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Global Points Standings - Season 2021

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The Global Standings is the point-based qualification system that was implemented to determine the invites for Six Invitational. Teams earn points towards through various competitions that will be held in the months leading up to the Six Invitational. At the end of each year the 16 teams with the most points, no matter from what region, will automatically invited.


  • All region allocates SI points to their top 8 teams in each stage
    • Normally the top 4 teams from each region would qualify to that stage's Major.
    • However due to SI 2021 postponement, the Stage 1 major has been cancelled and as such the points are given based on the final placement in the regional league.
      • Due to APAC and LATAM being split up into multiple divisions, they will have a stage playoff to determine the placements between the teams.
  • Teams from all Divisions earn points based on their performance in Regional Leagues, Regional Playoffs and at the Majors.

Point Distribution[edit]

Click here for a detailed explanation of the original point distribution

Click here for a detailed explanation of the point distribution in stage 1

Europe & North America & Latin America[edit]


Points Bracket[edit]

Team background Legend
Qualified to Six Invitational
Cannot Qualify via Points

The 16 teams with most points at the end of the year will qualify to the Six Invitational.
Teams which fail to qualify with Points can still get a spot through the Regional Qualifiers.

Tournament background Legend
Confirmed Points
Confirmed Points with more obtainable
Did not earn any Points
This article is under construction and is subject to major revisions.
  • Points Bracket does not take tiebreakers into account.
#RegionTeamPointsMax PointsReg. Leagues 1
European League 2021 - Stage 1NAL - 2021 Season - Stage 1Copa Elite Six - Season 2021: Stage 1
APAC League 2021 Stage Champion - Stage 1APAC League 2021 Playoffs - Stage 1
Six Major 1

Reg. Leagues 2
European League 2021 - Stage 2NAL - 2021 Season - Stage 2Copa Elite Six - Season 2021: Stage 2
APAC North 2021 - Stage 2APAC South 2021 - Stage 2APAC League 2021 Playoffs - Stage 2
Six Major 2
Six August 2021 Major

Reg. Leagues 3
European League 2021 - Stage 3NAL - 2021 Season - Stage 3Copa Elite Six - Season 2021: Stage 3
APAC North 2021 - Stage 3APAC South 2021 - Stage 3APAC League 2021 Playoffs - Stage 3
Six Major 3
Six November 2021 Major

0APAC League North Division CYCLOPS athlete gaming0+17100+0+
0North American League Susquehanna Soniqs0+17100+0+0+
0North American League Spacestation Gaming0+17100+0+0+
0North American League beastcoast0+17100+0+0+
0North American League TSM0+17100+0+0+
0South Asia Nationals MercenarieZ01710
0North American League Oxygen Esports0+17100+0+0+
0North American League Disrupt Gaming0+17100+0+0+
0North American League XSET0+17100+0+0+
0Copa Elite Six Coscu Army01710
0North American League DarkZero Esports0+17100+0+0+
0Copa Elite Six Fenix Esports0+17100+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division Giants Gaming0+17100+0+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division Chiefs Esports Club0+17100+0+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division ORDER0+17100+0+
0Copa Elite Six Santos e-Sports01710
0Copa Elite Six FURIA Esports01710
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division QConfirm0+17100+0+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division Knights0+17100+0+
0APAC League North Division T10+17100+0+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division Elevate0+17100+0+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division Seventh Heaven0+17100+0+
0APAC League North Division Fnatic0+17100+0+
0Copa Elite Six Black Dragons e-Sports01710
0Copa Elite Six MeT01710
0European League Virtus.pro0+17100+0+0+
0APAC_League/Season 1/South_Division Wildcard Gaming0+17100+0+
0South Asia Nationals Union Gaming01710
0Copa Elite Six FaZe Clan01710
0Copa Elite Six MIBR01710
0Copa Elite Six Ninjas in Pyjamas01710
0APAC League North Division DAMWON Gaming0+17100+0+
0APAC League North Division Talon Esports0+17100+0+
0APAC League North Division GUTS Gaming0+17100+0+
0APAC League North Division Cloud90+17100+0+
0APAC League North Division FAV gaming0+17100+0+
0European League Team Vitality0+17100+0+0+
0Copa Elite Six Team Liquid01710
0North American League Mirage0+17100+0+0+
0European League Team Empire0+17100+0+0+
0European League Team Secret0+17100+0+0+
0European League TrainHard eSport0+17100+0+0+
0Copa Elite Six Team oNe eSports01710
0European League Rogue0+17100+0+0+
0European League G2 Esports0+17100+0+0+
0European League Natus Vincere0+17100+0+0+
0European League BDS Esport0+17100+0+0+
0European League Cowana Gaming0+17100+0+0+
0Copa Elite Six Atheris Esports0+17100+

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