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6.3.2 Patch

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[e][h]6.3.2 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Misc changes
  • Bug fixes

Y6S3.2 Patch Size[edit]

Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.40 GB
  • Steam: 1.2 GB

Tweaks And Improvements[edit]

Player Comfort[edit]

Scoreboard – Visual Improvements[edit]

  • Reduced overall size and improved readability.

Performance Metrics[edit]

  • PC users can now display real-time performance metrics in the HUD such as FPS, latency, and NVIDIA-related metrics.
    • This feature can be turned On in the Options menu, and players can choose between Minimal and Advanced Metrics.

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Fixed – When one player downs a teammate and another player eliminates the teammate, the player who downed them will be removed from the match.
  • Fixed – Muffled sound is heard on some automatic weapons.

Level Design[edit]

  • Fixed – The player can get stuck between the barrels and garbage bags at EXT Teacups on Theme Park map.
  • Fixed – Multiple issues with planting or picking up the defuser in specific areas on various maps.
  • Fixed – Rappel exploit allows players to reach location that should be inaccessible on new Coastline map.
  • Fixed – Various LOD issues on Yacht and Tower maps.


  • Fixed – Game crashes when Mira's Black Mirror is ejected while an active Cluster Charge is attached to it.
  • Fixed – Pulse's Cardiac Sensor appears to be stuck on the "Connecting..." screen when a player views Pulse in Support Mode.
  • Fixed – Animation is missing when player tries to exit rappel with Osa's Talon-8 Shield equipped.
  • Fixed – Player is able to exit rappel with Osa's Talon-8 Shield equipped.

User Experience[edit]

  • Fixed – Various UI issues.
  • Fixed – Shield skins are not previewed in 3D in the Weapon Skins category of the Shop.
  • Fixed – Thumbnails for shield skins are missing from the Battle Pass purchase side-panel.
  • Fixed – C4 turns white on the new Nitro Cell model.
  • Fixed – Various localization issues.
  • Fixed – Round timer shows incorrect time remaining on Stadia. (Hotfix delivered to PC and Luna last week.)

External Link[edit]

6.3.2 Patch Notes