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Map Information
Red Crow (2016-11-17)
Day/Night Variant:
Esports Statistics
Win rate:
ATK: 34.21% (13)
DEF: 65.79% (25)


Team Rainbow has been called to neutralize a Yakuza war brewing high above the streets of Nagoya, Japan. Perched on top of Skyscraper, you will explore refined works of Japanese architecture inside a dangerous mansion. Be prepared for vertiginous rappels in the haze of the morning sun, where modernity and tradition meet.

Skyscraper is a map featured in the Operation Red Crow expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.

Attacker Spawn Locations[edit]

  • A - Helipad
  • B - Tower
  • C - Ventilation Units

Defender Spawn Locations[edit]

As the only mode used in competitions, the Bomb situation offers two defendable objectives for defenders, compared to one for both the Hostage and the Secure Area situation.


  • 1 - 2nd Floor Tea Room and 2nd Floor Karaoke
  • 2 - 2nd Floor Work Office and 2nd Floor Exhibition
  • 3 - 1st Floor BBQ and 1st Floor Kitchen
  • 4 - 1st Floor Bedroom and 1st Floor Bathroom


  • 1 - 2nd Floor Geisha Room
  • 2 - 2nd Floor Work Office
  • 3 - 1st Floor Kitchen
  • 4 - 1st Floor Bedroom

Secure Area[edit]

  • 1 - 2nd Floor Tea Room
  • 2 - 2nd Floor Work Office
  • 3 - 1st Floor BBQ
  • 4 - 1st Floor Bedroom

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