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Harris: Broadcasts

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Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2022-09-01A4C-TierGSA LeagueGSA LeagueGSA League 2022Analyst
2022-05-22A1S-TierSix MajorSix Charlotte Major 2022German Commentator
2022-02-20A1S-TierSix InvitationalSix Invitational 2022German Analyst
2022-02-06A8QualifierGSA LeagueGSA LeagueGSA League 2021: RelegationAnalyst
2021-11-14A1S-TierSix MajorSix Sweden Major 2021German Commentator
2021-10-21A2A-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2021 - Stage 3German Commentator
2021-09-05A4C-TierGSA LeagueGSA LeagueGSA League 2021Analyst
2021-07-26A2A-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2021 - Stage 2German Commentator
2021-05-23A1S-TierSix InvitationalSix Invitational 2021Casters & Analyst
2021-04-25A2A-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2021 - Stage 1German Commentator
2021-01-17A2A-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2020 - FinalsGerman Commentator
2021-01-16A8QualifierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2020 - RelegationGerman Commentator
2020-11-08A2A-TierSix MajorSix November 2020 Major - EuropeGerman Analyst
2020-11-02A3B-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean Challenger League 2020German Commentator
2020-10-19A2A-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2020 - Stage 2German Commentator
2020-10-06A5D-TierSix MajorAscension League: Season 1Commentator
2020-08-23A2A-TierSix MajorSix August 2020 Major - EuropeGerman Commentator
2020-08-03A4C-TierGSA LeagueGSA LeagueGSA League 2020: Regular SeasonCommentator
2020-07-20A2A-TierEuropean LeagueEuropean League 2020 - Stage 1German Commentator
2020-02-16A1S-TierSix InvitationalSix Invitational 2020German Commentator
2020-01-26A4C-TierGSA_NationalsGSA Clash of Nations 2020Analyst
2019-10-20A4C-TierGSA_NationalsAustrian National 2019Analyst
2019-09-15A4C-TierGSA_NationalsSwiss National 2019Analyst
2019-08-23A4C-TierGSA_NationalsGerman National 2019Analyst
2019-08-18A1S-TierSix MajorSix Major Raleigh 2019Analyst
2019-02-17A1S-TierSix InvitationalSix Invitational 2019Analyst
2018-11-11A5D-TierCastle SiegeCastle Siege 2018Analyst
2018-08-19A1S-TierSix MajorSix Major Paris 2018Analyst
2018-07-28A3B-TierSix LoungeSix Lounge Series #6 - FinalsAnalyst
2018-07-24A4C-TierSix LoungeSix Lounge Series #6 - Online StageCommentator
2018-03-18A3B-TierSix LoungeSix Lounge Series #5 - FinalsCommentator
2018-03-09A4C-TierSix LoungeSix Lounge Series #5 - Online StageCommentator
2018-02-18A1S-TierSix InvitationalSix Invitational 2018Analyst
2017-12-17A5D-TierSix LoungeSix Lounge Series #4 - FinalsHost
2017-12-13A4C-TierSix LoungeSix Lounge Series #4 - Online StageCommentator