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[e][h]Goyo Goyo
“A person is never more honest than when they think they’re alone.”
Operator Information
Team Rainbow:
Operator Role:
Real Name:
César Ruiz Hernández
(1988-06-10) June 10, 1988 (age 34)
Ember Rise (2019-09-11)
Renown price:
13,500 SP
R6 Credit price:
324 SP
Competitive ST
Base Stats
Medium (110 HP)

César "Goyo" Ruiz Hernández (born in Culiacán Rosales, June 10, 1988) is an defending operator featured in the Operation Ember Rise expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. Due to the introduction of an evaluation period in Operation Ember Rise, both Goyo and Amaru are unavailable in competitive play for the duration of Operation Ember Rise. [1]

Unique Gadget[edit]

Volcán Canister
Volcán Canisters are incendiary bomb which partially shielded and can be deployed on surfaces such as walls and floors. Their explosive damage has been reduced but the flames burn for longer than they did before.
Explosion damage:
Fire damage:
Soft counters: 

 20 seconds
 12 (per tick)
 Sledge Ash Zofia Ace Kali
 Zero Twitch



.45 submachine gun with unique proprietary recoil & muzzle climb mitigation system. Features a single, two-round burst or full-automatic fire selection.
Semi-automatic shotgun with a 10-round magazine. Optimal for CQB and is suppressor capable.


A compact semi-automatic pistol with a large magazine. Best used at short to medium range.


Nitro Cell
Remote detonation C4 explosive.
Proximity Alarm
Deployable alarm capable of detecting close enemies.



César Ruiz Hernández was eleven years old when a bomb destroyed his home, killing his father and sister and severely injuring his mother. With the help of Specialist Azucena Rocío “Amaru” Quispe, César’s mother Sofia taught him to observe his surroundings, and to avoid the other boys his age who had been drawn into gang-related affairs. She encouraged him to enroll at the Heroic Naval Military School, where he graduated as a teniente de corbeta. He joined the Naval Infantry, then the Amphibious Commando Battalion, participating extensively in anti-smuggling operations and several high-profile arrests. Becoming a member of the Fuerzas Especiales introduced him to the reality that drugs were no longer the primary source of income for the cartels. He began working with UNESCO and INTERPOL to combat antiquities trafficking, where he gained the attention of Rainbow as a mind with a keen tactical sense and exceptional forward-thinking.

Psychological Report[edit]

Specialist César "Goyo" Ruiz Hernández is a rare find. His jacket reads like any normal military trajectory, until you notice the devil behind the details. To confirm my theory, during our first meeting I challenged him to a game of chess. I won’t mention how few moves it took him to beat me. César himself seemed to think nothing of it. […]

This humble attitude is at the heart of his character. His mother, Sofia – who protected him from the brunt of the bomb’s blast – has cultivated an overtly optimistic worldview. Growing up where he did, when he did, she also instilled in him a cat-and-mouse mindset, to keep him clear of the negative influences that would have been especially tempting to a young fatherless boy with too much time on his hands. She was helped in this by Specialist Azucena Rocío “Amaru” Quispe, whose intermittent presence and strong familial values shored up a gap that Sofia alone couldn’t fill. […] It’s clear to me that Quispe, with her inherent attachment to her country and her family history, provided a stabilizing influence during Hernández’s undoubtedly troubled adolescence. […]

Hernández is the kind to think carefully before speaking, a trait which can lead people to underestimate him. He is neither churlish nor aloof, but constantly considering the many angles of the problem set before him. […] His ability to track and guide his quarry, from determining their routine to understanding how they will react to threats, is uncanny. In a prosaic example, he brought Specialist Tina Lin “Frost” Tsang a bottle of apple-flavored soda on the first day of Fall, despite them only having met once before. She was unperturbed, but I could see that Hernández had braced himself for a far less positive outcome. […]

Specialist Hernández has otherwise become a staple of our briefings, his incisive questions highlighting new tactical considerations or encouraging out-of-the-box thinking from the other members of the team. I must admit, it’s refreshing to see what changes a new perspective and an impeccable poker face can bring to an otherwise very self-assured group of individuals.

– Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow


  • Heroica Escuela Naval Militar
  • Iniciativa Mérida

Relevant Experience[edit]

  • Grupo de Alto Impacto
  • Tijuana Response Task Force
  • Manzanillo Joint Operations
  • Anti-Crime Organization Operation
  • Operation Black Swan
  • Operation Defang
  • Operation Fractured Ice


Mira, I got to admit I was surprised when you asked me to look over Specialist César "Goyo" Ruiz Hernández's prototype. For someone with a limited knowledge of chemical interactions, he's sure knocked together a bunch of things that will make a loud bang, while causing minimal damage. I'd compare it to a flash-and-dazzle firework, but with more personality.

He's use the time-honored mix of kerosene and potassium chlorate as his base so I had no real improvements to suggest on that front. What I did to was give him the formula for my home brew - a cocktail to trigger a gas explosion using a specific blend of cyanogen, hydrogen, and some other fun stuff. The magnesium casing generates enough heat on impact to ignite the acetylene derivative swirling around inside and blow the whole thing sky-high. Like I said, impressive without bringing the hypothetical building down around your ears.

Hernández had already added a light flame retardant to the mix, but talked at the ideia of carrying an actual fire extinguisher. He did mutter something about an "anti-fire grenade" as he walked away, though.

Sorry in advance.

– Specialist Jordan "Thermite" Trace

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Goyo is now equipped with the Volcán Canister, a slightly modified version of the incendiary bomb that no longer attaches to a Deployable Shield.
  • Goyo's Impact Grenades replaced with Proximity Alarm.
  • Reduced number of Volcán shields to 2 (down from 3).
  • Falling onto Goyo’s Volcan only causes it collapse, instead of explode and propagate fire.
  • New Operator

Notable Players[edit]

JoT4 (Retired)