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3.3 Patch

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[e][h]3.3 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Balance changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Misc changes

New Features[edit]

Shield charms are now available. Universal charms can now be used on shield-wielding Operators. This is applicable to universal charms that have already been bought!

Operator Balancing[edit]

Both changes were made because these Operators' gadgets are relatively underwhelming, and the win/loss ratio and pick rate for these two were well below average. For example, Kapkan had the 4th weakest win ratio and 2nd lowest pick rate. Mute had the 5th lowest pick rate, 2nd lowest kill/death average, and 2nd lowest win rate. As players have become more experienced with the game, they know how to counter these Operators. By making these changes, we hope players will find new ways to play these Operators.

Kapkan Kapkan[edit]

There are several changes to Kapan’s Trip Wire gadget that will make his role much more tactical; he’ll be harder to anticipate than in the past. First of all, we’ve removed the red screw that displays on the opposite wall of where the gadget is deployed, which is a dead giveaway for any seasoned player. The Trip Wire laser now has reduced intensity making it harder to spot by attackers, and is slightly less audible when deployed. And now with Patch 3.3, Kapkan can set his Trip Wire gadget at any height on the frame of a doorway or window. We believe these tweaks will restore Kapkan’s former glory and make him a force to be reckoned with.

Mute Mute[edit]

We have made the jamming zone larger on Mute’s Signal Distruptor. Before the update it was set at 1.5 meters of radius, and with Patch 3.3 it is now set at 2.25 meters. This range will let you jam larger areas around walls as well as reinforced ones, as well as making it almost impossible for drones to jump through.

Ranked Team Killing[edit]

If a player repeatedly team kills in Ranked PVP, they will temporarily be banned from Ranked PVP matchmaking. After multiple offenses, a permanent ban may be issued to the offending player’s account.

  • First offense: Banned from Ranked Matchmaking for 15 minutes, 50% renown penalty for 30 minutes.
  • Second offense: Banned from Ranked Matchmaking for 30 minutes.
  • Third offense: Banned from Ranked Matchmaking for 2 hours.
  • Fourth offense: Banned from Ranked Matchmaking for 24 hours.
  • Fifth offense: Banned from Ranked Matchmaking for 7 days.

Duration of a suspension will be decided at Ubisoft’s discretion, on a case by case basis. After multiple offenses, the player may receive up to a permanent ban. Actual disciplinary action may differ from the list of examples depending on the severity of the behavior and, again, shall be decided at Ubisoft’s discretion, on a case by case basis.

We will have more information on next steps for Team killing Casual matchmaking in Patch 3.4 in July.

Changes to Renown Boosters[edit]

Alongside our Operator changes, we’re also happy to announce that we’re increasing the amount of Renown that is offered with our Boosters.

At the moment, Renown Boosters provides the player with 50% extra renown and everyone else in the party 10% extra renown. For each subsequent player with a Renown Boost, every other player will receive an additional 10% Renown Boost, up to a maximum of 90%. Finally, if everyone owns a Booster, they will all get an additional 5% Renown, to bring the total bonus renown to 95%.

Now, after the change, Renown Boosters provides the player with 100% extra Renown, alongside providing everyone else in the party with a 10% Renown Boost. For each subsequent player with a Renown Boost, every other player will receive an additional 10% Renown Boost, up to a maximum of 140%. Finally, if everyone in the team owns a Booster, they will all get an additional 50% Renown, bringing the new total bonus Renown to 190%.

We're hopeful that this change will allow players who use Renown Boosts to get the most of them and to let them earn rewards, such as our new Blood Type Charms, much quicker.


  • Fixed – If a Shield-wielding Operator does a melee attack at the same time as an opponent triggers the shield break animation by meleeing the shield, the shield still completes the melee attack.
  • Fixed – The Player is unable to select other drones or scan enemies when spectating a teammate's drone during the preparation phase and after the player's drone has been destroyed.
  • Fixed – Cameras can still ID enemies after they get destroyed.
  • Fixed – The button for spawn point selection is not displayed on HUD after the player's drone is destroyed.
  • Fixed – When attackers' drones are destroyed during the prep phase, players see for a few seconds the first-person view of another attacker prior of going into support mode.
  • Fixed – Defensive cameras' HP is too high, and this may create situations where a bullet hit doesn't break them in 1 shot.
  • Fixed – Reload animation on the L85A2 in third-person has hand misaligned with gun handle.
  • Fixed – The left hand is misaligned with the L85A2 when using the melee action near a collision surface while rappelling.
  • Fixed – Changing to ADS view on the M870 with the Laser Sight won't hide the laser.
  • Fixed – The Laser Sight dot remains at the center of the screen when sprinting with the D-50.
  • Fixed – There is a broken animation between the third and first-person POVs when an Operator tries to throw back a Frag Grenade.
  • Fixed – Detonating a Nitro cell won't cause any damage if placed between the bomb's canisters.
  • Fixed – Deploying a Floor Reinforcement on top of a drone will trap it there.
  • Fixed – [PC] The player switches to the drone view by pressing ESC.
  • Fixed – [PC] Hold and Toggle behavior are inverted when having a customized key.


Montagne Montagne[edit]

  • Fixed – It is possible to complete any action instantly after switching weapons while the shield is deployed or has been fully extended.

Blackbeard Blackbeard[edit]

  • Fixed – If Blackbeard interrupts secondary weapon switch by installing the Rifle Shield, the Rifle Shield will appear as though it is still mounted on the Primary Weapon once it has been removed.
  • Fixed – The muzzle flash glare remains present on the Rifle Shield when the Flash Hider attachment is present.
  • Fixed – The Rifle Shield is invisible when viewed in support mode.

Valkyrie Valkyrie[edit]

  • Fixed – Various objects (desk fans, fruit bowls, file stacks, cardboard boxes, etc.) collide poorly—if at all—with Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras. Now, when a Sticky Camera is deployed on one of these small objects, they will break upon impact.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Sticky Camera's clip through ventilator if it is placed on a shelf in Bank - 1F Electric Room.
  • Fixed – If deployed on a trap door, Valkyrie's Sticky Camera will appear on a random nearby wall after the trap door is destroyed.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie can throw a Sticky Camera through a wall at a certain location in Kanal and the camera will not detect other players or AI enemies at this location.
  • Fixed – Jager's gadget collision box will cause Valkyrie's Sticky Camera to float.
  • Fixed – The Sticky Camera has no collision with the top frame of a wall reinforcement.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie’s Sticky Camera can be thrown through the gaps of the sandbag window on Oregon and can film outside.

Mute Mute[edit]

  • Fixed – The graphics on Mute's Signal Disruptor do not completely block the drone's view if the player has evaded the gadget, but then gets caught by the Disruptor.
  • Fixed – Reinforcing a wall on Oregon breaks Mute's Signal Disrupter even if it is far from the wall.

Tachanka Tachanka[edit]

  • Fixed – Players that mount Tachanka's LMG while using the secondary weapon will have no recoil animation in third person.

Kapkan Kapkan[edit]

  • Fixed – The Trip Wire placement animation while crouched is offset.

IQ IQ[edit]

  • Fixed – IQ can still scan cameras and gadgets with her unique gadget while running.

Sledge Sledge[edit]

  • Fixed – Sledge can appear to have an invisible gun when he uses the Sledgehammer on a Trap Door and jumps through while aiming.

Shield Operators[edit]

  • Fixed – Several instances where Shield Operators can become invisible after performing multiple animations.
  • Fixed – [ Blitz Blitz / Montagne Montagne / Fuze Fuze] Players cannot get headshots when shooting at the top of the shield if it's positioned on Operator's back.

Level Design[edit]


  • Fixed – Deployable Shield placement in KANAL's garage allows player to get inside the white truck.
  • Fixed – Players can shoot through the indestructible wall, floor, and ceiling close to the camera in the Maps Office Hallway to the Control Room.


  • Fixed – A player is able to vault inside the white van located in the Garage.
  • Fixed – Drone can pass through the wall textures at 1F Service Stairs.


  • Fixed – The player can force a collision on top of the Kids' Dorms beds in order to shoot outside the house.
  • Fixed – Players are able to vault inside and under the stairs at 1F Office.
  • Fixed – Adjacent bomb locations cause the "Plant Defuser" prompt to default to "Drop Defuser" after passing between these bomb locations.


  • Fixed – An attacker can force a collision with rappel to enter the Master Bedroom through the wall.
  • Fixed – It is possible to shoot through an unbreakable wall when breaking off its surface.


  • Fixed – There is a way to get below the surface of the map and roam around.


  • Fixed – Gadgets thrown or deployed on the left wall in 2F Cafeteria have no texture.

Presidential Plane[edit]

  • Fixed – Black pixels appear after throwing stun grenades on the Main Entrance stairs.


  • Fixed – Attackers can place the defuser on the stairs at 1F Eastern Stairs when the bomb location is 1F Stock Room.

Kafe Dostoyevsky[edit]

  • Fixed – The player can remain stuck between two tables located on the western wall of the "Bakery 1F" area.
  • Fixed – Drone can fall out of bounds when trying to get past the fence near the Park Alley spawn point.
  • Fixed – Floating footprints can be seen in front of the desk at 1F Dining Room.


  • Fixed – Sticky Cameras can be thrown outside during prep phase in 2F Offices.
  • Fixed – Attackers are able to plant the defuser where the defenders can't defuse it in the Server Room.
  • Fixed – Players can vault on the circular rotunda on the roof by standing on the bucket nearby or if pushed by another player.
  • Fixed – The red flare clips through the ground at EXT - West Vehicle Entrance.

Terrorist Hunt[edit]

  • Fixed – On Oregon, there is a missing button prompt on Refill Box in 1F - Kitchen.
  • Fixed – Barbed Wire placed by the AI enemies on the 1F Bar Stairs can be set perpendicular to the ground.


  • Fixed – The Renown penalty for abandoning a Ranked match are not applied after completing Situations.
  • Fixed – Player receives the "Rank Up" message on the After Action Report when he gets demoted to an inferior rank.


  • Fixed – Charms can sometimes clip through shields.
  • Fixed – On the MVP screen, Fuze is holding the AK-12 incorrectly.

Custom Game[edit]

  • Fixed – Local Custom Games appear in the Online menu after a Local Match is completed.
  • Fixed – Custom game matches are tallied in global PVP stats. This is not the intended behavior.

Spectator Cam[edit]

  • Fixed – Operators can spawn as part of the opposite team if the "Switch Team" function is used just as the match begins.

In-Game Shop[edit]

  • Fixed – An infinite loading icon remains at the center of the screen after attempting to purchase 2 Rainbow Credits packs in quick succession.
  • Fixed – A Player is no longer able to buy R6 Credits after certain circumstances.

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