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Ferral: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2021-02-21CA3 - 4thB1Show M.Memevitational 2021Memevitational 2021EU Sad Little ManEU Sad Little ManEU Sad Little Man1 : 2LycanDeezNutsLycanDeezNuts 
2020-06-28BA2ndA7WeeklyOpen Cup Week 5 PCOpen Cup Week 5 PCGO4 GatekeepersGO4 GatekeepersGO4 Gatekeepers 
2020-03-21T3ADQA4C-TierESL Premiership Spring 2020 - Group StageESL Premiership Spring 2020 - Group StageTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret 
2019-12-20BA2ndA8QualifierSix Invitational 2020 - European QualifierSix Invitational 2020 - European QualifierTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam BDSTeam BDS 
2019-12-15AA1stA8QualifierESL Premiership Winter 2019 - RelegationsESL Premiership Winter 2019 - RelegationsTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret2 : 0Rize GamingRize Gaming 
2019-12-08EC5 - 8thA2A-TierOGA PIT Season 3OGA PIT Season 3Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret0 : 2Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming$4,000
2019-11-06AA1 - 2ndA8QualifierOGA PIT Season 3 - European QualifierOGA PIT Season 3 - European QualifierTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret2 : 0forZeforZe 
2019-10-28CA3rdA3B-TierChallenger League Season 10 - EuropeChallenger League Season 10 - EuropeTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret8/4/2Grp S.$3,500
2019-08-18CA3 - 4thA1S-TierSix Major Raleigh 2019Six Major Raleigh 2019Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret1 : 2Team EmpireTeam Empire$40,000
2019-07-27BA2ndA4C-TierESL Premiership Summer 2019ESL Premiership Summer 2019Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret0 : 2Natus VincereNatus Vincere$2,476
2019-07-04BA2ndA4C-TierESL Premiership Summer 2019 - Group StageESL Premiership Summer 2019 - Group StageTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret5/1/1Grp S. 
2019-06-09AA1stA2A-TierAllied Esports Vegas Minor 2019Allied Esports Vegas Minor 2019Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret2 : 1LeStream EsportLeStream Esport$30,000
2019-03-30CA3 - 4thA4C-TierESL Premiership Spring 2019ESL Premiership Spring 2019Vexed GamingVexed GamingVexed GamingMnM GamingMnM Gaming$1,173
2019-03-16AA1 - 2ndA4C-TierESL Premiership Spring 2019 - Group StageESL Premiership Spring 2019 - Group StageVexed GamingVexed GamingVexed Gaming4/0/2Grp S. 
2018-12-08BA2ndA4C-TierESL Premiership Winter 2018ESL Premiership Winter 2018Vexed GamingVexed GamingVexed GamingTeam SecretTeam Secret$2,545
2018-11-14CA3 - 4thA4C-TierESL Premiership Winter 2018 - Group StageESL Premiership Winter 2018 - Group StageVexed GamingVexed GamingVexed Gaming2 : 0Barrage eSportsBarrage eSports 
2018-09-14CA3 - 4thA8QualifierESL Premiership Winter 2018 - Qualifier #1ESL Premiership Winter 2018 - Qualifier #1DavE esportsDavE esportsDavE esports6 : 3Aerox EsportsAerox Esports 
2018-04-07BA2ndA8QualifierCCS Championship Series - Season 3: Europe - Qualifier #1CCS Championship Series - Season 3: Europe - Qualifier #1jUsT sTaNd StIlLjUsT sTaNd StIlLjUsT sTaNd StIlLforZeforZe 
2018-03-06AA1stA8QualifierChallenger League Season 7 - Europe: Qualifier #2Challenger League Season 7 - Europe: Qualifier #2i don't knowi don't knowi don't know2 : 0ChooseChoose 
2018-02-28IC9 - 12thA8QualifierChallenger League Season 7 - Europe: Qualifier #1Challenger League Season 7 - Europe: Qualifier #1i don't knowi don't knowi don't know2 : 5PatokalipsaPatokalipsa