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North American League - 2021 Season

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[e][h]NAL - 2021 Season
League Information
United States United States
Round Robin Bo1
Liquipedia Tier:

The US Division and the Canada Division have been merged, forming a unified NA League in 2021


The North American League is the tournament that unites the United States and Canada. From this tournament, teams earn Global Points. At the end of each year the 16 teams with the most points in the Global Standings, no matter from what region, will automatically be invited to the Six Invitational.

In addition to Global Points, it's through the North American League that North American teams advance to the Six Major.


  • Regular Season:
  • Single round-robin league format: each team play each other once
      • All matches are Bo1
      • Scoring system: default win gives 3 points, win in overtime gives 2 points and defeat in overtime gives 1 point


Note:All End of Year awards were voted on by the talent and players.


United States beastcoast
1United States GhxsT
2United States Rooty
3United States b1ologic
Main RosterStaff
AUnited Kingdom Krux
Main RosterFormer
1United States Phozzo
2United States Sippin
3United States AnthonyMGS
4United States Jaay
5United States yungalec
1 January 26th 2021 - beastcoast acquired Tempo Storm spot. [5]
2 April 15th 2021 - United Kingdom Krux joins beastcoast as analyst.[6]
3 May 24th 2021 - beastcoast announce the departure of United States GhxsT.[7]
4 May 28th 2021 - United States b1ologic joins beastcoast.[8]
5 July 30th 2021 - beastcoast part ways with United States rooty and United States b1ologic.[9]
6 September 3rd 2021 - beastcoast sign United States yungalec and United States Jaay.[10]
7 September 7th 2021 - United States Mark joins as a coach.[11]
United States DarkZero Esports
1United States Skys
AUnited States Grant
Main RosterStaff
CUnited States Mint
CUnited States BC
Main RosterFormer
1United States Hyper
2United States Ecl9pse
3United States njr
4United States Panbazou
5Canada Canadian
1 February 23rd 2021 - United States HotanCold is released from DarkZero Esports.[12]
2 February 24th 2021 - United States njr joins DarkZero Esports as a player.[13]
3 May 24th 2021 - United States Skys retires from competitive play.[14]
4 May 25th 2021 - United States Mint retires from competitive play and becomes a coach for DarkZero Esports.[15]
5 May 25th 2021 - United States BC steps down from his coaching position and returns to the active roster of DarkZero Esports. [16]
6 June 4th 2021 - United States Panbazou joins DarkZero Esports.[17]
7 September 1st - United States Canadian returns to competitive play and joins DarkZero Esports.[18] United States BC moves back to a coaching role. [19] United States Grant moves to the content team of the org.[20]
United States Astralis
1United States Mark
CCanada The Evil Waffle
Main RosterStaff
CUnited States Easilyy
AUnited States Mango
MUnited States Pubstomper
Main RosterFormer
1United States Retro
2United States Shuttle
3United States J9O
4United States iconic
5United States Dpfire
1 Febuary 2nd 2021 - United States Read is kicked from Disrupt Gaming.[21]
2 Febuary 24th 2021 - United States njr is aquired by DarkZero Esports[22]
3 March 3rd 2021 - United States iconic is aquired from the Soniqs and joins the roster of Disrupt Gaming.[23]
4 March 11th 2021 - United States Mark joins Disrupt Gaming.[24]
5 March 27th 2021 - Disrupt Gaming release their coach, Canada The Evil Waffle.[25]
6 May 4th 2021 - United States Mark is removed from Disrupt Gaming.[26]
7 May 27th 2021 - United States Easilyy joins as coach for Disrupt Gaming.[27]
8 June 6th 2021 - United States Dpfire joins Disrupt Gaming.[28]
9 September 3rd - Astralis acquires Disrupt Gaming.[29]
Canada Mirage
1United States Hotancold
2Canada QrTz
Main RosterStaff
CUnited States Guerra
AUnited States DnA
MCanada Flynn
Main RosterFormer
1United States NotLoading
2United States Nyx
3United States Dream
4United States Benjimoola
5United States Tomas
1 February 22nd 2021 - Canada zilchy and Canada Silent are dropped from the Mirage.[30]
2 February 23rd 2021 - United States Guerra and United States DnA join Mirage as head coach and analyst respectively.[31]
3 February 24rd 2021 - Canada Flynn is removed from the roster but will stay on the team as Team Principal of Mirage.[32]
4 February 27th 2021 - Mirage announces their new lineup. United States Hotancold. United States Dream, United States Nyx and United States Benjimoola join the roster.[33]
5 June 4th 2021 - Mirage transfer United States Hotancold to Spacestation Gaming [34] and reinstate Canada QrTz to the active roster.[35]
6 August 30th - Canada QrTz parts ways with the team.[36]
7 September 1st - United States Tomas joins the roster.[37]
1 Febuary 26th 2021 - United States Slashug and United States b1ologic are released from Oxygen Esports.[38][39]
2 February 27th 2021 - Oxygen Esports sign United States Yoggah along with Brazil Kyno.[40]
United States Spacestation Gaming
AUnited Kingdom DrewSpark
1United States Thinkingnade
Main RosterStaff
CUnited States Lycan
ACUnited States Sov
AUnited States Luke
MCanada Unit
Main RosterFormer
1United States Rampy
2United States Bosco
3United States Fultz
4United States Hotancold
5United States Skys
1 March 13th - Canada Canadian announces his retirement from competitive play. [41]
2 March 13th - United States Luke moves to a player position.[42]
3 March 15th - United Kingdom DrewSpark joins Spacestation Gaming as an analyst. [43]
4 May 20th - United Kingdom DrewSpark parts ways with Spacestation Gaming.[44]
5 June 4th - United States Hotancold joins Spacestation Gaming.[45]
6 September 1st - United States Thinkingnade leaves the team and retires from competitive play.[46]
7 September 6th - United States Skys returns and joins Spacestation Gaming.[47]
United States Soniqs
CUnited States Jobro
MUnited States Goddess
Main Roster
1United States supr
2United States Yeti
3United States Gryxr
4United States kanzen
5United States Rexen
1 December 3rd 2020 - Soniqs bench United States Gomfi, United States SlebbeN and United States Iconic, meanwhile United States easilyy retires from competitive play.[48][49]
2 February 25th 2021 - Soniqs sign United States Yeti, United States Gryxr, United States kanzen and United States Rexen.[50]
United States XSET
1United States Butterzz
2United States Tomas
3United States Drip
CUnited Kingdom Brycer
Main RosterStaff
CCanada Jarvis
AUnited Kingdom DrewSpark
Main RosterFormer
1United States Filthy
2United States Creators
3United States Razorr
4United States Prod
5United States nvK
1 February 22nd - XSET acquire EUnited's spot and enter Rainbow Six by signing a roster consisting of United States Tomas, United States Filthy, United States Drip, United States Butterzz, United States Creators and United Kingdom Brycer as coach.[51]
2 May 5th - United States Butterzz shifts to content creation for XSET.[52]
3 May 10th - United Kingdom Brycer is dropped by XSET.[53]
4 May 27th - XSET sign United States Razorr as a player,[54] Canada Jarvis as a coach,[55] and United Kingdom DrewSpark as an analyst.[56]
5 June 29th - XSET mutually parts ways with United States Drip while Canada Jarvis moves to stand-in.[57]
6 July 30th - United States Tomas departs from the roster.[58]
7 August 27th - United States Prod joins the roster.[59]
8 September 2nd - United States nvK joins the roster.[60]


North America North American League 2021
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming17-0-4-3156-98+5855p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs12-4-1-7148-124+2445p
3.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports12-3-3-6148-128+2045p
4.TSMTSM TSM11-2-3-8140-119+2140p
5.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports7-8-2-7149-140+939p
6.AstralisAstralis Astralis10-1-2-11129-134-534p
7.MirageMirage Mirage8-3-3-10133-141-833p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast4-1-3-1692-155-6317p
9.XSETXSET XSET3-2-3-16107-163-5616p
For detailed results for Stage 1 (Days 1–9), click here.
For detailed results for Stage 2 (Days 10–18), click here.
For detailed results for Stage 3 (Days 19–27), click here.
Point Distibution
+3 Regulation Win
+2 Overtime Win
+1 Overtime Loss
+0 Regulation Loss

Standings per Stage[edit]

Note The Finals will be based on the Stage 3 standings, these standings below here are just to see how each team performed per stage.

Stage 1[edit]

North America North American League 2021: Stage 1
1.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast1-0-0-07-33p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs1-0-0-07-53p
DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-0-0-00-00p
MirageMirage Mirage0-0-0-00-00p
Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports0-0-0-00-00p
Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming0-0-0-00-00p
XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-00-00p
8.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming0-0-0-15-70p
9.TSMTSM TSM0-0-0-13-70p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports2-0-0-014-86p
2.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports1-1-0-015-115p
3.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼21-0-0-07-33p
4.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming1-0-0-07-43p
5.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▼31-0-0-111-123p
6.TSMTSM TSM▲31-0-0-110-73p
7.MirageMirage Mirage0-0-1-110-151p
8.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming0-0-0-29-140p
9.XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-25-140p
1.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲12-1-0-022-148p
2.TSMTSM TSM▲42-0-0-117-106p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲22-0-0-118-146p
4.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▼32-0-0-116-156p
5.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▼11-0-0-19-113p
6.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼31-0-0-110-103p
7.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲11-0-0-216-163p
8.MirageMirage Mirage▼10-0-1-213-221p
9.XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-25-140p
1.TSMTSM TSM▲12-1-0-125-168p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲12-1-0-126-218p
3.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼22-1-0-125-218p
4.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports2-0-1-123-237p
5.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▲12-0-0-117-136p
6.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲12-0-0-223-196p
7.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▼21-0-1-115-194p
8.MirageMirage Mirage0-0-1-213-221p
9.XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-38-210p
1.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲12-2-0-134-2810p
2.TSMTSM TSM▼12-1-1-132-249p
3.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▲12-1-1-131-309p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼12-1-0-230-288p
5.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲12-0-0-223-196p
6.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼12-0-0-221-206p
7.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming1-0-2-122-275p
8.MirageMirage Mirage1-0-1-220-264p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-0-0-315-263p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▲23-1-1-138-3512p
2.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲23-1-0-237-3211p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▼22-2-0-134-2810p
4.TSMTSM TSM▼22-1-1-237-319p
5.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▲12-1-0-229-278p
6.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▼12-0-1-230-277p
7.MirageMirage Mirage▲11-1-1-228-336p
8.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▼11-0-2-226-345p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-0-1-322-344p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports3-2-1-146-4214p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲13-2-0-141-3013p
3.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼13-1-1-244-4012p
4.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲23-0-1-237-3010p
5.TSMTSM TSM▼12-1-1-237-319p
6.MirageMirage Mirage▲11-2-1-236-408p
7.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼22-1-0-331-348p
8.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming1-0-3-233-426p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-0-1-425-414p
1.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲13-3-0-149-3715p
2.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▼13-2-1-146-4214p
3.TSMTSM TSM▲23-1-1-244-3512p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼13-1-1-348-4712p
5.MirageMirage Mirage▲12-2-1-243-4211p
6.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▼23-0-1-339-3710p
7.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▲12-0-3-240-479p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼12-1-0-436-418p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-0-2-432-495p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▲14-2-1-153-4617p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▼13-3-0-251-4415p
3.MirageMirage Mirage▲23-2-1-250-4414p
4.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲24-0-1-346-4213p
5.TSMTSM TSM▼23-1-1-349-4212p
6.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼23-1-1-348-4712p
7.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming3-0-3-247-5212p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast2-1-0-540-488p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-0-2-537-565p

Stage 2[edit]

North America North American League 2021: Stage 2
1.TSMTSM TSM1-0-0-07-33p
2.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming1-0-0-07-43p
3.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-1-0-08-62p
4.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports0-1-0-08-72p
5.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast0-0-1-07-81p
6.MirageMirage Mirage0-0-1-06-81p
XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-00-00p
8.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs0-0-0-14-70p
9.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming0-0-0-13-70p
1.TSMTSM TSM2-0-0-014-36p
2.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲10-2-0-016-124p
3.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▼11-0-1-013-124p
4.MirageMirage Mirage▲21-0-1-013-134p
5.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲41-0-0-110-113p
6.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▼20-1-0-113-142p
7.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼20-0-1-17-151p
8.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs0-0-0-14-70p
8.XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-14-70p
1.TSMTSM TSM3-0-0-021-39p
2.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▲12-0-1-020-147p
3.MirageMirage Mirage▲12-0-1-020-157p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼20-2-0-116-194p
5.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲31-0-0-111-103p
6.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▼11-0-0-212-183p
7.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▼10-1-0-113-142p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼10-0-1-29-221p
9.XSETXSET XSET▼10-0-0-27-140p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▲13-0-1-027-1510p
2.TSMTSM TSM▼13-0-0-021-39p
3.MirageMirage Mirage2-0-1-121-227p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-3-0-124-266p
5.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs2-0-0-118-126p
6.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▲11-1-0-120-165p
7.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▼11-0-1-219-264p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast0-0-1-311-291p
9.XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-39-210p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming4-0-1-034-1613p
2.TSMTSM TSM3-0-1-027-1110p
3.MirageMirage Mirage2-1-1-129-289p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-4-0-132-328p
5.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs2-0-1-124-207p
6.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports1-1-0-221-235p
7.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming1-0-1-219-264p
8.XSETXSET XSET▲10-1-0-317-282p
9.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼10-0-2-318-372p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming5-0-1-041-1816p
2.TSMTSM TSM3-0-1-129-1810p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲23-0-1-131-2310p
4.MirageMirage Mirage▼12-1-1-234-359p
5.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼10-4-0-132-328p
6.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲12-0-1-226-287p
7.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▼11-1-0-324-305p
8.XSETXSET XSET1-1-0-324-335p
9.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast0-0-2-420-442p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming5-0-1-041-1816p
2.TSMTSM TSM4-0-1-136-2113p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs4-0-1-138-2713p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲10-5-0-140-3810p
5.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming▲12-1-1-234-359p
6.MirageMirage Mirage▼22-1-1-338-429p
7.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports1-1-1-331-386p
8.XSETXSET XSET1-1-0-427-405p
9.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast0-0-3-426-523p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming6-0-1-048-1819p
2.TSMTSM TSM5-0-1-143-2516p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs4-0-1-242-3413p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-6-0-148-4512p
5.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming3-1-1-241-3912p
6.MirageMirage Mirage2-1-1-442-499p
7.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports1-1-2-338-467p
8.XSETXSET XSET1-1-0-527-475p
9.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast0-0-3-426-523p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming7-0-1-055-1822p
2.TSMTSM TSM5-0-1-246-3216p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs5-0-1-249-3816p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports1-6-0-155-4915p
5.Disrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming Disrupt Gaming3-1-1-345-4612p
6.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▲12-1-2-345-4910p
7.MirageMirage Mirage▼12-1-1-442-499p
8.XSETXSET XSET1-1-0-631-545p
9.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast0-0-3-526-593p

Stage 3[edit]

North America North American League 2021: Stage 3
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports1-0-0-07-33p
1.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs1-0-0-07-33p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming1-0-0-07-33p
4.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast1-0-0-07-43p
DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-0-0-00-00p
6.XSETXSET XSET0-0-0-14-70p
7.AstralisAstralis Astralis0-0-0-13-70p
7.MirageMirage Mirage0-0-0-13-70p
7.TSMTSM TSM0-0-0-13-70p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports2-0-0-014-86p
1.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs2-0-0-014-86p
3.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▲11-0-0-07-43p
4.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▼31-0-0-112-103p
5.AstralisAstralis Astralis▲21-0-0-110-103p
DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports0-0-0-00-00p
7.MirageMirage Mirage0-0-0-28-140p
8.XSETXSET XSET▼20-0-0-27-140p
9.TSMTSM TSM▼20-0-0-13-70p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports3-0-0-021-129p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▼12-0-0-117-156p
3.TSMTSM TSM▲61-0-0-110-83p
4.AstralisAstralis Astralis▲11-0-0-214-173p
5.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports1-0-0-07-43p
6.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▼21-0-0-112-103p
7.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼41-0-0-18-113p
8.XSETXSET XSET1-0-0-214-173p
9.MirageMirage Mirage▼20-0-0-312-210p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports4-0-0-028-1312p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs2-0-0-117-156p
3.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▲32-0-0-119-126p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲11-1-0-015-105p
5.TSMTSM TSM▼21-0-1-116-164p
6.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▲11-0-0-29-183p
7.MirageMirage Mirage▲21-0-0-319-263p
8.AstralisAstralis Astralis▼41-0-0-316-243p
9.XSETXSET XSET▼11-0-0-319-243p
1.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports4-0-0-133-2012p
2.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs3-0-0-124-199p
3.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming3-0-0-126-179p
4.TSMTSM TSM▲12-0-1-123-217p
5.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▲12-0-0-216-206p
6.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▼21-1-0-119-175p
7.AstralisAstralis Astralis▲11-0-0-421-313p
8.MirageMirage Mirage▼11-0-0-421-333p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-0-0-319-243p
1.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▲14-0-0-131-2212p
2.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▲14-0-0-133-2012p
3.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▼24-0-0-133-2012p
4.TSMTSM TSM2-0-1-226-287p
5.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲11-1-1-126-256p
6.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼12-0-0-319-276p
7.MirageMirage Mirage▲12-0-0-428-366p
8.XSETXSET XSET▲11-1-0-327-315p
9.AstralisAstralis Astralis▼21-0-0-524-383p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming▲15-0-0-140-2215p
2.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports▲15-0-0-140-2115p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs▼24-0-0-235-2912p
4.TSMTSM TSM3-0-1-233-3210p
5.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports1-1-1-228-326p
6.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast2-0-0-423-346p
7.AstralisAstralis Astralis▲22-0-0-531-426p
8.MirageMirage Mirage▼12-0-0-428-366p
9.XSETXSET XSET▼11-1-0-428-385p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming6-0-0-147-2318p
2.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports5-0-0-243-2815p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs4-1-0-243-3514p
4.TSMTSM TSM3-1-1-241-3812p
5.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports2-1-1-235-359p
6.MirageMirage Mirage▲22-0-1-434-447p
7.AstralisAstralis Astralis2-0-0-531-426p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼22-0-0-524-416p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-1-1-434-466p
1.Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming7-0-0-154-2821p
2.Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports6-0-0-250-3318p
3.SoniqsSoniqs Soniqs4-1-0-348-4214p
4.DarkZero EsportsDarkZero Esports DarkZero Esports▲13-1-1-346-4412p
5.TSMTSM TSM▼13-1-1-345-4512p
6.MirageMirage Mirage3-0-1-441-4810p
7.AstralisAstralis Astralis3-0-0-538-469p
8.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast2-0-0-626-486p
9.XSETXSET XSET1-1-1-539-536p

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