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FACEIT Pro League

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[e][h]FACEIT Pro League
Series Information
Europe Europe


The FACEIT Pro League, often abbreviated to FPL, is the place where all top Rainbow Six Siege players compete, for honor, glory and a piece of the monthly $5,000 prize pool!



FACEIT Pro League - Europe
Month Date Winner Runner-Up
September 2020-09-01 to 2020-09-30 Team BDSTeam BDS Shaiiko Free AgentFree Agent KS
October 2020-10-01 to 2020-10-31 Team BDSTeam BDS Shaiiko PENTAPENTA ENEMY
November 2020-11-01 to 2020-11-30 AxibyteAxibyte Jume Team SinOrgTeam SinOrg Nubaii
December 2020-12-01 to 2020-12-31 MACKO EsportsMACKO Esports T3b AxibyteAxibyte Jume
Month Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2021-01-01 to 2021-01-31 MNM GamingMNM Gaming Yuzus MkersMkers Sasha
February 2021-02-01 to 2021-02-28 4Elements4Elements Jume Free AgentFree Agent Solotov
March 2021-03-01 to 2021-03-31 Free AgentFree Agent Mekses Natus VincereNatus Vincere Joe
April 2021-04-01 to 2021-04-31 Ambush EsportAmbush Esport Krizz GoSkillaGoSkilla Solotov
May 2021-05-01 to 2021-05-31 Wizards Esports ClubWizards Esports Club Nubaii GoSkillaGoSkilla Mekses
Bi-Weekly Stage 1 2021-06-01 to 2021-06-15 GoSkillaGoSkilla Solotov Free AgentFree Agent Turqo
Bi-Weekly Stage 2 2021-06-16 to 2021-06-30 Game FistGame Fist Krst Free AgentFree Agent Turqo
Bi-Weekly Stage 3 2021-07-01 to 2021-07-15 43rti43rti eXoduSS GoSkillaGoSkilla Mekses
Bi-Weekly Stage 4 2021-07-16 to 2021-07-31 MNM GamingMNM Gaming Yuzus DeathroWDeathroW FuZiion
Bi-Weekly Stage 5 2021-08-01 to 2021-08-15 GC EsportGC Esport JJJ MNM GamingMNM Gaming Yuzus
Bi-Weekly Stage 6 2021-08-16 to 2021-08-31 Free AgentFree Agent Solotov MNM GamingMNM Gaming Yuzus
Bi-Weekly Stage 7 2021-09-01 to 2021-09-15 MACKO EsportsMACKO Esports T3b MNM GamingMNM Gaming Yuzus
Bi-Weekly Stage 8 2021-09-16 to 2021-09-30 GAMMA GAMINGGAMMA GAMING ASTRO MNM GamingMNM Gaming Solotov
Bi-Weekly Stage 9 2021-10-01 to 2021-10-15 TBD TBD

North America[edit]

FACEIT Pro League - North America
Month Date Winner Runner-Up
November 2020-11-01 to 2020-11-30 Rexen Team OblationTeam Oblation BenjiMoola
December 2020-12-01 to 2020-12-31 Gryxr Brainbow
Month Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2021-01-01 to 2021-01-31 Gryxr Macks
February 2021-02-01 to 2021-02-28 SoniqsSoniqs Gryxr Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Yoggah
March 2021-03-01 to 2021-03-31 Totem JNhan

Latin America[edit]

FACEIT Pro League - Latin America
Month Date Winner Runner-Up
May 2021-04-15 to 2021-05-31 Black Dragons AcademyBlack Dragons Academy Bersa SuperNova TeamSuperNova Team l0bin
June 2021-06-01 to 2021-07-02 9z Team9z Team Pechito SG e-sportsSG e-sports Bersa
July 2021-07-02 to 2021-07-31 IsurusIsurus jv92 IsurusIsurus VITAKING
August 2021-08-01 to 2021-08-31 IsurusIsurus jv92 Guidance GamingGuidance Gaming L0BINN
September 2021-09-02 to 2021-09-30 Team LiquidTeam Liquid Paluh 9z Team9z Team Pechito
October 2021-10-01 to 2021-10-31 Team LiquidTeam Liquid Paluh Free AgentFree Agent L0BINN
November 2021-11-01 to 2021-11-30 Team SingularityTeam Singularity Bragod Free AgentFree Agent L0BINN
December 2021-12-01 to 2021-12-31 Golden KidsGolden Kids JV92 Team SingularityTeam Singularity volpz
Month Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2022-01-01 to 2022-01-31 Team LiquidTeam Liquid Paluh Team LiquidTeam Liquid AsK
January 2022-02-01 to 2022-02-28 Free AgentFree Agent Mr6otlaw Black Dragons e-SportsBlack Dragons e-Sports Bassetto