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[e][h]Clash Clash
“Come closer. I dare you.”
Operator Information
Team Rainbow:
Real Name:
Morowa Evans
(1983-06-07) June 7, 1983 (age 39)
England London
Grim Sky (2018-09-04)
Renown price:
9,000 SP
R6 Credit price:
216 SP
Base Stats
Heavy (125 HP)

Morowa "Clash" Evans is an defending operator featured in the Operation Grim Sky expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.

Unique Gadget[edit]

CCE Shield
The CCE Shield is her primary weapon; she can swap to her secondary at any time, but to do so, she needs to put her shield away first. Her bulletproof extendable shield has the ability to slow down opponents by using a high voltage Charged Field Generator (CFG) that emanates directly in front of the shield in a cylindrical shape. Opponents caught in the CFG also sustain low damage over time. Effective use of the shield allows Clash to block entry points, and to prevent or delay a push by the Attackers.
Switch shield:
Taser duration:
Recharge time:
Countered by: 
 5 (per second)
 1 second
 5 seconds
 12 meters
 ?? seconds
 Thatcher Capitão Zofia Nomad Kali



See Unique Gadget.



Barbed Wire
Razor wire that slows down attackers.
Impact Grenade
Grenade that explodes on impact.



"Come closer. I dare you."

Morowa Evans led the fight in her community against racist groups in oftenviolent clashes. She was relentless until the day her friend and mentor, Tray Pearson, died trying to stop looters during a riot. Two months later, Evans offered her assistance to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) because she wanted to make a difference from within the system. The MPS offered her a clean slate if she helped stop protests from going violent. Evans made it her career, going from insider to eventually joining the MPS.

During the 2011 London Riots, Police Constable Evans commanded the front line in the Territorial Support Group to stop the violence from spreading, and later acquired special permission to attend Gold Command meetings, devising new crowd-control strategies based on her years as riot leader. PC Evans made 274, arrests throughout her service and later made Detective Constable. She earned the Queen's Police Medal for exceptional bravery and earned a spot in Rainbow due to her experience, service record, and tenacity.

Psychological Report[edit]

When I recommended Specialist Morowa "Clash" Evans, I met considerable resistance. The Selection Board couldn't see past her violent past but I saw a street-hardened veteran who knew how to fight dirty and was the leading expert in riot control. [...] Despite the mistrust from her fellow Constables, Specialist Evans proved herself during the 2011 London Riots when she confronted those she once led; from the CCTV footage and eyewitness reports, those rioters showed her no mercy, but she was exemplary. I initially wondered what allowed her to switch sides and remain sane. It's because she was still protecting Londoners from racists and those rioters alike who were indiscriminately hurting locals. She didn't want to quiet the storm. She wanted to redirect it.

Regardless, it wasn't easy going from riot leader to gaining Scotland Yard's trust. I'd say it's the very definition of an uphill battle and I know for a fact that every misstep was used against her. Her temper got the better of her early on, and some officers went out of their way to provoke her. In the end, many bets were lost when she graduated from Hendon, but she rightfully earned her division's respect. Nobody was more qualified in understanding mob behavior or pioneering snatch squad tactics.

Who knows what kind of life she'd have led without her mentor's influence? They had the same goals, and while Pearson's non-violent path was not hers, she still used his tragedy to channel her anger. [...]

She remains an enigma within Rainbow, but I'm glad to see she's already made friends with Specialist Gilles "Montagne" Touré-I think she appreciates the competition, and they share experience working the protection detail at G8 and G20 Summits. [...] She's persistent and fearsome, however, and she's bound to keep the operators on their toes with her tactics. I have no doubt she'll earn the same level of respect here on Rainbow that she fought so hard for in the MPS.


  • Territorial Support Group (TSG) Specialist
  • Firearms Command (SC019)
  • Hendon Police College

Relevant Experience[edit]

  • 2011 London Riots
  • 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Operation Trident


"Upon request, Specialist Pichon and I prototyped an extendable shield aptly named the Crowd Control Electro Shield (CCE Shield). I worked on the bulletproof aspect of the polycarbonate, Faraday mesh integration, and the deployment of the panels. Specialist Pichon iterated on the electric coils, optimizing the transformer and battery, all the while making it safe for the user. [...] Yes, we drew from next-generation anti-riot gear, but shocking the opponent only on contact with the shield was nowhere close to being interesting. [...] Specialist Pichon developed a patent pending high voltage Charged Field Generator (CFG) that emanates directly in front of the shield, capable of slowing down opponents about a dozen meters away, although the exact range is still to be confirmed. Specialist Touré agreed to test the shield after each iteration. No small feat to make the CCE this light and this compact with the CFG, but I got this. [...] Once Specialist Evans joined Rainbow Six and tested the CCE for herself, her fast and fierce shield deployment style obliged us to reinforce the inner rotating plate and the deployment mechanism of the panels. Gotta wreck some prototypes to make better ones [...] Specialist Evans asked me to shorten the handle to better fit her right hand. As thanks, she gave me one of those rare Clash smiles."

- Specialist Elena "Mira" María Álvarez

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Has access to P10-C.
  • Replaced P-10C with Super Shorty.
  • Removed (set to 0) the camera penalization during the Guard Break animation
  • The guard break effect occurs when operators with a ballistic shield are hit by an explosion or take certain types of damage (from a scale of a minimum of 50 to trigger the guard break to 100 damage).
  • The severity of the guard break is proportional to the damage done to the shield. Electric damage and the minimum 50 damage threshold will trigger the minimum strength guard break animation.
  • Melee damage, concussion FX, sonic bursts, and explosions of 100 damage or higher will trigger the the maximum strength guard break animation.
  • Operators positioned behind a shield are now also partially protected from explosion damage (this still applies even if they are from the opposing team). This protection also applies if the shield is on the operator's back. Damage taken from the explosion is proportionally calculated based on the operator's exposure to the blast.
  • Shield explosion protection is reduced to 66% (down from 80%).
  • Electric damage of the CCE Shield increased from 3 to 5 damage per tick
  • Reduced weapon swapping speed between CCE Shield and Sidearm
  • Delay before refilling charge after usage ends increased to 2 seconds, from 1 second
  • Attackers regain full mobility after 0.5 seconds, down from 1.5 seconds, after being shocked
  • Clash can no longer instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un-equipping her shield
  • New Operator

Notable Players[edit]

rxwd (Retired)
BikiniBodhi (Analyst)

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