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Operation North Star

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[e][h]Operation North Star
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • New operation
  • Balance changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Misc changes


Rainbow Six Siege is introducing Year 6 Season 2, North Star! When some of our beloved Operators end up in a difficult situation, only the best of the best can come to the rescue. Introducing Thunderbird, a free-spirited pilot from the Nakoda Territories in Saskatchewan, Canada. Possessing a quiet strength, she uses the Kóna Healing Station to help the fallen on the battlefield.

This season, players can expect balancing changes to Melusi, Smoke, Mira, and Nøkk, a redesign of the scoreboard, and much more. New after-death gameplay will also be featured on the Test Server. Read the Patch Notes below for more information.

New Operator[edit]

Thunderbird Thunderbird[edit]

“Able to administer emergency aid unsupervised the Kóna Healing Station, like Thunderbird, is a friend to anyone on the field.” - Dr. Elena “Mira” Álvarez Rainbow Director of R&D

Unique Ability[edit]

GADGET: Kóna Healing Station

“With a remote-controlled function, this device counter-balances the usual unpredictability of explosives in a, dare I say, refreshing way.” - Elena "Mira" Álvarez Rainbow Director of R&D

When deployed on the ground, the Kóna Station acts as a point of safety for injured and downed Operators. All they have to do is approach the device, and the Kóna Station automatically boosts the Operator's HP or offers a revive.

Map Rework: Favela[edit]

Favela was originally made to provide players with a brand new destruction experience and was never intended for competitive play. While the destructible exterior walls on Favela map have allowed for interesting strategies, they never provided players with perfectly balanced gameplay. Attackers had plenty of entry points to breach, making it difficult for Defenders to guard their objectives.

The goal of this rework was to make gameplay on Favela map more balanced and competitive, while still retaining its element of fun.

The two main entryways on Favela's roof have been preserved. They were previously named 3F Main Stairs, 3F Back Stairs, and 3F Packaging and are now named 3F Red Stairs, 3F Trash Chute, and 3F Electrical. The map's small size, irregular exterior, and verticality also remain. The rest of the map, including the overall structure of the main building, has been completely remade, so players will get to experience a virtually new location that retains the same theme as the original Favela.

Death Experience[edit]

Death Changes[edit]

When a player dies they will now be able to skip over the first-person death animation. In addition, the slow motion and opponent closeup that were previously part of the death replay have been removed. This change was made to help keep players in the flow of action.

Operator Icons[edit]

When a player is eliminated, a transparent Operator icon will appear in place of their body. The icon will remain for the duration of the round, just as a body would. This change was made to help players identify eliminated Operators and prevent unfair gameplay scenarios involving bodies.

Gameplay After Death (Test Server Only)[edit]

To gather community feedback, the Y6S2 Test Server will have new gameplay after death. Attackers will be able to drive their own drones after death. As well, Zero's ARGUS Cameras, Mozzie's drones, Echo's Yokai, and Maestro's Evil Eye can be used by those Operators after death. Bulletproof Cameras (which now fire EMP bursts) can be used by Defenders after death. This feature aims to reduce downtime when players are eliminated and offer more ways for players to support their team and have an impact on the round.

Hp Replaces Armor (Test Server Only)[edit]

Operator armor will be converted to health (HP) on the Test Server. This means that 3-Armor Operators will have 125 HP, 2-Armor Operators will have 110 HP, and 1-Armor Operators will have 100 HP. This feature is being released on the Test Server so that TS players can try it out and the team can have additional time to finetune it.

Scoreboard 2.0[edit]

The scoreboard has been redesigned to provide players with more game context during matches. The new scoreboard displays the stages of each match and outcomes of each round as they occur, and Banned Operators are listed for Ranked and Unranked matches.

Bullet Holes[edit]

The line of sight through bullet holes in soft surfaces has been blocked. This prevents unfair gameplay scenarios and encourages players to use a variety of strategies to eliminate opponents. Note: Bullet holes in thin materials like window glass, barricades, and the inner cores of props are not affected by this change.

Operators Price Decrease[edit]

Six Operators are getting a price decrease with this season.

  • Alibi Alibi and Maestro Maestro's price drops down to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits.
  • Nøkk Nøkk and Warden Warden’s price goes down to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits.
  • Ace Ace and Melusi Melusi’s price decreases to 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits.

Seasonal Weapon Skins[edit]

North Star's seasonal weapon skin is all about courage and hospitality. With the Medicant bundle, you will be a fierce aid to anyone in need. The weapon skin will be released at season launch and is available for purchase throughout the season. Once unlocked, it remains in your inventory indefinitely and can be applied to all available weapons.

Operator Balancing[edit]

These changes will be broken down and explained in detail in our upcoming Designer's Notes blog post.

Ash Ash[edit]

  • Reduced number of Breaching Rounds from 3 to 2.
  • Increased R4-C vertical recoil. Horizontal spread will be more constant and stronger to the right, and long burst recoil will start on the 8th bullet instead of the 12th.

Finka Finka[edit]

  • HP is now permanently granted, similar to HP granted by Doc's Stim Pistol.

Melusi Melusi[edit]

  • When Melusi's Banshee Sonic Defense is active, the core becomes vulnerable to bullets and melee attacks.
  • The device now detects enemies' feet.

Rook Rook[edit]

  • The deploy and equip interactions for Rook have been merged, so he now drops the Armor Pack and applies his own armor in the same movement.

Valkyrie Valkyrie[edit]

  • Valkyrie now has primary control over her Black Eye cameras, so she will take control over the cameras if another player is trying to use them at the same time (similar to Zero and Echo).

Vigil Vigil[edit]

  • Increased vertical recoil for the K1A . Horizontal spread will be more constant and stronger to the the right. Long burst recoil will start on the 6th bullet instead of the 12th.

Zero Zero[edit]

  • The ARGUS Camera now uses the same resource management system as the Shock Drone. A shot is recharged every 15 seconds. The device has infinite ammunition and only 1 shot can be stacked.

Bearing 9 Recoil[edit]

  • Horizontal spread is now more constant instead of randomly moving to the left or right, and the next shot is closer to the center.

SMG-12 Recoil[edit]

  • First shot kick has been reduced and vertical recoil has been reduced. Horizontal spread will be more predictable and constant to the left, and long burst recoil will start on the 12th bullet instead of the 6th.

Tweaks & Improvements[edit]

Game Balancing[edit]

Smoke balancing

  • The propagation system in Smoke's Remote Gas Grenade has been reworked to prevent the toxic gas from traveling through walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • A new sound plays when the canister is detonated.
  • Operators hit by the cloud will receive 15 HP of damage every 0.66 seconds until they leave the area of effect.

Shattered Glass Interactions

  • Players are now able to use a melee hit to shatter the glass of Mira's Black Mirror, Maestro's Evil Eye, and the Bulletproof Camera. Shattered glass is opaque and prevents the devices from being used to spot opponents.
  • When Mira's Black Mirror is shattered, vision is denied on both sides. When the canister is destroyed, the device now shatters and explodes instead of falling to the floor.
  • When Maestro's Evil Eye is shattered, he has to open the device to see through it.
  • The Bulletproof Camera is now melee-proof from the front, but a single melee hit will shatter the glass. Area of Effect Rationalization

Area of effect feedback

  • Area of effect feedback for Kaid's Rtila Electroclaws and Nomad's Airjabs has been updated to better represent their behavior.
  • Area of effect feedback has been added to Ela's GRZMOT Mines and Jäger's Active Defenses to help players better understand their range.

Player Comfort[edit]

Defuser Interactions

  • Auto pick up for the defuser has been removed.
  • The pickup action is now manual like it is for other devices, but there is no animation and the prompt appears when the player is in range (they don't need to look at the defuser).
  • Added key binding for drop interaction. Font Updates
  • Updated Arabic and Korean fonts to distinguish between title and body text.
  • Added a distinction between titles and other text for the Thai localization.

Interface Preferences Update

  • Options to hide the names of teammates and opponents have been added to the Interface preferences in the Options menu. This allows players to have a cleaner interface, especially for the purpose of recording content.

Operator Statistics

  • The Details & Statistics page in the Operators section has been removed. Players can now view stats through Ubisoft Connect (in the in-game overlay and on the website)

Scoreboard 2.0

  • The new scoreboard aims to provide more information to newcomers about match format and evolution.
  • Round history has been added to the scoreboard. New icons represent the status of each round as well as the position of match points and Attacker/Defender role swaps. Banned Operators are also displayed for Ranked and Unranked matches.
  • Round history will be shown in the scoreboard for all PVP playlists and game modes. It supports matches of any length, including the infinite overtime used in some competitive tournaments.

Match Replay Improvements

  • Reduced file size of replays.
  • Changed the way matches are recorded and removed playback snapshots for rewind.
  • Modified the method used to record the UI during a match to improve the stability of Match Replay.
  • Added motion interpolation to make the animation smoother and more fluid.
  • When using F10 on the screen, shortcut keys used for match replays are shown.
  • Enabled Match Replay for tournaments.
  • UX improvements for the control bar.
  • The Match ID and REPLAY BETA label are now visible on the screen that presents the game mode and on the screen that shows the round number.
  • Support for Observation Tools (Caster HUD).
  • Support for Scoreboard 2.0.

Player Cards – Observation Tools

  • Added feedback in player cards to show when an Operator is using Observation Tools. This info will be shown in the Caster HUD. It will also be displayed for eliminated Operators when they spectate one of their teammates. It aims to help players understand their team's synergy and how they can help one another.

Game Health[edit]

Abandon Penalties Update

  • Penalties are now 60 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours depending on the level of escalation.
  • Cooldown for Abandon Penalties has increased to 7 days (was previously 48 hours).
  • Renown Penalties now have the same duration as matchmaking restrictions.
  • This update only affects Ranked and Unranked.

Bullet Holes Exploit

  • Line of sight through bullet holes in soft surfaces has been blocked.

Eliminated Operator Icons

  • The bodies of eliminated Operators have been replaced with transparent icons.

Flash Hider and Compensator Rework

  • Changed how the compensator works. It will now be more efficient at mitigating left and right recoil.
  • Flash hider now only affects the 'up' speed, making the gun climb slower.

Squad MMR Restriction for Placement Matches

  • From now on, the Squad MMR restriction will apply to placement matches, even if Squad members have never been ranked.
  • The Squad MMR restriction is currently 700 MMR.

Map Rotations

  • This season's reworked map is Favela.
  • Ranked/Unranked Playlists: Favela is not featured in the map pools for Ranked or Unranked, so those playlists will remain unchanged.
  • Newcomer Playlist: Favela replaces Coastline in the Newcomer map pool. The bomb sites are Coin Farm/Storage and Coin Farm/Bunks.

Y6S2 Patch Size[edit]

Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 6 GB
  • Steam: 4 GB
  • Xbox One: 4 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 5 GB
  • PS4: 4 GB
  • PS5: 4 GB

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Fixed – Desync between reload animation and inventory ammo for some weapons.
  • Fixed – Small props and debris on floor can block fire propagation.
  • Fixed – Fire propagates under half-wall in 1F Waiting Room on Border map.
  • Fixed – PC players cannot rotate their selected weapon if they are in the middle of prepping a device to be deployed.
  • Fixed – Pause timer for Local Custom Games has a maximum time of 10 minutes.
  • Fixed – Nitro Cell deals only 80 damage in PVE.
  • Fixed – Pulse's Cardiac Sensor doesn't detect opponents at a particular angle.
  • Fixed – If host leaves a Local Custom Game, the Pause/Resume feature is not immediately transferred to the new host.
  • Fixed – Players who leave a Ranked or Unranked match may cause infinite loading and be unable to rejoin.
  • Fixed – Player card has no icon or cause of death when an Operator is eliminated by Gridlock's Trax Stingers.
  • Fixed – Death replay icon is present when a player is bleeding out.
  • Fixed – When an Operator is pinged with red pings before they are eliminated, the pings do not appear in death replay.
  • Fixed – AOE deployment effect of multiple devices is not seen during death sequence.
  • Fixed – Allied outlines don't appear during death sequence.
  • Fixed - Players can't see through bullet holes made in barricades.
  • Fixed – In Hostage, EOR displays player point of view if round times out or ends with no eliminations.
  • Fixed – Reinforcement animation ends before progress bar completes.
  • Fixed – On the last elimination, the player card appears for a fraction of a second before EOR.
  • Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after defusing 1 bomb in PVE.
  • Fixed – Scope reflection lens appears stretched on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Sound is muffled when player hits the opaque side of Mira's Black Mirror.
  • Fixed – If Warden walks over the same hatch a Defender is reinforcing, the reinforcement animation is canceled.
  • Fixed – If Operator is healed by Doc's Stim Pistol while affected by Lesion's GU, it removes the effect of the GU.
  • Fixed – Operator is sometimes missing parts of torso or head during death replay if they eliminated themselves with explosives.

Level Design[edit]

  • Fixed – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.
  • Fixed – Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps.
  • Fixed - Exploitable gaps in various map areas.
  • Fixed – Multiple clipping, collision, destruction, and asset issues on various maps.
  • Fixed – Multiple lighting issues on various maps.


  • Fixed - While sprinting, Operators are unable to vault over 1F Tellers counter on Bank map.


  • Fixed - Collision issues with windows between 1F Tellers and 1F Waiting Room on Border map.
  • Fixed - Bulletproof camera's view is obscured when deployed on a server in 1F Server Room on Border map.


  • Fixed - Players can glitch through the van in B Garage on Consulate map.


  • Fixed – A pixel peek is present between 2F Mezzanine Stairs railing and east wall on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Incorrect compass location is displayed at southeast end of EXT Back Alley on Favela map.
  • Fixed – LOD issue on wood planks around wall that's east of EXT Football Field on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Operators can get stuck between the wooden beams and car battery on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Operators can get stuck between the plant pot and trash bin on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Invisible collision on small cement stairs at EXT Street on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Uncomfortable transition between EXT Tunnel and EXT Football Field on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Players clip through floor of 1F Laundry when exiting rappel near the pink wall at EXT Courtyard on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Ceiling fan above mattress in 1F Blue Bedroom can block Operator movement on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Player movement is hindered when approaching the ramp near EXT Market Roof spawn point on Favela map.
  • Fixed – Floors covered by fallen doors on Favela map are difficult to destroy with melee attacks and Maverick's Breaching Torch.
  • Fixed – No destruction VFX after destroying empty trash bags on Favela map.

Kafe Dostoyevsky[edit]

  • Fixed - Insufficient light inside the cabinet in 2F Main Corridor on Kafe map.


  • Fixed - LOS can be created by shooting through the foam ceiling on Kanal map.


  • Fixed - LOS can be created by shooting through the foam ceiling on Oregon map.


  • Fixed - Operator's legs clip the wall when they go prone between the wall and sign at EXT Picnic Area on Outback map.


  • Fixed - Attacker drones will lose functionality after going under the tables at 1F Restaurant on Tower map.


  • Fixed – Northwest corner of EXT Veranda is darker than the rest of the balcony on Villa map.
  • Fixed – Lighting is missing in areas around EXT Front Entrance and EXT Greenhouse on Villa map.


  • Fixed – Multiple scoring issues for various Operators.
  • Fixed – Multiple device issues for various Operators.
  • Fixed – Multiple minor animation issues.

Alibi Alibi[edit]

  • Fixed - Highlight around Alibi's Prisma is missing.

Aruni Aruni[edit]

  • Fixed - Aruni's Surya Gate deployment scoring is not capped at 3.

Dokkaebi Dokkaebi[edit]

  • Fixed - Defenders' phones appear invisible in Support Mode while players are resetting them after Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb.

Echo Echo[edit]

  • Fixed - Echo's Yokai is briefly seen after being destroyed if the player presses the space bar at the same time that it's destroyed.
  • Fixed – Echo's MP5SD has a muzzle flash even though it's suppressed.

Finka Finka[edit]

  • Fixed - Finka's boost does not provide ADS speed increase for Blitz and Montagne.

Flores Flores[edit]

  • Fixed - Flores does not take damage from his RCE-Ratero Charge if he uses another one at the same time as the explosion.

Hibana Hibana[edit]

  • Fixed - Hibana's first person view is offset when she rappels upside down, making X-Kairos pellets bounce off the wall.

Jackal Jackal[edit]

  • Fixed - Controller rumble issues for Jackal's Eyenox Model III.

Maverick Maverick[edit]

  • Fixed - Maverick's melee animation breaks when the Breaching Torch is equipped.

Melusi Melusi[edit]

  • Fixed - Melusi's hands are missing from her deployment animation.
  • Fixed - Collision issues between Melusi's Banshee Sonic Defense and sticky devices.

Oryx Oryx[edit]

  • Fixed - No feedback text when Oryx's Remah Dash is unavailable.

Smoke Smoke[edit]

  • Fixed - Smoke's Remote Gas Grenade does not propagate properly on some floors and ceilings on Oregon, Club House, Coastline, Theme Park, and Outback maps.

Tachanka Tachanka[edit]

  • Fixed - Missing bonus score for Tachanka's Shumikha Launcher incendiary grenade kills.
  • Fixed – Tachanka's hands clip through DP27 in loadout preview and fullscreen view in the Operators section.

Twitch Twitch[edit]

  • Fixed - Twitch's Shock Drone cannot fire through debris.

User Experience[edit]

  • Fixed – On PC, the PS5 controller is not functional with the new input system.
  • Fixed – Microphone icon inside the scoreboard may be missing.
  • Fixed – Multiple UI and Options menu issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed – Multiple audio, SFX, and, VFX issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed – Multiple localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed – Enabling RAW input randomly affects mouse movement.
  • Fixed – Various cosmetic and shop issues.
  • Fixed – Various Match Replay issues.
  • Fixed – NVidia Reflex Latency Indicator is triggered by any shot in the gameplay session.
  • Fixed – Voice and text options for blocked players are not disabled in scoreboard.
  • Fixed – Player cards still appear in Support Mode when Interface Preset is set to Cinematic.
  • Fixed – Players using controllers cannot navigate scoreboard during Post-Action Report.
  • Fixed – When Render Scaling is set to 100, the display is too zoomed-in.
  • Fixed – Observation Tools camera view is distorted in match replays when user rewinds.
  • Fixed – Bodies of eliminated Operators are misplaced in match replays when user rewinds.
  • Fixed – Custom Game playlists disappear after player reboots the game.
  • Fixed – Text for W/L and K/D ratios overlaps in some languages.
  • Fixed – Buck's default uniform clips through Isolation headgear.
  • Fixed – Hibana's player card appears inside of opponent's player card.
  • Fixed – Unable to invite players to a Squad after leaving a Custom Game lobby.
  • Fixed – The crosshair is missing for several devices.
  • Fixed – If player exits Maestro's Evil Eye while shooting the turret, smoke and electricity VFX will remain on screen.
  • Fixed – When spectating an Operator with a launcher, weapon info is replaced with launcher info in Caster HUD.
  • Fixed – Hibana's player card is missing X-Kairos icon.
  • Fixed – HP number turns white when an overhealed Operator enters and exits Observation Tools.
  • Fixed – Mozzie's drone counter displays 96 captured drones when an Attacker drone is destroyed.
  • Fixed – Thunderbird's name is close to the edge of her player card.
  • Fixed – Players were unable to redeem the 6th pick on some rounds during the SI.
  • Fixed – Texture Quality option text isn't positioned correctly.
  • Fixed – When a player leaves during Post-Action Report, their stats disappear from scoreboard.
  • Fixed – All players appear eliminated if scoreboard is opened during transition from Planning Phase to loading screen.
  • Fixed – The crosshair is missing for several devices.
  • Fixed – Active screen area is not properly scaled with widescreen letterbox enabled.
  • Fixed – When a player selects another player in the scoreboard, the reporting function doesn't appear.
  • Fixed – Game remains in infinite loading state after cinematic for Cold Zero situation.
  • Fixed – Various localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed – Timer for Thunderbird's Kona Station disappears if the Show Objective Indicator option is set to OFF.
  • Fixed – Flash hider and compensator have outdated descriptions.
  • Fixed – Players may lose functionality on multiples tabs if Synchronizing Data is encountered in AAR.
  • Fixed – Players will crouch if they leave the drone POV with Observation Tool input.
  • Fixed – Overlap issue observed between the PS4/PS5's Options icon and the Settings logo.

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