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Bolt: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2019-10-29QD17 - 21stA5D-Tier6 Student Trophy 2019 - Online Stage6 Student Trophy 2019 - Online StageChill'n KillChill'n KillChill'n Kill0/0/3Grp S. 
2019-05-12QO17 - 32ndA8QualifierAllied Esports Las Vegas 2019 - North America QualifierAllied Esports Las Vegas 2019 - North America QualifierAnticsAnticsAntics0 : 6Las Vegas MiniGunnersLas Vegas MiniGunners 
2019-04-20RG25 - 32ndA4C-TierGamers Assembly 2019Gamers Assembly 2019Inferno Of DevilsInferno Of DevilsInferno Of Devils0/1/3Grp S. 
2019-04-13IG9 - 16thA5D-TierTopAchat Cup #1TopAchat Cup #1Inferno Of DevilsInferno Of DevilsInferno Of Devils0 : 2Team AherysTeam Aherys 
2019-04-10EC5 - 8thA8QualifierTopAchat Cup #1 - QualifierTopAchat Cup #1 - QualifierInferno Of DevilsInferno Of DevilsInferno Of Devils0 : 7MetaleakMetaleak 
2018-10-29DA4thA5D-TierUniversity Trophy 2018University Trophy 2018adaK EsportadaK EsportadaK Esport1 : 2MetaleakMetaleak 
2018-10-16AC1 - 4thA8QualifierUniversity Trophy 2018 - Online StageUniversity Trophy 2018 - Online StageadaK EsportadaK EsportadaK Esport2 : 0LDV UnknowLDV Unknow 
2018-05-26IC9 - 12thA8QualifierCoupe de France 2018 - Qualifier #1Coupe de France 2018 - Qualifier #1HavefunHavefunHavefun0 : 2DeathroWDeathroW