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4.3.2 Patch

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[e][h]4.3.2 Patch
Patch Information
PC Release Date:
Console Release Date:
  • Bug fixes


The Y4S3.2 patch features an update to the surrender feature, a fix for a bug with attacker/defender side assignment bias, and various other bug fixes. The patch is scheduled to deploy to PC on October 8th, and to console soon after.


  • Surrender now requires a unanimous vote.
  • Surrender feature is now only available if the team is currently losing in rounds.
  • Surrender is still only available starting with the 3rd


In hostage mode, anyone who detonates a Volcan shield is now responsible for any explosive damage it does once the hostage is picked up. Prior to hostage pick up Goyo is still responsible.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with Attacker side logic bias during lobby creation. Attacker and Defender side assignment is now completely random.
  • Fixed - Users are able to vault over an operator with extended shield if that operator stays between a player and a vault prompt.
  • Fixed - Players can get stuck in the leaning position after ADSing when Lean to Hold is on.
  • Fixed - Defenders can keep using their camera when a logic bomb is activated.
  • Fixed - Players sometimes do not receive a matchmaking penalty if they cancel right as the match begins.
  • Fixed - Defuser can sometimes disappear if an attacker is killed immediately after it is secured.


Alibi Alibi[edit]

  • Fixed - Alibi’s Prisma animation outline remains after players collide with it.

Ash Ash[edit]

  • Fixed - Ash’s breaching round is not destroyed when used on barbed wire with an active Bandit Battery.

Goyo Goyo[edit]

  • Fixed - Goyo can complete deployment of his Volcan shield before gauge bar has completed.
  • Fixed - Goyo’s Volcan shield clips with operators when forcing collision with the shield while prone between the shield and other props/walls.

Hibana Hibana[edit]

  • Fixed - Replication for Hibana’s X-Kairos destruction pattern is inconsistent between clients.

Kaid Kaid[edit]

  • Fixed - Electricity VFX disappears when the reinforced wall on which Kaid’s Rtila is deployed is shot at.

Maestro Maestro[edit]

  • Fixed - Maestro's turret movement SFX remains for users that are still spectating his camera after he leaves it.
  • Fixed - Maestro’s Evil Eye will sometimes shift position if another player is moving and spectating another camera and suddenly switches to the Evil Eye.

Montagne Montagne[edit]

  • Fixed - Players can sometimes change between ADS and non-ADS when Monty’s shield is out.

Mozzie Mozzie[edit]

  • Fixed - Mozzie drone SFX remains after being destroyed.

Level Design[edit]


  • Fixed - Pixel LOS behind on Clubhouse in B Church.


  • Fixed - Pixel LOS in Green Stairs of Kanal.
  • Fixed - LOS through exterior truck on Kanal.
  • Fixed - Collision issues on EXT Coast Guard Roof of Kanal when crouching/prone.
  • Fixed - LOD visual issues on Kanal in B Kayaks.
  • Fixed - Players can drop the defuser between two portable toilets in Construction Site on Kanal.
  • Fixed - A spot in Construction Site on Kanal will show a death timer if players enter it.

Kafe Dostoyevsky[edit]

  • Fixed - Sealed window in Prep Room on Kafe can allow damage propagation from explosions.

User Experience[edit]

  • Fixed - The theme park thumbnail is missing in the Ranked Guide.
  • Fixed - Drones float for a few seconds after jumping on a wall or a doorway.
  • Fixed - Players can sometimes lose functionality in the Operators tab after equipping an elite and returning to quickly to main menu.
  • Fixed - When Operators go prone against a wall, the animation SFX can loop multiple times.
  • Fixed - Missing SFX when accessing observations tools for several operators.
  • Fixed - Concussion SFX sometimes remains/can be heard by other players.
  • Fixed - First person camera issues after an attacker is bounced back after attempting to hot breach or is blocked by Clash when trying to rappel in.
  • Fixed - In standard deployment mode, the attach prompt can remain in the HUD after deploying a deployable shield/Volcan and swapping to weapons.
  • Fixed - Missing textures on Kapkan’s Phantom Sight uniform.

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