the Side Street area, police car decals deform when LOD lowers.
  • Fixed - Flickering texture can be noticed while looking at the ceiling from B Side Stairs.
  • Fixed - Black Eye cams can clip through walls if tossed from the Training Room area.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, Attackers can hardly spot enemies in 1F Dining Room.
  • Fixed - An Operator can appear to not be visible when rappelling at EXT Treehouse Alley when viewed from 1F Side Stairs at night.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie can place a camera inside a wall from Training Room.
  • Fixed - There is an unnecessary light present at EXT Front Porch Top during night time.
  • Fixed - Doorframe in 1F Kitchen/2F Workshop map gets additional collision after explosion pellets on nearest walls.
  • Fixed - Incorrect shadow can be noticed on walls after destroying various objects on the house map.
  • Fixed - Misplaced steam effect in EXT Recreation Area.


  • Fixed - Users are able to vault on the frames of the double windows in Control Room.
  • Fixed - The Operator does not take damage when the Nitro Cell explodes on the metallic bars at CC3F Control Room area.
  • Fixed - Player can be stuck on the water when vaulting over a deployed shield.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on the CG2F Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - Players are able to see through 3F Control's Room floor by placing a drone in the pipe in 2F Maps Office.
  • Fixed - The display glass in CC2F Model Room is unbreakable.
  • Fixed - Deployment animation for Kapkan’s EDD clips with a prop at CG2F Lounge.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone gets detected as being outside when is travelling on the wires located on the ceiling of the CG2F Radio area.
  • Fixed - Keyboards disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Life buoys are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Cables on the roof are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Broken window texture can be seen on car.
  • Fixed - Drone is destroyed without touching the out of bounds limit.
  • Fixed - Air vents are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - The defenders can spot the attackers spawned at the docks through a building with the camera in the front of the building.
  • Fixed - Players are able to clip the drone's camera through the ceiling and see through in Coast Guard Stairs.
  • Fixed - It is possible to see through the ceiling of 2F Cafeteria with a drone.


  • Fixed - LOD issue present on the ceiling fan in 2F Admin Office.
  • Fixed - Missing vault option on an office box.
  • Fixed - The ceiling of the 1F Service Stairs is impervious to explosion.
  • Fixed - Missing textures on the ceiling located in the 1F Lobby area allow players to get killed from the floor above.
  • Fixed - Yokai can deploy on the ground at the 1F Lobby after shooting the celling.
  • Fixed - Drones experience rubber banding when attempting to enter through a drone vent at EXT East Front Yard.
  • Fixed - Vaulting over the counter in 1F Lobby causes the operator to break collision with the floor.
  • Fixed - Both window textures in the Tellers Office are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Wall reinforcements are not installed properly when placed near an end of the wall with a buffer.
  • Fixed - Drones can be forced to fall through the map, thus identifying all enemies.
  • Fixed - Users are able to spawn kill into Police Line from 2F Administrative Office.
  • Fixed - Black Eye cameras can be placed inside half wall in 1F Tellers.
  • Fixed - A gap can be found while destroying ceiling in Archives Corridor B.
  • Fixed - Black Eye camera can be placed in a wall.
  • Fixed - Placeholders can be noticed on the spotlights during the day on Consulate map.
  • Fixed - The body of a player can clip through the lobby desk while under it.
  • Fixed - A section of wall next to the doorway is missing the ability to be reinforced.
  • Fixed - Missing vault option on a desk in 2F Admin Office.
  • Fixed - LOD issue with some paintings.
  • Fixed - Player can be killed in 1F Lobby through a missing texture from 2F Front Office floor.
  • Fixed - Missing textures on the ceiling located in the 1F Lobby area allow the user to get killed from the floor above.
  • Fixed - Lighting in some rooms is too low to notice Defenders.
  • Fixed - Vending machine at 2F Hallway disappears when the player is in 2F Consul Office.
  • Fixed - Problematic collision with the statue at 1F Main Stairs.
  • Fixed - Consulate Press Room window barricades are clipping with window frame.
  • Fixed - Glass does not break in skylight although the sound is heard every time a bullet is shot through.
  • Fixed - The wall next to the doorway of B Service Stairs is missing interaction to reinforce.
  • Fixed - A player can reinforce a wall through an indestructible wall located at "1F Public Bathroom" area.
  • Fixed - When an Attacker throws their drone on the windows of EXT gardens, the drone will end up inside the walls and will be able to go anywhere on the map.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible when hiding in the corner of the B Archives near the servers.
  • Fixed - When playing as Kapkan, it is possible to not be able to pick up an EDD trap after deploying it in certain areas.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in prone stance under some desks at 2F Administration Office due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible when crouching near a drawer at 2F Administration Office due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - The wrong color of light can be seen emanating from the fire in the EXT Garage Way area, on the gate pylons next to the burning truck.
  • Fixed - Players can shoot and kill through the ceiling from B Cafeteria to 1F Main Stairs.


  • Fixed - One of the walls that separates 2F VIP Lounge and 2F Hallway does not always get destroyed by breaching charges.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed from EXT Ruins spawn point facing the house.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed with most of the neon lights on the Structures.
  • Fixed - In 2F Aquarium, part of the destroyed floor is missing collision and operators can partially clip through it.
  • Fixed - In 1F Hallway, Barricades and Kapkan's EDD are not placed correctly on a specific wooden door frame.
  • Fixed - Barricades become dark if mounted on a specific door frame at 2F Hall of Fame.
  • Fixed - Menu has spelling errors: ("Vierias con rabo de torro" and "cafe tarde")
  • Fixed - Impact / frag grenades do more damage than expected to the floors of 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - Throwable gadgets and grenades do not properly interact with luggage.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed with the Police car lights.
  • Fixed - LOD issue is present in 1F Pool Entrance.
  • Fixed - Operators can clip through the edge of the roof when they rappel from it.
  • Fixed - Operators are able to clip through the wall below the Sunrise bar window.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present when a Black Eye camera is placed on the wooden portion of the sofa in 2F Hookah Lounge.
  • Fixed - Recessed wall areas can only be shot through from one direction.
  • Fixed - Yokai does not have collision with the ceiling fan in 1F Security Room.
  • Fixed - when spawning in the Pool Area, the Operator that is spawned on the curb will begin to tremble.
  • Fixed - Rappel breaching animation collides with the character model on the lower part of the wall in Pool Area and Private Bar.
  • Fixed - Impact grenades do more damage than intended on the ceiling of 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - Lights on EXT South Promenade present a LOD issue.
  • Fixed - Sofa in EXT Pool can be penetrated by bullets.
  • Fixed - LOD issue in EXT pool with poles.
  • Fixed - There is an invisible wall at EXT Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - A partially transparent decal is found on the corners of the garage.
  • Fixed - Bullets do not deal full damage to the plywood walls if shot from the glossy side.
  • Fixed - Defenders are able to get on top of the roof.
  • Fixed - Operators begin to tremble when traversing the sofa in 2F Penthouse, 2F Aquarium, 1F Main Lobby, and 1F Sunrise Bar.
  • Fixed - Walls are not fully destroyed as intended in Blue Bar, Courtyard, Billiards, and Hallway.
  • Fixed - DJ Screen does not change color as intended when shot.
  • Fixed - Attackers can vault from the exterior canopy inside the 2F Penthouse room.
  • Fixed - Destroying specific objects on the map causes Operator collision to break.
  • Fixed - Shock Drone does not have collision with the shelf in 2F Hall of Fame.
  • Fixed - Fuze cannot place Cluster Charge on the door from the EXT Hookah deck.
  • Fixed - Drones are able fall out of the map in the EXT Pool area.
  • Fixed - Invisible collision near EXT Ruins spawn point.
  • Fixed - Destruction in 1F Kitchen Ceiling results in flickering.
  • Fixed - Defuser can be placed outside the boundaries if a wall is destroyed in 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be seen with windows in EXT Pool.
  • Fixed - Operator can remain stuck between chairs at EXT Ruins.
  • Fixed - Character clips through the stairs at EXT Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - Drones encounters an invisible collision when it jumps on the mirror in 1F Toilets.
  • Fixed - In 2F South Hallway, the luggage bag's handle clips through the adjacent metal box.
  • Fixed - Shadow issues can be noticed on EXT Ruins from EXT Roof.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on the truck's back wheel at EXT Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - Main entrance gate posts disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Multiple objects disappear near the tables at EXT Pool Side area when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Soda can is floating in the air at EXT Walkway near the wall.
  • Fixed - Multiple LOD issue can be noticed from 1F Rosa Bar to 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - White truck tires disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Wires can be seen slipping through the floor in 1F Security Room.
  • Fixed - Pots will sometimes disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - The luggage clips through the wall in 1F Main Lobby.
  • Fixed - Pool glass disappears when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Parts of the environment clip through the pink tarpaulin on the roof.
  • Fixed - Multiple LOD issue can be noticed from EXT Main Entrance to 1F Main Lobby.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed from EXT Balcony facing the EXT Ruins spawn point.
  • Fixed - LOD issue with pool accessories.
  • Fixed - Drone can clip and remain stuck in Planter Foliage above Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on EXT Hookah Deck lanterns.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be seen on bags at 2F South Hallway and it's visible from 2F Billiards Room.
  • Fixed - Wall reinforcements clip through the column in 1F Sunrise Bar.
  • Fixed - Square lamps disappear at a certain range when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Grass clips through the curb at EXT Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - The debris resulted from shooting at the wooden frame from the north wall is floating in the air.
  • Fixed - Flickering texture can be notice from EXT Main Street with the window frame
  • Fixed - Missing light source at EXT Ruins.
  • Fixed - LOD issues can be noticed on EXT Pool on the wood planks and a spotlight.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed in 2F Hallway.
  • Fixed - Drone is destroyed behind the Hummer in EXT Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - Vaultable tray in 1F Kitchen requires a very specific angle for the prompt to show.
  • Fixed - Flickering issue present on the paper sheets on 2F Aquarium.
  • Fixed - It is possible to shoot and kill the enemy team members through the vent entry situated on the rooftop, of the "La Perla Blanca" building. Note that this vent can still be used for grenades.
  • Fixed - There are some places where it's difficult to identify enemy on Beach Bar.
  • Fixed - There is a flickering issue present at 2F Billiards Room.
  • Fixed - Using a hidden Vault prompt, the player can access the small terrace near the stone tower.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on 1F Aquarium's multiple objects and lighting from 2F Hookah Lounge.
  • Fixed - The dirt texture on the floor of the toilets on the first floor / 1F flickers if the operator looks at it from the doorways or the back of the toilets.
  • Fixed - Character starts to tremble when reaching a spot over the pillow on the couch in multiple locations.
  • Fixed - There is a lighting issue that can be noticed when looking inside the building, to 2F Hallway, from EXT Main Entrance.
  • Fixed - There is a lighting issue when looking from EXT Balcony to 2F Aquarium.
  • Fixed - A lighting issue can be noticed when looking inside the building from EXT Main Entrance to 2F Penthouse.
  • Fixed - The kitchen appliances are too bright when viewed from outside in 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - The Drone vent is illuminated in 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed - The windows of some vehicles are misplaced.
  • Fixed - Flickering issue on the wood wall from the Exit Main Entrance.

Hereford Base[edit]

  • Fixed - A Black Mirror can be placed on a wall that has an indestructible second layer.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone does not stick consistently to the cabinet and fridge in 2F Office.
  • Fixed - Missing camera collision in 3F Ballistic Mat Depot.
  • Fixed - Wall frames disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Clipping issue when vaulting on the metal pile in 3F Ballistic Mat Depot can give the defender the option to throw a C4 at a spawn point.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone can remain stuck under the wall blanket at B Armory.
  • Fixed - LOD issue with ramp in Front Access.
  • Fixed - Drone will sometimes fall under the map at spawn point.
  • Fixed - Operators are able to force the collision and can clip through the tires near the Shooting Range while in rappel.
  • Fixed - Users may remain stuck when attempting to vault from a window in the Children's Bedroom.
  • Fixed - It is possible to shoot from outside to inside through the Side Stairs to 2F Bathroom.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cell does full damage on the other side of a reinforced wall when a Black Mirror is placed on the North wall of "B Lockers" area.
  • Fixed - The drone hole situated at "EXT Basement Entrance" is too dark to navigate properly even at higher brightness.
  • Fixed - The players can place the defuser in Armory on top of boxes and out of reach for defenders.
  • Fixed - Operators can be hard to see in the corner of the room due to the light at 2F Office.
  • Fixed - There is a vault prompt that allows players to climb onto a shelf and shoot through a window near the Attacker spawn entrance.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in B Main Stairs when crouching in the corner due to lighting.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible in the corner at 1F Corridor due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be hard to detect if hiding in a corner of the Basement Area due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be barely visible at B Amory when crouching in the corner due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting attackers can hardly spot the enemies at 2F Kids bedroom from 2F Corridor.
  • Fixed - A lighting issue can be observed in the corner of 2F Master bedroom.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, it is difficult to identify an operator if they stay in two dark corners in the 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed - The projector lights are too bright making the enemy barely visible when hidden behind the boxes at the EXT Barracks.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, an operator can be barely visible in a corner at 1F kitchen because the area is too dark.
  • Fixed - An Operator can throw gadgets through the grill at EXT Basement Entrance when standing below the grill.
  • Fixed - A player can deploy a Black Mirror on the opposite side of a reinforcement if there is a wooden beam.
  • Fixed - It is possible to go into the cabinet located at 2F Master Bedroom.


  • Fixed - It is possible to deploy the Defuser in the sink of Laundry Room.
  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot into door frames to have their bullets pass through indestructible walls.
  • Fixed - Drones have no collision with the corner of the roof from EXT Meeting Hall Roof area.
  • Fixed - Jager can’t deploy gadget on Dormitory Main Hall wall near door.
  • Fixed - Player does not receive damage when a nitro cell placed on the boxes at 1F Pantry is detonated.
  • Fixed - Players are able to break collision by going prone in a narrow space and turning around.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present at the bottom wall next to the Classroom.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present at the wall near 1F Dining Hall corridor.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present at the ceiling near the corner of 1F Bathroom corridor.
  • Fixed - When moving near the white vans, the rear windows appear to materialize.
  • Fixed - The rappel cable passes through the roof near entrance at EXT Construction Site.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present at the bottom right corner of the doorframe.
  • Fixed - Screens stay afloat after destroying the televisions throughout the map.
  • Fixed - There is a texture gap between two walls in the 2F Attic area.
  • Fixed - Small gaps between the sandbags allow bullets to pass through from 1F Meeting Hall/Outside.
  • Fixed - Metal information plates disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - A camera can be placed in 1F Dining Hall Corridor and it is able to see inside 1F Showers.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present at Showers.
  • Fixed - By positioning on the East wall of the room some shadows disappear revealing enemy operators.
  • Fixed - When playing as Valkyrie on Oregon, if the player destroy the ceiling in the corner of 1F dining hall next to the couch, Valkyrie will be able to place a cameras that will let her see the corridor and the rest of The Dining hall.
  • Fixed - An Operator can hide in the South East corner of the Bus Yard due to lighting issue.
  • Fixed - The player can be barely visible in a corner at B Supply Room because the area is too dark due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - A player can be barely visible in a corner in the Shooting Range area due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, players can hardly spot enemies in 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed - The outside lamps on the maps are not generating any light on daytime lighting.
  • Fixed - There is a flickering issue on the windows of the van at Bus Yard.
  • Fixed - A light without a source can be noticed on the wall in 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed - Light appears and disappears when the player approaches or distance to the EXT Main Hall Roof.


  • Fixed - LOD issue is present in 2F Executive hallway.
  • Fixed - Invisible collision present in B Vault.
  • Fixed - Lamp destruction is not performing as desired.
  • Fixed - Rubberbanding sometimes occurs when attempting to rappel at EXT Garage Ramp.
  • Fixed - The player can force collision with the East wall from EXT Alley Access area.
  • Fixed - Some light poles are currently placeholders.
  • Fixed - Invisible collision can be encountered while navigating in rappel on the Western wall of the building.
  • Fixed - There is a gap between the walls located at area "1F Archives" allowing the shoot at "1F Admin Office" area.
  • Fixed - Paintings disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - The player can break collision with ceiling and see enemies above them.
  • Fixed - Glass does not break in skylight although the sound is heard every time a bullet is shot through.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present at B Gold Vault
  • Fixed - The Yokai drone and Black Eye camera have no collision with the server wires located at B Server Room.
  • Fixed - Drone physics behavior is erratic when thrown through 1F Lobby windows.
  • Fixed - In 1F Staff Room, the glass and cup on the table create a collision with the player which hinders his movement.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cells won't cause any damage if placed on the flag in 2F Conference Room.
  • Fixed - Kapkan trap is not properly aligned with the edge of the window on EXT Garage Roof.
  • Fixed - Drone can see through the texture on all the floors while jumping on top of pipes.
  • Fixed - Bullets are able to pass through the window frames located at 1F Lobby.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be observed on multiple objects in 2F Stock Trading Room.
  • Fixed - The pillars located at 1F Staff Room area do not have bullet collision.
  • Fixed - The metal plates on the wall at the Jewelry Front spawn have no collision, allowing gadgets such as drones to enter the textures.
  • Fixed - There is an invisible collision present while the player tries to go upstairs while in prone.
  • Fixed - Players can have difficulty spotting enemies who are on the money bag in the Gold Vault corridor due to lighting.
  • Fixed - A player can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye from 2F Conference Room in 1F Tellers Office through a missing texture.
  • Fixed - An Operator can clip under the desk making it an advantageous hiding spot.
  • Fixed - Due to improper lighting, an Operator with a dark uniform near the couch is hard to be observed at 2F Executive Lounge.
  • Fixed - Operators are clipping through the desk panel while prone and can be noticed by the attackers with ease in Stock Trading Room.
  • Fixed - The ramp atop the police car is floating.
  • Fixed - Breaching Rounds get stuck in air between the window's grates.
  • Fixed - A semi-transparent texture can be noticed outside the wall at 2F Hallway.

Kafe Dostoyevsky[edit]

  • Fixed - Players are not able to plant the Defuser on trays.
  • Fixed - Yokai drone breaks collision with the central metal beam of the skylight after destroying the barricaded window of the skylight.
  • Fixed - Breaching Charges can't be place on barricade and Castle's barricade in the Kafe map.
  • Fixed - Defenders are hardly visible when attackers are peeking into windows facing North or East side.
  • Fixed - There is bullet penetration in some areas of the brick wall above the kitchen grill between 2F Fireplace Hall and 1F Kitchen Grill.
  • Fixed - The radiators are partially deformed as a result of low LOD.
  • Fixed - Golden columns disappear when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Tinsel garlands are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - One side of the skyline glass cannot be broken/shot through/have a drone thrown through.
  • Fixed - Some pieces of white wall tiles cannot be fully destroyed in the kitchen.
  • Fixed - Vaulting prompt on the table in 1F Dining Room does not appear as easily as desired.
  • Fixed - Windows are deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Pipes become much darker when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Cupboard in Dining Room is deformed when LOD is too low.
  • Fixed - Improper shadow generated by the chandeliers.
  • Fixed - Multiple LOD issue can be noticed from 3F Bar.
  • Fixed - Defenders can kill the attackers with a Nitro Cell through an unbreakable floor from Kitchen Prep to Mining room.
  • Fixed - Players can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye from 1F Reading Room in 3F Bar through a missing texture.
  • Fixed - Fog can be seen clipping through the ceiling of the building.
  • Fixed - When rappelling on the bakery roof location, the player is able to see the inside of the building for a brief moment and can stay stuck.
  • Fixed - When moving back and forth in the Reading Room, lamps deform when LOD lowers.
  • Fixed - The fire extinguisher, lamp and sign disappear after you reach a certain distance. This occurs at 2F Pillars Dining Room. Note: This does not occur when aiming down sight.
  • Fixed - If the front glass of the window is broken, a breach charge cannot be deployed.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on the fence around the wheel on 2F Mining Room.
  • Fixed - Wall panels, folding table, and painting disappear at a certain distance.
  • Fixed - In the Kafe's skylight, there are 3 windows on the side of it that players are unable to destroy. Shooting at the windows might give the player the impression they are destroyed because they let out a broken glass particle effect, but the collision and the windows are still there.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie cameras can be place inside the floor of cigar lounge from Train museum on Kafe.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility in a corner in Cold Room Corridor due to lighting.
  • Fixed - Players can hide in a corner at 1F Bakery Kitchen because the area is too dark.
  • Fixed - An operator can be hard to see in a corner at EXT Terrace because the area is too dark due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - A player can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye camera from 3F Bar in 2F Reading Room through a missing texture.
  • Fixed - Echo’s Yokai drone loses signal while traveling through the drone vent located between 1F Kitchen Prep and 1F Main Corridor.
  • Fixed - The player is unable to see an enemy player in prone position on the table due to a lack of light in the corner of 1F VIP Section.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be hard to detect because of low visibility due to a lighting issue in 2F Reading Room.
  • Fixed - An operator can be hard to detect in a corner at 1F VIP Section because the area is too dark due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An enemy player can't be observed while in prone position next to the armchair and minibar in 3F Cigar Lounge due to a lack of light.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility when looking from windows to the surrounding areas of EXT Terrace during night time.
  • Fixed - An Operator can be hard to detect in a corner behind the stairs at 1F Main Corridor because the area is too dark due to a lighting issue.
  • Fixed - An Operator is able to hide under the cigar shelfs on 3F Cigar Shop.
  • Fixed - There is low visibility in two corners from the Train Museum area.
  • Fixed - There is a LOD issue is present on multiple texture assets at 3F Cigar Lounge exit to 3F Washroom Corridor.
  • Fixed - There is a LOD issue is present on several assets at 2F Mining Room.
  • Fixed - There is a LOD issue is present on pipe at 2F Back Stairs.
  • Fixed - The lights outside the Kafe building are flickering at night.
  • Fixed - There is a LOD issue present on the police car and taxi’s wheels and roof sign.
  • Fixed - A Lighting issue can be noticed on the engine and iron wheel at 2F Mining Room.
  • Fixed - Light is not cast on the nearby environment at the EXT Terrace door.
  • Fixed - There is an LOD issue on a painting and wall decal at 1F Dining Room.
  • Fixed - A LOD Issue can be observed at the base of the wooden house located in EXT Park.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie is able to place a cameras inside a wall from 3F Bar that lets her scan passing players,
  • Fixed - Players can throw a Valkyrie Black Eye from 1F Kitchen Prep in a top wall moulding rail in 1F Main Corridor through a missing texture.

User Experience[edit]

  • Fixed - Breaching charge audio is lower than intended while rappelling.
  • Fixed - The front of the White Mask’s gun is corrupted during death replay.
  • Fixed - Players do not automatically go on their drone in the support rotation.
  • Fixed - Toggling a weapons fire mode while ADS will only trigger the animation once.
  • Fixed - When holding a gadget the weapon fire mode toggle icon remains visible.
  • Fixed - Some charms are not centered on their hooks.
  • Fixed - When placing a gadget on some walls, the light becomes brighter.
  • Fixed - Sound switch doesn't switch if 'Damage switch' is empty, the previous damage SFX is played.
  • Fixed - Clipping issues present on GIGN’s default uniforms.
  • Fixed - Graphical corruption present on Buck’s Ghost Headgear.
  • Fixed - Switching between player view and cameras can sometimes increase the map sound levels.
  • Fixed - The sound effect of picking up the Yokai drone is missing.
  • Fixed - In spectator mode, when watching a player destroy a planted Defuser, the sound effect of the hit is not synchronized with the hit itself.
  • Fixed - The Renown counter audio clip will sometimes play even after backing out to the main menu.
  • Fixed - Tachanka looks entirely too angry while wearing the K6-3 headgear. He is more accepting of this helmet now.
  • Fixed - Operator’s hands clip through smoke grenades if they are held while having a shield equipped.
  • Fixed - The front of Bandit’s neck has an issue with the textures.
  • Fixed - The buttstock will sometimes clip through an Operator’s shoulder when switching between sidearm and primary weapon.
  • Fixed - Surrender option is available while matchmaking.
  • Fixed - Players are not able to see their own negative score at the end of the match.
  • Fixed - After all players accept a party invite, or the player leaves a squad, the Situations submenu is overlapped in odd ways.
  • Fixed - Sunburn glasses clip through Pulse’s face.
  • Fixed - All empty slots have Defend icons in the Planning Phase when spectating a game that is only populated by spectators.
  • Fixed - The title is missing in the viewer panel when highlighting Bio in the Operator’s page.
  • Fixed - Jager’s BPM Headgear looks different in the shop when compared to in game.
  • Fixed - Pulse’s eyes are missing while wearing the Sunburn headgear.
  • Fixed - Inconsistencies when comparing the rank in the after action report to that of the ranked viewer panel.
  • Fixed - 5:4 aspect ratio will cause a white line to appear on the top left of the screen during the Operator selection screen.
  • Fixed - ITA12S and Bearing9 appear zoomed out in the Loadout menu.
  • Fixed - Jackal’s Kingslayer weapon camo is missing the Uplay logo in the shop.
  • Fixed - Castle’s Smile headgear has a hole in the bottom of the collar.
  • Fixed - Multiple headgears for Ash clip into her left shoulder.
  • Fixed - Montagne’s chin strap clips into his shoulder.
  • Fixed - Titles are missing for some attachment icons in the Loadout customization menu.
  • Fixed - The messaging bar under the portal's header contains corrupted characters if the user enters to any lobby having one of the Asian or the Cyrillic characters and then changes the language
  • Fixed - Rook’s Adrian Helmet clips through collar in preview mode.
  • Fixed - Ammo refill counter from supply crates is missing.
  • Fixed - Notification for Abandon Sanction mentions Surrender Sanction instead.
  • Fixed - Textures are missing on the left and right side of Rook’s Adrian headgear.
  • Fixed - Submenu’s stay open and highlights are sent to the background when opening a submenu and immediately closing it in the Options menu.
  • Fixed - In game loadout is affected by the controller/keyboard input when the scoreboard is displayed on screen.
  • Fixed - Sometimes, a player has no weapon/gadget, or the wrong weapon in hands when a spectator switches to them.
  • Fixed - A slight frame freeze is experienced when meleeing a barricade while rappelling.
  • Fixed - Players will sometimes not receive points for spotting an enemy player with their drone.
  • Fixed - Broken animation is present in third person while holding a throwable gadget and moving around in the prone stance.
  • Fixed - Breaking the reload animation for an animated magazine reload causes a corruption of the reload.
  • Fixed - Buck’s magazine can be seen floating in mid-air after being killed.
  • Fixed - The controller rumbles after sticking the Yokai drone to any gadget previously thrown on the ceiling
  • Fixed - Incorrect sequence of events when breaching a window while entering it.
  • Fixed - Red dot disappears for specific parts (head, legs, etc) on all Operator’s bodies when getting too close while in game.
  • Fixed - Selection highlight on the scoreboard does not work as intended.
  • Fixed - When switching weapons, the observation tool disappears from the Operator’s hands.
  • Fixed - Corrupted animation is present on the Operator's arms when viewed from third person while climbing a ladder
  • Fixed - A join in progress spectator will not see any projectiles fired before joining the match.
  • Fixed - Some Operators will have an occluding field at their feet that hides decals when over or next to them.
  • Fixed - Damaging a window and placing a breaching charge on its far side causes the charge to clip into the frame.
  • Fixed - The Quebec flag on most of Buck's headgear is floating off to the side.
  • Fixed - On Glaz's uniforms, the strap on his back clips into his body.
  • Fixed - Glaz' skin on the Leaf Litter Camo is too glossy.
  • Fixed - The Battle Tank charm clips slightly into the gun.
  • Fixed - Several skins are applied incorrectly to IQ's AUG A2 weapon.
  • Fixed - The Bluetooth on IQ’s Pichon headgear is misplaced.
  • Fixed - The shield skins do not apply properly on the operator preview model nor in game.
  • Fixed - Orizuru charm will clip through the gun when inspecting the gun.
  • Fixed - Missing visual effects when holding an EMP grenade in first person.
  • Fixed - Sound effects for Kapkan’s gadget deployments sometimes plays twice.
  • Fixed - The audio cues from the Exothermic Charges will sometimes play twice.
  • Fixed - Silent Step melee, while prone, plays the wrong sound.
  • Fixed - Attackers can hear Defender voice lines.
  • Fixed - Sometimes cluster sounds are not heard through trapdoors.
  • Fixed - Destruction sounds are not properly oriented sometimes.
  • Fixed - The Cluster Charge sound is not heard if the gadget is planted after finishing rappel.
  • Fixed - Smart Focus is inconsistent when quickly hovering the mouse from a list item to the side panel or back button in the Album or Shop.
  • Fixed - Inconsistency between the 3D model and the thumbnail on Bandit's "Dust Line" headgear.
  • Fixed - The Default Headgear for Frost does not match the Thumbnail.
  • Fixed - The name for the 552 Commando weapon is displayed incomplete when a skin is received from an Alpha Pack.
  • Fixed - Wrong name displayed on Echo's uniform.
  • Fixed - Players are not able to access any profile from squad tab.
  • Fixed - Thatcher, Sledge and Smoke's uniforms are the wrong color.
  • Fixed - Overlapping text when video starts on all PVE situations.
  • Fixed - Jager’s KT Mandrake Camo has stretched textures that appear low-res on the bottom part of the shirt.
  • Fixed - Echo’s hair seems untextured or unaffected by lighting.
  • Fixed - Text reads "Bathoom Balcony" instead of "Bathroom Balcony" in the Compass when standing on the Bathroom Balcony in Chalet.
  • Fixed - Operators disappear after the round ends.
  • Fixed - Small yellow square present on Gabber headgear.
  • Fixed - The Ubisoft Club progression displays For Honor instead of Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Fixed - Squad System fails to distinguish between squad leader and other squad members in the Party Panel in the portal.
  • Fixed - Compared to Season 4, some of Jager's headgear have changed.
  • Fixed - Spelling mistake in Bandit's Bio.
  • Fixed - The timer on death cam replay is not framed properly.
  • Fixed - Rank icons in a squad are in a low resolution.
  • Fixed - Players will be returned to main menu automatically after pressing ESC while attachments/headgear/uniform page load up
  • Fixed - Hitting the ESC button during a transition screen will cause the game to return to the main menu instead of the previous screen.
  • Fixed - Inconsistent text formatting in shop preview fast buy button.
  • Fixed - The bullets decals are not correctly replicated on Caster Cam / Support Cam.
  • Fixed - Renown preview fails to change to R6 Credits preview when highlighting the "Buy with R6 Credits" option when purchasing items in the Album or Shop.
  • Fixed - Texture seam is present on the front of Thermite’s Velvet Shell headgear.
  • Fixed - Clients have "Join Game" option on Custom Dedicated match.
  • Fixed - Scoreboard does not appear at the end of Terrorist Hunt rounds.
  • Fixed - The "Skilled" Uplay action states that a player needs 5 ranked matches to enter a league instead of 10 ranked matches.
  • Fixed - Hunter's Mark bars can overlap with messages in the Objective Panel when Hunter Vision is activated in game.
  • Fixed - Jager’s Red Crow headgear texture contains a mouse cursor.
  • Fixed - Fullscreen view does not work a second time after returning from the item previously watched.
  • Fixed - The Gabber Headgear's texture is applied incorrectly to the 3D model.
  • Fixed - Vote Kick prompt overlaps with end of round replay message in the top left corner of the HUD.
  • Fixed - Jager’s Dust Line headgear makes him have eyeliner.
  • Fixed - Enamored textures appear muddled on the Type-89, and are inconsistent with other Enamored skins.
  • Fixed - Display surround settings are not applicable after the latest patch.
  • Fixed - In the headgear preview for Blackbeard, his eyes are completely white for the headgear where you can see his eyes.
  • Fixed - IQ is over memory budget when loading the Sucker Mouth Headgear.
  • Fixed - IQ’s LMG ammo clip disappears when looking at it from different angles.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie’s Shock Rock headgear has missing hair on the side and top of Valkyrie's head.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie’s Overlord Headgear is over memory budget.
  • Fixed - Frost’s Trapper is over memory budget.
  • Fixed - ASH has duplicated Meshes.
  • Fixed - Ash’s hair clips into several of her headgears.
  • Fixed - Golden Fleece charm will clip through the gun when inspecting the gun
  • Fixed - The Baguette charm is seen in low resolution.
  • Fixed - The Abanico charm is not properly aligned to its hoops.
  • Fixed - Mute’s Tree Viper headgear is low resolution.
  • Fixed - There is a resolution inconstancy for the DJ bundle for Jager, Blitz, Bandit, and IQ.
  • Fixed - Rook, Jackal and Golden Rook Chibi do not properly move as bobbleheads.
  • Fixed - Thermite’s Vintage Bureau headgear has low-res textures for its visor.
  • Fixed - Multiple headgears have a diamond shape around the biohazard logo on the left side of Smoke's gas mask.
  • Fixed - Bandit's EBM and Solar headgear give him a blank expression where his eyes appear wide open and do not blink. Welcome back, Bandit’s gentle eyes.
  • Fixed - Multiple operators have one-sided textures on all their uniforms, making some parts disappear at certain angles.
  • Fixed - It can be noticed that Mute's gas mask canisters are not angled properly, causing their textures to be off centered. This occurs on all headgears except Tree Viper, 2.0 and Gravel Blast.
  • Fixed - A hole is present between IQ's hood and uniform.
  • Fixed - The emblem on Capitao's Jiboia headgear is off centered.
  • Fixed - It can be noticed that Rook's eyes appear different across all his headgears, sometimes appearing brown or blue, or having different facial expressions.
  • Fixed - With the Quicksand uniform, on the left side pocket, there is one side that is white.
  • Fixed - The Pro League Set for Frost now has grey pockets & pouches instead of black.
  • Fixed - The straps on Rook's uniform can clip and disappear on both shoulders.
  • Fixed - LOD issue present on the straps of all SAS uniforms.
  • Fixed - Tachanka's Hoshi Oni headgear has a very low resolution texture.
  • Fixed - Mira’s Velvet Shell headgear texture flickers in preview mode.
  • Fixed - Mute’s Dust Line headgear is rendered in low quality.
  • Fixed - The straps on the helmet of the Thatcher Chibi charm is a one-sided texture and disappears.
  • Fixed - Sledge’s hammer is not attached to his back after equipping the Elite uniform.
  • Fixed - Inconsistency for the rotation speed of the chibi charms.
  • Fixed - Rook's Red Crow headgear is the same as his default headgear when previewed or equipped in the Preview and Shop.
  • Fixed - Blitz’s Pro League Set skin is not visible on his shield after being equipped.
  • Fixed - Dedsec Thunder Ball charm bomb design appears to be in low resolution.
  • Fixed - Low resolution on Fuze’s Juggernaut headgear.
  • Fixed - The texture of Caveira’s hat has a small white spot on the back.
  • Fixed - It can be noticed that compared to Year 1 Season 4, Blackbeard's headgear in Year 2 Season 1 have been completely changed. Some have different scarves, lost camos, different colored lines, and a loss in saturation.
  • Fixed - Blackbeard’s Edward Teach headgear thumbnail has a black scarf instead of a beige one.
  • Fixed - Doc’s Velvet Shell headgear chinstrap appears green as opposed to dark grey on the thumbnail.
  • Fixed - No matter what is the game's resolution, the Fuze Icon charm is pixelated and low res.
  • Fixed - The colors on the German flag charm are mirrored and should be, left to right: black, red, yellow.
  • Fixed - The Cracked and Cold Zero charms are not attached to a shield when viewed in full screen from the Shop menu.
  • Fixed - When scrolling through the available charms in the loadout, the player will not be able to equip any of Blackbeard's weapons with the Bacon Charm.
  • Fixed - No image is present in the confirmation pop-up for Buck's Ghost Recon Wildlands bundle.
  • Fixed - The Glacier weapon skin can't be applied correctly to Valkyrie's BlackBeard weapons.
  • Fixed - Capitao’s Calico Jack clips in the uniform in the back of the head.
  • Fixed - The Canadian flag on Buck's backpack appears to be floating on all of his uniforms.
  • Fixed - Dust Line Seasonal charms are missing the season's name.
  • Fixed - The Irish Rover weapon skin presents inconsistency between the preview icon and the actual weapon skin icon.
  • Fixed - The "French fry" and "Bacon" Charms are overlap with info text on all localizations.
  • Fixed - An item is missing from the Rubber Ducks Charm Bundle's payment selection screen.
  • Fixed - The 3D charm preview for Jackal's PDW9 focuses on the wrong side of the weapon in the highlights menu.
  • Fixed - The Martinete weapon skin for Valkyrie's primary weapon is too dark in the preview.
  • Fixed - The Orb Weaver weapon skin for the MP5K appears twice in the description on the "Tough Love" Bundle.
  • Fixed - The item name is plugged instead of the bundle name for the Oil Spill Bundle.
  • Fixed - Initiating a melee attack animation while moving forward has no sound effects on surfaces.
  • Fixed - User can notice that the counting sound for Renown in After Action Report is still playing after the player quits to main menu before all the information in AAR is updated.
  • Fixed - All DLC Operators are marked as "New Operators" in the text, regardless of how long they have been out.
  • Fixed - There is overlapping text in After Action Report after squad leader selects "Keep playing as a team".
  • Fixed - LOD issue on several operators: Jackal's vest, Thermite (the FBI writing on the back and), Twitch (the GIGN writing on the back), Recruit's hands.
  • Fixed - Shield disappears after you inspect and rotate the operators in the uniforms tab from the loadout menu.
  • Fixed - An Operator equipped with a shield can have their shield active up front while in drone view.
  • Fixed - On Recruit, changing CTU after selecting a weapon will show multiple weapons selected on the Operator Selection menu.
  • Fixed - Cannot see shells while shooting with shotgun in first person view for GIGN Operators.
  • Fixed - White flickering occurs during end of round replay.
  • Fixed - Weapon stocks clip through Operators’ shoulder after switching from secondary weapon to primary.
  • Fixed - Corrupted reload animation while prone on weapons with magazines that made the magazine look like it was floating.
  • Fixed - Legs can clip through the bottom of the window while initiating a rappel from inside of the building in third person view.
  • Fixed - Shooting a player who is reloading and sending him into a DBNO state will not interrupt the reloading animation.
  • Fixed - IQ's left hand glitches after fast descending.
  • Fixed - When a player cancels the sprint animation fast enough, the elbow and the gun can pop upward then move back to the normal stance.
  • Fixed - Sledge's hand is clipping through his body when holding the sledgehammer.
  • Fixed - As an attacker, if you release the rappel button just before the rappel progression bar is complete, everyone will see you at that location while you move around in rappel while invisible.
  • Fixed - At the beginning of his animation, Mute will have his hand and forearm in his body before extending them to pick up the jammer.
  • Fixed - The animation of the barricade in death camera and end of round replay moves.
  • Fixed - Doing a melee attack on a hard surface creates intense sparkles.
  • Fixed - When moving the camera drone vertically no sound effects can be heard.
  • Fixed - Sound is misplaced to the other side of the wall while Black Mirror canister is ejected.
  • Fixed - Clipping weapons on multiple operators during MVP Screen.
  • Fixed - If you are prone with your feet in front of you, your model will swing left and right.
  • Fixed - LOD issue can be noticed on the back of Rook's default uniform.
  • Fixed - Left arm snaps in position when swapping from the Mk1 9mm to C8-SFW.
  • Fixed - Inconsistency for Capitao's Red Crow headgear texture.
  • Fixed - The left hand clips with the siderail when the UMP is equipped with the angled grip.
  • Fixed - Missing portion of texture on Thatcher's hip.
  • Fixed - M590A1 shotgun does not eject shells in first person.
  • Fixed - The splash art for maps is a black screen during the Loading process.
  • Fixed - Inconsistency between Skull Rain Bronze thumbnail and preview.
  • Fixed - Brightness does not apply in-game.
  • Fixed - Thumbnail discrepancy between Golden Chibi charms.
  • Fixed - In some instances, a player will receive a 30 minute penalty for Matchmaking queues if they rejoin a session after being kicked for killing 2 teammates at first offence.
  • Fixed - The Legendary weapon skins and charms are listed as Common in the operator loadout.
  • Fixed - Ash’s Shaldag and IDF Sapper headgears have glasses that clip into Ash's face.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie’s Shock Rock headgear has one-sided textures for the sunglasses.
  • Fixed - Jager’s Waxwing headgear has texture seams at the bottom of the earmuffs.
  • Fixed - Tachanka’s Ballistic Salvation and Zitadel headgears do not have a balaclava.
  • Fixed - Glaz's hand clips through the 0Ts-03 while in MVP stance.
  • Fixed - Corrupted texture on Frost's -40 headgear.
  • Fixed - Shotguns clip through uniform.
  • Fixed - Magazine clips through uniform for Thermite on the customization menu.
  • Fixed - Clipping texture on the back of Montagne’s Void headgear.
  • Fixed - Inconsistency when hovering the mouse over some Operator’s icons.
  • Fixed - Refresh list option is selected instead of Custom Game at mouse's location when clicking after selecting Refresh list and quickly moving the mouse to where a custom game would appear in the Custom Game Join menu.
  • Fixed - Replication issue on an Operator looking in 3rd person view at an operator in the ladder when joining a match in progress
  • Fixed - The kill cam is offset in games (Player vs player perspective of location).
  • Fixed - Frost on the MVP screen is shown with the magazine of the 9mm C1 weapon that clips into her model.
  • Fixed - Mute does not earn any points after jamming Jackal's Eyenox.
  • Fixed - LOD issue is present on IQ's Carnival Headgear from third person when going back and forth.
  • Fixed - Operators will sometimes clip through stairs while prone and moving.
  • Fixed - Broken animation upon switching from primary mode to secondary mode for Buck’s CAMRS.
  • Fixed - After rejoining a game the information shown in support mode is incorrect.
  • Fixed - Rook's loadout page briefly appear while watching Rook's operator's video.
  • Fixed - The location from 1F Press Room from Consulate is partially displayed on the compass on Brazilian localization.
  • Fixed - XP and Renown is not awarded when finishing a match.
  • Fixed - Jackal gadget effect will linger after its turned off, for any player in support mode, during the EOR replay.
  • Fixed - The Ma Mie charm is seen in low resolution.
  • Fixed - Texture binding issue on Pulse's left side of the vest.
  • Fixed - Operators can be visible through smokes in some light conditions.
  • Fixed - Operator icon charms have low-res textures.
  • Fixed - Visual effects from broken lightbulb's sparks in 1F bar, fall down above the ground floor.
  • Fixed - Jackal’s PDW9 is missing the Plus Ultra weapon skin.
  • Fixed - Bandit’s Default and Seasonal headgears have an uncolored texture on the top part of the visor.
  • Fixed - Thermite charm appears smaller compared to other Operator icon charms.
  • Fixed - A pixelated line is present at the bottom of Frost's hair on her -40 headgear.
  • Fixed - Textures are misapplied on the firing pin for various skins of the USP40.
  • Fixed - The Flying Tiger charm is not at a 45-degree angle.
  • Fixed - ITA12S Crossfade skin is missing some details that the ITA12L has.
  • Fixed - Ash’s Default and IDF Sapper uniforms have miscolored kneepads in FP view.
  • Fixed - The Police badge from the Elite Rook Armor is misleading as he is part of the GIGN (army) forces.
  • Fixed - Shadowed spots are too shadowed on HBAO+.
  • Fixed - Players who get kicked out for inactivity don't have a ban penalty timer.
  • Fixed - Player will receive a 2 minute penalty after killing 2 teammates.
  • Fixed - After updating to Y2S1.3, players reported NAT Type switching to strict.
  • Fixed - Roulette for Alpha Pack at the end of the match can be rolled more times when switching between display modes.

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