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4.3 Patch

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[e][h]4.3 Patch
Patch Information
PC Release Date:
Console Release Date:
  • Bug fixes
  • Misc changes

Improvements to Network Infrastructure[edit]

Today we will be updating to our latest internal network library. This upgrade does not come without risks, but is a pivotal steps toward having a more reliable service, as well as give us the tools we need to correct connectivity issues more quickly. While this update will not correct all connectivity problems right now, the update to our infrastructure is aimed more towards preparing us for the road ahead. You will see a reduction in connectivity issues in future patches as we continue to utilize these improvements to positively impact your gaming experience!

As this is new technology that we are experimenting with, there is a possibility that we may be forced to perform a roll back to Patch 4.2. If this is the case, we will correct the issue and deploy the changes below in Patch 4.4, prior to the release of Season 4.

Caveira’s Interrogations[edit]

Some players would exploit a bug that would prevent Caveira from successfully finishing an interrogation. She has received additional training and will now complete her interrogations regardless of whether or not an enemy player quits.

Anti-Bullying System Activated[edit]

As promised, we are continuing to make improvements to our process for identifying and punishing team killers. In Patch 4.3, we have activated an anti-bullying feature. This is intended to prevent players from targeting a teammate and griefing them repeatedly. Players will now suffer the standard team killing penalty after killing the same teammate twice.

As a reminder, the team killing penalties can be found below. Be advised that we do not offer appeals for team killing bans.

  • First offense:
    • Casual- Kicked from match.
    • Ranked- Banned for 15 minutes, 50% Renown penalty for 30 minutes.
  • Second offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 30 minutes.
  • Third offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 2 hours.
  • Fourth offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 24 hours.
  • Fifth offense: Banned from Matchmaking for 7 days.

BattlEye Update[edit]

We have implemented an additional update for BattlEye. This update will not add any programs to the white-list.


  • Fixed - If a team surrenders at the end of a round, Renown, Experience, and Rank points are not awarded. (Surrender functionality will be returned in Patch 4.3)
  • Fixed - Landing a headshot through a wall or barricade would sometimes result in the hit not registering.
  • Fixed - Players receive Error [2-0x0000E004] when they attempt to join a squad that has a member with an abandon penalty.
  • Fixed - Reloading is cancelled when going prone.
  • Fixed - Players are unable to create local custom games when the servers are unreachable.
  • Fixed - An Attacker that has been overhealed by Doc's Stim Pistol will take 100 damage when triggering Frost’s Welcome Mat.
  • Fixed - When Barbed Wire overlaps, Operators are able to move through the overlapping sections too quickly while crouched. (The speed for individual sections of Barbed Wire remains unchanged)
  • Fixed - On the P90, the Muzzle Brake attachment has the same model as the default barrel.
  • Fixed - Allies are sometimes killed by Claymores.
  • Fixed - Defenders are able to see the subtitles and hear audio cues when a Claymore is being deployed.
  • Fixed - Win conditions for Kapkan's EDD and an Attacker's Claymore were inconsistent when the device was responsible for killing the Hostage.
  • Fixed - Destroying a Black Eye Camera that has been placed under the Defuser will cause the Attackers to lose.
  • Fixed - Destroying some objects causes them to fall through the floor.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cells would not cause damage when detonated on top of the blackjack table on Yacht.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cells are able to injure players through a wall without destroying the wall.
  • Fixed - Damage can be dealt through a destructible surface without the surface being destroyed.
  • Fixed - Killing an Enemy AI while they detonate a breaching charge would make the wall invincible.
  • Fixed - When vaulting and aiming down sights, an Operator's left hand would move erratically.
  • Fixed - Operator's hands are sometimes not aligned with the weapon they are holding.
  • Fixed - Angled grips were not placed in the proper location on some weapons.
  • Fixed - Blood effects are not rendered in the Kill Cam replay for a crouched or prone victim if they were killed with a pistol.
  • Fixed - Changing the display mode during a replay would make the screen black.
  • Fixed - Title remains on a black screen if you are disconnected while changing the language.
  • Fixed - Players are able to rotate headgear on the X axis after rotating weapons on the X axis.
  • Fixed - Navy SEAL CTU bundle is not available.
  • Fixed - GSG9 Operator bundle has the same price as the Attacker Operator bundle.
  • Fixed - Purchasing the Far Cry charm would result in the wrong charm being unlocked.
  • Fixed - The Far Cry charm cannot be unlocked.


Bandit Bandit[edit]

  • Fixed - If a player is standing within the area of effect for an object charged by Bandit's Shock Wire, this effect will persist through the end of the round.

Buck Buck[edit]

  • Fixed - Buck's Master Key does not reliably destroy walls to allow for vaulting.

Capitão Capitão[edit]

  • Fixed - Capitao's 3D model has no eyelids when the Iron Mask is equipped.

Doc Doc[edit]

  • Fixed - Doc does not receive points for healing or overhealing an ally.

IQ IQ[edit]

  • Fixed - IQ's hands would clip through each other when she closes her gadget.
  • Fixed - Players attempting to climb a ladder with IQ's Gadget deployed will experience rubber banding upon reaching the top of the ladder.

Jäger Jäger[edit]

  • Fixed - Low level of detail is visible on Jager's headgear.
  • Fixed - Jager is able to duplicate his ADS Gadget by exploiting high latency.

Mute Mute[edit]

  • Fixed - Mute's Jammers do not prevent Blitz from discharging his Flash Shield as intended.

Rook Rook[edit]

  • Fixed - Rook's head would shake when walking and carrying his Armor Plates. (It's heavy, but not that heavy)

Sledge Sledge[edit]

  • Fixed - Sledge is able to breach walls and kill players with his hammer from behind Montagne's extended shield.

Thermite Thermite[edit]

  • Fixed - In some instances, Thermite's Exothermic Charge does not properly destroy reinforced walls.

Twitch Twitch[edit]

  • Fixed - Shock Drone PDA remains attached to Twitch's hand after leaving the drone view using the "Observational Tool" button or hotkey.
  • Fixed - Shock Drones are only able to destroy a Claymore from certain angles.

Valkyrie Valkyrie[edit]

  • Fixed - Throwing a Black Eye camera on the dynamic part of an object breaks the object completely. This destruction is not replicated for enemy players.

Level Design[edit]


  • Fixed - The wall of the showers in CG1F can be destroyed, providing line of sight to the neighboring stairs. The destruction was not replicated on both sides of the wall. (This would allow players to see a significant portion of the bottom floor without enemies being able to return fire)
  • Fixed - In the Maps Office, if the floor is shot or a wall is reinforced, it could destroy any gadgets placed in that room.


  • Fixed - Textures in the corner of sandbagged windows disappear when viewed from a distance.

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