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FACEIT Pro League - North America: November 2020

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[e][h]FACEIT Pro League - North America: November 2020
League Information
FACEIT/Pro League FACEIT Pro League
North America North America
Prize pool:
$5,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


  • Runs from October 27th - November 30th, 2020.
  • 10 players are selected from the queue. Two are randomly selected as team captains, and take turns choosing from the remaining 8 players.
  • All matches are Bo1.
  • Players start on 1,200 points.
    • Players receive 11 points when they win a match and lose 9 when they lose one.
    • Players on a win streak of at least 5 receive a bonus 5 points when they win.

Prize Pool[edit]


Player List (93 Players) --- = Free Agent (No Active Team)
Canada Eskaa 
Canada Euphoria 
Canada Guns 
Canada Misio 
Canada P3NGU1N 
United States Sonar 
Canada Spiritz 
United States Callout 
United States Forrest 
Canada Melted 
United States Yoggah 
United States AnthonyMGS 
United States Phozzo 
United States Rooty 
United States Sippin 
United States Ecl9pse 
United States Hotancold 
Greece Hyper 
United States Skys 
United States J9O 
United States njr 
United States Read 
United States Beastly 
United States Benjimoola 
United States England 
Canada Rethinkin 
United States whimpy 
Canada Bryan 
Canada Hiperzz 
Canada OmegaProject 
Canada RowdyOwly 
United States Zigalo 
Canada Flynn 
United States NotLoading 
Canada Quartz 
Canada Silent 
Canada zilchy 
Canada Bosak 
Canada LakQii 
Canada S4 
Canada Skvz 
Canada Stormz 
United States b1ologic 
Canada FoxA 
United States Slashug 
United States VertcL 
United States Dpfire 
United States Nyx 
United States Prod 
United States Trippen 
United States yungalec 
United States Drip 
United States Filthy 
United States Sweater 
United States Tomas 
United States Abunai 
United States Karnageb 
United States Bosco 
United States Fultz 
United States Rampy 
United States ThinkingNade 
United States Easilyy 
Belgium Gomfi 
United States Iconic 
Finland SlebbeN 
United States Supr 
United States Gity 
United States GuyOnaBear 
United States Inryo 
United States Vivid 
United States Achieved 
United States Beaulo 
United States Chala 
Mexico Geometrics 
United States Merc 
United States Creators 
United States Dream 
Canada Jarvis 
United States Krazy 
United States Mark 
Brazil DiasLucasBr 
United States Jolten 
Brazil Kyno 
United States Butterzz 
United States Kilo 
United States Spades 
United States Yung 
United States Gryxr 
United States Jaay 
United States Kanzen 
United States KiXSTAr 
United States Rexen 
United States Yeti 

Aditional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

Team Representation[edit]

1 Altiora7 / 87 (8%)Eskaa, Euphoria, Guns, Misio, P3NGU1N, Sonar, Spiritz
2 Joe5 / 87 (6%)Beastly, Benjimoola, England, Rethinkin, Whimpy
3 LiViD5 / 87 (6%)Bryan, Hiperzz, OmegaProject, RowdyOwly, Zigalo
4 Mirage5 / 87 (6%)Flynn, NotLoading, Quartz, Silent, zilchy
5 Nordik5 / 87 (6%)Bosak, LakQii, S4, Skvz, Stormz
6 Pog5 / 87 (6%)Dpfire, Nyx, Prod, Trippen, Yungalec
7 SQ5 / 87 (6%)Easilyy, Gomfi, SlebbeN, iconic, supr
8 TSM5 / 87 (6%)Achieved, Beaulo, Chala, Geometrics, Merc
9 TS5 / 87 (6%)Creators, Dream, Jarvis, Krazy, Mark
10 APE4 / 87 (5%)Callout, Forrest, Melted, Yoggah
11 DZ4 / 87 (5%)Ecl9pse, Hotancold, Hyper, Skys
12 OXG4 / 87 (5%)FoxA, Slashug, VertcL, b1ologic
13 RentFree4 / 87 (5%)Drip, Filthy, Sweater, Tomas
14 SSG4 / 87 (5%)Bosco, Fultz, Rampy, Thinkingnade
15 TOB4 / 87 (5%)Gity, GuyOnaBear, Inryo, Vivid
16 TLD4 / 87 (5%)Butterzz, Kilo, Spades, Yung
17 bc4 / 87 (5%)AnthonyMGS, Phozzo, Rooty, Sippin
18 DG3 / 87 (3%)J9O, Read, njr
19 Favelas3 / 87 (3%)DiasLucasBr, Jolten, Kyno
20 S7venSpades2 / 87 (2%)Abunai, Karnageb