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2.4.1 Patch

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[e][h]2.4.1 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Bug fixes


Patch 4.1 will be deployed on either Wednesday, December 13th or Thursday, December 14th. We do not have a final date just yet, so keep an eye out here and our other channels for that timing when we have it. Deployment times will vary by platform.

The primary focus of this patch was to correct major issues discovered late in the TTS cycle, or during the first few days of Operation White Noise. Fortunately, due to your contributions and diligence with bug reporting during the TTS, the list of fixes for this patch is fairly small.

Additionally, we are continuing our investigation of the FPS dropping issues that some players are experiencing on PC. This is a high priority for us, and we will continue to work on tracking down the root cause.

60hz Servers are coming to all platforms![edit]

Following our testing of the 60hz servers towards the end of the White Noise TTS, we were able to confirm that it is now stable enough to deploy live on all platforms with 4.1. We are excited to fulfill this promise made during Operation Health, and look forward to your feedback.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Players lose all functionality/control after picking up a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – Ash’s breaching round does not break the wall in 2F Meeting Room on Tower.
  • Fixed – When a dead Operator is spectating a teammate while on their drone/camera, cycling through Support view modes (drone/camera and Operator views) a third option is available. This view is the First Person point of view of the operator, but the operator is invisible. If the living Operator leaves their camera/drone, the spectating Operator will see a floating gun.
  • Fixed – Dokkaebi’s gadget is not usable while rappelling.
  • Fixed – Zofia and Ela’s stats are inverted.

Special thanks to the following players for reporting some of these issues: /u/Cloud2570, /u/BertAvengerThe, /u/Ishnigarrab.

Confirmed for Thursday, Dec. 14th

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