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Operation Demon Veil

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[e][h]Operation Demon Veil
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • New operation
  • Balance changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Misc changes
  • Operator rework


Rainbow Six Siege introduces the first season of Year 7, Demon Veil! Azami Azami, our newest Operator, joins Rainbow with an extensive background ranging from motorized Tokyo police officer to being a bodyguard in the private sector. Focused and determined beyond all doubt, she will bring her skills forward in the defense of her teammates. Her Kiba Barrier will bring a unique twist to the battlefield. Read the Patch Notes below for full details.

New Operator[edit]

Azami Azami[edit]

“Azami would give her life to protect others... that’s what worries me.”

It’s incredible to witness the singular focus in which Kana “Azami” Fujiwara has continued her training. Her determination to bring Yahata’s killers to justice is understandable, and we’ll use every resource we have to help her in her investigation. I can only hope she’ll find new purpose along the way.

Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow (Rainbow Six Siege's official website)

Unique Ability[edit]

The Kiba Barrier is a modified kunai that sticks to a surface after it's thrown and releases a material that first expands then solidifies, creating a bulletproof barrier to patch up those holes in your defenses.

Azami transformed a protective barrier into a weapon… though the Kiba casing’s balance is improved compared to the previous canister.
Dr. Elena “Mira” Álvarez, Director of R&D (Rainbow Six Siege's official website)

Deathmatch Playlist[edit]

The arrival of Demon Veil brings a new playlist featuring the classic game mode, Team Deathmatch. The Deathmatch playlist was created to provide the perfect environment for players to warm up and practice their aim before competitive matches, as well as offer a more casual gameplay experience within Siege.


  • Matches last 5 minutes or until one team reaches 75 eliminations.
  • Limited time outdoors (Operators are eliminated after 10 seconds).
  • Ability to change Operators during the match.
  • Respawn is enabled.
  • In-game chat is disabled.
  • Join in Progress enabled.
  • No abandon sanctions.


  • Players can pick an Attacker or Defender regardless of their team.
  • Multiple players can pick the same Operator.
  • Unique abilities are unavailable (with the exception of Glaz' Flip Sight).
  • Shield Operators (Blitz, Montagne, and Clash) and Fuze's Ballistic Shield are unavailable.
  • Both teams have the same gadgets: frag, stun, and impact grenades.
  • Barricades, Reinforcements, Observation Tools, Drones, and Rappel are unavailable.
  • Map pool: Theme Park, Villa, and Favela.

Attacker Repick[edit]

Attackers now have the ability to change their Operator and loadout during the Preparation Phase. The change aims to bring more impact to droning during the Preparation Phase by allowing Attackers to use the intel gathered and adjust their strategy. In addition, the match header has been updated to show more information about your teammates in order to help make informed decisions when changing your Operator or loadout.

Attacker repick is available for all game modes in the Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked, and Pro League playlists.

Universal Weapon Sights[edit]

Primary weapons and select secondary weapons have been given access to all non-magnifying sights, with the exception of the DP27 custom Reflex. Weapons with access to the 2.5x scope now have access to both variants.

The Sights section of the Loadout menu has been updated with new categories:

  • Magnifying: 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3.0x scopes.
  • Non-Magnifying: Red Dot, Reflex, and Holographic sights.

Goyo Goyo Volcán Canister[edit]

Goyo Goyo is now equipped with the Volcán Canister, a slightly modified version of the incendiary bomb that no longer attaches to a Deployable Shield.

Volcán Canisters are partially shielded and can be deployed on surfaces such as walls and floors. Their explosive damage has been reduced but the flames burn for longer than they did before.

Player Protection[edit]

Beginning this season, all players will be required to link their phone number to their Ubisoft account in order to join Ranked matches. This security measure is intended to help slow cheater re-entry after being banned, as well as curb smurfing.

You can link your phone number via: Ubisoft Connect > Account Information (

Match Replay (Consoles)[edit]

Match Replay is now available on consoles and will save 2 hours of latest gameplay or up to 12 matches. In addition, Replay controls have been added as a controller layout for easier navigation within Match Replay.

R6 Fix Incentive Program[edit]

As previously announced, the team has been working on a program to reward players for reporting bugs on R6Fix, and the first iteration of this program will be available starting with the Y7S1 Test Server.

To qualify for a reward, report an issue during the season (on either the Test Server or Live) and have its status reach "Under Investigation". You will receive one reward per season, determined by the highest severity issue out of all your reports. Each season's reward will be granted to your account on the Live game during the following season's Test Server.


  • Cosmetic: 3 Alpha Packs (1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary)
  • Playable: 6 Alpha Packs (2 Rare, 2 Epic, 2 Legendary)
  • Hardly Playable: 9 Alpha Packs (3 Rare, 3 Epic, 3 Legendary)
  • Critical: 12 Alpha Packs (4 Rare, 4 Epic, 4 Legendary)

Operators Price Decrease[edit]

As with every season, Demon Veil brings a price decrease for specific Operators; Five Operators are getting a price decrease with this season.

  • Mozzie Mozzie and Gridlock Gridlock's price drops down to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits.
  • Oryx Oryx and Iana Iana’s price goes down to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits.
  • Flores Flores's price decreases to 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits.

Seasonal Weapon Skin[edit]

Demon Veil brings with it a stealthy new addition to your seasonal weapon skin selection. Obtain the Covert Ending Bundle to unlock the Sleek Lethality weapon skin and attachment skin, as well as the Yakuyoke charm. The seasonal weapon skin will be released at season launch and is available for purchase throughout the season. Once unlocked, it remains in your inventory indefinitely and can be applied to all available weapons.

Operator Balancing[edit]

These changes will be broken down and explained in detail in our upcoming Designer's Notes blog post. (See here)

Camera loses signal outside[edit]

  • When placed outdoors, Valkyrie's Black Eye, Maestro's Evil Eye, and the Bulletproof Camera will now lose signal after 10 seconds. The player must pick up and redeploy the cameras elsewhere to regain signal.

Valkyrie Valkyrie & Zero Zero[edit]

  • Valkyrie's Black Eye and Zero's ARGUS camera can now be accessed while in the air, but the video feed does not begin until the camera attaches to a surface.

Echo Echo & Mozzie Mozzie[edit]

  • Both Echo and Mozzie's drones can now be used outside for longer (10 seconds) to match the time it takes for cameras to lose signal.

Melusi Melusi[edit]

  • Melusi's Banshee now opens quicker when activated, exposing it's weak point earlier.

Kali Kali[edit]

  • Kali's movement is no longer penalized when equipped with her marksman rifle.

Thunderbird Thunderbird[edit]

  • Thunderbird's Kóna Station will only heal players below 100% health.

Tweaks & Improvements[edit]


Year 7 Premium Pass

  • Back by popular demand, the premium Year 7 Pass will be available to purchase, granting access to the following benefits and VIP perks:
    • 4 new Year 7 Operators
    • 4 headgears and uniforms (included in Battle Passes)
    • Access to the 4 Year 7 Battle Passes
    • Unlock the first 20 tiers on each Year 7 Battle Pass as part of the Premium Bundles
    • An exclusive Exotic Weapon Skin for the MPX
    • Exclusive Valkyrie Byte Set
    • Ash Ash Chilled Bundle
    • 14-day early access to each season's new Operator
    • 30% bonus Battle Points (not applied to Challenges or Achievements)
    • Persistent Challenges
    • Challenges will continue to unlock along a set time frame but will no longer be time-limited, allowing players to finish them at their own pace until the end of the Battle Pass.

Match Replay[edit]

Replay Compatibility

  • Replays are now compatible through the entire season and will not be deleted when patches or hotfixes are released.
  • Replays will be available to play back until the final day of the season.

Elite Customization[edit]

Customizable Ability Skins

  • Players are now able to choose between different ability skins that they own as long as they are both owned and belong to the same Operator.

Player Comfort[edit]

Melee Animation

  • Knife melee animation changed from a slash to a stab motion to match in-game hit detection.

Gadget and Ability Models

  • Updated the model of Ela Ela's Grzmot Mine to display an LED when armed that matches the player's Team Colors choice.
  • Changed the model of the Breach Charge to display an LED that matches the player's Team Colors choice.
  • Updated the model of the Bulletproof Camera to better support last season's gameplay rework of Bulletproof Cameras (camera rotation and EMP burst).

Speech to Text

  • New option to enable Speech to Text functionality added to the Options menu.

Operator Models

  • Improved the facial animation rigs, shaders and meshes used on current and future Operators.

Match Timer

  • Match timer will now display times with milliseconds included during the last 10 seconds of the Action Phase.

HUD Adjustment in Support Mode

  • Added ability/gadget status to player portrait when spectating in Support Mode and removed KDA.

Game Health[edit]

Griefing and Players Disconnecting

  • Harmful gadgets no longer damage players if the player who threw them disconnects, preventing toxic players from exploiting disconnections to grief and avoid sanctions.

Map Rotations

  • Added Chalet map and removed Bank map from the Newcomer playlist.

Y7S1 Patch Size[edit]

Below you will find the download sizes for each platform:

  • Ubisoft Connect: 4.4 GB
  • Steam: 3.8 GB
  • Xbox One: 13.82 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 13.17 GB
  • PS4: 5.17 GB
  • PS5: 4.66 GB

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • FIXED - Entering Observation Tools will default to security cameras if one of a player's Observation Tools was picked up or destroyed.
  • FIXED - Unable to pick up some devices that are deployed into small spaces.
  • FIXED - Camera goes out of bounds if watching a kill cam when the end of round replay begins.
  • FIXED - Windows don't break when deploying a device on a barricade.
  • FIXED - After spawning, crosshairs can sometimes remain visible while aiming down sights.
  • FIXED - Camera goes out of bounds for Attackers in support mode when the last Attacker is eliminated and there are no Observation Tools on their team.
  • FIXED - Bulletproof Camera EMP burst disables electronic map objects for 15 seconds instead of 6 seconds.
  • FIXED - Bulletproof Camera EMP burst can destroy fragile map objects.


  • FIXED - Players can defuse the same bomb sight twice to win a Training Grounds match on Favela map.
  • FIXED - Ace's S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher activates when deployed on the indestructible floor in 1F Lounge on Tower map.
  • FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.


  • FIXED - Azami's Kiba Barrier doesn't collapse when an operator stands on it.
  • FIXED - Pulse's Cardiac Sensor can't be unequipped after a player equips it and immediately swaps to a gadget.
  • FIXED - Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge floats midair when affected by Mute's Signal Disruptor while jumping.
  • FIXED - Ying is unable to vault while holding a Candela.
  • FIXED - Bullet impact visuals appear on both of Maestro's Evil Eyes when only one is shot.
  • FIXED - Activating Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge changes the Observation Tool that an Operator was viewing.
  • FIXED - Maverick's Breaching Torch is unable to breach a reinforced wall when an Operator's shield is pressed against the other side.
  • FIXED - Defenders lose the round and Goyo gets a Friendly Fire penalty if an Attacker moves the hostage near a Volcán Canister and disconnects after deploying a device to destroy the canister.
  • FIXED - Defenders lose the round and Wamai gets a Friendly Fire penalty if an Attacker moves the hostage near Wamai's MAG-Net and disconnects after deploying a device to destroy the MAG-Net.
  • FIXED - Bandit's Shock Wire can't be deployed on a reinforced hatch when another device is in the center of it.
  • FIXED - Osa's Talon-8 Shield remains visible if it's destroyed by Maverick's Breaching Torch during deployment.
  • FIXED - Fuze's Cluster Charge can be deployed on an angle where a reinforced and indestructible wall meet.
  • FIXED – Various animation issues.


  • FIXED – Various VFX and audio issues.
  • FIXED – Various UI issues.
  • FIXED – Various localization issues.
  • FIXED – Various customization issues.
  • FIXED - Overall game performance.
  • FIXED - Player isn't returned to the Watch section at the end of a match replay.
  • FIXED - Screen resolution slider for Display options can become unresponsive.
  • FIXED - Match Replay experiences long loading times when transitioning between rounds if the rewind and pause buttons are pressed repeatedly as the round ends.
  • FIXED - Crash occurs when multiple players repeatedly switch Operators while the lobby is paused by the host.

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