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3.2.1 Patch

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[e][h]3.2.1 Patch
Patch Information
PC Release Date:
Console Release Date:
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed - Players can access 3rd person perspective following certain steps.
  • Fixed - The counter defuser doesn't appear in the Operator's hands in the end of round replay.
  • Fixed - The red light in the Bulletproof Camera remains on after picking up the camera during the EMP pause effect.
  • Fixed - In some instances, the reload animation and the bullet count are out of sync.
  • Fixed - In some cases, grenades can kill the player throwing them.


Alibi Alibi[edit]

  • Fixed - Most charms are clipping through Alibi's MX4 Storm.
  • Fixed - The Mountain Foliage headgear and uniform have an incorrect thumbnail.

Bandit Bandit[edit]

  • Fixed - Bandit Keychain charm appears as low quality.

Echo Echo[edit]

  • Fixed - Yokai's Sonic Burst doesn't always inflict deafen effect.

Maestro Maestro[edit]

  • Fixed - Maestro gets stuck and cannot shoot anymore after pressing his gadget button if both Evil Eyes are destroyed.
  • Fixed - Maestro's Evil Eye can still ping enemies while disrupted by a Twitch drone.
  • Fixed - In some instances, the Evil Eye will deal no damage to gadgets nor Operators.
  • Fixed - Maestro can put his turrets in Equipped state while he is in prone mode.
  • Fixed - When the Evil Eye overheats, the bulletproof glass won't open if the players keeps right mouse button pressed.
  • Fixed - Maestro doesn't receive bonus points for assists with the Turret in PVE.
  • Fixed - Evil Eye does not break assets on deployment.

Tachanka Tachanka[edit]

  • Fixed - Tachanka's skin is red when equipping the Para Bellum Headgear.

Thatcher Thatcher[edit]

  • Fixed - Thatcher's portrait is misaligned in his Elite Uniform card during the Preparation Phase.

Level Design[edit]


  • Fixed - The bullet proof camera becomes unbreakable when placed in certain spots.
  • Fixed - It is possible to climb up on the other side of the fence.
  • Fixed - Fixed multiple issues when rappelling at EXT Graffiti Area.

User Experience[edit]

  • Fixed - Para Bellum is misspelled on the Seasonal Weapon Skins banner.
  • Fixed - Adding ban or 6th pick to a playlist avoids the operator selection screen to correctly appear.
  • Fixed - Players can see the message "the Attempt to connect to Server failed" during matchmaking.
  • Fixed - Banned operators from a custom game remain temporarily unplayable in PVP/PVE matches
  • Fixed - "Play 0x14839b2b18" appears in Discovery Playlist for Villa.
  • Fixed - The diamond pattern of the Carnevale skin appears broken on the lower section of the stock.
  • Fixed - "Full Screen" display mode can't be set during banning phase.

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