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Operation Skull Rain

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[e][h]Operation Skull Rain
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • New operation
  • Balance changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Misc changes


In Operation Skull Rain, two BOPE Operators join Team Rainbow to pacify the Favela, our new free map. This third major content update aims to improve the game experience by adding countermeasures for toxic behavior, a new weapon attachment, several game enhancements, customization content and lots more.

2 New Operators[edit]

With Operation Skull Rain, Team Rainbow recruits two of the BOPE’s finest: Caveira and Capitão. The new Operators are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners, with exclusive access granted for seven days. All players can then unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits after the exclusive period ends.

Capitão Capitão[edit]

Born and raised in Nova Iguaçu outside of Rio de Janeiro, Vicente “Capitão” Souza was recruited by the Cooredenadoria de Recursos Especiais (CORE) soon after high school. After being ambushed as he cleared a house, Souza was captured and tortured for two months. While Souza endured his ordeal with stoicism, he had irreversible damage done to his person. From there Souza developed unprecedented tactical strategies and caught the attention of BOPE.

Unique Ability[edit]

Equipped with the Tactical Crossbow TAC Mk0, Capitão can fire two types of ammunition: asphyxiating bolts and micro smoke grenades. The asphyxiating bolts burn the oxygen in a given perimeter, which is lethal to your target. The micro smoke grenades enable you to mask your movements. Deliver swift and agile assaults without alerting your opponents of your position.

Caveira Caveira[edit]

Known as a brutal interrogator, Taina “Caveira” Pereira’s makes for a fearless Operator on the field. Originally from a small town on the outskirts of São Paulo, her life could have taken a turn for the worst when she was arrested at 16 on robbery charges. Her promising profile allowed for an exception, giving her the option between entering a juvenile reformatory and working with BOPE.

Unique Ability[edit]

Caveira’s predatory stealth technique, the “Silent Step,” allows her to lurk on her preys, almost inaudible, until it’s too late. Caveira’s ability allows her to sneak on her target, swiftly immobilize them and force them to divulge the position of the opposing team (the interrogation mode). She is also equipped with the “Luison,” a unique PRB92 with a custom suppressor and subsonic ammunition. Do not simply neutralize your opponent; make sure that no one gets away.


Team Rainbow has been called to pacify and regain control of the Favela. Two BOPEs stationed in the area have been enlisted to provide their tactical expertise of the terrain to Team Rainbow. Mixing colorful and narrow streets with high vantage points, this map supports exterior shell destruction which renders it as the most destructible to date. The new Favela map is available for free for all players.

Skull Rain Weapon Skins[edit]

Kick off the new Season with the new Skull Rain skins: Amazônia, Ceifador, Azulejos, the Piranha, and Skull Rain. These weapon skins are available in the shop exclusively for Operation Skull Rain. Visit the Shop section for more details.

Health Program[edit]

To make sure the new content in upcoming seasons would be built on solid foundations, we decided to dedicate Season Three to improving the health of the game. As you may know, we supplemented the server-side FairFight anti-cheating engine with BattlEye, an active client-side system.

To improve overall gameplay experience, we also enhanced an array of features. We created a dynamic body part clipping solution, which serves to prevent revealing the limbs of your Operators through walls. For more enhancements, please refer to the General Tweaks & Improvements section below.

New Features[edit]

New Attachement[edit]

To cater to a variety of playstyles, we created a new attachment: the angled grip. We had the opportunity to have Serenity 17, a R6 top level player testing it at our Montreal studio. Here are the observations and tips he had to share with us: "The angled grip accelerates the transition between hip fire and ADS, which allows for an aggressive and fast-paced playstyle. However, make sure to take into account that the angled grip is less stable in terms of recoil than the standard grip, so holding your angles might be tricky with this one."

New Custom Game Mode (BETA)[edit]

We’re glad to finally introduce the Tactical Realism, which will add a new gameplay mode to Custom Games. Inspired by your enthusiasm towards getting a ‘Hardcore’ mode, we created the Tactical Realism mode to foster a better immersion by relying less on the in-game feedback. We endeavored to offer a realistic experience via several modifications, namely, limiting the HUD to only display the Round Timer, Compass, Gadget & Weapon Panels; preventing you from marking your enemy; removing the kill confirmations; providing a realistic Magazine Management for ammo; and much more. This is a first step toward immersion, and we wish to gather your feedback in order to improve this iteration.

Normal / Tactical Realism

By implementing this mode we tried to simulate a real tactical experience. Its most unique aspect is the ironclad team spirit it fosters. You must now entirely rely on your teammates and their skills to figure out who and what is around that corner. For instance, communication is your only tool to keep track of both your teammates (avoiding team killing) and the enemies eliminated, which is tricky without the help of the kill confirmation. With Tactical Realism the tension runs high as you must carefully assess, coordinate, and communicate your movements to your teammates—and so at all time.

Surrender System[edit]

If the field becomes too rough for your team, you can now cut it short and move on to another match. The objective was to accelerate the process by allowing a team to forfeit if they do not wish to be forced to play the match through the end. You can now cast a vote to surrender during a Ranked match. You will need the majority on your side for your team to forfeit. Please note that this new feature is only available prior to the 3rd round.

Game Health[edit]

Client side anti-Cheat implemented to combat cheaters[edit]

Not only have we implemented a client side anti-cheat, we have also been working with our partners at FairFight to improve their detection methods too. We are excited about the changes that our efforts will bring in Season 3. You can read more about our client side anti-cheat test here.

Additional team killing countermeasures added[edit]

After monitoring the adjustments that were made with Patch 3.3 and 3.4, we have taken steps to improve the methods that we are using to detect excessive team killers, and punish them accordingly. As a reminder, when players are removed from a match for team killing, they will suffer the following punishments:

  • First offense:
    • Casual- Kicked from match.
    • Ranked- Banned for 15 minutes, 50% Renown penalty for 30 minutes.
  • Second offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 30 minutes.
  • Third offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 2 hours.
  • Fourth offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 24 hours.
  • Fifth offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 7 days.

Improved vote to kick flow[edit]

Steps have been taken to improve the Vote to Kick feature, and improve the overall experience for players. Players will now be met with a walk through for how to vote kick another player on their respective platform. Additionally, once a vote has been initiated, all other players who are eligible to take part are presented with a notification, as seen in the top left corner of the screenshot below. Once you have voted, the notification is removed. Also noted in this screen shot is the updated scoreboard that you will see in Patch 4.0.

More tools to handle toxic players in text chat on PC[edit]

You are now able to hide text chat on PC. This will allow players to avoid those who wish to spam the chat, or send toxic messages. For those players, we encourage you to report them to our Customer Support team, and they will be handled in accordance to our Code of Conduct.

You can disable the in-game text chat in the HUD Preferences section of the Gameplay tab on the Options menu.

Operator's limbs no longer clip through walls and barricades[edit]

One point of frustration from the community occurred when a player was killed through a wall, and only realize after watching the Kill Cam that their leg was visible from the other side. We have addressed this in Patch 4.0, courtesy of significant improvements to what we call “dynamic clipping”. When a player goes prone against a wall or a deployable shield, their body parts will no longer be visible from the other side. This is done by clipping body parts that collide with the geometry of a given object. This will also prevent Operators from clipping through walls by going prone or entering a DBNO state next to them, as well as instances where an Operator would clip through a trapdoor. It is extremely important, as it provides a more level playing field for all Operators. We are very excited about the changes that this will bring, but would like to note that this technology is still being tweaked and improved, so there may be fringe cases where clipping still occurs. Additionally, while body parts will not be visible when they are clipped through an object, they will still be able to take damage. As previously noted, this technology is still in its infancy and we will continue to work on improving it. One particular goal is to apply the same process to weapon and gadget clipping as well. Keep your eyes peeled for this in a coming patch!

Field of view is now standardized for all players when using cameras and during the kill cam[edit]

Prior to this patch, making adjustments to your FOV would allow defenders to gather more intel than originally intended for cameras. This has now been standardized, and the same FOV will be applied to all users while they are using cameras, and will then be reverted back to their chosen FOV setting upon exiting the camera. This will also apply to Kill Cams. In the past, this could lead to discrepancies on the Kill Cam versus what players were able to see due to their personal FOV settings, and accusations of misconduct were made based on these erroneous replays.

Kill cam is now a more accurate representation of what happened[edit]

Prior to Season 3, the Kill Cam has been used as a tool to identify specific tactics utilized by the enemy to circumvent your team’s defense, or as a way to identify a particularly suspect play. After Season 3 releases, the Kill Cam will provide more clear insight as to how a player was killed. Improvements have been made to bullet trajectory replication, camera offset, blood splatter effects, and Operator movements during the Kill Cam replay. Not only will this improvement allow players to learn their enemy’s movement more accurately, but it will also cut down on the number of plays that look a little too incredible to be real. While we are very happy with the progress we have made in this patch, we will continue to work on improving this feature to provide the most accurate information possible.

Modified information in ranked lobby to improve matchmaking experience[edit]

While searching to ways to improve matchmaking times, as well as the overall matchmaking experience, we noticed that players would sometimes leave a match before it started after viewing the Win/Loss or Kill/Death Ratio of the opposing team. This has been removed in order to facilitate a smoother matchmaking experience for all players, and will provide all players with a significantly improved experience.

Better tracking of connectivity and matchmaking issues that players are facing[edit]

We improved tracking for disconnections and the matchmaking process in order to more quickly reach the root of issues that some users are facing. This will allow us to react more quickly in the event that we see a specific error code on the rise, or a negative trend in the matchmaking process. Overall, this will lead to a decrease in the number of disconnections, as well as an improved matchmaking experience.

Player Comfort[edit]

Teammate loadout information on waiting screen[edit]

You can now view your teammate’s loadouts on the updated waiting screen. This will allow you to adjust your loadout depending on what your teammates are carrying in to the field. To quote the Presentation Director Toni Da Luz, “Players will now have real-time access to the weapons and gadgets their teammates have chosen. For example, being able to know if Fuze went for a shield or a 6P41 is a game changer in Siege, where team composition matters a lot.” This will be particularly helpful when you are not playing with your regular squad, or a group that uses voice comms, as you are able to adapt on the fly to the choices that your teammates make

Full screen weapon preview[edit]

You can now zoom in on weapons in the Operator loadout screen, as well as rotate them. You may also attach weapon skins and charms in this preview window as well. Utilizing the “centered control” feature, you can focus on a specific point on a weapon and pan the camera around this point. You are also able to use the “Points of Interest” to immediately zoom in to the appropriate part of the weapon. This will allow you to create content focused on the weapons, as well as enjoy your weapon skins and weapon charms in more detail!

Map rotation will now appear more random[edit]

After playing a specific map a few times in a row, we noticed that players would get frustrated at the perceived lack of variety in the map rotation. We have introduced an algorithm that will improve the likelihood of a new map being selected by picking one of the least played maps by all players in their current game session.

Tactical maps have been redesigned to provide more detail[edit]

During the Planning Phase, both Attackers and Defenders will be able to enjoy the new Tactical Maps. These maps offer significantly more detail than their predecessors, and will allow for a more intricate strategy to be devised during the Planning Phase. We have provided you with some in-game screenshots below!

Players can now choose which operator spawns with the defuser[edit]

Teams are now able to coordinate and decide which player will spawn with the Defuser. This will help to prevent situations where players would need to drop the Defuser at the start of the round should carrying it not fit with the team’s strategy. This will allow for a smoother start for the Attackers on Bomb, as well as provide them with more options for attacking the objective!

Attackers are now alerted when all drones have been eliminated[edit]

Attackers are now met with an alert when all drones have been destroyed during the Preparation Phase. This alleviates confusion when players are taken to the Spawn Location Selection screen.

Compass is now displayed when using drones and cameras[edit]

As requested, players will now have a compass on their HUD when they are using a Drone or Camera. This will enable players to more accurately relay information to their teammates. Having access to the compass makes players using drones and cameras even more integral to the success of the mission. Acting on accurate intel is half the battle!

Location ping has been upgraded to be more user friendly[edit]

Adjustments were made to the location ping feature. We have increased the maximum range, duration, and scale of the marker. It has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds, the max distance is now 100m, and the ping marker will now scale with distance for better readability. While we will always recommend that you communicate with your team, improving on this feature allows teams to communicate in more ways than one! The location ping is now the perfect feature for any situation in which you need to quietly listen for an enemy Operator on the other side of a wall, or while needing to accurately communicate with your team over the sounds of an intense firefight!

The in-game HUD now provides more clear information at a glance[edit]

Updates were applied to the in-game HUD that will make determining the status of your teammates a much smoother process.

In addition to the teammate status display, we have also updated the health gauge in the bottom left. We have removed the Armor Rating display, as it is irrelevant to you while you are in the middle of playing a round. Players who have equipped Rook’s Armor Plates will still have a green indicator, as seen in the screenshot below. In this screenshot, you will also notice that North is now accentuated with a red background!

Less invasive HUD when the defuser is on the ground[edit]

Players sometimes had difficulties locating enemies through the HUD elements relating to the Defuser. We have taken steps to trim down the impact that the Defuser has on player’s HUD. For example, we have reduced the overall size of the HUD indicator to the point that you will be able to clearly see an enemy should they be on the other side.

Most recently played playlist will be the default selection when accessing the main menu[edit]

By the community’s request, your most recently played Playlist will be the default selection when you navigate to the main menu. This will provide a more streamlined flow through the matchmaking process for all players.

Ping (latency) and fps information is now displayed to improve awareness of performance[edit]

In an effort to equip you with as much knowledge as possible, you are now able to activate an in-game overlay that displays your ping, FPS, and version number. The color of the values will change depending on performance. For example, a high ping or low FPS will be displayed in red, whereas a low ping or high FPS will be displayed in white. This will be adjusted automatically depending on the game mode/platform you are playing on. This will allow players to be more aware of situations when they are suffering from high latency or low FPS.

Please be aware that this tool is for debugging and troubleshooting purposes, and may block other information on your HUD. Use at your own discretion.

More intricate mouse sensitivity options[edit]

Fine tune your mouse sensitivity to help improve your performance on the battlefield! Courtesy of feedback from our Pro League players, players on PC are now able to adjust their mouse sensitivity both vertically and horizontally.

New menu mouse algorithm has been implemented[edit]

We have introduced a new algorithm that will allow for a smoother menu navigation experience for players using a mouse. Prior to this patch, when you would move your mouse from the M590A1 tile on the left side to the preview pane on the right, hovering over a different object would bring that object in to focus. After the patch, you will be able to move from one tile to the side content without the content changing, even if you cross over it. In the image below, as long as your mouse cursor remains within the blue triangle and maintains a high velocity, you will not interact with the objects between the far left and right sections.

Playlist Changes[edit]


Ranks will be partially reset at the beginning of Season 3[edit]

As Season 2 comes to a close, we have monitored the population of each rank bracket, and are satisfied with the results. The Season 2 breakdown is as follows:

  • 14% Copper
  • 30% Bronze
  • 35% Silver
  • 16.5% Gold
  • 4% Platinum
  • 0.5% Diamond

Given that we will be resetting ranks for Season 3, we would like to go into more detail regarding how we plan on executing this. We will be performing a soft reset of all ranks. All player’s ranks will be shifted towards the center (high Bronze-low Silver) based on their “uncertainty” value. The “uncertainty” value is revolves around the number of matches you have played. In an effort to reduce the amount of matches required to regain your previous rank, we have increased the uncertainty, which will allow players to advance more quickly from their placement matches. For example, the more games that a Diamond player has played, the higher their Match Making Rating will be after this soft reset, thus making it easier to reclaim their previous rank. All players will be required to play 10 placement matches at the start of Season 3 to obtain a rank.

Number of Ranked qualification matches remaining until your first rank is assigned[edit]

We have included a new element that will inform you of how many Ranked matches you have left until you obtain your initial rank. This will remove the need to keep track of how many qualification matches you have played. After each match, you will be presented with the number of Ranked matches you have completed out of 10. Once you have completed 10 Ranked matches, you will be assigned a rank based on your performance.

Terrorist Hunt[edit]

Terrorists are now more reactive[edit]

The White Masks were not as responsive to footsteps as intended. They will now be significantly more responsive to player’s movement. Walk softly Operators.

Custom Matches[edit]

When the host of a dedicated Custom Game quits[edit]

You keep on playing! After this patch, regardless of whether or not the host (player extending invitations) of a dedicated server hosted Custom Match disconnects, the game will continue on.

Ready Up[edit]

When you have 10 people who are not communicating well, it can be difficult to determine when all players are ready to begin a match. There will now be a “Ready Up” feature that will make it clear to the host when all players are prepared play!

Game Balancing[edit]

Specialization of weapon attachements[edit]

We believe that Weapon Attachments need to have their own, unique, defined, roles. In doing so, we are moving away from a single “best” attachment for all situations. One addition that we have provided is the inclusion of an Angled Foregrip. This will be a go-to weapon attachment for players that enjoy playing aggressively. This falls in line with adjustments made during Season 2, such as Flash Hiders being more suited towards players firing short bursts, while Compensators are ideal for periods of sustained fire.

More balancing changes to come[edit]

While there are no Operator balancing changes in this patch, we will have more balancing changes coming later in Season 3.

Other Improvements[edit]

Increased season pass value[edit]

As requested by the community, we have taken steps to improve the value of the Season Pass. Starting with this patch, Season Pass holders will have a 10% VIP discount for all content in the Shop. This discount will apply to both Renown and R6 Credit purchases made in the shop. You will notice a unique VIP Icon next to the Shop tab as a reminder that you have this discount.

Main menu news[edit]

Some in-game news items will now be clickable[edit]

Players will now be able to navigate to a web post regarding a specific article for more information. We implemented this feature in an effort to make the process of accessing information smoother for you! Now the latest patch notes, or maintenance alerts are only a click away.

In-game news items now rotate[edit]

News posts that are found in the main menu will now cycle through the various news items that are posted. This allows us to provide you with more information about what is happening in Rainbow Six Siege, as opposed to a single message at a time.

Web page upgrades for ranked players[edit]

The team has updated the stats page with a new “Season Reward” section that will keep you informed of your end of Season reward. This page will be updated towards the end of each Season


Weapon fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Nitro cells can kill/deal damage/explode through a reinforced wall.
  • Fixed – Weapon may disappear when player releases the button to refill their ammo.
  • Fixed – Some weapon skins are unavailable on G36C weapon.
  • Fixed – Some weapon skins fail to apply on Ash's G36C weapon.
  • Fixed – While prone, after shooting the Super 90 and moving, an unnatural animation appears.
  • Fixed – Holding the reload button for too long will cause the reload to not trigger. The duration of the button hold to prevent a reload has been extended.
  • Fixed – Weapons sometimes appear upside down after switching weapons while refilling at a supply box.

Attachment fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – The recoil pattern preview when using the Flash Hider and Vertical Grip on Blackbeard’s SR-25 appears differently than all others.
  • Fixed – The Flash Hider muzzle doesn't function correctly within specific locations on the Kafe Dostoyevsky.
  • Fixed – Recoil pattern changed in size for some semi-automatic rifles when a Flash Hider is equipped.
  • Fixed – The Reflex Sight cannot be applied to Blackbeard's SR-25.
  • Fixed – Cannot see the beam projected by Laser Sights in the Replay Camera.

Gadget fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Players who are put in a DBNO state while using Tachanka’s LMG Turret and then revived will have no collision with the LMG and will be unable to use it.
  • Fixed – Several gadgets took too long to despawn once destroyed.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget floats when deployed on the golden lamp found on Bank.
  • Fixed – Cluster Charge would encounter animation and sound issues when placed on the EXT Front Yard Patio in Chalet.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget has no collision with any flower vase located on the tables on Kafe.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget has bad collision with icicles on in the Yacht.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget has no collision with wooden beams throughout Border.
  • Fixed – Nitro Cells can be placed in the money bags within the Bank map’s Vaults.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget has no collision with cargo net at 1F Luggage Hold on Plane.
  • Fixed – Gadgets can enter into map textures if placed on a destructible asset.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget has no collision with the upper part of wall reinforcements.
  • Fixed – Gadgets can be thrown inside the metal bars at the top section on Plane.
  • Fixed – During a kill cam, the visual effects of IQ's gadget do not appear correctly.
  • Fixed – When shooting at Tachanka's mounted LMG with the Shock Drone, the damage is dealt to the player.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie’s Black Eye camera can be thrown outside during the preparation phase on Bank.
  • Fixed – Jager’s Active Defense has improper collision with the wall on the right side of the train on Kafe.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie’s Black Eye camera can see outside of the Plane if certain steps are followed.
  • Fixed – IQ's scanner doesn't pick up Pulse's Cardiac Sensor.
  • Fixed – Tachanka's Turret will be stuck in the firing animation if the player who is using it is removed due to team killing.
  • Fixed – Defender holding a Deployable Shield is only partially blinded by Blitz's Flash.
  • Fixed – Remote Gas Grenade will fall through the floor if thrown on Barbed Wire and then removed.
  • Fixed – Frosts Welcome Mat remains visible after a player has been revived on top of it.
  • Fixed – Players could not be shot in the head if they were performing a melee animation with a Ballistic Shield.
  • Fixed – Bandit's Battery gadget appears to float when placed on a trapdoor that gets destroyed.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget appears to float when deployed on the fire extinguisher in the 2F Break Room on Border.
  • Fixed – Gadgets have no collision with engine rotors from 1F Engine on Yacht.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget cannot be destroyed by a Nitro Cell if placed upon the servers in the B Server Room on Bank.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget floats when deployed on the Statues found on Yacht.
  • Fixed – Pin graphic disappears on all grenade types after first grenade throw.
  • Fixed – Detonating a breach charge while running will cause the detonator remains to float near the weapon.
  • Fixed – Players can use a deployed shield's vault prompt to vault through damaged walls.
  • Fixed – Defenders are able to reinforce the same wall from both sides.
  • Fixed – Players can melee through Castle's Armor Panels to destroy gadgets on the other side.
  • Fixed – Attacking a barricaded door or window can cause a Black Eye that was placed on it to slide downwards.
  • Fixed – There is a large dead zone when attempting to place a gadget that is not at eye level.
  • Fixed – Operators are sometimes unable to activate a Unique Gadget while sprinting with Keyboard and Mouse controls.
  • Fixed – Nitro Cells, Black Eyes, and Gas Charges are not properly destroyed when they come into contact with electrified barbed wire.

Hit registration fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Secondary Weapons and Pistols have hit registration issues while shooting in the legs/lower body at long range.

Kill cam fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Glaz's recoil appears to be very low when viewed in a Kill Cam.
  • Fixed – Kill Cam appears offset based on if the user was strafing.
  • Fixed – Kill Cam seems offset for user who was killed moving behind cover, but not for the player that killed them.
  • Fixed – Characters would teleport during their Kill Cam.
  • Fixed – Character’s Muzzle Flash would appear to be aligned incorrectly during their Death Kill Cam.
  • Fixed – Blood splatter would appear twice during the Kill Cam.
  • Fixed – Players who are killed by a SASG-12 will see floating shells during the Kill Cam.
  • Fixed – The wrong winning player is shown when the last attacker is killed by a gadget from a dead defender.
  • Fixed – No sounds effects are played during a Kill Cam replay.
  • Fixed – Rappel rope cannot be seen during replays.
  • Fixed – Player characters arms are awkwardly positions during their kill cam.
  • Fixed – When an Operator is rappelling in the Australian Style, inverted recoil was sometimes displayed on the kill cam.
  • Fixed – Players will sometimes be missing the blood splash effect in the first person view kill cam.

Latency fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Attackers can bypass collision by introducing latency to delay the rappel animation to be able to move during the animation.

Preparation phase fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Spawn locations are not visible after all drones have been destroyed during the Preparation Phase.
  • Fixed – Attacker can remain stuck on the spawn selection screen if his drone is destroyed and he immediately attempts to change the spawn location during the prep phase.

Drone fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Drones can see through the table in Oregon.
  • Fixed – Drone can fall through the map at the EXT East Hull Breach on the Yacht.
  • Fixed – Drone can fall through the map at the EXT East Glacier on the Yacht.
  • Fixed – Attackers could scan the Defenders while their drone was still outside.
  • Fixed – If an Attacker throws their second drone at the same time their first drone is destroyed, the throw animation will become momentarily stuck and then the drone will fall through the map.
  • Fixed – User remains stuck in player HUD while controlling drone if they press "Escape" after activating drone.


Tachanka Tachanka[edit]

  • Fixed – Turret will float in the air if depleted of ammo.

Bandit Bandit[edit]

  • Fixed – If gadget deployment is set to toggle, pressing the R1 button still requires the user to hold the Square button.
  • Fixed – No kill is awarded for players who bleed out after being put in a DBNO state by Bandit’s Battery.

Blackbeard Blackbeard[edit]

  • Fixed – Players spectating Blackbeard in support mode as he removes his shield while ADS will notice that the shield becomes invisible.
  • Fixed – Blackbeard's speed gets reset to his normal speed, even when using his shield, after leaving Tachanka’s mounted LMG.
  • Fixed – Player would see an offset gun shield muzzle flash effect during the Kill Cam after being killed by Blackbeard.

Blitz Blitz[edit]

  • Fixed – The flash from Blitz's shield appears again on the projector screen in the 3F Lounge.
  • Fixed – Flash Shield sometimes rotated and clipped into character model when viewed from 3rd person.
  • Fixed – The camera will not display properly when the final kill of a round was done by Blitz.
  • Fixed – Could not be seen by team-mates in PvP.

Frost Frost[edit]

  • Fixed – On Plane, players cannot deploy the Welcome Mat on the floor on top of papers.
  • Fixed – MK1 9mm bullet casings eject towards the incorrect side of the weapon.
  • Fixed – Animation on Frost appears corrupted when rotating the camera whilst holding a Trap.
  • Fixed – Players trapped by the Welcome Mat can move if they vault through a barricaded door while in a crouched stance.
  • Fixed – A player caught in a Welcome Mat will equip a weapon if a teammate stops reviving the player before the action has been completed.
  • Fixed – No sound plays when an Operator is rescued from a Bear Trap.

Fuze Fuze[edit]

  • Fixed – Unable to rotate Fuze’s shield model around in the operator menu.
  • Fixed – Would be revived with more ammunition for pistol.

IQ IQ[edit]

  • Fixed – IQ can still detect electronics while in Spectate mode, even after she has died.
  • Fixed – Operators remains in a looped animation is user presses "LB", "RB" and "Y" repeatedly.
  • Fixed – The Electronic Detector is displayed as deployed without a screen when switch to Breaching Charge.
  • Fixed – Crawling with the Electronic detector out still detects gadgets.
  • Fixed – IQ can scan cameras and gadgets without using her scanner whilst using a stun grenade with her secondary weapon.
  • Fixed – IQ's Gadget appears offset during the reload animation.

Jäger Jäger[edit]

  • Fixed – Magpie Active Defense Gadget has no collision with drones.
  • Fixed – Jager can place his gadget on a teammate's deployable shield.
  • Fixed – Jager's gadget deployment prompt appears further away from walls than it should, causing players to teleport.

Kapkan Kapkan[edit]

  • Fixed – Kapkan's Entry Denial Device traps that are placed on windows won't kill Operators with an armor rating of 2 or 3 if they trigger the trap when doing a seated rappel entry.
  • Fixed – If two players pass through Kapkan's EDD when it is placed in a double-wide door, they can avoid dying.
  • Fixed – The EDD can be placed non-perpendicular on adjacent doorways.
  • Fixed – The EDD detonates when the player crawls under the laser without touching it.
  • Fixed – An attacker can activate Kapkan's trap by clipping through a barricade.
  • Fixed – The player may be kick out for a team killing penalty if the Kapkan's Trip Wire kills an ally.
  • Fixed – In Secure Area, Kapkan's gadget prompt is overlapping with the objective.

Montagne Montagne[edit]

  • Fixed – Spamming RB and LB cancels animation even when Operator has no grenades.
  • Fixed – Can ADS with smoke grenade in hand, or extended shield.
  • Fixed – It is possible to shoot while the shield is deployed/fully extended by using an exploit.

Pulse Pulse[edit]

  • Fixed – Heart Beat Sensor does not properly vibrate the controller when an enemy is detected.
  • Fixed – When Pulse is being watched through the Spectator cam and detects a heartbeat, the player's controller will vibrate continuously, as opposed to a single vibration upon detection.
  • Fixed – The heartbeat sensor animation is replicated every time the camera is switched between the players as teammate or as caster.

Recruit Recruit[edit]

  • Fixed – SWAT Recruit with Ballistic Shield does not have heavy armor.

Rook Rook[edit]

  • Fixed – Rook's Adrian Helmet is clipping through his collar in preview mode or full screen view.

Sledge Sledge[edit]

  • Fixed – Using Sledge's Breaching Hammer may sometimes result in the animation finishing early and the user being unable to use the Hammer for the remainder of the round.

Twitch Twitch[edit]

  • Fixed – Shock Drone Taser beam can clip through walls.

Thermite Thermite[edit]

  • Fixed – The debris from a destroyed reinforced trapdoor are incorrectly reproduced.
  • Fixed – Breaching charge can be placed on unbreakable surfaces on Kanal.

Valkyrie Valkyrie[edit]

  • Fixed – Throwing a Black Eye gadget on a sports bag will make the sports bag disappear.
  • Fixed – Players arms seem to stretch out when viewed in the Replay Camera.
  • Fixed – Black Eye cameras do not identify opponent Operators easily.
  • Fixed – Black Eye camera will switch to an image of black and white circles, when triggering the "You are detected" message while checking cameras.
  • Fixed – Unique ability title is not present when observing her Details & Statistics.

User Experience Fixes[edit]

General Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – A player that is downed while vaulting is able to continue shooting until the vaulting animation is completed.
  • Fixed – Headshots performed through a wall or barricade would sometimes result in the player not dying or going into the DBNO state.
  • Fixed – DBNO visual would continue to show at the End of Round replay if activated at the end of a round.
  • Fixed – Bullet tracers travel from 3rd Person model, which leads to misleading gunfire compared to 1st Person.
  • Fixed – Players are unable to melee an opponent rappelling who is not directly in front of a window.
  • Fixed – Players would see an incorrect character in Support Mode once they'd reconnected to the game.
  • Fixed – Operators who use LMG's may not see a blood splash effect when shooting an enemy.
  • Fixed – Player is seen going prone by all other players, while they see themselves crouched, standing, or running.
  • Fixed – Third person replication issue causes Operators to appear as though they are aiming or facing a different direction.
  • Fixed – Shield Operators can become invisible after performing multiple animations.
  • Fixed – Player gets stuck if they're put into the DBNO state while climbing ladders.
  • Fixed – Going DBNO while holding a gadget can cause the primary weapon to float over the body.
  • Fixed – Players may encounter red walls when trying to reinforce them during the preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Operator’s fingers shake while in the idle animation.
  • Fixed – A player’s gun would float in air after being killed.
  • Fixed – Game client would freeze after benchmark loading finished.
  • Fixed – White borders are visible on some objects with TXAA or MSAA enabled in their graphics settings.
  • Fixed – Flickering lights occur for SLI and Crossfire configurations.
  • Fixed – The word clearance is misspelled on the loading screen when starting a session on Border.

UI Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Players that are put in a DBNO state by an explosion and then bleed out will show an incorrect icon in the kill feed.
  • Fixed – If the MVP of the game is kicked from the match before the winning showcase, their name and score will not be displayed on the showcase screen.
  • Fixed – Placeholder text is still present when swapping between Gamepad to Mouse and Keyboard in the top left corner when starting situations.
  • Fixed – French text appears incorrectly when trying to abandon a Custom Game on Dedicated Servers.
  • Fixed – MVP's name is not displayed correctly during the winning showcase.
  • Fixed – Description of the gadget being used clips out of the description border for several languages.
  • Fixed – The Texture Quality information text is overlapped by the VRAM display panel in the Video Options menu.
  • Fixed – Truncated text is present in the in game weapons loadout customization.
  • Fixed – The Texture Quality and Multisampling Settings information text overlaps the memory usage bar.
  • Fixed – Menus now provide clearer information when the player is banned.
  • Fixed – The description of several weapons overlaps with the weapon model when choosing an Operator.
  • Fixed – Primary Gadget text is cut off when viewing the Controller layout subpage of the Controls tab in the Options Menu.
  • Fixed – Mouse Icons overlap the action progress bar if set as the Action Bar.
  • Fixed – No tier description displayed for some of the Season 2 skins.
  • Fixed – Viewer panel is refreshed when closing the Options menu.
  • Fixed – Website links for some regions were not functioning.
  • Fixed – Players are unable to scroll to the top of Matchmaking Preferences and Controls screens using the keyboard.
  • Fixed – Operator that spawned with the Defuser sometimes lacked the prompt to deploy it.
  • Fixed – Menu flow was misleading during the After Action report.
  • Fixed – There is a short delay before the Activities or Options & Info panels appear when pressing the [BACK] or [START] buttons.
  • Fixed – Zoom button not working as intended on headgear.

Menu Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Players will get stuck with the booster overlay on their screen when they try to activate a booster as a match starts.
  • Fixed – Players on the Attacking team cannot access the option menu while in support mode during preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Weapons and their sights can be transparent when in the weapon attachment screen.
  • Fixed – Players will be presented with a message "All Available Skins Owned" when accessing the weapon skins menu.
  • Fixed – News feed will not cycle unless player switches to a different tab and then returns.
  • Fixed – At times the mouse cursor did not give priority to the proper menu.
  • Fixed – The Safari Bundle would appear in the Digital Content section even after owning the Season Pass.
  • Fixed – Text is too small on the right side of the menus, as well as on the Data Center and NAT type displays.
  • Fixed – "Online" text is too small when entering a player's profile.
  • Fixed – Some text is too small on the side panel when creating a playlist in a Custom Match.
  • Fixed – Renown is sometimes no assigned to a player after they encounter a network problem.
  • Fixed – The 2D weapon preview takes too long to load.

Audio Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – If you press back from the loadout menu to the previous menu, a noise can be heard.
  • Fixed – Making a selection in the pop-up menu plays both Navigation and Confirmation sounds.
  • Fixed – Secondary Confirmation sound plays when progressing to the Portal menu.
  • Fixed – The Panel In/Out sound plays whenever there's a message at the bottom of the screen.

Game Mode Fixes[edit]

Ranked Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – New players below level 20 have access to Ranked matches.

Custom Match Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Spectator slots overlap in the center of the screen.
  • Fixed – The host of a Hostage Game Mode in a Custom Match can win every round even if he kills the hostage.
  • Fixed – The host icon is not updated when a new host is chosen.

Hostage Rescue Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – The signal flare at the extraction point appears stagnant at the end of round replay.
  • Fixed – Hostage has a falling animation at the very beginning of each round.
  • Fixed – Male Hostage has a missing texture around his waist.
  • Fixed – Having the hostage die due to falling into DBNO and bleeding out will result in a win for the attackers.

Secure Area Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Bio-Hazard container in the Secure Area game mode has incorrect bullet collision.

Terrorist Hunt Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – Some nitro cells spawn inside walls or at an odd angle.
  • Fixed – User is unable to determine whether the enemy bomb vest has been deactivated.
  • Fixed – AI is unable to throw C4.
  • Fixed – Players aren't able to pick up the Defuser after first bomb in Terrorist Hunt if standing over it.
  • Fixed – AI is not able to rappel up breached walls.

Caster Cam Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed – There is a blind spot in 1F Dining Room adjacent to 1F Great Room on Chalet.
  • Fixed – There are blind spots while watching the 2F Bedroom Hallway at 2F on Chalet.
  • Fixed – Characters become invisible when they are at the 2F floor of Chalet and go on the eaves of the house.
  • Fixed – When killed using the FPS view, you will go to the killer’s FPS view.
  • Fixed – Player may come across some blind sports while watching the Master Bedroom on 2F.
  • Fixed – Key bindings assigned to Spectator Mode controls are shared with in-game key bindings.
  • Fixed – Floor transitions are not as smooth as we would like.
  • Fixed – When spectating Tachanka, a broken animation can be observed.
  • Fixed – The health bar above the player model and the one displayed in the HUD can become desynced.
  • Fixed – No visual cue that a defending player is being detected when they are outside.

Level Design Fixes[edit]


  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed for the golden logo on the brown wall visible from 1F Office Hallway.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eyes won't stick to the Garage outer wall in Bank.
  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed on Bank when zooming from 1F to Tellers office.
  • Fixed – Players would sometimes be spawned into the wall.
  • Fixed – Players can vault through a wall when vaulting a couch from the 2F Executive Lounge.
  • Fixed – Players cannot be blinded by Blitz Gadget, Stun Grenades or Flashbangs when standing behind the bars in the Vault.
  • Fixed – Some of the cubical walls are indestructible.
  • Fixed – Debris from breaking trapdoors in the Janitor's Closet (2F) and Admin Office (1F) remain in mid-air.
  • Fixed – Misplaced texture inside one of the metal security boxes in B Vault.


  • Fixed – Kapkan's Entry Denial Device can be planted through the file shelf in 2F Armory Lockers, making it difficult to be detected by the attackers.
  • Fixed – There is truncated Arabic text on the police truck.
  • Fixed – The hostage extraction zone from EXT West Road is not properly represented by the flare.
  • Fixed – Players can reach an advantageous position by vaulting on top of a metal cabinet.
  • Fixed – A drone will get stuck in debris near EXT Crash Scene.
  • Fixed – Users are able to go on top of a block in the Server Room by using a Deployable Shield.
  • Fixed – Players encounter an invisible wall when throwing a Nitro Cell in the 2F Archives area.
  • Fixed – Players are able to get out of the map at the EXT Pedestrian Customs.
  • Fixed – Entering the window at 1F Tellers while rappelling upside down makes the player clip through the fence at EXT East Alley.
  • Fixed – Drones can pass through walls at 1F Waiting Room Windows and other similar windowed positions.
  • Fixed – Pieces of graffiti text is floating in midair near the EXT Pedestrian Customs.
  • Fixed – Players will pass through an Iron Bar when vaulting over the desk in the Main Lobby.
  • Fixed – Players have no collision with the flower vase in the 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed – Misplaced texture on back of metal cabinet in 2F Security Control Room.
  • Fixed – Wall texture at EXT Valley would disappear when the camera is moved by player.
  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed when approaching the fountain room on the second floor.
  • Fixed – Barricades seem misaligned with the wall in the 2F Security Room.
  • Fixed – Placing a deployable shield in the middle of the exit 1F Passport Check makes it difficult to pass it.
  • Fixed – Black Eye gadget has bad collision with Monitor in 1F Customs Deck and shows the inside of the monitor.
  • Fixed – A floating piece of decal can be seen whilst using a Drone in the EXT Pedestrian Custom area.
  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed when approaching a briefcase in EXT East Alley.
  • Fixed – An improper vault prompt is present on the main path at EXT Valley.
  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed for multiple assets on the ground and metal fence visible from EXT Pedestrian Customs.


  • Fixed – Bomb becomes invisible for the user when planted in the Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed – Players can get stuck under the boat in the Snowmobile Area.
  • Fixed – Lighting error fixed in 1F Great Room.
  • Fixed – Player can get stuck in the fir tree.
  • Fixed – A floor spotlight is floating in the Great Room area.


  • Fixed – The capture zone in Secure Area is missing an area when falling from the crates in Arsenal Room.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eyes have no collision with basement door frames.
  • Fixed – Users are able to go prone in an inaccessible space inside the 1F Garage Storage Chamber.
  • Fixed – Players can shoot through the indestructible floor in the 2F Bathroom.
  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed when approaching the 1F Bar Location.
  • Fixed – Part of the Neon Sign at the back of the 1F Bar can't be destroyed by bullets.


  • Fixed – During the prep phase, Valkyrie's Black Eyes won't stick on the destructible wall in the garage.
  • Fixed – Players can vault into the piano in the 1F Press Room area.
  • Fixed – Missing collision between player gadgets and the metal floor in B-Archives area.
  • Fixed – Player can be shot and killed through the roof of the Consul Office.
  • Fixed – Updated visuals for destruction of white walls in Consulate.

Hereford Base[edit]

  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed at 1F Dining Room when zooming from Exit Barracks location.
  • Fixed – Border of the wall between 1F Garage and EXT Forklift Area isn't protected by wall reinforcements.
  • Fixed – Collision issue with Interior Garage Door.
  • Fixed – Collision issue with Basement Corridor.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to the destructible wall on the east side of the Locker Room during the Preparation Phase.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to the destructible wall leading outside of the Locker Room during the Preparation Phase.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to the destructible wall leading outside of the Ballistic Mat Depot during the Preparation Phase.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to the destructible wall leading outside of the Garage during the Preparation Phase.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to the destructible wall leading outside of the Dining Room during the Preparation Phase.
  • Fixed – Collision with breakable walls on 2F Office and 3F Ballistic Mat Depot missing.
  • Fixed – Players see a red wall inside the Kids Bedroom on 2F.
  • Fixed – Rappelling when falling off an edge can result in changes to the map’s collisions.
  • Fixed – Vaulting over the rail at EXT Terrace in order to reach the EXT Side Stairs can be very difficult.
  • Fixed – Drone has no collision with corner of wall.
  • Fixed – There is a gap that players are able to shoot through in the Container.
  • Fixed – Operator clips through the ground after initiating a rappel action from the B Lockers area through the basement's hidden entrance.


  • Fixed – There is a binding issue present at 1F Lobby Stairs area between two walls.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to both garage doors during the preparation phase in House.
  • Fixed – Drones can fall out of the map if thrown in EXT Front Street.
  • Fixed – Barricade destruction inconsistencies between two players near the EXT Back Porch/1F Back Entrance.

Kafe Dostoyevsky[edit]

  • Fixed – Bullets will pass through the indestructible walls and have no collision between 1F Bakery and 1F Bakery Kitchen only from 1F Bakery.
  • Fixed – The bottom part of the kitchen walls is not destroyed on 3F Wash Rooms.


  • Fixed – Players can vault through the monitors in the CC3F Control Room.
  • Fixed – Players can vault on to an invisible barrier at the EXT Boat Crane.
  • Fixed – Player would fall through map after shooting the soap dish in the 1F Shower Room.
  • Fixed – Player is able to vault through in the Kanal at the Boat Crane area.
  • Fixed – Players are unable to vault over the benches in the EXT Front Lawn area.
  • Fixed – Improper level of detail is displayed when approaching the white furniture in CC3F-Control Room.


  • Fixed – Player is able to vault through a cardboard box at 2F Watch Tower.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras fail to stick to the garage door during the preparation phase in Oregon.
  • Fixed – Drones can clip through the walls and ceiling from the missing ceiling area at 1F Dining Hall Corridor.
  • Fixed – Bomb B location is floating in 1F Kitchen Area.
  • Fixed – Upon placing a shield in the door in 1F Meeting Room, players are unable to vault over it.
  • Fixed – Gap is visible between walls in the east corner of the 2F Master Bedroom and the start of Main Stairs.
  • Fixed – TV and Magazine float in the air after the dresser they are on is destroyed.

Presidential Plane[edit]

  • Fixed – The capture zone in Secure Area is missing an area in the corner of the Luggage Hold.
  • Fixed – Nitro cells placed on 1F Cargo Hold chairs don't damage operators when activated.
  • Fixed – Defenders are able to get on top of the Presidential Plane by vaulting on a Deployable Shield.
  • Fixed – Players are able to clip through the locker in 1F First Aid Station when vaulting over a Deployable Shield.
  • Fixed – Defenders can see spawning Attacker’s shadows through the planes windows.


  • Fixed – Valkyrie's Black Eyes can see through the wall between EXT Rear Deck and 2F Back Stairs from 2F Kitchen Hallway.
  • Fixed – The Valkyrie's Black Eye camera has no collision with ceiling at 2F Kitchen Stairs area.
  • Fixed – You can vault on the couch and clip inside the stairs at 3F Top Deck Stairs.
  • Fixed – The player can remain stuck at 1F Engine Hallway area.
  • Fixed – Users are able to go on top of the Personal Submarine in the Aklark Sub Room by using a Deployable Shield.
  • Fixed – Misplaced vaulting in 1F Engine Room can give the user an unfair advantage.
  • Fixed – Players can get stuck in the EXT Submarine after dropping from above whilst being prone.
  • Fixed – The Vault Prompt will still appear at the 1F Front Stairs, but the action cannot be executed.
  • Fixed – Players can see through the ships West Hull Breach surface when using a Drone.
  • Fixed – Players can vault between the 1F and 2F Front Stairs.
  • Fixed – Jager can remain stuck when certain conditions are met.
  • Fixed – Drones do not have collision with the bar in 3F Casino.

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