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Player Information
Gustavo Gomez
July 1, 1995 (age 27)
2020-09-10 — 2021-03-13Timbers Esports(Manager)
2021-03-11 — PresentSix Karma(Manager)

Gustavo "Muebleitor" Gomez (born July 1, 1995) is a Mexican Rainbow Six Siege manager who last worked for Timbers Esports as a manager. Next to this he also is the manager of the League of Legends and Valorant teams of Six Karma.


2022-11-052ndA2A-TierCampeonato Mexicano 2022 FinalsCampeonato Mexicano 2022 FinalsSix KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma2 : 3ALPHA TeamALPHA Team$10,354
2022-10-305thA2A-TierCopa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 3Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 3Six KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma0 : 2FaZe ClanFaZe Clan$2,500
2022-07-316thA2A-TierCopa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 2Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 2Six KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma0 : 2FURIA EsportsFURIA Esports$2,500
2022-05-018thA2A-TierCopa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1Six KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma0 : 2Furious GamingFurious Gaming$2,147
2021-12-063rd - 4thA2A-TierCampeonato Mexicano 2021 - FinalsCampeonato Mexicano 2021 - FinalsSix KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma0 : 2Atheris EsportsAtheris Esports$7,157
2021-11-031stA3B-TierCopa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 3Copa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 3Six KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma3 : 0ALPHA TeamALPHA Team$7,120
2021-08-082ndA4C-TierCopa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 2Copa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 2Six KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma1 : 3ALPHA TeamALPHA Team$3,600
2021-05-174thA4C-TierCopa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 1Copa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 1Six KarmaSix KarmaSix Karma0 : 2OverKnightOverKnight$500
2020-11-282ndA3B-TierCampeonato Mexicano 2020 - FinalsCampeonato Mexicano 2020 - FinalsTimbers EsportsTimbers EsportsTimbers Esports2 : 3Estral EsportsEstral Esports$12,500
2020-10-312ndA2A-TierSix November 2020 Major - MexicoSix November 2020 Major - MexicoTimbers EsportsTimbers EsportsTimbers Esports2 : 3Estral EsportsEstral Esports$7,000
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