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[e][h]Iana Iana
“"All systems are complementary, if you know how to connect them.”
Operator Information
Team Rainbow:
Operator Role:
Real Name:
Nienke Meijer
(1984-08-27) August 27, 1984 (age 38)
Void Edge (2020-03-20)
Renown price:
18,000 SP
R6 Credit price:
432 SP
Competetive SW
Base Stats
Medium (110 HP)

Nienke "Iana" Meijer (born in Katwijk, August 27, 1984) is an attacking operator featured in the Operation Void Edge expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. Due to the introduction of an evaluation period in Operation Void Edge, both Oryx and Iana are unavailable in competitive play for the duration of Operation Void Edge. [1]

Unique Gadget[edit]

Gemini Replicator
The Gemini Replicator is a remotely-controlled holographic copy of iana. When she deploys it, she can scout ahead with little to no consequences.

The Replicator has a time limit (15 seconds), or it can be exited at any time. There is always a cooldown between two uses, which is longer if it’s destroyed.
Cooldown (Sec):
Countered by: 
 Time: 7,5 - Destroyed: 30
 Mute Bandit Maestro Kaid



Heavy hitting .308 NATO assault rifle, both fully automatic or single shot.
Assault rife, with medium recoil, takes 5.56mm caliber ammunition.


Standard issue 9mm hand gun. Effective from short to medium range with medium stopping power.
Shoots explosive projectiles that detonate on impact with surfaces and destroy bulletproof gadgets.


Frag Grenade
Fragmentation grenade that explodes shortly after the pin is pulled.
Smoke Grenade
Grenade that emits smoke which obscures vision.



Meijer’s mother was lead engineer on the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument that landed on Titan. Encouraged to reach for the stars from an early age, she studied Aerospace Engineering with a view toward becoming a fighter pilot. Unfortunately, her albinism meant she had compromised retina and her application was refused. She changed her focus to systems engineering, developing contact lenses that overcorrected her genetic deficit while integrating a state-of-the-art AR overlay.

It was a collaboration during her doctorate that gave Meijer the first taste of where she longed to be. Returning from the International Space Station only fuelled her desire to explore the farthest reaches of the cosmos, no matter the cost. She pioneered topographical mapping software that allows her to project a real-time, virtual copy of herself to anywhere visible by satellite or drone. It was this technology which caught the eye of Elena “Mira” Álvarez, and subsequently Six.

Psychological Report[edit]

"The first time I met Specialist Nienke “Iana” Meijer she told me that the silver spoon I use to stir my tea has more in common with the nails that hold my chair together than the flatware of kings. She suggested a gold spoon for a less metallic aftertaste, but upon seeing me add sugar she amended it to zinc or copper. Marvellous. Her reductionist and frank approach is sure to challenge her fellow operators! […]

Her face lights up when she tells the story of watching the landing on Titan with her mom, or of her precious few days on the International Space Station. It’s clear these events triggered a growing impatience to go further and see more. Had she been born 200 years earlier, she would have been one of the intrepid souls mapping every corner of our tiny blue marble, but as it is she’s had to settle for distant and less familiar worlds. […]

Reading Meijer’s file, it’s apparent that she succeeds through sheer intellect, resolve, and fearlessness. Yet cocooned within her collaborative and outgoing exterior is a fragile core she keeps guarded and private. Growing up albino wasn’t an easy proposition, regardless of how outwardly tolerant society may seem. There was social stigma and childish name-calling, but these hardships fostered self-determination and self-assurance. Alone, she is a like a raging river: Hell-bent on overcoming any obstacle that blocks her way, regardless of the personal cost. […]

She was eager to share her experiences and knowledge, and to grow within a very different sort of team than is her natural habitat. Especially thrilling is her ability to analyze a myriad of scenarios and to create discreet aspects of herself to tackle each of them simultaneously. Often, those who multitask have reduced outcomes in all areas, but here, also, Meijer is the exception. […]

I have every confidence that she will make an excellent addition to Rainbow. However, much like Specialists Eliza “Ash” Cohen and Elena “Mira” Álvarez, it will be paramount to ensure that she synergizes with her team, rather than struggling alone to cross-purposes.

-- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • New Operator

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