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3.4.2 Patch

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[e][h]3.4.2 Patch
Patch Information
PC Release Date:
Console Release Date:
  • Balancing changes

Balance Changes[edit]

Caveira Caveira[edit]

  • Decreased damage from 99 to 65
  • Damage falloff adjustments to make it more consistent with other pistols
  • Magazine size reduced from 15 to 12 bullets
  • Increased recoil (will be more challenging to chain shots at long range)
  • Increased hip fire spread (reduce the viability of non-ADS spam fire)

We are trying to make her less frustrating to play against and reduce her power level at low to medium levels. Lowering the damage, the number of bullets that need to hit the chest of an enemy to put them in a DBNO state should be the same as before, but we reduce the penalty of being hit by one shot. Thanks to this, we can also normalize the falloff curve to be more consistent with other pistols, which gives Caveira increased ranged and versatility.

With the changes to the recoil and hip-fire, We also want to reinforce the hunter aspect of the character, force her to approach silently to her prey and be precise to guarantee the kill. With this in mind, we have made the aforementioned adjustments to the recoil and hip fire experience.

Kaid Kaid[edit]

  • ADS speed has been increased by 33%

Kaid is performing below our expectations; we want to take a deep look in the future to make him more attractive for the utility and creativity that he brings to a team. For now, the ADS of the AUG A3 was too slow, closer to an Assault Rifle than an SMG. This change should help him to win more gunfights.

Rook Rook & Doc Doc[edit]

  • MP5 maximum damage reduced from 30 to 27

Rook has the highest win delta for the defenders, and Doc is trending the same way, with a win delta that increases Season over Season. We want to slightly reduce their power without changing how it feels to play them.

Clash Clash[edit]

  • Changed SPSMG9 fire mode to full-auto
  • Removed SPSM9 2-shot burst
  • Adapted SPSMG9 recoil to full-auto fire mode
  • Increased SPSMG9 total ammunition to 161, from 121
  • Increased SPSMG9 damage, from 30 to 33

We are not satisfied with the current state of Clash: she has been underperforming, and the latest updates did not improve that situation.

We believe that she is the Operator that needs quality team support the most, which makes her too weak when there is no backup, especially when outnumbered. By changing the fire mode of the SPSMG9 to full auto and increasing its damage, our goal is to help improve her performance when encountering those kinds of situations. At the same time, these changes come with a new recoil alignment that will bring the SPSMG9 behavior closer to the rest of the machine pistols.

Nomad Nomad[edit]

  • Yellow light on Nomad’s Airjab will now blink during activation delay

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Fixed - Visual graphics glitch that impairs player sight. (Also known as the "Bird Box" glitch)
  • Fixed - The shield collision box is not synced properly when the player looks up and down.
  • Fixed - On Bomb, counter defuser will instantly appear in operators’ hands instead of playing counter defuser animation
  • Fixed - Missing frames on crouch replays on end of round replay and death cam replay.
  • Fixed - Defusing at the last moment will not stop the round timer and prevents the round from ending.
  • Fixed - The holographic sight reticle thickness.
  • Fixed - Players can become immune to Stun/Flashbang effects after being stunned multiple times in THunt.
  • Fixed - Recruit operator has Fuze's default green ballistic shield skin instead of a black shield skin.


Terrorist Hunt[edit]

  • Fixed - Users in a PVE squad session can be stuck in an infinite loading screen after voting to retry.


  • Fixed - In Pick and Ban, if player votes ‘No ban’ for the first ban, the ‘No ban’ option is automatically selected in the second ban-round.
  • Fixed - In Custom matches, the Operator art remains grayed out when ‘Change Operator’ button is pressed during 6th pick.
  • Fixed - In Custom matches, players cannot re-pick their previous Operator selection during 6th pick.
  • Fixed - In Custom matches, when the Attacker’s Unique Spawn option is set to off, the Attacker’s tactical map may have missing or displaced icons.
  • Fixed - In Custom matches, when a player leaves after spawn location vote, their vote count text remains.
  • Fixed - Players who are Clearance Level 5+ can't create a Custom Online game when in a squad with users who have a CL less than 5.


Nomad Nomad[edit]

  • Fixed - Drone collision issues with Nomad’s Airjab when deployed on any surface.
  • Fixed - Fire damage from any environmental map sources will not destroy Nomad’s Airjab.
  • Fixed - Nomad’s Airjab does not deploy on some types of debris.
  • Fixed - Certain gadgets are not destroyed even when Nomad’s Airjab pushes an Operator through them.
  • Fixed - Mute’s jammer can cause incorrect Airjab detonation behavior.
  • Fixed - One of Nomad’s VO lines does not play properly during Airjab detonation.
  • Fixed - When Nomad deploys an Airjab inside a smoke grenade, she can sometimes gain vision inside the smoke grenade’s area of effect.
  • Fixed - Nomad’s Airjabs can sometimes be activated and destroyed at the same time.
  • Fixed - The yellow laser on Nomad’s Airjab will shift left when the unequip animation is interrupted.

Alibi Alibi[edit]

  • Fixed - Alibi’s Prisma will not activate when dropped by Alibi after being pushed-back by Nomad's Airjab

Kaid Kaid[edit]

  • Fixed - Addressed recoil differences of Kaid’s TCSG12 with mouse vs controller input.
  • Fixed - A round remains in the chamber while performing a full reload of Kaid’s TCSG12.
  • Fixed - Lesion’s Gu Mine will deploy in electrical barbed wire if deployed before or at the same time Electroclaw activates.
  • Fixed - The Electroclaw visual zone effect disappears after being deployed when switching operators in Support mode.
  • Fixed - Gadgets will still remain electrified by Kaid’s Electroclaw even after destroying the barbed wire on which the gadget was originally deployed.
  • Fixed - Some parts of Kaid’s uniform clips with the player’s camera when prone against a wall.
  • Fixed - The AOE effect indicator for Kaid’s Electroclaw is missing or is smaller while the gadget redeploys itself after falling off from a deployable shield.

Level Design[edit]

  • Fixed - Some walls do not respond properly to destruction after being hit in the same spot repeatedly.


  • Fixed - Sound propagation issues in Kitchen / Central Stairs on Fortress.
  • Fixed - Operators bodies clip through the wall of 1F Kitchen on Fortress.
  • Fixed - Operator bodies can clip through a box on 1F Hammam.
  • Fixed - Floating debris when destroying ceiling surfaces in 2F Bathroom.
  • Fixed - Players sometimes pass through the indestructible separator walls of 1F Courtyard on Fortress when activating Nomad’s Airjab from a certain angle


  • Fixed - Players can vault through the floor to 2F Bathroom on Coastline.


  • Fixed - When placing Fuze’s Cluster charges on the floor above certain metal beams, the pellets will detonate but will not deal damage to the environment or the players.
  • Fixed - Certain ceilings on Chalet don’t destruct properly due to horizontal pillars blocking explosions.


  • Fixed - Players sometimes clip through wooden walls of Kanal.

User Experience[edit]

  • Fixed - Ranked match summary displays the individual MMR earned from the match, and not the Player’s current total MMR.
  • Fixed - Players sometimes receive a [2-0x00009008] Game Full error in Casual matchmaking.
  • Fixed - Voice chat audio continues to transmit even when alt-tabbed out of the client.
  • Fixed - Erroneous menu UI visual effects when using a controller.
  • Fixed - Menu UI tabs sometimes overlap when using two different inputs.
  • Fixed - Two observation tool key binding popups still erroneously popup on first boot for new players.
  • Fixed - Scrollbar overlaps the end of the details list for seasonal weapons.
  • Fixed - Incorrect compass location is displayed when drones are close to the ceiling.
  • Fixed - Players can duplicate weapon skins between two weapons.
  • Fixed - 2D visual corruption when vaulting over any thin objects.
  • Fixed - VFX issue with Reflex sigh on Spetsnaz attachments.
  • Fixed - FNP9 Pistol Iron sight not centered properly.
  • Fixed - Killcam replay moves sporadically when an operator dies from a thrown C4.
  • Fixed - Kaid and Nomad's default headgear is misnamed.
  • Fixed - The "Canadian Trenches" Uniform for Frost has a clipping issue around the chest area.
  • Fixed - Glaz’s Elite Uniforms & Headgears have missing titles on the Operator screen.
  • Fixed - Headgears are not arranged by order in player's inventory.
  • Fixed - Sorting charms by price leads to an alphabetical sort in the shop.
  • Fixed - The Vigil Chibi Charm visual effects missing around the sides of his mask

Unlisted Changes[edit]

Spectator Mode has received a rework and now includes the following items:

  • Kill feed has been relocated to the bottom right of a screen
  • An Planting and Defusing timer has been added showing the remaining time on an active plant or defuse.

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