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Solar Flare Competitive League - Season 2 - Qualifier 2

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[e][h]Solar Flare Competitive League - Season 2 - Qualifier 2
League Information
Solar Flare Competitive LeagueSolar Flare Competitive League Solar Flare Competitive League
North America North America
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


  • Swiss System
    • All matches are Bo1.
    • Nine rounds.
    • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format
  • First Round (Seeded)
    • Seeding Pool 1:
    • Seeding Pool 2:
    • Seeding Pool 3:
    • Seeding Pool 4:
    • Teams from Seeding Pool 1 are drawn versus teams from Seeding Pool 4
    • Teams from Seeding Pool 2 are drawn versus teams from Seeding Pool 3
  • Second Round
    • Division into 2 groups:
      • Winners of the first round ("High")
      • Losers of the first round ("Low")
    • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
  • Third Round
    • Division into 3 groups:
      • Teams with a score of 2:0 ("High")
      • Teams with a score of 1:1 ("Mid")
      • Teams with a score of 0:2 ("Low")
    • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
    • Winners of the high group advance to the next stage
    • Losers of the low group are eliminated
  • Fourth Round
    • Division into 2 groups:
      • Teams with a score of 2:1 ("High")
      • Teams with a score of 1:2 ("Low")
    • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
    • Winners of the high group advance to the next stage
    • Losers of the low group are eliminated
  • Fifth Round
    • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
    • Winners advance to the next stage
    • Losers are eliminated
  • Top 10 teams advance to the Closed Qualifier.
  • Prize Pool[edit]


    1 Lochnez
    2 Get_Vectored69
    Main Roster
    1 YUMP
    2 Detachz
    3 Bubbap
    4 Zokon
    5 Renoki
    1 Ageradmo
    Main Roster
    1United States Azian
    2United States Silent
    3United States Ashn
    4United States Kix
    5United States Eddy
    1 ic6yy
    Main Roster
    1 GhstWraith
    2 Ares
    3 nvy
    4 Repent
    5 Ezpownage
    1 Emerlad
    Main Roster
    1 Hockey
    2 itsRaf
    3 Sxfti
    4 Spxm
    5 Chorizo
    1 Clvns
    Main Roster
    1 Ducky
    2 Feitan
    3 JJJ
    4 Kapner
    5 iBK Corey
    C Arcane
    1 baldrua
    2 Cardona
    Main Roster
    1 Dough
    2 Ozone
    3 Seyxo
    4 fNine2tuRnt
    5 legit
    C Zech
    Aurora Esports
    1 Vulpix
    2 Addy
    Main Roster
    1 Bishop
    2 Temp
    3 Frizzy
    4 Johnick44
    5 Swiss
    Avidity Esports
    1 DaniSpiCiy
    Main Roster
    1 S0upZed
    2 Kairos
    3 Dejaa
    4 Anxy
    5 Etoxin11
    BEEG Yoshi
    1 Tyfri
    Main Roster
    1 T3CH
    2 Bopajuba
    3 zee
    4 koalamydia
    5 PandaFu
    1 Rhetroh
    2 Kisame
    Main Roster
    1 Nosegoes
    2 Satex
    3 Bigsocks
    4 deen
    5 Oloid
    Code Zero
    1 Batl
    2 CCSWWaterBoy
    Main Roster
    1 Fry
    2 Fakes
    3 Bigguy
    4 InfmsMelon
    5 Zepp
    Cursed Ascension
    1 Ragz
    2 dirty
    Main Roster
    1 Matthias
    2 HighTechChad
    3 Pickle
    4 Trevmak
    5 Boz
    Dallas Vendetta
    1 Jax
    2 Ginger
    Main Roster
    1 Cam
    2 Bait
    3 Jaiko
    4 Caszper
    5 kenjimeistor
    Down 2 Earth
    1 Frilo
    2Brazil Dash
    Main Roster
    1 Kojin
    2United States Exile
    3 Bone
    4 Yxsuke
    5 Nivozo
    1 Martyr
    2 gNAwWw
    Main Roster
    1 SonofFin
    2 Panic
    3 Genesis
    4 ToonZ
    5 Athieno
    C Fozz
    Emergence Academy
    1 Baniel
    2 Suiko
    Main Roster
    1United States RyRy
    2United States Nebsy
    3 Zaffa
    4 KoolBoolin
    5 Fehytal
    C Fozz
    Femboy Hooters
    1 CymeBoolin
    2 a
    Main Roster
    1 Skyiine
    2 SxS
    3 PolrrREM
    4 Blaznowak
    5 cioutiess
    1 Alpine
    Main Roster
    1 Packer
    2 Scuf
    3 Dali
    4 Yaskal
    5 Turbo
    1 sprhat
    Main Roster
    1 Melo
    2 Owen
    3 Luka
    4 Eric
    5 Kanroji
    Legion Esports
    1 Serious
    2 Zen
    Main Roster
    1 Tehkuu
    2 BeanYacht
    3 Chu
    4 Lui
    5 SizZliN
    Lycus Empire
    1 Wokeja
    2 Platz
    Main Roster
    1 NotExil
    2 Ppinos
    3 Lynix
    4 Bridge
    5 Skorp
    Nitro Gang
    1 Clique
    2 Grim
    Main Roster
    1 stuh
    2 native
    3 Jke
    4 dead
    5 l3r
    Oink Stack
    1 Cashy
    Main Roster
    1 Sokrr
    2 Aezxz
    3 Piggy
    4 RenCope
    5 Kraa
    1 Bengo
    Main Roster
    1 Mendes
    2 Anti
    3 Mendezz
    4 Jokztr
    5 Puzzle
    C Nerfed
    Overture Gaming Academy
    1 Nano-Virus
    2 Kami
    Main Roster
    1 Nicotine
    2 Min
    3 Remi
    4 J2
    5 Perma
    C Bandit
    Panik Gaming
    1 Choco
    2 Knapz
    Main Roster
    1 Gyrex
    2 Raf
    3 Yukuh
    4 Xez
    5 Alex
    C Cleve
    Prevail Esports
    1 GamingGuacamole
    Main Roster
    1 Rush
    2 Kabicon
    3 Momo
    4 Exist
    5 Edin
    Redux Rising
    1 Bl9de
    2 Starz
    Main Roster
    1 Hawk
    2 Qwesaunt
    3 Sparkz
    4 Wozhy
    5 Kobe
    C Apache
    Revenge Nation
    1 Hulldown
    Main Roster
    1 Kronic
    2 Kenny
    3 Skrt
    4 Skunky
    5 Chosen
    Sweet But Psycho
    1 SnoopGod
    2 rroiid
    Main Roster
    1 Moved
    2 MrGoria
    3 Preachy
    4 StiizyA220
    5 qtBen
    1United States Wes
    2United States Hat
    Main Roster
    1United States Poison
    2United States Nah
    3United States Ryce
    4United States Freak
    5United States Mohesse
    CUnited States PINROLLS
    SYR Esports
    1 Smiffy
    Main Roster
    1 naj
    2 swifted
    3 rapid
    4 HYP3R
    5 PXNK
    T6 Stinkers
    1 Totem
    2 Parcel
    Main Roster
    1 JuanDaSwan
    2 Deploying
    3 Fewr
    4 Red
    5 DrunkenKas
    Team BGPR
    1 thatshitbussinn
    Main Roster
    1 Gecko
    2 Gxcko
    3 Brid
    4 Pixeiicious
    5 Hox
    C rayz
    Team Bilquad
    1 Swoof
    2 DerekTheDad
    Main Roster
    1 Helio
    2 Mouze
    3 Nichilo
    4 Skams
    5 Newtt
    Team Lethal
    1 Mayson
    2 CleanSteve
    Main Roster
    1 TheBarson
    2 SIN5
    3 MKC
    4 dion
    5 JorDyyNA
    C bmontt
    Team Lost
    1 Rernix
    2 Ciara
    Main Roster
    1 Thraive
    2 Konman
    3 Cay
    4 Diiute
    5 MeltBahana
    Team Orion
    1 Santana
    2 Toad
    Main Roster
    1 Yeddy
    2 Rupski
    3 Buferd
    4 Spooj
    5 ToastyWriter
    Team Slyix
    1 Sanity
    Main Roster
    1 St1ks9
    2 Ca13n
    3 Beast
    4 Neo
    5 Taboo
    Titus eSports
    1 Spawn
    Main Roster
    1 Alchemist
    2 Frosty
    3 Javi
    4 Kyra
    5 Mellowz
    C Zaesho
    Unleashed Esports
    1 Flixs
    2 DD
    Main Roster
    1 Hooter
    2 Lunik
    3 Knightmare
    4 Anxiety
    5 Maver6ck
    1United States TragikL
    Main Roster
    1United States Sn6wz
    2United States JSLIME
    3North America Kraaze
    4United States Elsest
    5North America Habibi
    C Remix
    Zero Frequency
    1 CrusWarden
    2 Strrife
    Main Roster
    1 Roc
    2 Woos
    3 M1tch
    4 Ashfault
    5 Catto
    Zeythoven Stans
    1 Indy
    2 Zurs
    Main Roster
    1 eJay
    2 Zey
    3 Trip
    4 Silver
    5 Vicacious


    #TeamMatchesRoundsRDPtsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9
    1.AggroAggro Aggro9-0-065-33+3227pPredator X GamingPredator X Gaming7:2Code ZeroCode Zero7:3Gunnerz in ParisGunnerz in Paris7:2EmergenceEmergence7:3Osu World OrderOsu World Order7:3SyntheticSynthetic8:6303 Esports303 Esports7:3Scout RegimentScout Regiment7:5Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho8:6
    2.SyntheticSynthetic Synthetic8-0-162-25+3724pPrevail EsportsPrevail Esports7:2Scout RegimentScout Regiment7:1Emergence AcademyEmergence Academy7:5Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty7:1Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho7:5AggroAggro6:8X13X13W:FFGhootasGhootas7:2303 Esports303 Esports7:1
    3.Scout RegimentScout Regiment Scout Regiment7-0-258-47+1121pCursed AscensionCursed Ascension8:7SyntheticSynthetic1:7OrionOrion7:3Code ZeroCode Zero7:2Down Two EarthDown Two Earth8:6EmergenceEmergence7:3Team BGPRTeam BGPR7:5AggroAggro5:7Lycus EmpireLycus Empire8:7
    4.GhootasGhootas Ghootas7-0-253-32+2121pDown Two EarthDown Two Earth7:5X13X137:3Indiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate7:5Team BGPRTeam BGPRW:FF303 Esports303 Esports2:7Cursed AscensionCursed Ascension7:1Osu World OrderOsu World Order7:3SyntheticSynthetic2:7Code ZeroCode Zero7:1
    5.Down Two EarthDown Two Earth Down Two Earth7-0-260-43+1721pGhootasGhootas5:7Prevail EsportsPrevail Esports7:4Team LostTeam Lost7:5T6 StinkersT6 Stinkers7:3Scout RegimentScout Regiment6:8Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:5Code ZeroCode Zero7:3Osu World OrderOsu World Order7:4Nitro GangNitro Gang7:4
    6.Team BGPRTeam BGPR Team BGPR7-0-254-38+1620pOrionOrion7:3New School OriginalsNew School Originals7:3Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans7:3GhootasGhootasFF:WCursed Ascension AcademyCursed Ascension Academy7:5Indiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate7:3Scout RegimentScout Regiment5:7X13X137:4Redux RisingRedux Rising7:3
    7.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports6-0-353-32+2118pOld, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich7:4ByakkoByakko7:0T6 StinkersT6 Stinkers7:2Osu World OrderOsu World Order7:8GhootasGhootas7:2Nitro GangNitro Gang7:0AggroAggro3:7BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi7:2SyntheticSynthetic1:7
    8.Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho Sweet But Psycho6-0-358-38+2018pTeam OrionTeam OrionW:FFLycus EmpireLycus Empire7:3Overture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy7:4SYR EsportsSYR Esports7:2SyntheticSynthetic5:7Osu World OrderOsu World Order5:7EmergenceEmergence7:4Emergence AcademyEmergence Academy7:3AggroAggro6:8
    9.AscensionAscension Ascension6-0-361-47+1418pTeam LostTeam Lost7:8Aurora EsportsAurora Esports7:2Dallas VendettaDallas Vendetta8:6Overture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy7:4Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans7:8Gunnerz in ParisGunnerz in Paris7:3ByakkoByakko7:5Nitro GangNitro Gang4:7Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports7:4
    10.Cursed AscensionCursed Ascension Cursed Ascension6-0-352-40+1218pScout RegimentScout Regiment7:8AsgardGG EsportsAsgardGG Esports7:2Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports7:3Revenge NationRevenge Nation8:7Gunnerz in ParisGunnerz in Paris7:1GhootasGhootas1:7Nitro GangNitro Gang1:7Emulate FalloutEmulate Fallout7:5Osu World OrderOsu World OrderW:FF
    10.Lycus EmpireLycus Empire Lycus Empire6-0-356-44+1218pZero FrequencyZero Frequency7:3Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho3:7lawlzlawlz7:5Nitro GangNitro Gang3:7Flagship EsportsFlagship Esports7:2Pest ControlPest Control7:2Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans8:7Redux RisingRedux Rising7:3Scout RegimentScout Regiment7:8
    10.OrionOrion Orion6-0-352-40+1218pTeam BGPRTeam BGPR3:7Emulate FalloutEmulate Fallout7:2Scout RegimentScout Regiment3:7Legion EsportsLegion Esports3:7Apollo EsportsApollo Esports7:4Sleeping GiantsSleeping Giants7:4Below ZeroBelow Zero7:2ByakkoByakko8:6BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi7:1
    13.Zero FrequencyZero Frequency Zero Frequency6-0-354-43+1118pLycus EmpireLycus Empire3:7BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi3:7Highly RatedHighly Rated7:1Team LethalTeam Lethal7:19-Ball9-Ball8:7Down Two EarthDown Two Earth5:7Frontline EsportsFrontline Esports7:3EmergenceEmergence7:5Old, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich7:5
    14.Nitro GangNitro Gang Nitro Gang6-0-352-43+918pRedux RisingRedux Rising7:5lawlzlawlz8:7Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty5:7Lycus EmpireLycus Empire7:3BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi7:2303 Esports303 Esports0:7Cursed AscensionCursed Ascension7:1AscensionAscension7:4Down Two EarthDown Two Earth4:7
    15.Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty Digital Dynasty6-0-348-41+718pAsgardGG EsportsAsgardGG Esports7:3Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports8:6Nitro GangNitro Gang7:5SyntheticSynthetic1:7EmergenceEmergence4:7Redux RisingRedux Rising0:79-Ball9-BallW:FFZeythoven StansZeythoven Stans7:1Emergence AcademyEmergence Academy7:5
    16.X13X13 X136-0-350-33+1717pHighly RatedHighly Rated7:0GhootasGhootas3:7Unleashed EsportsUnleashed Esports7:1Below ZeroBelow Zero7:1Emergence AcademyEmergence Academy7:4Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans7:0SyntheticSyntheticFF:WTeam BGPRTeam BGPR4:7Overture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy8:6
    17.Redux RisingRedux Rising Redux Rising5-0-453-35+1815pNitro GangNitro Gang5:7Predator X GamingPredator X Gaming7:1HZTHZT7:2Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans7:8Below ZeroBelow Zero7:2Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty7:0T6 StinkersT6 Stinkers7:1Lycus EmpireLycus Empire3:7Team BGPRTeam BGPR3:7
    18.Team SlyixTeam Slyix Team Slyix5-0-445-28+1715pOverture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy0:7Flagship EsportsFlagship Esports3:7Legion EsportsLegion Esports3:7Aurora EsportsAurora EsportsW:FFTeam LostTeam Lost4:7Femboy HootersFemboy HootersW:FFSYR EsportsSYR EsportsW:FFPest ControlPest ControlW:FFT6 StinkersT6 StinkersW:FF
    19.Old, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich Old, Smart & Rich5-0-451-37+1415p303 Esports303 Esports4:7Ranked Warrior EsportRanked Warrior Esport7:2New School OriginalsNew School Originals7:4lawlzlawlzW:FFIndiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate3:7Code ZeroCode Zero4:7Legion EsportsLegion Esports7:0Apollo EsportsApollo Esports7:3Zero FrequencyZero Frequency5:7
    20.Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports Aquatik Esports5-0-454-41+1315pTeam BilquadTeam BilquadW:FFDigital DynastyDigital Dynasty6:8Cursed AscensionCursed Ascension3:7HZTHZTW:FFCode ZeroCode Zero5:7SYR EsportsSYR EsportsW:FFPrevail EsportsPrevail Esports7:5Overture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy8:7AscensionAscension4:7
    21.Frontline EsportsFrontline Esports Frontline Esports5-0-447-38+915pOink StackOink Stack8:6Avidity EsportsAvidity Esports7:0Osu World OrderOsu World Order2:7Emergence AcademyEmergence Academy5:7Tilted's Towers EsportsTilted's Towers Esports7:0T6 StinkersT6 Stinkers1:7Zero FrequencyZero Frequency3:7Flagship EsportsFlagship Esports7:4Below ZeroBelow ZeroW:FF
    22.Emergence AcademyEmergence Academy Emergence Academy5-0-452-45+715pHZTHZT7:4Unleashed EsportsUnleashed Esports7:4SyntheticSynthetic5:7Frontline EsportsFrontline Esports7:5X13X134:7Prevail EsportsPrevail Esports7:4Indiana SyndicateIndiana SyndicateW:FFSweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho3:7Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty5:7
    23.BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi BEEG Yoshi5-0-447-41+615pSYR EsportsSYR Esports7:8Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:39-Ball9-Ball7:3Avidity EsportsAvidity Esports7:2Nitro GangNitro Gang2:7Legion EsportsLegion Esports7:4Pest ControlPest ControlW:FF303 Esports303 Esports2:7OrionOrion1:7
    24.Code ZeroCode Zero Code Zero5-0-444-39+515pParentheticalParentheticalW:FFAggroAggro3:7Pest ControlPest Control7:2Scout RegimentScout Regiment2:7Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports7:5Old, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich7:4Down Two EarthDown Two Earth3:7T6 StinkersT6 StinkersW:FFGhootasGhootas1:7
    25.ByakkoByakko Byakko5-0-448-45+315pTitus eSportsTitus eSportsW:FF303 Esports303 Esports0:7Flagship EsportsFlagship Esports7:3Indiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate2:7Sleeping GiantsSleeping Giants7:5Cursed Ascension AcademyCursed Ascension Academy7:4AscensionAscension5:7OrionOrion6:8Legion EsportsLegion Esports7:4
    26.Team LostTeam Lost Team Lost5-0-453-57-415pAscensionAscension8:7Indiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate3:7Down Two EarthDown Two Earth5:7Pest ControlPest Control4:7Team SlyixTeam Slyix7:4Below ZeroBelow Zero2:7Sleeping GiantsSleeping Giants8:6Team LethalTeam Lethal8:6Emulate FalloutEmulate Fallout8:6
    27.Aurora EsportsAurora Esports Aurora Esports5-0-446-31+1514pIndiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate2:7AscensionAscension2:7Emulate FalloutEmulate Fallout7:8Team SlyixTeam SlyixFF:WPredator X GamingPredator X GamingW:FFlawlzlawlzW:FFTilted's Towers EsportsTilted's Towers EsportsW:FFGunnerz in ParisGunnerz in ParisW:FFApollo EsportsApollo Esports7:2
    28.Osu World OrderOsu World Order Osu World Order5-0-446-51-514pTilted's Towers EsportsTilted's Towers Esports7:59-Ball9-Ball7:4Frontline EsportsFrontline Esports7:2303 Esports303 Esports8:7AggroAggro3:7Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho7:5GhootasGhootas3:7Down Two EarthDown Two Earth4:7Cursed AscensionCursed AscensionFF:W
    29.Sublime Unity EsportsSublime Unity Esports Sublime Unity Esports4-2-333-21+1212pDallas VendettaDallas VendettaFF:WStatic EsportsStatic EsportsW:FFPanik GamingPanik Gaming5:7Apollo EsportsApollo EsportsFF:WOink StackOink StackFF:FFPredator X GamingPredator X GamingFF:FFHighly RatedHighly RatedW:FFAsgardGG EsportsAsgardGG EsportsW:FFCursed Ascension AcademyCursed Ascension AcademyW:FF
    30.EmergenceEmergence Emergence4-1-444-44013pEmulate FalloutEmulate Fallout8:7Sleeping GiantsSleeping Giants7:2Revenge NationRevenge Nation7:3AggroAggro3:7Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty7:4Scout RegimentScout Regiment3:7Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho4:7Zero FrequencyZero Frequency5:7Zeythoven StansZeythoven StansFF:FF
    31.Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans Zeythoven Stans4-1-442-55-1313pPanik GamingPanik Gaming8:7Pest ControlPest Control7:5Team BGPRTeam BGPR3:7Redux RisingRedux Rising8:7AscensionAscension8:7X13X130:7Lycus EmpireLycus Empire7:8Digital DynastyDigital Dynasty1:7EmergenceEmergenceFF:FF
    32.Sleeping GiantsSleeping Giants Sleeping Giants4-0-545-37+812pFemboy HootersFemboy Hooters7:1EmergenceEmergence2:7SYR EsportsSYR Esports0:7New School OriginalsNew School OriginalsW:FFByakkoByakko5:7OrionOrion4:7Team LostTeam Lost6:89-Ball9-BallW:FFIndiana SyndicateIndiana SyndicateW:FF
    33.Overture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy Overture Gaming Academy4-0-554-47+712pTeam SlyixTeam Slyix7:0SYR EsportsSYR Esports7:5Sweet But PsychoSweet But Psycho4:7AscensionAscension4:7Pest ControlPest Control5:7Flagship EsportsFlagship Esports7:1Team LethalTeam Lethal7:4Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports7:8X13X136:8
    34.Emulate FalloutEmulate Fallout Emulate Fallout4-0-553-49+412pEmergenceEmergence7:8OrionOrion2:7Aurora EsportsAurora Esports8:7Tilted's Towers EsportsTilted's Towers Esports4:7AsgardGG EsportsAsgardGG Esports7:5Avidity EsportsAvidity EsportsW:FFGunnerz in ParisGunnerz in ParisW:FFCursed AscensionCursed Ascension5:7Team LostTeam Lost6:8
    35.Legion EsportsLegion Esports Legion Esports4-0-542-45-312plawlzlawlz0:7HZTHZT6:8Team SlyixTeam Slyix7:3OrionOrion7:3SYR EsportsSYR Esports7:3BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi4:7Old, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich0:7Prevail EsportsPrevail EsportsW:FFByakkoByakko4:7
    36.Team LethalTeam Lethal Team Lethal4-0-541-50-912pPest ControlPest Control2:7Oink StackOink Stack0:7AsgardGG EsportsAsgardGG Esports7:4Zero FrequencyZero Frequency1:7Femboy HootersFemboy HootersW:FFRevenge NationRevenge Nation7:5Overture Gaming AcademyOverture Gaming Academy4:7Team LostTeam Lost6:8Flagship EsportsFlagship Esports7:5
    37.Below ZeroBelow Zero Below Zero4-0-537-41-411pGunnerz in ParisGunnerz in Paris4:7Highly RatedHighly Rated7:4Oink StackOink StackW:FFX13X131:7Redux RisingRedux Rising2:7Team LostTeam Lost7:2OrionOrion2:7Indiana SyndicateIndiana SyndicateW:FFFrontline EsportsFrontline EsportsFF:W
    38.Apollo EsportsApollo Esports Apollo Esports4-0-537-40-310pT6 StinkersT6 StinkersFF:WBartlett University EsportsBartlett University EsportsW:FFAvidity EsportsAvidity EsportsFF:WSublime Unity EsportsSublime Unity EsportsW:FFOrionOrion4:7AsgardGG EsportsAsgardGG Esports7:5Cursed Ascension AcademyCursed Ascension AcademyW:FFOld, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich3:7Aurora EsportsAurora Esports2:7
    39.T6 StinkersT6 Stinkers T6 Stinkers4-0-535-43-810pApollo EsportsApollo EsportsW:FFCursed Ascension AcademyCursed Ascension Academy7:1303 Esports303 Esports2:7Down Two EarthDown Two Earth3:7Revenge NationRevenge Nation8:6Frontline EsportsFrontline Esports7:1Redux RisingRedux Rising1:7Code ZeroCode ZeroFF:WTeam SlyixTeam SlyixFF:W
    40.Indiana SyndicateIndiana Syndicate Indiana Syndicate4-0-536-45-99pAurora EsportsAurora Esports7:2Team LostTeam Lost7:3GhootasGhootas5:7ByakkoByakko7:2Old, Smart & RichOld, Smart & Rich7:3Team BGPRTeam BGPR3:7Emergence AcademyEmergence AcademyFF:WBelow ZeroBelow ZeroFF:WSleeping GiantsSleeping GiantsFF:W
    41.Prevail EsportsPrevail Esports Prevail Esports3-1-536-38-29pSyntheticSynthetic2:7Down Two EarthDown Two Earth4:7Predator X GamingPredator X Gaming7:2Femboy HootersFemboy Hooters7:1Avidity EsportsAvidity EsportsW:FFEmergence AcademyEmergence Academy4:7Aquatik EsportsAquatik Esports5:7Legion EsportsLegion EsportsFF:WPest ControlPest ControlFF:FF
    42.9-Ball9-Ball 9-Ball3-1-535-36-18pRanked Warrior EsportRanked Warrior EsportW:FFOsu World OrderOsu World Order4:7BEEG YoshiBEEG Yoshi3:7Panik GamingPanik GamingW:FFZero FrequencyZero Frequency7:8Tilted's Towers EsportsTilted's Towers EsportsW:FFDigital DynastyDigital DynastyFF:WSleeping GiantsSleeping GiantsFF:WGunnerz in ParisGunnerz in ParisFF:FF
    43.Pest ControlPest Control Pest Control3-1-530-46-168pTeam LethalTeam Lethal7:2Zeythoven StansZeythoven Stans